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Your Product Needs a Professional Voice!

Your business needs an engaging and authoritative first impression. Your service needs a trustworthy, believable tone in advertising. Michael Schwalbe will give you that sound!

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Your business needs an engaging and authoritative first impression. Your service needs a trustworthy, believable tone in advertising. Michael Schwalbe will give you that sound!

Your business needs an engaging and authoritative first impression. Your service needs a trustworthy, believable tone in advertising. Michael Schwalbe will give you that sound!


How To Be Successful With Explainer Videos For Your Company

Nashville-based What He Said Voiceovers, LLC Will Take Your Explainer Video To The Next Level

With an explainer video, a short online video of a product you sell or a service you provide, your business creates a new marketing tool in which your company educates the consumer, gaining their confidence. An explainer video is becoming a hot topic in the work world because of many factors. One motivation for building an explainer video is that it builds trust within your consumer, and another reason to invest the time explainer video creation is that it brings solid traffic to your website and business overall. The explainer video not only captures your audience's attention, but it educates them to the point of trusting your company to perform at high standards.

What are the steps to build an explainer video?

-Build a script: The video should last between 1 to 5 minutes long, so keep that in mind when writing. Identify what you generally talk about with your clients and build a script from that. Do you intend to place your video on your website to clarify a product or service or educate your consumer? Pick a facet of your business that you want to highlight and begin the rough draft of your script. Keep in mind things people might need educated on when approaching your staff. If you run a HVAC company, the client can watch an explainer video on how air condensers work. When the tech comes to their house to service the unit, they will be knowledgeable about the problem during explanation of the issue. Another example of an explainer video would be an auto shop streaming videos for the customer to show them the process of what their car goes through when they bring it into the shop for regular maintenance. A third example would be an app maker needing people to know what the app does and how to utilize it. The possibilities are endless to how you can use explainer videos.

-Choose A Background: You could use a whiteboard animation, slideshow presentation, or cartoon animation to go with the script. You do not need on-camera talent actors, but you will be relying on a voiceover to communicate your message.

-Call What He Said Voiceovers, LLC: Contact Michael Schwalbe, the owner of What He Said Voiceovers, LLC, for your voiceover needs. You will set up a consultation where you will go over all the details of your script, and Michael will fine tune your script to make it professional, conversational, and polished.

-Record It: Michael Schwalbe handles the entire recording and audio editing process for you. Additional characters can be cast, sound effects or music added, etc., whatever you have in mind for the video.

-Sync It With Presentation: Simply add the finished audio to the presentation, and you've got a great new marketing tool for your product, service, or business.

What He Said Voiceovers, LLC will give you 24 hours or less turnaround time! This quick recording process is timely for your content creation needs, and it is such an inexpensive way to market. Go to to set up a FREE consultation.

Video Games and Voiceovers

Michael Schwalbe here. Today, we're going to talk about one of the lesser-known aspects of the voiceover industry -- its overlap with the video game industry. Most video games need a variety of character voices, be it dialogue in cut scenes, voice blurbs during character selection, or grunts or yells during attack motions. Not only that, but voiceovers for video games tend to have specific needs and qualifications that not just any voice actor can do due to the creative nature of the storyline. It’s more like a play, as opposed to a corporate instructional video, so there are special things that need to be considered.

One of the biggest gaming developers’ conferences in the world, GDC 2015, was hosted in San Franciso last March and I had the privilege of attending and networking with some of the foremost global developers of video games and gaming systems. I was one of the only voice actors in attendance and the need for new voice talent for all of these emerging games is great!

Video games can be difficult to cast, though. Often you have dozens of characters needing unique sounds, and coordinating casting with that many people can be a real pain. That’s where I can come in handy. For one thing, I myself am capable of doing many different voices, which puts me at a competitive advantage. But for another thing, I have networked with some of the best, most versatile voice actors in the world, and I am able to bring them on to projects and coordinate with them to take the load off the developers. Right now I am working on a project where I and four others are doing forty different voices for an upcoming video game, and I hired and coordinated the schedules of the other actors myself.

The biggest difference between regular voice acting and voice acting for a video game is that when you’re hired by a corporate company for, say, an instructional video or a commercial, generally speaking they hired you because of who you are and your talent. Voice acting for video games, on the other hand, tends to be cast with a preconceived sound in mind, to which my voice must conform. It also requires quite a bit more acting finesse—rather than a middle aged man in his thirties, you’re playing a panda warrior or a dark time wizard, and you have to put yourself in their shoes and think of how they would sound in the story they find themselves situated in.

It’s not all difficulty, though—voice acting for video games can be a lot of fun, and oftentimes gamers and developers have ongoing content needs because they are always creating new characters, new levels, and sequels to previous games. It’s a great way to stretch yourself as an actor on a long term project and have fun doing it!

And regardless of whether your need is a panda warrior voice or a warehouse safety video, remember to call Michael Schwalbe and What He Said Voiceovers, LLC for all your voice acting needs!

Five Reasons You Need to Hire a Voice Actor for Your Business

The world of business is a tricky, multi-faceted thing. For the entrepreneur, it can be overwhelming! Payroll, advertising, marketing, inventory, so on and so forth, until you get completely lost in the day-to-day minutiae and neglect to look ahead. Hiring a voice actor is one of those forward-thinking decisions that pays big dividends in the long run, because the value of a professional public perception is one that will last for years to come. Nothing ruins advertising, marketing, or company perception faster than a bad voiceover. Here are some great reasons why a professional voice actor like Michael Schwalbe and What He Said Voiceovers, LLC can take you to the next level:

1. Long-Term Dividends

Like we said in the introduction, hiring a voice actor is a short-term expense that pays off big-time in the long run. Every time a client calls your phone system and hears the sound of professionalism greeting them, the public perception of your business's reputation grows just a little bit stronger. Similarly, the right voice can make people talk about your advertisements for weeks on end.

2. Social Media Dominance

Struggling to get connection and exposure in social media? Using a professional voice actor like Michael Schwalbe can take your Instagram and Facebook posts to the next level, to clinch those valuable Shares and eyeball impressions! Voice talents aren't just limited to commercials-- create some fun animations for Instagram and have a fun cartoon voiceover to accompany them! Your business will look creative and trendy.

3. They Have Connections You Need

Voice actors frequently do a variety of audio-related services as well as providing voiceovers. Many times production, jingle creation, and music composition is readily available, and even if the talent doesn't do the service himself, he will usually be able to connect you with those who can. Having a catchy personally branded jingle can keep you in the consumer consciousness longer!

4. They Are Valuable Consultants

Voice actors know what it takes to sound and appear professional in the business world, and they take pride in helping you achieve those goals. Discuss the needs you have as a business, and a good voice talent like Michael Schwalbe can identify exactly where the right voice can fit in to your business model or ad campaign to take your efficacy and public perception to the next level.

5. They Have Great Hair

Well, Michael Schwalbe does, anyway.

Marketing Your Business Effectively - A Quick and Easy Checklist!

Nothing reassures a potential client like the appearance of professionalism. If you're a small-to-midsize business or start-up, you might be so inundated with the day-to-day minutiae of staying afloat that you neglect the most important part of the business - your brand, image, and reputation. Brand and image are what differentiates your business from your competitors. Don't you want to make sure that you come out on top? Here are some quick and easy ways to set yourself apart from the crowd, and improve your image in the marketplace:

1. Spend the money to hire a professional graphic designer. In the world of business, being frugal and using company resources wisely are paramount to success. It can be difficult to know which investments will pay the highest dividend. Take it from us - hiring a professional graphic designer to create your logo and branding is the best money you can spend. Short of a great portfolio, nothing says 'quality' quite like a slick, well-produced logo and brand. Check out our choice

2. Think globally. This is obviously dependent on your industry, but look outside your city, your state, your country. It's likely that you have opportunities to connect with and market yourself to clients around the globe that you haven't been thinking about. Furthermore, by contacting clients outside your personal location, you might be tapping into a market that has no exposure to your local competitors, giving you their business without much work at all!

3. Get an amazing business card. This point also goes back to #1, but the number of people we network with who don't have a memorable business card (or just don't have one at all) is shocking. This is the cardinal sin of business. Face-to-face networking is one of the most powerful tools to meet new clients and new resources, and if you don't have a card, you're mostly wasting your time, and making yourself look bad. Consider using interesting materials, like plastic or paperboard. We met one musician who had business cards made of metal! Be creative.

4. Use handwritten notes and physical mailers. We live in a world of spam. Email clutter gets completely ignored by the majority of people. How do you get around that? Put something in their hands, something of actual value. Send out really nice personally-branded pens to your clients. Mail them a handwritten note just to say how much your appreciate their business. People will remember!

5. Hire a professional voice actor for your phone system, your ads, and your website. Nothing ruins a slick brand or a great ad more quickly than a bad voiceover. Hiring a professional voice talent is not the huge hassle or expense you think it is, either. Use a professional like Michael Schwalbe at What He Said Voiceovers, LLC, and he will ensure that your business has "The Voice You Need to Succeed-- Guaranteed!" An engaging, believable, friendly, and professional voice actor will give your brand and your image the polish it needs to stand out. See Michael Schwalbe's past work, demo reels, and testimonials at .

6 Common Misconceptions about Using Voiceovers for Your Business

The voiceover industry is a wide and multifaceted one, but at best it can be a bit of a mystery to people who are not directly involved in it, and at worst, downright intimidating! Especially if you are a business owner or manager considering using voiceovers to enhance your advertising or other areas of your business, you may think that voice actors are difficult to come by, expensive, or any number of other untrue attributes. However, the reality is much more convenient, easy, and hassle free! We sat down with professional voice actor Michael Schwalbe and asked him what he feels are the most common misconceptions people have about the voiceover industry. Here’s what he thinks!

“Voice actors are just for commercials.” False! Although it’s definitely a good idea to utilize voice actors for any radio or television ads you require, there are a multitude of ways to incorporate voiceovers into your business. Phone system greetings, internal instructional and/or safety films, website video content, and more can all benefit from hiring a professional-- do you want to trust your new client's first impression to an inexperienced voice? It could cost you!

“Voice actors are prohibitively expensive.” False! While broadcast media has a few extra costs associated with radio and television voice acting, creating voicemail, phone systems, web videos, Youtube narration, and other non-broadcast media can be extremely simple, easy, affordable and fast. And this type of content is what makes your business look and sound more professional!

“I’ll have to do the rest of the work myself.” False! Many voice actors are multi-talented when it comes to the craft of voiceover. Recording, production, mixing and mastering, music composition, even script writing can frequently be done for you all in the same project. It’s a good idea when hiring a voice actor to ask about those things in advance and see what they may be able to bundle into the deal for you. For instance, Michael Schwalbe has great relationships with professional composers, songwriters, studios, and engineers around the world who can lend their talents to your project for very little additional cost.

“Voice acting is so easy, anybody should be able to do it.” False! There are a lot of charlatans out there claiming to be “voice actors” when really they have no professional training and little to no equipment suitable for producing professional recordings. The best thing you can do for your business is do your research when hiring voice actors, and go with someone who has lots of experience, testimonials, and established demo reels.

“It’s easier to work with a voiceover clearinghouse than individual actors.” False! Many voiceover clearinghouses are hubs for people pretending to be professionals, wasting your time with dozens of sub-par submissions and forcing you to pay hosting fees for the privilege of going through them. Worse, the clearinghouse usually refuses to allow you to communicate directly with the talent, making direction nearly impossible and edits/revisions totally out of the question. Skip the headache and the hassle and go directly to the individual actor!

“Finding and hiring a quality voice actor is extremely difficult.” False! Whereas a google search will turn up dozens of self-proclaimed voice actors with dubious levels of talent, hiring quality takes only a simple phone call or email to Michael Schwalbe —and where it used to be an extremely complicated, time-consuming process that involved renting out a studio, hiring a producer and an engineer, paying equipment fees, and more, the modernization of audio technology means that professional voice talent like Michael Schwalbe can produce crystal-clear, broadcast-quality audio from their own professionally-equipped home studios. Not needing to rely on external studios means lightning-fast turnarounds, effortless editing and revisions, and no-nonsense flat fees without nickel-and-diming.

Incorporating voiceovers into the public face of your business can be a great way to present yourself professionally, put potential clients at ease, and show your best face to the world. That's exactly what Michael Schwalbe and What He Said Voiceovers, LLC is passionate about. Give him a call today to discover how he can help you—and your business—succeed.

"The Voice You Need to Succeed -- Guaranteed!" What He Said Voiceovers, LLC

About What He Said Voiceovers, LLC

The company voicemail that your 80-yr old secretary recorded just isn’t cutting it anymore. Your noisy and breathy self-made explainer video isn’t drumming up the amount of business you deserve. Your ‘family-friendly’ cartoon mascot has a voice that makes babies cry. Your corporate safety program put everyone to sleep! As the infomercials always say –“There has to be a better way!” Let Michael Schwalbe and What He Said Voiceovers give your project the breath of life it needs!

Your product needs a professional voice. Your business needs an engaging and authoritative first impression. Your service needs a trustworthy, believable tone in advertising. Michael Schwalbe will give you that sound. A staggering breadth of flexibility combined with a relentless pursuit of client satisfaction has given Michael Schwalbe accolades and rave reviews from around the entire world– just check out the Testimonials section!

Michael Schwalbe is The Voice You Need to Succeed, Guaranteed!

About Michael

From a young age, Michael Schwalbe was active in a variety of dramatic and vocal pursuits, participating in multiple plays and competing in theater-in-the-round performance contests in high school. Skill with his voice and his writing led to a direct admission into the prestigious University of Missouri School of Journalism for Broadcast, where he not only continued to hone his speaking craft, but also discovered a passion for singing. The first forays into the world of voice acting also began here, as Michael contributed character voices to independent videogames, including ForumWarz. After two years of performing excellence with a number of classical, jazz, and contemporary ensembles, Michael left the world of Broadcast and followed his vocal passions to Nashville, enrolling in, and ultimately graduating magna cum laude from, the Belmont University Music Business program.

Soon after graduation, he secured a full-time job in Print Sales/Customer Service with the Christian label division of Warner Music Group, Word Music. He quickly became the most decorated account manager on the team, winning 14 sales and service awards within only a 10-month period. Michael’s vocal and dramatic talents also quickly gained the notice of the Warner Music Nashville Media Development team, and additional opportunities started opening up. A corporate IVR for the Word Music phone system was recorded using his voice. Two ACM promotional videos for Hunter Hayes were recorded, featuring voice overdubs by Michael, and he acted a side role on camera in a third. By the time Blake Shelton’s team asked him to do the voice for Blake’s 2013 CMA promotional mailers and promotional video, it was clear that this was becoming more than just a hobby on the side.

The last week of October, 2013, Michael decided to take the plunge and leave his job with Word Music to found What He Said Voiceovers, LLC, and to pursue his new calling fulltime. Take his award-winning customer service and fast turnaround, combined with a healthy dose of tenacious and ambitious business acumen he learned while working Sales, clients can rest assured that they will receive the fastest responses, quickest turnaround, and most satisfactory recordings possible. You will be satisfied, 100% guaranteed. Regardless of the product, service, or business you may have, his flexible and dynamic voice can bring it life and personality.

Get in contact with Michael today for a free quote or custom script demo for your project!


I knew he had to be the one for the role.

“When Michael auditioned for the part, I knew he had to be the one for the role. When we recorded he was friendly, listened to commentary and most of all, very into the character. Definitely a great decision, and will absolutely make the movie something incredibly special.”

~Joshua Barish


The quality of the V.O.’s he delivered was impeccable.

“I had the chance to work with Michael on a super tight deadline, stressful project. At first I was worried that because of the time difference that meeting the delivery time and communication would be a problem, however to my greatest surprise, working with Michael even if we were on completely different times, I felt that we were working closely together.He delivered on time, was easy to get in touch with and the quality of the V.O.’s he delivered was impeccable.Furthermore, Michael’s professionalism, friendliness and reliability took a huge load and contributed to a smooth project delivery.”

~Leah Manasseh

Founder, Managing Director

The Traveling Shoe Productions, Dubai

The results are simply stunning.

“Michael Schwalbe is a professional! From a warm and gentle presentation to a strong, vibrant rendering, he’s got the chops. As a producer, I really appreciate Michael’s ability to take direction and understand the nuance I’m going for. And I’m very impressed with the wide variety of moods and emotions he can bring to a project. He’s a joy to work with, and the results are simply stunning.”

~Marty Parks

Producer, Composer, and Arranger

I have never found anyone who can interpret text the way Michael can!

“I have been doing documentaries for 10 years and I have never found anyone who can interpret text the way Michael can. He is fast, and is an extreme pleasure to work with. If you want hassle-free quality, then go with this guy!”

~Steve Skinner

Director, Iachod Media

Smooth. Impacting. Dynamic. Professional.

“Michael Schwalbe’s voice over work is ultra professional in every facet. He has delivered us smooth impacting voice over work every single time and on the first take.His voice is smooth and soothing with dynamic range. He can hit multiple styles and feels. His delivery is second to none. We often give Michael projects on very short noticeand he has them back to us in an amazingly short time. I would highly recommend Michael Schwalbe’s voice over work to any industry professional.”

~Michael English

Motion Graphics Designer/Video Editor

Propaganda Marketing Services

Click HERE to check out some of Michael's past work!