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E-Cigs, Vaping Supplies & E-Liquids Nashville

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The Vaporist


208 Thompson Lane Nashville, Tennessee 37211

E-Cigs, Vaping Supplies & E-Liquids Nashville


The Vaporist


208 Thompson Lane Nashville, Tennessee 37211






Full service store for Beginners to Cloud Chasers. Over 70 locally made premium e-juices with 0 to 24mg of nicotine.

Full service store for Beginners to Cloud Chasers. Over 70 locally made premium e-juices with 0 to 24mg of nicotine.


Lithium Battery Safety and Recycling

Lithium batteries are good at what they do. That is to store electricity for later use or as a mobile power supply. Lithium batteries come in many sizes and shapes but they all have the same user safety, waste and fire fighting requirements. They all may have heavy metals in them like mercury, lithium, cadmium, lead, Nichol, etc.. Even the small button top batteries have these chemicals in them so they need to be treated with the same care if not more so when small children may find them. Recycling batteries keeps heavy metals out of landfills, ground water and the air.

Fire:Permissible extinguishers (for lithium only) include graphite, copper powder, and Lith-X (Ansul). Do not use water or carbon dioxide to try to put out a lithium battery fire. Class ABC fire extinguishers will not put out a lithium battery fire. Sand or dry salt may help to slow the fire if you can completely cover the fire but it will not replace the proper fire extinguishing products. Immediately call 911 and clear the area.

Handling and storage:

Batteries require cool, well ventilated, dry storage areas. Temperatures should not exceed 130 degrees Fahrenheit. This is not a hot car in the summer sun. Do not use batteries that have a damaged skin or covering on it because this may cause a short in the battery. Batteries used in pairs or sets need to be kept as a set. Do not mix old and new batteries.



Flush with fresh water for 15 minutes. Call the doctor.


Wipe clean quickly, flush with clean water, wash clothes with soap and water.


Wipe mouth as well as possible and rinse with fresh water. DO NOT swallow the water.


Leave area to get fresh air. Ventilate the room thoroughly. If breathing is difficult see a doctor. If breathing has stopped perform CPR and call 911.

Button top:

If a battery is swallowed call 911 immediately.

Our Flavors (VG/PG options = 30/70, 50/50, 75/25 & 80/20)

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Greater Nashville's Guide to Vaping

1) Meet with a Professional

In order to enjoy vaping and use it for whatever purpose you may be focused on, including quitting cigarettes, you need to have the correct education and product. Not every battery or device is the same. Meeting with a professional can help you choose the correct nicotine level and battery size or complete device for your needs. Ultimately, if you do not know how to use what you have been sold, you will not use it. Contact The Vaporist today for the personal attention needed!

2) The Detox/Cleaning Phase

When switching from cigarettes to vaping, you are switching from a dry, hot gas to a moist vapor and there is a real difference. It is not uncommon for there to be little coughing when switching between the two at first. Someone in the process of changing may alternate between smoking and vaping and that is OK. In a short time your body will start to respond. The further away from paper cigs a smoker gets the better off they are. Vapers report experiencing a clearing of the lungs and sinus, that foods start to taste better and the sense of smell improves. Everyone is different so your personal story may be different.

3) Expect Positive Impacts

Cigarettes have a lot of negatives that are changed to positives by vaping! Once you make the change, you’ll smell better, your sense of taste improves, you’ll be able to breathe better and your kisses won’t taste like an ashtray. No more going to the porch in the rain, snow, heat or cold to puff a butt. Moreover, your vehicle, home and clothes smell better. You and those around you will appreciate the change!

4) You May Experience Health Benefits

When switching to vaping, you may experience respiratory, skin and cardiac improvements. Sleeping at night may even improve for some because they breathe easier and the smoker’s morning, hacking cough goes away. Personal stories always vary, but it’s public knowledge that the impact of smoking tobacco on your health is not good. Vaping is NOT smoking. Vaping is flavored steam with or without nicotine.

5) Maintain Your Device

First of all, go ahead and invest in your health! Buy a device that will deliver the nicotine and hit most closely aligned to what you are used to smoking. Do not cut the corner to try and be cheap. You will end up either; throwing it all away and going back to smoking or buying another device and spending more money. After you have your device, treat is kindly. Do not sit, lean or step on it, get it wet or dry fire it. A little house keeping to clean the unit goes a long way in the performance and delivery of vapor and flavor.

6) It's Cheaper!

Once you have the device of choice there will be two primary recurring costs. The Eliquid (juice) and the atomizer coil. The average life of an atomizer coil is roughly 2 weeks. Someone new to vaping may burn out a coil faster than an experienced vaper. A little practice goes a long way in this regard. Eliquid is cheap in comparison to paper cigarettes. The average cost of a pack of cigs is $5.00 while Eliquid is roughly $1.50 for the equivalent puff count*. That is a HUGE difference! Invest in your health up front and save money from here forward.

Based on a 10ml bottle at $7.50


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How to Select Your E-Cigarette

The first question is – how many cigarettes or packs a day do you smoke? If it’s more than ¾ a pack, you will need a starter kit with 2 batteries because 1 typical battery will not get you through a whole day. If you smoke less than ¾ a pack a day, then one 1000 mAh battery should get you through the day. There are larger batteries that will last 2 days before they need to be recharged.

All e-cigs have 3 components: a battery, a tank and a coil. The battery heats the coil, the coil heats the e-liquid and the e-liquid turns into the vapor you inhale.

BATTERY - The battery size (milliamps or mAh) determines how long the battery will last before it needs re-charging. A 1000 mAh will last about 8 hours of use. If you don’t use your e-cig, it will not run down like your cell phone. The button on the side of the battery turns it off & on with 5 or 3 fast clicks. You hold the button down to inhale the vapor. When the battery runs down it takes about 3 hours to re-charge.

TANK - The tank is where you put the e-liquid. Some tanks fill at the top and some fill from the bottom. Different manufacturers give different names to their tanks – clearomizers, cartomizers, atomizers, etc. When filling your tank with e-liquid do not fill it above the ventilation tube in the middle of the tank. If your tank leaks, it could be that the coil is lose, an o’ring has broken or there is a crack in the tank.

COIL - The coils rests in the connector ring between the battery and the tank. Before you fill the tank with e-liquid, make sure the coil is snug, but not so tight that you can’t get it out when it’s time to change it. You know it’s time to change the coil if your e-liquid tastes burnt or scortched. Coils last on average about 2 weeks but can last up to a month. Don’t dryfire your e-cig, which means make sure there is e-liquid in the tank before turning the battery on.

When inhaling the vapor don’t hold the button longer than 7 seconds or you could burn out the coil or suck e-liquid into your mouth. Give the e-liquid a head start to become vapor by holding the button down 1 or 2 seconds before you inhale. Inhale gently to avoid sucking the e-liquid out of the tank. Think of it as drinking ice tea through a straw; not a milk shake. If you’re not getting any vapor from your e-cig, the connector ring may be too tight or your coil may be too lose, or your battery may be too low (almost dead).


The first question is –what kind of cigarettes do you smoke? Then how many cigarettes or packs a day do you smoke? Most e-liquid retailers sell e-liquid with various levels of nicotine. You do not want to buy an e-liquid with a nicotine level higher than you’re currently smoking. Here are the typical nicotine levels and the cigarette equivalents.

Nicotine Levels
24mg - King full unfiltered
18mg - King full filtered
12mg - Light filtered
6mg - Ultra-light filtered
0mg - The last step towards quitting smoking – overcoming the ritual of smoking

Once you’re using the 0mg e-liquids you may still need to continue the ritual (mechanics) of smoking (keeping something in your hand and the oral gratification) until you are ready to walk away completely

You are no longer on a cigarette clock. You don’t have to get your nicotine fix in 8 minutes. As you space out your vaping time, you’re changing your nicotine habit. The next step is to lower the nicotine level of your e-liquid. In order to quit smoking, a smoker decides to change his/her physical nicotine addiction, routine (when and where you smoke) and social habit (who you smoke with). This takes time.

Cigarettes Cost $2,190/yr. = $6 pack/day for a year

VAPING Costs $930/yr. =Starter Kit $66, juice/wk. $780 ($15 x 52 wks.), 2 coils/month $84 ($7 x 12 months)

E-Cigarettes are Definitely not for Children

Do you like ice cream, or cake, or pie or chocolate? And you’re not a minor! When did politicians decide sweets are only for children? Adult like sweets too. That is a FACT. If e-cigarettes are targeting children, then so are peppermint schnapps, honey bourbons and the marshmallow & birthday cake vodkas. There are no safety caps on bottles of alcohol. It is the parents' job to protect their children from eating or drinking e-cigarettes, alcohol, detergent pods, and even their mom’s perfume because it smells good. The calls into the poison control centers re: children drinking the e-liquid are far less than ones re: children eating Tide pods.

It is a farce for politicians to say they want to restrict e-cigs to protect children. Passing legislation in the name of protecting children is a very easy bandwagon to ride. But figuring out who is driving that float from underneath tells the real story. Who will lose if people stop smoking cigarettes? The government will lose billions of tax dollars, but it can tax e-cigs and e-juice. Pharmaceutical companies lose customers. Compare the drop in cigarette sales to the increase in e-cigs. Thousands of smokers are switching to e-cigs as a healthier option and reporting health improvements. They say they breathe better, don’t have coughing attacks, are off their COPD medicine, off their nebulizers, off their inhalers, their scars from surgery heal better, and they can taste their food again. Adults should decide for themselves if they want to use e-cigs and all the sweet flavored e-juices.

Vapor Friendly Establishments

Tin Roof – Dan McGuinness – Blu Bar – Corner Pub – Midtown – Corner Pub(Greenhills) – Frothy Monkey – Melrose Billiards – Soulshine – Broadway Brewhouse – Winners – Greenhouse Bar

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