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Whether you are looking for an outstanding service department or a new or used boat to take on the lake, The Boat Locker has you covered. Call today!

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4010 Sells Drive Old Hickory Blvd Hermitage, TN 37076



The Boat Locker is the Mid South's leading Hobie kayak dealer. Choose from our large selection of models to fit your wish list and assure flat-out, have-fun, adventure. Each of our Hobie Mirage models feature the patented Mirage Drive pedaling system. Which will take you further, faster, with a huge emphasis on fun. PLUS, we now offer the Hobie Island Adventure

The Boat Locker is the Mid South's leading Hobie kayak dealer. Choose from our large selection of models to fit your wish list and assure flat-out, have-fun, adventure. Each of our Hobie Mirage models feature the patented Mirage Drive pedaling system. Which will take you further, faster, with a huge emphasis on fun. PLUS, we now offer the Hobie Island Adventure


The Boat Locker is a authorized Dealer of Gheenoe, a lightweight boat that is incredabally stable on the water. We stock the most popular models for the Middle Tennessee anglers and hunters and currently have the 15'4

The Boat Locker is a authorized Dealer of Gheenoe, a lightweight boat that is incredabally stable on the water. We stock the most popular models for the Middle Tennessee anglers and hunters and currently have the 15'4


Whether you are looking for an outstanding service department or a new or used boat to take on the lake, The Boat Locker has you covered. Call today!

Whether you are looking for an outstanding service department or a new or used boat to take on the lake, The Boat Locker has you covered. Call today!


5 reasons why every family should own a boat

Owning a boat is one of the greatest experiences someone can have. With so many different activities that are involved in owning a boat, it is safe to say that boating is not only a hobby but a lifestyle. What most people aren’t aware of though is that this lifestyle is perfectly suited for a family. If your family doesn’t have a boat, here are a few reasons to reconsider your decision.

1.) Boating is a great way to stay active

This is an easy one, but also one that is forgotten about. Being out in the sun, swimming around and enjoying the water activities are a great way to stay in shape. The sun is one of the best things for your skin and with all of the activities and swimming you do on the water, you can’t help but burn off some weight. Take tubing for example, your constantly working your arms to the point where you cant move them but its so fun you wont want to stop!

2.) Owning a boat keeps you out of the house

Now days with all of the new technology our families are using, we tend to stay inside glued to a phone rather then being outside enjoying the weather. Not only will a boat help get your teenage daughter off her phone for a little bit but it’ll also help her appreciate the outdoors. Being able to get your whole family out of the house together on a boat is a great reason to consider owning.

3.) With a boat, you have the chance to explore and travel

Being out on a boat helps bring out the adventurous side in everyone! Whether your exploring your local waterways looking for a new cliff or waterfall, or if your traveling to a new lake in a completely different state, owning a boat makes you want to get out and see more. Being out on a lake is something that not a lot of people get to experience. Some of these spots you will find will literally take your breath away!

4.) Boating is great for stress

Boating is a great tool to help take stress away. There are so many different things that help take stress away when you’re on a boat. One of these reasons is literally just from being out away from the house! If your nine to five has been bringing you down, add a little excitement to your life and join the boating community! You wont regret it.

5.) A boat brings families closer

Last but not least, one of the best reasons for your family to consider purchasing a boat is because it brings everyone together. Being out away from the house, all together in a closed space will help your family bond more then you ever expected. On a boat, families are able to let go and do things together they cant do at home. One of the best parts about boating is being with your family all on the same boat. If your considering buying a boat, think about your family and you wont make the wrong decision.

For more information, go to '

Keeping It Clean: 3 Products Nashville Boaters Should use

As a dealer, TheBoatLocker understands that our customers want to protect the life of their boat and keep it in the best shape possible. Other then scheduled maintenance, one thing that we stress is to always protect your investment by regularly cleaning your boat inside and out. Making sure you clean your boat with the right products is important because with so many cleaning products on the market today, you can be causing more harm then good without realizing it. It is important that you clean your boat before and after the lake. Cleaning your boat after a day on the lake will prevent water stains and the build up of algae and mold on your exterior. In this reading are three of the best products suggested by us.

1.) Simple Green: One product that is great for an all-purpose cleaner is simple green. Simple green can be found at most of your convenience stores and is great for stains and the overall cleanliness of your boat. Simple Green is also good for your boat because it leaves a fresh scent and is environmentally friendly.

2.) 303 By 3M: Another product TheBoatLocker suggest is 303 by 3M. 3M has a great reputation for making cleaning products that get the job done for not only the boating industry but also the automotive industry and RV/Camper world. 303 is offered at most service shops and marine stores and is usually at a fair price. 303 is offered in both exterior and interior cleaners and also has special products for stains and algae build up.

3.) Quick Wax By 3M: This is a great product to use before and after leaving the water or in between washes. Like we said earlier, 3M is known for their great products and we personally use this wax on all of our boats. You can find 3M marine wax at any of your boat shops and most of your auto stores.

As far as products around the house go, simple window cleaner or vinegar can be used also. Be cautious of how much of these you use, too much can potentially damage interior components. If you have a pontoon and are looking to clean the toons, the best thing to do is to see your local dealer. Most dealers will have their own mix of how they clean them. Although it is argued, sometimes you are able to use a small amount of a bleach and water mix to clean stains on the interior. Again, be careful of how much of this you use. It is best to cover the spot that is stained and gently wipe over It in a circular motion.

For more information, check out our website at

Wake Surfing Nashville: How To Create The Best Wave For Surfing On The Lake

In the last couple years, TheBoatLocker has seen an increasing amount of popularity in the sport of wake surfing. For those of you who don’t know, wake surfing is almost the same as surfing in an ocean but behind a boat. With the technology we have today, some boats are able to produce waves large enough to ride freely. Weighting your boat with ballast is the most important thing when it comes to wake surfing because it directly affects the wave. Without a good wave, you may find yourself struggling to stay up without falling.

With wake surfing becoming more popular, most boats come standard with their own Ballast set up and are designed to produce a good surf wave. For those of you who don’t know, ballast is a concept of filling up tanks or bags designed to hold water that help produce larger waves. The amount of weight in the tanks or bags helps sink the boat lower to the surface, creating more drag in the water. Weighting your boat right is very important because it is going to directly affect the wave you are surfing and if you don’t weigh your boat correctly you have the potential to damage your boat and not get the wave to its full potential. Before we get into properly weighting your boat, you should always remember to check the weight capacity of your boat. If a boat comes standard with ballast on it, the weight capacity should be rated according to its amount of ballast the boat holds and amount of people it is able to hold. Next time your out getting ready to surf, always be aware of those things because within minutes your boat can be at the bottom of the lake.

Additionally, with most newer boat models becoming standard with ballast, most manufacturers will include the best way to set up their specific model within the owners manual. With the amount of ballast some boat lines are carrying, it is very important to go by what they say. For the majority of boats standard with their own ballast system, you can usually weight the boat with its ballast in the rear port and starboard side full while keeping your bow ballast tank a little more then halfway. Although every boat is going to produce a different shaped wave, this is something that usually works no matter the brand. Like I said earlier, most manufacturers will tell you what works best but if that information is unavailable, this will work also.

For those of you without a ballast or surf system in the boat, one thing to remember is that Surfing is not going to work on an outboard motor. Not just because you risk loosing a body part from the prop but if you have an outboard motor, it is usually going to have a hull that wont produce a wave no matter how much weight you have in it. For those of you with an older wakeboard style boat or even a ski model boat “Fat Sacs” are going to do the job. Fat sacs are ballast but are usually made of rubber and for the most part, you can find fat sacs that are designed just for your boat. Sometimes fat sacs are easier because you can move them around and see what works best on your specific boat and they come In a variety of shapes and sizes. With fat sacs, you can usually weigh it out almost as if it was a surf system. Depending on the side you surf on, you usually want most of your weight in the rear corner of the side you ride on, about half of that weight in the corner in the front, and just a little bit on the opposite side.

Now that you understand where to place your ballast and the amount you want, we can now discuss how the weight in each spot actually affects the wave. For most boats, it is important that you have a good amount of weight in the rear, while keeping about half that weight in the bow. The weight in the rear is going to be the most important because it is going to affect the actual angle or height of the wave. The weight in your bow will give the wave its length and will be the decider of how clean the wave is and how much white wash the wave holds. Next time you’re on the water and your weighting your boat, you’ll find there is a lot of trial and error in this. Since every boat is different, you’ll see that one thing that works well for one boat may not work well for the next. Don’t let this discourage you though, as long as you remember to keep most weight in the rear about half in the bow, you should be able to surf your wave.

To sum it up, surfing is a very fun activity to perform on the lake and thanks to the technology we have today, we are able to do this. Next time you’re on the water, always remember to be safe and check your weight capacity but if you stick to the tips we shared with you, you should be surfing in no time.

This is an ideal wave for surfing. It has a good height and a good length. The ballast set up is 1000 lbs. in each rear corner and 700 lbs. in the front. The boat model is a 2015 Supra SC 450.

Quality Counts: Finding The Best Quality Pontoon In Nashville

There are many style of pontoons available in the market today. When looking for a new pontoon boat, quality should be the main focus on a buyer’s mind. Most potential buyers in the market overlook many simple attributes that make a great difference in quality when comparing brands and models. Anything from the vinyl, to the literal construction of a pontoon will make the difference out on the water and in value years down the road. At TheBoatLocker we understand this and with that said, here a few suggestions to help.

First and foremost, when shopping for a new pontoon most people are going to compare various lines and brands. It isn’t too common for someone to purchase a new pontoon boat without doing his or her homework. Price and overall look are two of the biggest decision makers for purchasing a new pontoon but the biggest decision factor should be the quality of the boat.

Construction of crossmember

There are many things that go into play when considering the quality of a specific pontoon boat. To make it simple, lets break quality down into two parts, construction and materials.Construction is a major deal in pontoon boats; some brands even set themselves apart from others by holding themselves high on how they build their pontoons. Construction starts at the frame of the boat. The best frame is going to be one with a solid cross member framing system. You will notice that the higher quality pontoons will have more cross members and they will be through bolted, meaning they will be screwed through the frame and toons. The cross members are going to be what holds your boat together and will make a world of difference in how the boat rides. Some lower end models will have a few cross members but will rely on lifting strakes to substitute for additional cross members.

Next, pontoons boats in general focus a lot of attention on seating. The seating layout, material, and seating capacity play a huge role in the quality of a pontoon. It isn’t hard to spot quality vinyl. By simply rubbing your hand across a seat you are able to tell if it is good vinyl or not. Just by rubbing the seat doesn’t do the justice though. Some may feel the same but the difference is going to be in its thickness, how it is protected, and the hinges used to stabilize the seats. Most standard pontoon seats will be 33 oz. thick. Not only that but quality seats will be coated with a UV protecting layer.

Corroded vinyl

This means that not only will you be comfortable but your seats will last longer than others and not damage due to the sun. What is the seat backed up by? Is it a wood base or fiberglass and also, how are the seats held together. Are they connected with solid Piano Hinges or is it a snap in seating? Next time you step on a boat, make sure to ask yourself these things.

Focusing our attention back on to construction, one factor in pontoons that will not only affect the handling and speed capabilities of the boat but the weight capacity and buoyancy are the actual toons on the boat. One thing to look for is the thickness of the toons. Good, quality toons will be a minimum of .90 gauge thick. Generally, the thicker the toon is, the quieter of a ride you’ll have. Having a thicker toon will last longer and will not break down over time due to rough water. When looking at a pontoon boat that is over atleast 20 feet, the thickness of the toon is vital to the life of your boat. Make sure to remember when looking at pontoons that most toons are designed differently then the next, affecting the ride and quality of the boat dramatically. Another thing to look at on the toons are the water deflectors. How large are they? Also, how are they attached to the toons. The toons are one of the most important things on a pontoon boat so make sure to keep these things in mind.

In conclusion, all though there are a lot of factors that come into the decision-making process of purchasing a pontoon, focusing on the construction and quality will help you find a good quality pontoon boat and make the buying process easier. Things like the quality of the materials used, the framing of a pontoon, and the thickness of the toons will help you separate a quality made pontoon from a non-quality made.

Boating Smart in Nashville: Tips From Your Local Dealer

When it comes to recreational boating, safety is key to a great day on the water. Not only should you be safe, you should be smart, making the best decisions for you and your friends or family. Being a dealer, TheBoatLocker gets to whitness common accidents constantly and with more and more people getting out on dthe water, being safe has become more important then ever. Although we can not give you every way to be safe in this post, here are a few small tips that will make a large impact.

To start off, boating is one of the most fun, family bonding times you can have. With so much fun and excitement a boat can hold, many neglect the fact that something so fun can go wrong so fast. One of the most common accidents on the water is from hull damage by running ground or hitting debris submerged under the water. Not only can this cost you thousands in repair but it also has the potential to injure passengers on the boat and ones being pulled. One thing we sdfjstress at TheBoatLocker is to Know Your Waters. Things like being able to navigate through your waterways, being aware of shallow areas, and having spots large enough to hold recreational activities can make a huge impact on the safety of you and your passengers. On a busy weekend with boats going every direction, its hard to navigate through the water and even more challenging to see submerged debris. take the time to study your lake of choice before stepping onto a boat.

To add to that, the next important tip is to Know Your Boat. When you get the chance, take the time to look at your boat and review the owners manual. All boat owner manuals will give you weight, speed, and engine suggestions based on testing directly from the factory. Is it a bass boat, a runabout, a pontoon, or a ski boat? If you take that into consideration, you’ll learn that most boats are designed for a specific purpose. For example, take a regular 20 foot bass boat. With most bass boats having a smaller, less deep hull, its nearly impossible for the boat to handle rough water conditions without loosing control due to the hull sitting higher on the water. Always make sure you know how your boat handles. Not only should you take speed and turning into consideration but you should also pay attention to the size of it. Being able to know how your boat handles and performs may be the thing that keeps you from running into a dock or from running into another boat. If you have some free time, its never a bad idea to take a boaters safety course. It will educate you on everything involving the boating and has the potential to lower your insurance rates dramatically. We TheBoatLocker are hosting a course right at our dealership just because we know the difference it makes.

Lastly, if you’ve ever been out on the water on a busy weekend, you know how hectic it can be. You look one way and see someone driving at an outrageous speed and then the other way you see someone water-skiing. No matter what your doing, always Know Your Activities. Are you going on the lake to enjoy a sunset cruise with your beloved or are you going out with your friends to waterski and wakeboard? No matter the activity, there is always a time and place suited for it. There are many different aspects to take into consideration for any given water related activity. Take tubing for example, this is something that almost always involves small children and requires a large enough spot to be able to take turns in while keeping your space from other boaters. With those two factors, its probably not the best idea to be tubing on a crowded lake but at the same time, some don’t have the choice. Although this may be the case, small things like getting to the lake earlier or taking the time to find a less crowded cove are things that most don’t think about but can make a huge difference.

All and all, being on a boat is a great place to beat the heat and spend quality time with loved ones. It doesn’t come to a surprise that some can act careless, forgetting their responsibilities as a boater. By knowing your boat, the waters you go on, and the aspects of each activity you wish to do can prevent injury and make you more aware of things that can go wrong that most overlook.

The Boater's Guide to Fall in Nashville

Fall is nearing, and as a boater, you need to be ready. Depending on what type of boating activities you participate in, you will need to take note and have your gear ready for the following:

(1) Preparation for Second Fishing Season of The Year

The second fishing season is close as the days begin to shorten and the surface water temperature drops. Fish, like humans, are most comfortable, and therefore seek out, a specific temperature, which is around 70 degrees fahrenheit. In the next month, the fish will be out and about, emerging from their deep water summer havens and onto your hook (hopefully, right?!) One major factor in your success is having the right boat! There are two types of boats to consider:

- The "We Boat":

This is the pontoon fishing boat that loves a crowd. Take the kids and the wife out and make a day of it. The kids can splash, the wife can sunbathe and relax and you can fish to your hearts desire!

- The "Me Boat":

This Bass Fishing Boat option may be more exciting to your ears if you are a one or two man or woman show. This boat will be for those that are not planning on the family friendly day, but rather the get out, get focused and catch some fish day!

(2) Water Sport Profile: Wake Surfing

Just like wake boarding changed water skiing forever, wake surfing is in currently rewiring the sport of wake boarding. Wake surfing is amazing and this is peak season as we enter into fall! With low impact on the physical body, it is a great option for any age and for those that have had past injuries that may prevent them from participating in other water sports. Even though this sport has been around since the 1960's or before, it is making a huge come back and impact on the water sport community.

Here is the deal; In order to wake surf, you need the equipment, and that includes the right boat. For this sport, you need the type of boat that produces the perfect wake for surfing. The Supra boats that you can find at The Boat Locker offer the wake as well as cool features like surface water temperature and the proper wetsuit you will need to remain comfortable. Not only is wake surfing fun, it is a great core strengthening workout to help maintain good long term health!

With fall coming around, you are right on the peak season of wake surfing. Requiring calm waters, a good plan of action is to go out on the water in the early morning, late afternoon until the days will free up as schools start and the summer water sports fans move into the winterization phase.

Check out this Wake Surfing VIDEO !

(3) Winterization of Summer Boats

This is key to the health and maintenance of a boat. Here are the two types of winterization to consider, depending on the type of boat you own.

- Protection from Freezing:

Any engine that retains water needs to be drained to avoid freezing and damage to the boat.

- Protection from Deterioration:

With the fuel quality going down due to increased levels of ethanol, ALL engines must have their fuel systems treated for winter storage. Ethanol is an alcohol, and any material that is suitable for exposure to gasoline is eaten away and damaged by alcohol content now found in gasoline. Therefore, engine parts that are made to withstand the gasoline in an engine are not made to have alcohol, ethanol, exposure for long periods of time. Any boat that will not be used for a month or more needs to be treated.

About Us

The Boat Locker was founded in the mid 70’s at their location at First and Main in Franklin, TN. Originally,

IN 2008 The Boat Locker Merged with Boat Mart, (Nashville’s leading pontoon dealership) and moved to their location in Nashville.

Mark Sheriff joined The Boat Locker 25 years ago as a service technician bringing his knowledge of all things mechanical and electrical. Mark’s dedication to customer’s needs over the years allowed him to grow with The Boat Locker and become the General Manager several years ago. In December of 2010, Mark was able to purchase the assets of The Boat Locker and is now the Owner and Chief Operating Officer. .

JOC Collignon has joined The Boat Locker as Sales Manager. JOC’s name is famous for his in depth knowledge of pontoons and runabouts. Having owned and managed Boat Mart for over 30 years. If you want to know how to make your pontoon boat FLY just ask JOC.

Ernie Shelby joined The Boat Locker staff in 2011 and has brought with him 35 years of industry experience. Ernie has personally overseen the design and production of some of the most prestigious pontoons on the market today. We are blessed to have him on board.

If you need help with your boat, engine, or trailer, Danny Reddish the new Service Manager at The Boat Locker is here to help. Danny brings over 20 years of experience serving the boating community of Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

Jared Addis is the new “Top Tech” at The Boat Locker. Jared is a highly accredited technician who has been professionally trained in the field of Marine Technologies at MMI.

The Boat Locker is happy to announce the latest addition to its staff. Jeff Scarbro has been recognized as one of the Southeast's premiere technician's. Jeff brings with him decades of experience and Master Certifications in nearly every brand in the industry. Jeff has had his own business for several years and understands what it takes to build an outstanding service center. We, at The Boat Locker, are excited to have him aboard.

In January 2011 Mark and the “Boat Locker Bunch” (the extended family of customers and customer service personnel) moved to their new “Super-dealer” facility at exit 221B on Interstate 40. The new facility will allow The Boat Locker to expand the product lines and quadruple the service to the boating community.

Currently The Boat Locker is the leading boat dealer in the Middle TN area. The Boat Locker delivers more Manitou Pontoon boats and Godfrey pontoons, Hurricane Deck boats, Monterey Boats, and Xpress bass boats to happy customers than any other dealer in the Mid-South!

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"I had a boat/trailer problem and the guys from the boat locker drove out to where I was to help me and then took care of me. Very pleased!"

By: Kristi Nashville, TN

"David and I went looking for a pontoon to buy and out of all the dealers, Ernie was the only one who told us about the boat and trailer. He was very informative and advised us to look for things on the trailer that the other dealers didn't do. To our amazement he was right. All the staff was friendly and helpful. I would recommend The Boatlocker to anyone. I just suggest you keep an eye on Danny. HA HA Thanks everyone"

By: David & Liz Mount Juliet, TN

"Bob and I would like to thank Danny, Ernie and the whole crew for a delightful experience we had when we bought our pontoon boat from you. As someone said earlier you know what customer service and support is. Honesty is up there at a 5 also. If anyone is looking for a pontoon boat we highly recommend The Boat Locker!!"

By: Donna Mt. Juliet, TN

"Boat Locker owner Mark Sheriff and his outstanding staff including Ernie in sales, Danny in service and Allen in the shop rank a 5 Star ranking. My 2014 Sweetwater 2086 Pontoon recently purchased from the Boat Locker is my 4th boat. As an avid boater for over 35 years-I've developed an eye for quality, value and dedicated dealer support. The Boat Locker and their Godfrey Marine Sweetwater Pontoon line delivered on these essentials. Boaters shopping for pontoons, who may be lured by Sun Tracker or Bennington, would be well served to compare the Sweetwater line and Boat Locker's exceptional customer service and support with competitive offerings. You'll come to the same conclusion that I did-Boat Locker's ranking as the Mid-South's largest Sweetwater Pontoon Dealer is no accident but rather a coordinated all-staff effort to treat each customer as one of their family by offering high quality/trouble free watercraft. Boat Locker sold my 7 year old deck-boat in 2 weeks at a good price. They worked with me in holding my new unit until my new boat slip was available. As a service to new buyers, Mark paid for 3 years of my TN Boat Registration and ordered and mounted the new TN Boat ID lettering. Additionally, Mark took ample time on delivery day to demo all systems including the most efficient way to mount and detach the playpen cover. Any finally, I could not be more delighted with the factory installed options that Mark and Ernie ordered on my Sweetwater 2086-a testimony to their knowledge of the Sweetwater product line, their TN client base and boating conditions on the lakes and rivers of central Tennessee. Give the Boat Locker a shot at your business-you won't be sorry.

By: Richard Mt Juliet

"After I had no luck on a 12-week Boat Trader ad, Boat Locker took my boat in on consignment and was able to move it in about 3 weeks. They gave me a realistic assessment on market value and timing, and were able to sell it at advertised price. Terms of the consignment were fair and also very flexible, service and relationship with the sales staff was outstanding. They will be my first stop for any of my future boating needs, and as a former salesman myself, I highly recommend them. "

By: Al Mount Juliet, TN