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Come dance with us at dancefit and get your groove on! Who says you cannot burn calories while having fun?!

Come dance with us at dancefit and get your groove on! Who says you cannot burn calories while having fun?!


Join us!!! Fitness made fun! You don't have family or friends to work out with.....we are here waiting for you to join in! It's free!!

Join us!!! Fitness made fun! You don't have family or friends to work out with.....we are here waiting for you to join in! It's free!!


Feel the burn with our fitness classes while pushing the limits and getting motivated!

Feel the burn with our fitness classes while pushing the limits and getting motivated!


Changing Bodies. Changing Lives. Try our products and classes today to increase energy and stamina!

Changing Bodies. Changing Lives. Try our products and classes today to increase energy and stamina!


Vibe Nutrition Helps You Eat Out Without The Stress!

Keep your goals in check and focus on the finish.

Picture this: Recently you have chosen to change your lifestyle and become healthier, happier, and fitter. It’s been difficult to give up the fatty and sugary foods, but you have. You’ve been cooking nutritious, well-balanced meals for you and your family for over a month now, and you’re feeling great! But now, your best friend just asked you to join her for dinner at your local FAVORITE BBQ joint. What do you do?

Temptation can be TORTURE, but Vibe Nutrition can help you overcome the temptation with a few easy steps – and you will be thanking them for it!

1. Choose The Restaurant In Advance: One of the most important things when going out to grab a bite to eat is to know where you are going in advance. Make it easier on yourself and choose a healthier option in town. However, we all know that it’s not always possible to end up in an all-organic healthy place close to home, so just try your best!

2. Check Out The Menu Before You Go: Prepare and Focus. Having a plan makes everything easier. With technology where it is today, virtually every restaurant has a menu posted online. Once you have chosen the restaurant, check out what they serve, and keep your mind focused on the healthier options. If you choose what you want to eat BEFORE you sit down, you will be less likely to make a last-minute decision that will backtrack the work you have done.

3. Ask Questions: Do you want the steak, but not cooked in a pound of butter? Do you want the fish without the high sodium seasonings? Dressing on the side? Ask! Many restaurants are happy to help you eat healthier. Don’t be embarrassed, just ask your server for some help!

4. Sometimes There Are No Healthy Options: What happens if the restaurant chosen by your friends and family does not have any healthy choices? Vibe Nutrition wants you to remember that “life happens” and sometimes that BBQ restaurant may have green beans—but they are fried. This is NOT FAILURE, this is just a bad decision. Remember, this is a lifestyle, not a diet. The next day you can wake up fresh, continue your hard work, and keep moving forward!

A good way to look at food options is to remember the phrase “Calories In, Calories Out”. The only way to truly burn the calories you put into your body is by working them out. If you backtrack with a bad meal, it’s okay! Just work out harder the next day so that you can keep moving in the right direction.

In the end, YOU are responsible for your decisions. Be responsible, eat healthy, live a happier life! This lifestyle you take on will transfer to your children and help them become the healthier versions of their own selves! Preparation is key. And always remember moderation and balance.

Need help deciding where to go?

Vibe Nutrition has provided a few of their favorite restaurants below:

- Genghis Grill :

Genghis Grill has an amazing possibility of substituting steamed cabbage for noodles. Add some protein and vegetables to this and you have a great meal! They can even cook your chicken “naked” (no seasoning). Check the sodium levels on all sauces you use, and remember: dip, not pour!

- Lemongrass :

Lemongrass is a delicious sushi restaurant, and they also have fresh steamed veggies! They will make the sushi right in front of you, so you know what is going in and that it’s made fresh just for you! Use moderation with your sauces—choose the low sodium soy sauce and avoid the creamy ones!

- Bonefish Grill :

Bonefish Grill will cook your poultry, fish, or beef as desired. This means that they can leave off the seasoning for you and make customized dishes for your needs!

- Longhorn Steakhouse :

Longhorn Steakhouse is another great restaurant that is more than happy to leave the seasoning off for you. They also can grill your protein without butter! Order your dressing on the side and you are good to go!

For more tips and tricks visit their website here or call Vibe Nutrition at 615-848-8399.

VIBE NUTRITION gives clients healthy weight management without ever using a diet

Have you ever wanted to stop obsessing about food? Have you ever started a diet you didn’t finish? Or finished a diet you hated starting? Have you completed a diet and found yourself a few weeks later doing the same unhealthy habits you thought the diet would cure? The answer for many of us is YES. The answer at Vibe Nutrition is FREEDOM. Vibe Nutrition can help you discover and maintain your weight management goals without ever using that dirty little word diet. Here’s how they do it…

NO QUICK FIX. The first thing you will do at Vibe is sit down with a team member and talk about getting control of your nutrition. You did not get where you are overnight and you will not fix it overnight. Your unhealthy habits are learned habits and will take some unlearning to reverse. Be encouraged, you can. At Vibe Nutrition you will be given the tools to make a sustainable change and stick with it for a lifetime. THE HARDEST step is the first step. When you walk in the door at Vibe, you've already taken that step. They will help you the rest of the way.

MINDSET. When you begin your work at Vibe Nutrition you will work on changing your mindset. To reexamine your health goals it opens up a world of possibilities. At Vibe you will focus on what you can do, rather than on what you are (currently) unable to do. Good Vibes Only is the motto. Let’s say your goal is to lose 50 pounds (or gain 50 pounds). This is a lofty goal and for many it is overwhelming. To make the journey more fun and the results more effective, Vibe Nutrition will help you break it down into step by step. It is a process and like all processes it takes time. Vibe Nutrition will help you shift your mindset and create a realistic, management processes. Instead of telling yourself you must lose 50 pounds and lose it fast, what if you simplify? What if you shift your mindset and say, “This week I can drop three pounds. Then I will drop three pounds for the next nine weeks.” The team at Vibe will help you break down your goals into day by day manageable tasks. And each one will be celebrated because each one is a victory. At Vibe the goal is not about the number on the scale, it is about your body’s health. Each step toward greater health is a worthy and celebrated step. When you shift your mindset, you are free to celebrate your PROGRESS all along the way. You don’t have to wait until the end goal is achieved or the diet’s final date is reached. You can clearer every day, because every day is progress. At Vibe Nutrition it is all about lifestyle and long lasting health. Unlike a diet, the goals you set at Vibe will not have a time limit or an end date. They are lifestyle tools, tools that will empower you every day to take another step into a life of greater health.

NUTRITION. What you put in your body is fundamental to a healthy life. Food is your body’s fuel. What you chose as fuel will affect your health and your life. The answer to health is not as easy as going to the gym or only eating veggies for a week (aka dieting). Good health is 80% nutrition and 20% fitness. That 80% nutrition can make or break your body’s potential. When you begin to feed your body balanced healthy foods, your body will begin to heal itself. When the fuel is good, the results will be too. Vibe Nutrition realized many people have made poor nutrition choices in the past, but no one has to continue that. By changing your nutrition you can change your health. Sugar for example, the more you eat it the more your body will crave it. Good nutrition, however, will actually cut the cravings. You can reverse the damage of poor nutrition, the cravings will subside if you do not listen. And have hope… it does not take as long as you may fear. Even within the first 24 hours of healthy nutrition your body will start to respond and you will feel the results. The team at Vibe Nutrition will teach you how to make nutrition choices, how to control your cravings so your cravings stop controlling you. They will customize your nutrition goals to help you find a healthy alternatives that compliment your needs. It is all about personal and practical steps. For example, if every time you do to the grocery you want to buy a bag of m&m’s, Vibe will suggest a healthy chocolate smoothie. Make it before you go to the store, take it with you, enjoy it and pass on the m&m’s.

Vibe Nutrition is here to help you get optimal results. Whatever your weight management goals, Vibe will help you make firm life choices that put those goals in motion. You can lose the excuses and old ways of eating, thinking, living. You can take better care of yourself. You can lose the pounds (or gain the pounds) without the use of a diet. Shift your mindset and embrace the healthy life as a fun life, a life you can do, every day, step by celebrated step.

Vibe Nutrition Participates in the H30 Freedom Run

Vibe Nutrition is known to change lives by helping people to become healthier, happier, and confident again!

In addition to the personal transformations that Vibe Nutrition has played a major role in, they have also participated in many philanthropic events in the community. Their most recent contribution took place this past 4 th of July, when many members of Vibe Nutrition participated in the 5K race in the H30 Freedom Run at Rock Springs Park in Smyrna, TN.

The H30 Freedom Run raises money to create scholarships for veterans who need physical rehab but cannot afford it. The Military Therapy Team, with H30 Aquatics , work together to rehabilitate prior soldiers and their family members. The team evaluates, assesses, and provides care for military patients with anything they may be struggling with, like orthopedic/musculoskeletal injuries and surgeries, amputees, brain injuries, PTSD, depression, spinal cord injuries, strength, flexibility, gait and balance problems, range of motion, and chronic pain.

Vibe Nutrition members showed up to run, despite the storms and bad weather. Runners and cyclists joined the race together to help those who have protected our freedoms. Despite the amount of serious and experienced runners that joined the event, Vibe Nutrition’s first time runner and experienced cyclist, Andrew Turnbo, won the event!

In addition to the H30 Freedom Run, Vibe Nutrition has formed a class that helps people get up off the couch and start running. Throughout the year, Vibe Nutrition helps people who never believed they could run to enter and complete their first 5Ks. The classes, which run every couple of days, show that anyone can take the first step and get healthy. By going a little bit farther with each run, anyone can complete their first 5K!

Vibe Nutrition has FREE fitness classes every week and can also help you start a meal plan, leading you to a healthier and happier life! Vibe Nutrition’s goal is to help others gain the confidence they need to work out on their own. Going to a gym can be intimidating, but exercising with the friendly team at Vibe Nutrition is like hanging out with your family and getting healthy at the same time!

For class schedules and more information, check out Vibe Nutrition’s website here .

Murfreesboro’s Vibe Nutrition Offers

Sustainable Health & Wellness Solutions

Many gyms and fitness cultures are built on a philosophy of competition. Vibe Nutrition, however, is quite the opposite. When you visit Vibe Nutrition it will not take you long to feel part of the Vibe Family. This wellness community is built on a desire to help you achieve your personal health and wellness goals in a way that is both enjoyable and sustainable. At Vibe there is no quick-fix, no this-week’s-diet, no slim-down-now miracle. Instead, Vibe Nutrition approaches health as a lifestyle. They are in it for the long haul and they will help you enjoy the journey with these foundational attributes:

Custom Wellness Plans. When you arrive at Vibe Nutrition you will have a wellness evaluation. The trained staff will get to know YOU. They want to help you to discover and to define your fitness and nutrition goals. They understand each client is different, and that the wellness plan you develop at Vibe Nutrition will be customized to your unique needs, goals, and preferences. The staff believes in finding a wellness plan that fits you so well, and brings you such joy, that it becomes a lifestyle… not a chore.

Diverse Community. At Vibe Nutrition there is a place for everyone. Classes are offered for young children, teens, and college students. There are moms’ groups, a Baby-Boomer group, and even classes for the elderly. Whatever your needs, there is a group at Vibe for you. Vibe Nutrition is a community of diverse people with the common goal of wellness.

Healthy Eating Habits. If you are weary of the word diet, you have found a home at Vibe. Vibe Nutrition does not promote temporary and miserable diets to achieve a physical or wellness goal. Instead they will guide you to a sustainably healthy (and tasty!) lifestyle. The team at Vibe Nutrition will offer you eating habits that are not based on restriction or avoiding “bad foods”. Healthy eating can be a delight, not a drudgery.

Accountability. Vibe Nutrition will offer you one on one accountability, both with the trained staff, and with fellow members of the community. Everyone at Vibe Nutrition is on the same journey: the journey to a healthy lifestyle. It is not about competition, it is about celebration of the healthy life. At Vibe Nutrition, everyone encourages and motivates each other. Much of the success at Vibe is a direct result of the community support system, where everyone is ready and willing to celebrate your successes. If health is a lifestyle, it needs a community, and Vibe Nutrition provides just that!

Education & Awareness. Part of a healthy lifestyle is awareness and knowledge. The team and Vibe Nutrition will educate you in every aspect of a healthy life. They will get to know your needs, then help you develop a wellness lifestyle that compliments your life’s unique qualities. Whether you are the mommy with four children, the CEO with a busy schedule, or the college student with one-too-many classes, Vibe Nutrition will educate you about simple tools and lifestyle adjustments (both nutritionally and physically) that will keep you active and on a healthy meal plan.

If you are ready to get on the road to wellness, Vibe Nutrition is the place to start. Vibe offers a safe and friendly environment where you will find the best in yourself. The supportive community will help you restore your self esteem. Your dedication and hard work will always be rewarded. You will learn to find the strength and confidence to make healthy decisions. The Vibe Nutrition family understands that healthy is a lifestyle. They will help you get on the road to wellness, and they will help you live there.Welcome to VIBE NUTRITION, where self expression replaces self doubt.

About Us

Vibe is a Nutrition Club that offers Shakes & Teas during the days and Free Fit Camps every Week Night! We offer the Community a Free Way to plug-in to a Healthy Active Lifestyle so they can reach their health goals and be around like minded people.

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