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Red Door Shoe Outlet

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$10 off any purchase of $50 or more at Red Door Shoe Outlet.

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Red Door Shoe Outlet

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One-of-a-kind designer shoes and handbags!

Prices range from $15-$100 which includes anything from sandals, closed toed shoes,heels and flats! This also includes great handbags!

Shoes and Accessories

Red Door Shoe Outlet

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According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, for the serious athlete, socks have become recognized as an essential component of footwear that can determine the difference between success or failure in athletics. At Swiftwick, we combine the best technological features of sock construction and fiber choices to produce everyday footwear that performs regardless of where you play. Small print: None

According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, for the serious athlete, socks have become recognized as an essential component of footwear that can determine the difference between success or failure in athletics. At Swiftwick, we combine the best technological features of sock construction and fiber choices to produce everyday footwear that performs regardless of where you play. Small print: None


We carry Baretraps plus many European Brands and Designer Brands. We have all of the great styles in for you to try on and choose from.

We carry Baretraps plus many European Brands and Designer Brands. We have all of the great styles in for you to try on and choose from.


Mariana is a Brand developed by Harlan Whitley, owner of The Red Door Shoe Outlet. Check out the “one of a kind” sample areas in the store.

Mariana is a Brand developed by Harlan Whitley, owner of The Red Door Shoe Outlet. Check out the “one of a kind” sample areas in the store.


$5 off with purchase of $50 or more. $10 off with purchase of $100 or more. Not Valid With any Other Offers 5-1-15

$5 off with purchase of $50 or more. $10 off with purchase of $100 or more. Not Valid With any Other Offers 5-1-15


Shopping for Shoes: Online, Large Chain Stores, or a Small Local Outlet?

These days, you can buy just about anything online. From clothes to shoes to appliances, even everyday supplies like paper towels can be delivered right to your door with just the touch of a button. If you cannot find what you are looking for online, chances are good that there is a big box store or chain outlet right down the street that will have what you need. For some items, this kind of convenience can be a huge time and money saver!

However, when it comes to footwear, shopping online or at large chain stores may not be the best option. Online and chain stores are unable to offer:

- Fitting help. When you buy shoes online, you are taking a chance that they run true to size and will fit your foot when they arrive. Buying from a chain store is only slightly less of a risk, as many part-time employees are uninformed about fitting nuances and unable to help you find a shoe that will fit your foot perfectly.

- Product knowledge. An online store will have a short description of their products but nothing more, and employees at a chain store are often unable to tell you what material the shoes are made out of. Different materials react differently to weather, wear and tear, liquid, and more, so it is important to know what your shoes are made of!

- Personalized customer service. Have a problem or a question about a shoe you are considering buying, or maybe one that you have already bought? Online, you may have to struggle through a 24-hour customer service chat line that may or may not be able to help you with what you need; and chain stores are notorious for their inflexibility and generally bad customer service. If a problem does arise, you may have a much harder time getting it fixed with online retailers or chain store managers.

For these reasons and many more, purchasing shoes through a small local retailer like Red Door Shoe Outlet is the best choice when it comes to purchasing shoes that are high quality, fit your feet like gloves, and will last for a very long time. Having been in the shoe business over 44 years, we are able to offer all of our customers fitting help, exceptional product knowledge, personalized customer service, wardrobe matching guidance, foot issue advice, and so much more.

If you are tired of ordering shoes that do not fit right and being treated as an impersonal number at big box stores and are ready for the Red Door Shoe Outlet experience, give us a call today at (615) 292-2945 or stop by the store any time. For more information and to keep up with all the latest happenings at Red Door Shoe Outlet , visit our Facebook page.

How to Care for Suede Shoes in the Winter

With the recent addition of the Hush Puppy Cyra Catelyn suede ankle bootie to the lineup of fabulous multi-weather boots for women at Red Door Shoe Outlet, now is a great time to talk about how to care for suede shoes. A little care is needed in order to keep them looking their best—especially in the winter when water, ice, and salt pose a hazard to all but the most heavy-duty weather boots.

The Hush Puppy Cyra Catelyn in Blue Suede

Hush Puppy produces all of their suede shoes by pretreating the material during the tanning process. This built-in silicone coating will protect the suede in a variety of conditions, but not all suede shoes are like this. Fortunately, you can buy suede- and leather-protecting coating spray everywhere from Walgreens to Amazon at a very reasonable price.

If your suede boots do get wet or dirty, be sure to crumple up a few pieces of newspaper as soon as possible and stuff them in the toes to make sure your shoes retain their shape while you work to dry the material. You can purchase a suede eraser that will remove stains, and once the material is dry, run a soft brush or toothbrush over the affected area to blend it back in.

For pesky dried salt stains, use a dab of vinegar on a paper towel and apply gently until the stains fade. Small dirt stains can also be gently rubbed off with an emery board. In the end, if the stain is bad or you are unsure how to proceed, a professional cleaner can help you get your suede shoes looking like new without running the risk of further damage.

Suede shoes are a great fashion option during the winter and year round, and the Hush Puppy Cyra Catelyn bootie is a must-have for every woman’s shoe repertoire. In addition to light blue, it is available in dark green, dark brown, taupe, and black to match any wardrobe. Try on a pair today at Red Door Shoe Outlet , or call (615) 292-2945 for more information.

The Perfect Complement to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Most everyone at some point or another has had the experience of struggling to keep up their health and fitness New Year’s resolutions. It can certainly be difficult to stay motivated! However, setting yourself up for success is easier than you may think.

Many experts recommend purchasing new clothes or a new workout outfit that will help you feel functional and stylish while you pursue your fitness goals. This is great advice! But one thing many overlook when it comes to workout wear is socks. Believe it or not, the quality of your socks makes a huge difference!

At Red Door Shoe Outlet , we always recommend Swiftwick socks for all your active wear needs. And fortunately for all aspiring gym enthusiasts, Swiftwick is launching a new sock for Spring 2016: The Swiftwick Maxus.

The Maxus features all of the same game-changing technology of the original Swiftwick sock—the moisture control, the signature breathable Olefin fiber material, the supportive design, and the seamless toe. But in addition to all of this, as the plushest sock ever made by Swiftwick, the Maxus is the ultimate in active comfort, offering extra layers of cushion to absorb shock and provide comfort all day long. Maxus socks will be available in below-ankle and ankle heights and multiple colors to match any active wardrobe.

The Swiftwick Maxus is appropriate for all kinds of athletic activities, especially running and hiking, and for those with jobs that require them to be on their feet for many hours a day. At Red Door Shoe Outlet, they will be available alongside our other selection of Swiftwick socks beginning Spring of 2016. When it comes to choosing a sock that will help you meet your health and fitness goals, Red Door Shoe Outlet always recommends Swiftwick!

For more information about the Swiftwick Maxus and all of their products, check out the Swiftwick website at . Keep up with all the latest at Red Door Shoe Outlet on our Facebook page , or call (615) 292-2945 to speak to a sales associate.

Shoes for the Dancing Enthusiast in Nashville, TN

If you are a dance enthusiast in Middle Tennessee and are looking for the perfect dancing shoes for your dance-related outings, then Red Door Shoe Outlet is the place to look! Mariana by GOLC offers several different shoes ideal for traditional forms of dancing such as swing, bop, and shag. Although Nashville does boast a surprisingly thriving dance scene, fans of shag dance will usually need to travel to the East Coast. But regardless of your dance of choice, Mariana has the shoes for you at Red Door Shoe Outlet!

Mariana currently offers three different styles of dance shoes: the Sibyl, the Samantha, and the Sam.

The Sibyl features a classic peep toe style with a 1.5-inch heel.

Also in the 1.5-inch heel category, the Sam puts a spin on the fisherman sandal look that will be a hit on the dance floor. For those looking for a taller heel, the Samantha will have you walking—and dancing—tall and confident with its 2.5-inch heel.

The Sibyl, the Samantha, and the Sam all come in neutral, wardrobe-friendly shades like beige, cognac brown and champagne metallic; as well as more statement colors like red, black, and light blue. All styles feature birdcage backs to hold the heel in place while you are dancing the night away!

Mariana will also be releasing several new styles also suitable for dancing for the Spring 2016 season, including the Ginger, a strappy sandal with a 1.5 inch heel that will wow all your dancing partners.

There will also be multiple 1-inch heel styles for those who prefer to dance a little closer to the ground.

No matter what style of dancing—and dancing shoes—you love, Red Door Shoe Outlet is here for you! Come visit us anytime and ask to be fitted for your perfect dance shoe. We will help you choose a shoe you love, one that fits your preferences, price point, and dancing style, and have you ready for the dance scene in Nashville and beyond!

For more information about the Mariana line or any of the shoes we carry at Red Door Shoe Outlet, call the store at (615) 292-2945 or visit our Facebook Page .

Be Weather-Ready with Bear Traps Boots from Red Door Shoe Outlet

Although it has been an unseasonably warm winter thus far, the higher temperatures we have been enjoying in middle Tennessee are on their way out and the time to prepare is now! At Red Door Shoe Outlet, we are proud to offer a variety of styles of weather boots from Bare Traps, featuring their SDS—Stay Dry System—inclement weatherproof footwear technology!

The Bare Traps SDS features:

- Faux fur lining for extra warmth retention

- Rubber soles for added traction on slippery winter surfaces

- Breathable materials to keep feet dry

- Rain-repellent top coating

We offer several different Bare Traps styles at Red Door Shoe Outlet: the tall Adaire boot, and the shorter ankle-height Abrianna and Adalyn booties. Bare Traps boots come in gorgeous and versatile neutrals like black, tope, dark brown, mushroom, grey, chestnut, and more. Bare Traps can be worn with any outfit, and all of the styles we carry run under $100 per pair so they are extremely affordable for the luxury and warmth. Each of Bare Traps’ styles are unique in their own way and were hand-selected for retail at Red Door Shoe Outlet.

With their Stay Dry System technology and superior design, materials, and quality, Bare Traps are the perfect choice to keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable all winter long. If your winter shoe wardrobe could use some serious updating, come to Red Door Shoe Outlet and ask to be fitted for your very own pair of Bare Traps.

Come see us anytime the shop is open, or “like” us on Facebook at to keep up with all the latest. More information about Bare Traps and the patented Stay Dry System can be found on their website at .

Fashionable Flats for Holiday Style

Even though Christmas is right around the corner, it has been an unusually mild winter season for most of us in Middle Tennessee. Breaking out the winter coats, scarves, and boots is still a little bit of overkill, and it appears to be staying that way for the foreseeable future. Although this probably means no snow on Christmas, it is not all bad! For one, it means that many of your favorite fall and warm-weather fashion items and accessories can still be worn for a little while longer, including lighter shoes like flats.

Flats are a classic shoe, but in recent years there have been many innovations that make each pair and style truly unique. Currently, fashion trends for flats include rounded toes, gathered or elastic top lines, and luxurious material textures like patent leather, suede, and unique prints. Embellishments have come into fashion as well, particularly studs both around the top line and all over the shoe. Black is still the reigning queen of colors when it comes to flats, but natural and nude colors including champagne, bronze, and pewter are very in vogue as well. A newer trend is metallics, which act almost as a chameleon color that pick up tones of whatever you happen to be wearing at the time.

The flat has become as universal to the modern wardrobe as any other shoe silhouette you can purchase, largely because of their diversity and their versatility. Flats are appropriate for office wear, formal wear, casual wear, even travel! They are a great option for when you need to wear something less comfortable like a high heel but do not want to wear them all day. They can be dressed up or down and easily packed in a bag. They are truly the ultimate shoe!

At Red Door Shoe Outlet, we carry 30 to 40 different styles of flats at all times from Me Too , Sabrinas , Bear Trap, and Heal–USA. Each brand and pair has been hand-selected for retail in our Nashville store based on their quality, fit, and fashion.

Styles may come and go, but one thing is for certain—the flat is here to stay. Come browse our entire selection at Red Door Shoe Outlet anytime the doors are open! You may also visit our Facebook page, Red Door Shoe Outlet , for more information about the brands and styles we carry, or give us a call with any questions at (615) 292-2945.

The Best Stocking Stuffer Ever at Red Door Shoe Outlet

A lot of jokes are made around the holidays about getting people socks for Christmas, but have you ever tried a pair of Swiftwick socks?

If you really want to get that difficult-to-buy-for family member or loved one socks this year, consider getting them a pair or two of Swiftwick performance socks from Red Door Shoe Outlet . Swiftwick socks are the best performance socks in the industry, come in a wide variety of colors and styles, and are appropriate for everything from everyday wear to intense athletic practice.

There are several key properties of Swiftwick socks that put them a cut above the rest:

- “Managed compression” technology provides structure for feet and helps increase circulation and reduce the risk of blisters.

- Moisture wicking fiber keeps feet warm and dry without giving the cold winter air the opportunity to chill feet to the bone.

- Anti-microbial fibers help with odors and protect feet from common problems like bacterial infections and athlete’s foot.

Swiftwick socks use Olefin, a key fiber in their construction and the only synthetic fiber that has ever won a Nobel Prize (for Chemistry in 2005). Olefin is strong, resistant, retains less than 1/100th of a percent of its weight in moisture, and fights against perspiration and deterioration.

They also come in all shapes and sizes! At Red Door Shoe Outlet, we carry Swiftwicks from ankle height all the way up to 12” above the calf in white, black, grey, blue, pink, purple, red, yellow, turquoise, orange, and more! Wear them during sports, travel, or just around the house to keep your feet dry, comfy, warm, and stylish.

Socks may be the cause of a few holiday jokes now and then, but when you get your loved ones Swiftwicks for Christmas, you are giving them a pair of socks they will actually love and use. Visit Red Door Shoe Outlet today to browse our Swiftwick selection, or visit their website at to find out more about the technology behind the industry’s best socks.

More information about Red Door Shoe Outlet can be found on our Facebook page at .

Keep Your Feet Warm This Winter With Red Door Shoe Outlet

The cold weather has officially descended upon middle Tennessee, and gone are the days of simply throwing on a pair of flip-flops to take out the trash or check the mail. Considerations must be made for keeping feet warm and dry. Whether you are going out for a night on the town or just taking the dog for a walk, here at Red Door Shoe Outlet we have a whole host of different options for you this winter.

Our Northside fur-lined slippers are the perfect option when you just want to run outside quickly or keep your feet warm and comfy all day long. Their unique outsoles make them appropriate for indoor or outdoor wear, and their slip-on design makes them easy to put on and stay on. Red Door Shoe Outlet carries black and brown Northside slippers for women.

For wetter weather, pick up a pair of Kamik rubber rainboots . Made in Canada, Kamik footwear has been tested and designed in weather wetter and colder than anything that Nashville has ever seen, so you know their boots will keep your feet warm and dry during these late fall and early winter rainy days. Red Door Shoe Outlet carries Kamik rubber rainboots for women in black, burgundy, yellow, navy, and turquoise.

And when the going really gets tough, the tough get BareTraps weather boots . BareTraps is a widely respected manufacturer of a huge variety of different types of shoes and boots, but Red Door Shoe Outlet is proud to carry their models tailored especially for inclement and extreme cold weather conditions. All the weather models we carry are fur-lined for extra warmth and comfort and come in a variety of heights, from ankle booties to those that hit mid-calf. These boots are the ultimate when it comes to keeping your feet totally warm and dry, no matter what conditions you might find yourself in. BareTraps weather boots come in varying shades of mushroom, brown and black to meet all of your fashion and wardrobe needs.

All of the winter-weather shoes we feature at Red Door Shoe Outlet are made out of good material, extremely durable, and crafted by expert brand names we trust and admire. When you purchase a winter-weather shoe at Red Door Shoe Outlet, you can have full confidence that it will get you through whatever this season has in store.

For more about the winter-weather shoes at Red Door Shoe Outlet, stop by the shop or call (615) 292-2945 to speak to one of our specialists. More information about Red Door Shoe Outlet can be found on our website at .

Customer Service: What Sets Red Door Shoe Outlet Apart

When you walk into many shoe stores, you will meet a part-time sales associate, someone who is working on commission and does not really know much about shoes or the footwear industry. He or she may be able to help you find the perfect shoe—or may not. They may be able to match your shoes to your existing style and budget—or they may not.

At Red Door Shoe Outlet, exceptional customer service is what sets us apart from every other shoe store in Tennessee. We have been in the shoe business for over 40 years, as manufacturers, designers, marketers, and students. We are well versed in every area of the footwear industry, and we are happy to bring our expertise to you, the customer, to provide you with the best shoe, at the best price, with the best shoe shopping experience you have ever had.

Red Door Shoe Outlet offers:

- Extended knowledge of current styles and fashions, as well as how to match products from our store with your very own sense of personal fashion and preferences.

- The perfect fit, every time. We know what it takes to make sure you walk out of our store with a shoe that is an absolutely perfect fit.

- A hand-selected inventory, including two lines of shoes, Sabrina and Mariana, that you will not find anywhere else, because they are our very own hand-created designs.

- Personalized attention from people who are not working on commission and care about you and your experience—finding you what you need and staying within your budget.

Red Door Shoe Outlet is an unbeatable experience because we combine an unparalleled product with unparalleled customer service. Our shoes are the most comfortable, most fashionable, and most unique in Middle Tennessee, with each and every pair passing under the watchful eye of our owner before it hits the sales floor.

So if you are looking for a new pair of shoes and a customer service experience that will ruin you for every other shoe store from here on out, give Red Door Shoe Outlet a visit today!

Stop by our store at 4004 Hillsboro Pike in Green Hills Court, or visit our website at for more information. “Like” us on Facebook for all the latest news at .

Gear-Up for Winter Weather in Middle Tennessee

The beauty of the changing four seasons is part of Tennessee’s vast appeal. But when winter hits, the bitter weather can be dismal, and the forecast for the 2015/2016 winter will be no exception. In fact, the National Weather Service has predicted that the winter months this year will be cooler and wetter than usual.

At Red Door Shoe Outlet, we can help you prepare for freezing cold pavement and dirty slush. We offer a wide selection of winter boot options to protect your feet, including two prominent brands that offer comfort, insulation, and style:

- BareTraps:

Our BareTraps weather boots come in a variety of colors, including black, brown, tan, and gray. Sleek and sophisticated, they are the perfect option for blending fashion, comfort, and protection. What makes these boots more wearable than others during the cold weather months? BareTraps manufactures these boots with SDS Technology (Stay Dry System).

With this weatherproofing technology, these boots are designed for optimal water repellency and breathability, so you never have to worry about rain, slush, or snow seeping into your shoes. Both stylish and functional, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the standard ankle boots to ones with heights climbing over the calf.

- Kamik Rain Boots:

Tennesseans are no strangers to torrential downpours, and a good pair of rain boots is helpful during any season. But in the wintertime, cold weather can quickly turn rain into icy and dangerous conditions, and the need to protect your feet becomes even more crucial than ever.

Made in Canada, our selection of Kamik rain boots allows you to navigate the rainy weather conditions in style. Using innovative technology to create resilient and weatherproof boots, Kamik has created a line of lightweight yet durable footwear that maintains the strength of heavier brands. These recyclable, PVC-free boots feature great traction in any type of weather, preventing you from slipping on wet and rainy pathways. For a traditional appearance, you can opt for the standard black boot. For something more fun, we carry Kamik Rain Boots in red, yellow, and turquoise.

Stop by today at the Red Door Shoe Outlet in Hillsboro to pick up a pair of cold weather boots and protect your feet from the imminent winter!

Facebook: Red Door Shoe Outlet

Phone Number: 615.292.2945

Address: 4004 Hillsboro Pike Suite 145 Nashville, TN 37215

Find the Trendiest Shoe in Nashville, Tennessee

With the autumn season upon us, most women are wondering what is hot in the fashion world and which stylistic trends they can incorporate into their daily wardrobe. It is too late in the season for breezy summer sandals, but too early to whip out the fur-lined high-shafted winter boots. Right now, women are opting for sturdy, comfortable, and chic shoe wear that will help them to transition from season to season.

At Red Door Shoe Outlet in Nashville, Tennessee, we carry the most popular transitional shoes of the season. These transitional shoes feature a woven and stretchable nylon material. Seen on celebrities and in fashion magazines, they have certainly become the go-to shoe of the season.

Because of their stretchable nature, they are ideal for all foot shapes and bone structures. Whether your feet are narrow, wide, or you have issues with fitting around the toes, this transitional shoe will stretch to provide ample comfort. Featuring memory foam and foot beds, they are the perfect pair of runaround casual footwear, whether you are taking the kids to school, running by the grocery store, or meeting a friend for a cup of coffee. Women have even bought them to wear as their staple pair of house shoes, because of the comfort and ease of slipping them on. They also great for traveling; if you tire of untying your shoes every time you have to cross through an airport security line, these comfortable shoes will simultaneously afford you comfort, ease, and a chic, trendy attire.

We carry several different brands that have begun producing these new woven stretch nylon shoes, including CC Resort Shoes and Heal USA. From adorable flats to tiny wedges and featuring a vast array of colors, these shoes are ideal for anyone looking to add a couple of new casual pairs to their autumn wardrobe in Nashville, Tennessee . Better yet, they are all priced under $50, a fantastic price for high quality.

For more information on these trendy shoes in Nashville, give Red Door Shoe Outlet a call or stop by the store today!

Facebook: Red Door Shoe Outlet

Phone Number: 615.292.2945

Address: 4004 Hillsboro Pike Suite 145 Nashville, TN 37215

Buying the Perfect Pair of Boots in Nashville, TN

It is hard to believe that fall is already here, and summer sandals are quickly finding themselves tucked back into the corners of our closets. With the changing weather and new seasonal trends, certain boots become a must-have for women living in Nashville, Tennessee .

There are three distinctive categories of boots to invest in for the season:

- Fashion Casual: These boots should be a staple of anyone’s wardrobe, featuring beautiful embellishments and charming design. At Red Door Shoe Outlet in Nashville, TN, we offer a wide variety of fashion casual boots with a host of classic trimmings. From fringe and buckles to elegant sashes, fashion casual boots add a vibrant flair to a fall wardrobe. Ankle Boots—the popular subsidiary to the fashion casual category—are absolutely necessary for anyone looking for sophisticated style. Most of our ankle boots feature a 1.5-2 inch heel, and can be easily paired with tights, leggings, or skinny jeans.

- Every Day Boots: Red Door Shoe Outlet carries a wide range of practical boots for daily wear. These boots feature riding boot silhouettes, low heels, rounder toes, and a sweet and simple design.

- Warm Weather Boots: According to the weatherman, we are in for one of the coldest winters that Nashville has experienced in the past twenty-five years, with the first signs of frost approaching in early November. Now more than ever, it is crucial to invest in a good pair of warm weather boots. These cozy and heat-retentive shoes feature fur lining and a strong rubber sole. They are also water-resistant, helping to protect your feet from the imminent snow and sleet that accompanies severe winter conditions.

We offer several different and outstanding brands to help complete your boots wardrobe. BareTraps , a shoe brand whose quality far exceeds its price, manufactures shoes in every category, from high-heeled designs to a snug winter mid-calf boot. We also carry Eric Michael; an Italian line that features gorgeous short ankle boots with two-inch heels and exquisite embellishments. For the fashion forward, Matisse is one of the most highly demanded brands of the season, manufacturing boots of the highest quality suede and adorned with three layers of fringe.

Padded with memory foam foot beds, all of the boots we offer at Red Door Shoe Outlet provide enough comfort for every daywear.

Contact Info:

Red Door Shoe Outlet on Facebook

4004 Hillsboro Pike

Nashville, TB 37215


Updating Your Fall Shoe Wardrobe In Nashville

With the autumn season rapidly approaching, now is the time for women in Nashville to begin updating their shoe wardrobe for the changing weather and fall trends. The most popular transition shoes between the summer sandals and heavy winter boots are ballerina flats and short boots, both of which can be found in a variety of designs and brands at Red Door Shoe Outlet in Green Hills.

Ballerina Flats are a staple of any woman’s wardrobe, and can be worn year round. Whether you are looking for a pair for daily wear, while running errands or meeting up with a friend, or you want a pair for professional use, Red Door Shoe Outlet offers a wide breadth of ballerina flats to complete any autumn outfit. Featuring elastic top lines, our flats conform to the shape of any foot, promoting comfort and longevity. We carry several different lines of flats for everyday wear in Nashville; some feature a basic design, while others are adorned with charming embellishments that add character and class to a wardrobe.

Short Boots are the next staple of an autumn shoe wardrobe for women in Middle Tennessee . Chic and sophisticated, these boots turn any look into an elegant and put-together ensemble. At Red Door Shoe Outlet, we carry a diverse number of short boots, from flats to high heels and ankle boots to longer boots with a six-inch shaft height. Adaptable to almost any outfit, short boots are the ideal shoe choice for a pair of skinny jeans, leggings, or autumn dresses. Most of the boots we carry feature rounded-toe shapes that encourage comfort by leaving an ample amount of breathing room for the toes.

A basic pair of black short boots is the essential mainstay of the autumn wardrobe, and dark brown, cognac, and burgundy are popular choices to spice up your closet’s shoe rack. Also consider purchasing a pair that features designer embellishments, including straps, buckles, or ruching of fabric for an added flair.

At Red Door Shoe Outlet, we feature BareTraps short boots , which are made for comfort and durability, and run between $59 and $89- an amazing price for the value of the shoe. We also carry the popular Everybody Brand; made in Italy, these boots are made with a keen attention to fashion and global trends. Featuring Italian Napa leathers and rubber soles, Everybody short boots have an exceptional life span and feel incredibly soft on the foot.

Between our ballerina flats and our short boots, we make fashion comfortable and affordable for women in Nashville. Stop by the store today in the heart of Green Hills for personalized attention in updating your fall shoe wardrobe!


The Best Shoes For Professional Women In Nashville, Tennessee

Shoes will make or break any outfit, no matter if the ensemble is professional or casual. With so many choices, it is easy to get overwhelmed and feel uncertain as to which styles work best for a daily look. At Red Door Shoe Outlet in Nashville, TN, we offer a variety of flats and pumps that are the perfect choice for career women looking to optimize their wardrobe. A simple collection of flats and pumps is the perfect way to remain classy and comfortable throughout the workday.

Since the spring, we have been witnessing a trend toward minimalism in shoe attire. Instead of embellishments and extra styling, it has become progressively more fashionable to opt for a sleek and simple design, one that matches seamlessly with several different pieces in your closet.

For professional women in Nashville who are looking for a diverse collection of flats to enhance their wardrobe, we offer several different makes. Between elastic, soft suede, and leather options, we have a countless array of flats to choose from. The Sabrina flats are among the most popular- made in Spain, they are all leather, and one of the highest quality shoe brands sold worldwide. We also offer a collection of Baretrap flats , a reputable brand known for their comfort and amazing price-value.

All of our flats are made with rubber soles and memory foam foot beds for optimal comfort. We offer a variety of different designs, from solid colors and eye-catching metallic to animal prints.

Another great shoe for the career woman in Nashville is the classic pump. Several different styles of pumps will make their debut in our store this season, including baby doll toes—featuring a soft round toe and a wafer platform, with a heel that is just over two inches high.

There is no better way to dress up a simple work outfit than with a classic pair of pumps, and here at Red Door Shoe Outlet , we offer a variety of colors and styles to add elegance and sophistication to the outfits worn in a business environment. The best part? Our pumps feature ample cushioning in the foot bed, and the throat lines are cut high enough to hold the foot back in the shoe, so you never have to worry about the discomfort and walking issues that plague so many women in heels.

With new inventory coming in every week, we always have a wide range of options for women looking to spruce up their business attire. All of our flats and pumps range from $59-$109, making great fashion affordable to all career women in Nashville, TN .

Fall Is Back!

Your Insider Guide To Fall Fashion Trends In Nashville, TN

With fall quickly approaching, it is time to say ‘good-bye’ to flip-flops and ‘hello’ to a whole new look. This is an exciting time for us at the Red Door Shoe Outlet because we have the ability to help you tailor your outfits for the upcoming seasons of fall, winter, and spring!

And you are in luck because we are going to share some of our FAVORITE fall items with you!


- Ballerina Flats: The best when it comes to function, fashion, color, print, and trend. These shoes can be dressed up with tights and a skirt, or thrown on with jeans on your way to a movie. Ballerina flats are crucial to have in your closet, and with so many colors and patterns to choose from, you can never have enough of them!

- Block Heels: A new fashion look is Block Heels. Stilettos are still in the picture but blocky heels can be a fresh look. Along with being one of the highest trending shoes in the fall market, block heels are more comfortable and stable than their stiletto cousins!

- Penny Loafer: Penny loafers for women are beginning to pop up in stores all across America and Europe. Not only can you get a basic leather design, but they can also be purchased in virtually any color or print! These shoes make a stunning addition to your daily fall outfits!

- Suede Chukka Boots: Chukka Boots are the perfect match for you if you are looking for a comfortable, stylish, and vintage-looking shoe. These shoes are great on men and women, and look amazing with jeans and khakis!

Shoes that are consistently popular during the fall months are those with small heels, round or pointed toes, metallic coloring, and animal prints.


- Cross body Bags & Clutches: The cross body bag is extremely functional and with all of the possible designs on the market, they are extremely appealing! This is why they are our top pick for fall handbags!

Bags with many interior and exterior compartments are proving to be tremendously popular throughout America. These bags paired with geometric designs make for one of the top purchases needing to be made this fall.

The most important base color to invest into your entire wardrobe is cognac . This mid-brown color does wonders for all fashion items from dresses to accessories to footwear. This color is a MUST HAVE in the fashion world today – and can be worn year round!

We love fashion here at the Red Door Shoe Outlet ! For more information about fall trends, call us today at 615-662-3565 or visit us in the Green Hills Court Shopping Center at 4004 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville, TN, 37215.

Nashville’s Guide To Casual Footwear

Summer in Tennessee means warm and sunny days, perfect for maintaining an active lifestyle. But here’s the question: Are your boots truly made for walking? You could be attending a “walking meeting,” where a jaunt around Centennial Park stimulates brilliant business ideas, speeding around Target for school supplies, or looking for a shoe that is both comfortable and fashionable for a night downtown. Your shoes may look good, but are they supportive for your active and busy lifestyle?

Red Door Shoe Outlet offers Nashville residents a variety of walking shoes and casual footwear, with an eye for modern style and comfort, all within an affordable price range. Two of the main brands that Red Door Shoe Outlet features are Baretraps and CC Resorts Shoes, both of which are manufactured with pristine quality in mind. Each shoe combines the proper science for optimum comfort with chic aesthetic design, making casual footwear effortlessly stylish and ideal for an on-the-go lifestyle.

With over forty-three years of experience in the shoe business in Nashville, Tennessee, Red Door Shoe Outlet understands the criteria to fit you into the perfect pair. So what makes certain walking shoes better than others? There are three prerequisites to picking out the perfect casual footwear that will have your feet breathing easily while completing your late summer to early fall wardrobe:

- Each shoe must fit your foot, without being too short, too wide, or too narrow. Because no two feet are the same, receiving personalized attention from expert shoe fitters ensures that the make and model of a walking shoe molds comfortably to the shape of your foot. Without the proper amount of toe room, feet slowly cripple, causing health issues and overall discomfort.

- A good foot bed is essential to creating a wearable and comfortable walking shoe. As you walk, the foot bed compresses beneath your feet, bearing weight on your back, knees, hips, shoulders, and ankles. A shoe with a foot bed that is designed to support the particular shape and size of your arch will promote comfort, longevity, and proper body alignment.

- Rubber soles with cushion and ample shock absorption are an important feature of quality and comfortable walking shoes. With every step you take, the friction between the ground and your foot creates a high-impact shock that subtly radiates throughout your body. In order to protect the health of your joints, it’s important to find a shoe with a sole that is created to cushion the foot and absorb a large amount of impact.

At Red Door Shoe Outlet in Nashville, you will find comfortable walking shoes that are fashionable and in-season, featuring a wide array of casual footwear that is both supportive and stylish. Right now, ballerina flats, shoes with elastic fits, booties with short heels, and the retro desert boot are popular choices for the everyday casual, yet fashionable, wardrobe. Comfortable walking shoes and chic casual footwear are essential for everyone in Nashville with an active and on-the-go lifestyle!

Popular Summer Shoe Trends of Nashville

Summer is officially here as temperatures spike into the 90’s. New trends come with new seasons, especially in the shoe world. Footwear trends are constantly changing, so it’s important to find yourself up-to-date with what to wear!

This summer is showing some refreshing trends, from flat sole thong flip-flops to city sandal heels. Red Door Shoe Outlet in Nashville, TN gives us an inside look on what trends are most popular during these summer months:

- Dressy Thong Sandals: These stylish flip-flop sandals are a must-have this summer, whether it’s for going on a date, visiting your local pool, or attending your neighbor’s backyard cookout.

- Comfort Casual Sandals: You can wear them running to the grocery store and picking up your kids! No matter the quick errand, you can easily slide your foot into this comfortable sandal and be on your way!

- Woven Nylon Shoes: Nylon shoes are a critical item to have in your wardrobe. They are comfortable and functional, but most importantly, super fashionable. The woven shoes are made for a foot with any bone structure, making it suitable and comfortable for all foot types. There are a myriad of styles available, allowing you to wear them to the beach or dress them up with a nice summer skirt. C.C. Resort has these shoes available in many different colors, even metallic!

- City Sandals: City sandals are cute mid-heel sandals, with a T-strap and openings in both the front and the back. This small-heeled sandal looks amazing with shorts and skirts, making it a great option for a dress-down day at work. It also doubles great as a walking sandal!

- Ballerina Flats: The timeless ballerina flats have always been an important part of the wardrobe. The coloring is an important attribute here, and Red Door Shoe Outlet keeps in stock every color imaginable!

No matter what look you are going for, the friendly staff at Red Door Shoe Outlet is there to help. Put away the winter boots and visit the Red Door Shoe Outlet to get a great new pair of fashionable summer sandals!

You can locate the Red Door Shoe Outlet at Green Hills Court, 4004 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville, TN, 37215; or you can visit their website at .

Red Door Shoe Outlet Sells Nashville The American Made Swiftwick Sock: "THE BEST SOCK YOU WILL EVER WEAR"

Does the perfect sock exist? The answer is short and simple and true: YES. Swiftwick Socks are the best socks you will ever wear! The reasons are many and near to magical. This magic, however, is tried and true science designed and knitted into the perfect sock.

Here is how it works:

- The signature Swiftwick Sock is made out of a material called olefin. Olefin is the only fabric to ever win a Nobel Prize. It contains properties that allow moisture to enter into the fiber and yet remain pulled away from the surface. Why does this matter? Temperature management. Olefin holds the moisture in the sock, therefore keeping your feet dry. Dry feet will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Olefin turns your socks into a climate controlled environment that keeps your feet happy whatever he weather. Also, the olefin material is wonderful for anyone with athlete’s foot; it may not heal the fungus, but it will prevent it from growing, by keeping it dry.

- Swiftwick Socks are Oder Eaters. The olefin material, used in a Swiftwick Sock, will activate the antimicrobial bonding process that delivers natural anti-odor and anti-fungal benefits found in silver ions when you sweat.

- Swiftwick Socks are also made with a material called Lycra. Lycra supports compression, which keeps the blood circulating in your foot so it does not get tired as fast as it does with an ordinary sock. Such compression also prevents you from getting blisters, because it keeps your sock tight on your foot. No more bunched up wrinkles in the toes of your running shoes, as Swiftwick Socks stay put the entire run.

- Swiftwick Socks are knitted on 200 needle machines. Most socks are knitted on 60 needle machines. This means there is at least three times more fabric in a Swiftwick Sock, enhancing the properties of the sock, the wear ability of the sock, and the lifespan of the sock. Swiftwick Socks last longer and are less likely to get holes.

- The toe and heel cups of a Swiftwick Sock are knitted to be seamless. You will not feel that infamous material bump by you toe, or the uncomfortable seam on your heel. There are no seams on a Swiftwick Sock, the feeling is smooth and… well, seamless.

- Swiftwick Socks come in a variety of heights. They start below the ankle and go all the way up to half way above the calf. Runners who wear the 12 inch sock will keep their calf muscles and shins from experiencing as much pain. The 12 inch Swiftwick Sock holds the muscle structure tight against the leg, preventing it from pulling away from the bone to cause shin splints. Also, the 12 inch Swiftwick Sock has some exciting advantages for travelers. If you frequently fly on an airplane, it will help prevent you from getting thrombosis (blood clots caused by poor circulation). Beauty Tip: The 12 inch sock will also help prevent varicose veins!

- If all this compression and tight-sock talk has you feeling claustrophobic, don’t worry. For those with large calfs, Swiftwick has made a sock just for you. It has recycled nylon in the shaft of the sock, so the compression will be a looser, free fit.

- For hikers or golfers or anyone who needs more foot support, Swiftwick also offers a sock in Merino Wool. This sock will give the bottoms of your feet greater support for those long distance days.

- Athletes may be some of the happiest Swiftwick Sock buyers. Even for a high contact sport as risky as hockey, Swiftwick makes a 12 inch sock with fiber optic thread designed to protect players legs from being cut by sharp skates. Most NHL professionals now use this Swiftwick Sock. Professional golfers and soccer players also appreciate this protective sock.

- Last, but far from least, Swiftwick Socks are ethically made in the United Stated of America. All product materials are domestically sourced within the USA. The socks are assembled in Cleveland,Tennessee, and the Swiftwick Sock headquarters is based in Brentwood.

From the perfect fit to the ethical supply chain, you will love this sock. It may not be magic, but it is hard work, excellence, and cutting edge science. That is better than magic! That is Swiftwick: the best socks you will ever wear.

Red Door Shoe Outlet Offers Greenhills a unique Shoe Shopping Experience

Where Fashion and Comfort Collide

Most shoe shopping experiences go something like this: walk into a shoe store, find something you almost like, tell the sales rep your size, they grab it from the back, you may or may not buy, you leave; that is that. What if shoe shopping was a more unique experience? Something you actually enjoyed because it was personal and you left with something you loved? What if the sales rep got to know your needs, both your physical and your fashion needs? What if, in the end, your shoe shopping experience was not about the shoe… it was about YOU? At Red Door Shoe Outlet, that is exactly the experience you will get.

Located in the heart of Greenhills, Red Door Shoe Outlet has offered Nashville an exemplary, one-of-a-kind shoe experience for the past seven years. Here are a few things that make the Red Door Shoe Outlet special: Family, Fitting, Fashion, Function, and Finance.

1. Personal Family Charm: Red Door is run and owned by Harlan Whitley. His knowledge of the shoe business goes back 44 years. His team includes his wife and a small band of long- time friends. They each have thorough knowledge of the inventory and are trained to give you more than a shoe that fits. You will have the opportunity to work with someone who knows how to help you find a shoe that personally addresses your unique shoe size, financial, and fashion needs.

2. Personalized Fitting. At Red Door Shoe Outlet it is not about the shoe size you think you are, it is about the shoe size you actually are. The staff at Red Door knows that every shoe brand fits differently, because every brand is designed and manufactured differently. Harlan and his team will take this into account by asking you about your physical and comfort goals. They know how to find a brand and a size that will address your unique issues. Whether it is narrow feet or a hammer toe or a job that requires that you stand all day, they will find a shoe that supports you. A well fitted shoe can make all the difference in a day, and Red Door Shoe Outlet will insure that your shoe comfort goes far beyond shoe-size or the brief test-stroll up and down the store aisles.

3. Personalized Fashion. The Red Door Shoe Outlet team knows comfort is only half the story. A woman also wants a shoe she can be proud to show off. It is common for women to have a few pairs of fashion shoes and a few pairs of comfort shoes. She will pull out the comfort shoes when “looks don’t matter”. Harlan helps his buyers find a single pair of shoes that is both fashionable and comfortable. He carries multiple high profile brands with the latest fashion trends and the highest comfort quality.

4. Personalized Function. If you need an economical but sassy looking heel for a one-time event, such as a wedding or Prom, the folks at Red Door Shoe Outlet will help you find a shoe that will not break the bank, but will accomplish the evening’s fancy needs. Or, if you need a shoe to impress the boss and fit the office-dress code, but also support you standing for hours a day, Harlan will help you find a comfortable, classy shoe your boss will want to borrow. Whatever the need, Red Door will help you solve the problem and love your shoes at the same time.

5. Personalized Finance. If you are hoping for a steal, Red Door Shoe Outlet is the first place to look. The team will help you find a shoe within your budget. Don’t be surprised if it is a high profile shoe you never expected to buy at such a satisfying price. As for those who enjoy a little digging, there is always the Treasure Hunt Room where excellent shoes are on sale for fifteen bucks! (Stay tuned, more on this exciting topic later).

Whatever your needs, whatever your price, whatever the outfit, Harlan Whitley and his team will help you find the perfect shoe to make your feet more than comfortable! Go visit Red Door Shoe Outlet, where fashion and comfort collide. Get ready to hear, 'Where did you get those shoes!?'”

Spring 2015 Outlook for Fashion in Nashville

Fashion is based on a few variables including but not limited to, texture, color, fabric, cut and style. These components come together to create more than a look, they create an energy that you carry with you. Turns out, that fashion trends can be national, worldwide or local. In Nashville, fashion is of high priority. Everywhere you look, you will see great outfits and amazing shoes, most within the current fashion trends and of the seasonal colors.

The color of the season is always extremely prevalent everywhere you look. This coming Spring of 2015, the color of the season is a little different than recently seen. The color is “make Up” which is a nude color tone. In addition, another seasonal color for this spring will be Jeans Blue. New neutrals for Nashville this spring include white and metallic with basic colors covering the mid browns range. Pair these with accent colors of red, blue and turquoise to a pop of color that gives a native american feel.

New Styling looks for shoes in Nashville, TN:

  • Ballerina Flats with sport soles that match the upper color with white light weight midsoles. Another way to break away from athletic styles with the same comfort.
  • Low Heel Sandals with Metallic and leather combinations
  • Pointed Toe Flats in Metallic
  • Mid and High Height wedges in Patent and metallic leather combinations
  • Wishbone straps and fancy “T” strap sandals (perfect for dancing the night away)

Red Door Shoe outlet is the place for you to stay up to date and in tune with all of the local fashion trends in Nashville, TN! We have all of the shoe designs above for you to choose from. Come by and we will help you pick out the perfect pair for your style and budget.

Top 5 Fall Fashion Trends for Shoes in Nashville

1) Short Dress Ankle Boots (1.5-2.5 inch heel)

Wear with: Skirts or leggings in a dressier style

Occasion: These boots are great for a formal dinner or professional setting.

2) Short Casual Boot (with fur collar, for example)

Wear with: Jeans, cords or leggings

Occasion: These boots are great for sporting events or outdoor activities where you need to keep comfort in mind while still exhibiting a good sense of style.

3) Tall Casual Boot (Riding Boot influence with a low heel)

Wear with: Long pullover sweater or dress with leggings or tights. Also, skinny jeans

Occasion: These boots can dress an outfit up. Pair with a skirt or even skinny jeans for a great outfit for an occasion that needs a little more flare but is not fancy.

4) Ballerina Flats (large variety of materials)

Wear with: Anything! These are a go-to in the wardrobe

Occasion: These are great for instances where you will be walking around and need to be on your feet.

5) Western Boots

Wear with: Denim, cords, dresses or skirts

Occasion: These are an accent piece in the wardrobe and can be used as an accessory to an outfit to add a little flare.

Greater Nashville's Guide to Shoe Care

It is common sense that taking care of anything extends the life and therefor the use you get out of it. The same goes for shoes. Here is the Red Door Shoe Outlet's Guide to shoe care in Greater Nashville:

1) Pick the Right Pair

Getting the right pair of shoes for your feet is the first step in shoe care. If your shoes do not feel great on your feet, you will not be motivated to take care of them. If you have feet issues like bunions, you might need special shoes to make sure you are comfortable and not doing additional damage. Choose high quality leather shoes that fit the foot like a glove that would form to the foot.

2) Shoe Stretching

Shoe stretching makes sure your shoe fits you perfectly from day one. The Red Door Shoe Outlet can stretch shoes your buy so you get off on the right fit.

3) Rotate Your Shoes

Rotating your shoes, like your wardrobe, keeps your shoes in good working condition longer. Wearing the same pair of shoes too many days in a row does not allow them to dry. The sweat from your feet then keeps them moist and degrades the leather of the shoe. It can also cause the shoes to lose their shape and fade unevenly.

4) Polish Your Shoes

Same as your hands in the winter without moisturizer or hand cream, the leather in your shoes will also get dry and crack if not polished. Polish moisturizes the leather and keeps them soft and new looking. You can actually use hand cream on your shoes as polish! After polishing, use a brush to bring back the top finish for extra protection.

5) Be Aware of Your Environment

If it is winter and there is heavy use of salt on the roads, your tires will not be the only salt stained thing; Your shoes could be stained as well. How do you deal with this? Here is how: Pretreat leather and suede by spraying with a silicon free water repellant and stuffing them with newspaper to keep their shape. When stained, use 1 part vinegar and 1 part water mixture to blot them out with a paper towel.

5 Ways to Prepare For Your Fall Activities

(1) Performance Socks

With any activity, whether is be golf, soccer, volleyball or hiking, a performance sock is necessary! Swiftwick socks are made in TN and are the best sock in the United States!

Here is a message from Swiftwick: "We care about our brand. Our brand embodies our promise to strive for a better experience for our athletes. Our network of specialty stores can count on our support, our domestic suppliers and partners can win doing business with Swiftwick. The team at Swiftwick is carving out new and brilliant facets of our brand every day, as the diamond representing results, gets closer to a flawless cut.

We put the time and energy into creating the best environment for your feet. Swiftwick decided to focus on quality materials, quality partners and quality people. If we make the best products we possibly can make, we have satisfied our exclusive objective.

Technology drives us. Excellence drives us. Treating people right, drives us.

We make the best socks you will ever wear.... GUARANTEED!"

(2) Outdoor Gear

Mountain High Outfitters and Cumberland Transit are your local, High-quality outdoors stores that provide many varieties of shoes, hiking and camping gear and much more! We all know that the right gear makes all the difference.

(3) Personal Training

Prepare for your fall activities with some personal training. Not only does Michaelangelo Tugo, owner of Body Sculpting, offer guided personal one-on-one training, he also incoporates whole body health through nutrition plans, stretching techniques and open gym time in his personal facility in Green Hills.

(4) Healthy Diet

A healthy diet goes a long way. Not only will you feel better but your body will be able to perform better when it is time to start your fall activities!

(5) Outdoor Adventures

Team Green Adventures offers guided trips in the outdoors. In addition they also have volleyball at centennial park weekly!

Red Door Shoe Outlet

Red Door Shoe Outlet was opened in 2008. It is owned by a Nashville native, Harlan Whitley who has over 40 years of experience in the shoe business. Brands in the store are from all over the world featuring everyday Comfort, up to the minute fashion designers in Dress and dress casual footwear and some special event footwear for weddings, prom, special appearance or that unique outfit. All products are first quality never been worn. Come visit for professional shoe fitting and personal attention to your footwear needs.

Prices range from $15-$175 which includes anything from sandals, closed toed shoes,heels, flats and Swiftwick Socks! This also includes great handbags!


" My best GF and I trekked to Green Hills from Murfreesboro on a random tip from a co-worker about RedDoor Shoes, and what a treat! You just do not find customer service like this anymore, anywhere. Not only did we find an eclectic, tasteful shoe collection, but an owner that really knows his business. Harlan truly has the inside story on his collection, including the subtly sublime Mariana collection carrying the GOLC design stamp. Visit for Great shoes, Great personable service, and Great prices, just save the size 40's for me." Angela B.

"I LOVE this place! Darling shoes, great prices, and wonderful selection. I stopped looking other places. It is like an old fashioned shoe store where the owner actually waits on you. They also send coupons in the mail for even more discounts." Debbie S.

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