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Music City Roofers: Regional Tennessee Roofing at the Pinnacle of Professionalism.

Music City Roofers

Music City Roofers: Regional Tennessee Roofing at the Pinnacle of Professionalism.

Music City Roofers: Regional Tennessee Roofing at the Pinnacle of Professionalism­.

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We believe if you treat your customer right the first time, the will become a customer for life! Whatever your roofing issues, you can trust us to give an honest assessment!

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Music City Roofers


1509 Clinton St, #3 Nashville, TN 37203



Our goal is to have your insurance deductible be the only out-of-pocket expense for the entire project. We guarantee there will be no surprises before, during or after completion of your project.

Our goal is to have your insurance deductible be the only out-of-pocket expense for the entire project. We guarantee there will be no surprises before, during or after completion of your project.


Regardless what type of roofing work your business needs, Music City Roofers makes it a priority to stick with business owners throughout the entire process, every step of the way from filing the roofing insurance claims, choosing the best roofing products for your business, to selecting a maintenance program that will maximize your warranty.

Regardless what type of roofing work your business needs, Music City Roofers makes it a priority to stick with business owners throughout the entire process, every step of the way from filing the roofing insurance claims, choosing the best roofing products for your business, to selecting a maintenance program that will maximize your warranty.


Music City Roofers is the preferred residential roofing contractor in Middle Tennessee area for many homeowners. Our success is the result of our exceptional customer service, honesty, dedication, and quality workmanship.

Music City Roofers is the preferred residential roofing contractor in Middle Tennessee area for many homeowners. Our success is the result of our exceptional customer service, honesty, dedication, and quality workmanship.


We believe if you treat your customer right the first time, they will become your customer for life.

We believe if you treat your customer right the first time, they will become your customer for life.


Clean Gutters this Fall in Nashville

Music City Roofers Has the Fix for Falling Leaves

It is time to get your rake ready for the inevitable rush of autumn leaves falling from the sky. Be the planner this season and prevent build-up in your gutters by installing the Grater Gutter Guard. The guard is a one of a kind screen placed on your existing gutter to aid in preventing clogged and blocked gutters.

What makes Grater Gutter Guard better than brands found at your local hardware store?

Well, GGG is a higher quality, fitted only by certified and trained professional installers. Plus, it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye from the ground. The guard screws right in underneath your shingle and lays flat, so you do not see anything from below. The air foils keep leaves off and blows them away. The store-bought guards are cheaper but they don’t perform, and are bulky, which looks ridiculous once placed on your gutters. They easily pop out and bubble up due to the low quality.

Why get Grater Gutter Guard ?

The number one reason is to make you SAFE. People getting on ladders when they are not accustomed to climbing them have an increased risk of falling, especially the elderly. We want to protect you from these horrific accidents and help you by installing the Grater Gutter Guard.

The obvious second reason you should get these guards is to stop build-up of leaves and limbs in your gutters, which can weigh your gutters down to the point of breaking. Also, clogged gutters are bad for your foundation, caused by water flowing straight over your gutters.

You have a chance to see the product in person at the Music City Center on September 18th and 19th for the Home Show. We will have a full display set up, so you can see how it functions. Grater Gutter Guard is really one of the least expensive products for the best value, plus it is guaranteed for life. We cannot wait to see you at the event!

Music City Roofers is a unique supplier in Nashville, TN. and qualified and licensed to install GGG on your gutters, so call (615) 900-4000 to ask any questions and schedule a time for installation.

Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Winter

Get Ready for the Colder Months

Now is the time to make your to-do list to prepare for the first freeze of the year. Yes, we know, it is still pretty hot outside, but it is the perfect time to start these projects that get your house ready for the winter months ahead. Here is a list to get you started:

- If you know that you need to replace the windows, do that right away. Your windows may have a few more years of life left in them, but air may still be escaping through tiny cracks. Go around the house, feeling for any draft. To be sure, you can caulk the outside and inside of windows before the colder weather comes to town.

- Place weather stripping around all doors to keep the temperature warm inside. You would be surprised how much this helps in maintaining the overall warmth of your home.

- Clear out your gutters because as more leaves fall, it adds extra weight and can actually contribute to tearing off the gutter from the house. Actually, gutters should be cleaned before and after each season and is an inexpensive project, even when hiring a professional.

- Service your furnace before the cold hits to make sure you are not stuck in a freezing cold house for the first chilly night. A professional will make sure it is functioning properly.

- After the first freeze, trim the hedges. This will allow your greenery to grow deeper roots during the winter. Your bushes will be strong and healthy when spring arrives. This project is especially important for new shrubbery.

- Shut off the irrigation system so that your pipes do not burst. Call a professional if you are unsure how to flush it out and close it off.

- Put away your hose pipes and store them away from the bitter cold.

- Pests start to make their way inside to escape the harsh cold, so spray your foundation with some peppermint oil to deter them. Just put 7 to 8 drops of peppermint oil in a water bottle and start squirting. You may have to do this once a month leading up to winter.

- Get your car serviced to ensure there is enough antifreeze and other fluids. While you are at the car shop, check the air in your tires. Equip your car with an ice scraper for those cold mornings, and restock your emergency supply kit. Have a blanket, snacks, water, and medical essentials stocked and ready to go.

Have a safe and wonderful fall and winter!

Music City Roofers covers your home and family for a lifetime. If you have any questions about fixing your roof before the cold weather starts, give us a call at (615) 900-4000. Remember that roofing can be fixed ANY time of the year.

Home Renovations 101

Helpful Advice from Your Local Contractor

Any type of home repair requires a dedicated contractor and trained expert to get the job done. When taking on a bigger project or home renovation, you must have an experienced contractor guiding you along each step of the way. Make sure to hire the right person for you and your family, so that your home projects will slide by with ease.

Things to think about when renovating:

- Where to start

With your contractor's knowledge, you will soon figure out that you must follow a specific order when it comes to repairing and updating your home. The key is to work from the top down and outside in, so that your house is protected from the outside elements and further damage. For example, if you have a leaking roof, make sure to fix it before moving on to the interior of the home. The same goes for windows, making sure they are energy efficient with no leaks. We know these things are not as exciting as picking out colors and counters, but it is so important to maintain and fix these issues first.

If everything is in working order, then the renovation can proceed. Homeowners who are looking to sell after renovating may want to consider updating the kitchen and bathrooms because that is what will drive interested potential buyers.

Remember, safety before aesthetics!

- Think about your budget

You will probably already have a number in mind before reaching out to your contractor, but the contractor will let you know if it is realistic or not. Also, an experienced contractor will make room in your budget for unforeseen issues when renovating. If you live in an older home, then you may not be able to predict what will come along the way. Wiring issues, mold, or other surprises may have to be taken care of despite your plan. Your budget should plan for the renovation, plus some.

Those of you who are on a smaller budget can still make a huge dent in home improvements. Fresh paint can usually update a space more than you realize. Plus, you can just change out the counter tops or update the flooring to create a fresh appearance and feel.

Expect the unexpected!

- When to start

Any time of the year is fine when tackling a renovation, just make sure you do everything in order. A great example would be placing in new lighting before you paint, so you do not damage the paint job.

Windows are the only repairs that should be replaced during the warmer months, just so you will not be cold. Replacing the roof during the winter is okay unless you have an insulation problem, which should be dealt with at the time of the roof replacement. If you are painting in the summer, make sure your air conditioning is functioning properly, so that it dries properly.

A qualified contractor will know all these things. You will be initially interviewed by your contractor to find out what kinds of changes you want done, and they will advise you that it may take longer than expected. Patience is a virtue!

Be emotionally prepared for delays!

Music City Roofers covers your home and family for a lifetime. We are ready to talk with you about your home and what changes you want made to convert your home into an oasis. For all your contracting needs, give us a call at (615) 900-4000.

Transition Tips for Back to School

Roll into the School Year with Ease

With all the hustle and bustle of the approaching new school year, we need to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible. This checklist is a reminder of some simple, yet effective ways to start out on the right foot:

- Get on schedule. Start a week or two before school actually begins by going to bed on time and rising earlier, so that when the school schedule rolls around, you will not be exhausted after the first few days. Your children may already be in school this week, so make sure they are going to bed on time. We do not want the first experience of the new year to start off sluggish.

- Plan out breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Breakfast can be both simple and nutritious, but make sure it is balanced because this will fuel your child for the rest of the day! Pack lunches the night before, and actually, you can plan the entire week and pack it up a few days ahead of time. For dinner, try to use the weekends to plan out the week. Utilize your crock-pot to making cooking an ease, and fill up that freezer with cooked meats and other quick and nutritious meals!

- Have a copy of the school's calendar. Merge the school's schedule of events with either your phone calendar and/or family calendar. Plus, if you like to place things on the refrigerator, the school's event calendar would be a great addition.

- Prepare financially for any extra activities during the school year. After the initial mark of the beginning of the semester, before you know it, the next big event or holiday is happening. Mark your calendar and prep for any extra expenses you might need, so that you can enjoy the moment and not stress about it.

- Rack up on school supplies. If you already have a list of supplies you must get for your child, by all means, go ahead and shop till you drop. Get that backpack ready for the year ahead of time. Sometimes this is out of your control, as you do not receive the list until last minute. Regardless, you may still be able to get a few things at the store beforehand. The sooner the better, that way you are not in panic mode trying to get everything finished at the last minute.

- Go over transportation with your child. Whether your child rides the bus or goes with you, it is in their best interest to review the process. Safety is number one priority when it comes to who picks up your child, so it is a good idea to brainstorm a code word for whoever new may pick them up.

- Communicate the course of action during emergency situations. Have a plan installed for natural or unforeseen disasters, and tell your children to wait at school until you come to pick them up. Reassure your little one that the institution has their best interest at heart. In addition, go over what happens when they get sick. Most likely, there is a procedure in place at the school, so you can just talk about this.

- Have outfits ready to go. Clean, iron, and place out the next day's clothes the night before. It would even be a smart idea to plan out the entire week's outfits. Get your school shopping finished before the year begins, that way your child can get excited about picking out their weekly outfits.

- Put away homework. Once the day's work is completed, put your assignment neatly in your backpack and by the door. You can just grab and go when you are leaving the next morning.

Use these tips and you will have a smoother transition to the start of a new school year.

Music City Roofers wishes you and your family a great fresh start to a new school year. We are here to serve you, so call us at 615-900-4000 with any questions about our services.

Tricks for Easy Home Organization

Get on the Tidy Path with These Great Tips

If you are the least bit overwhelmed with keeping your home neat and organized, then the following tips are a must read! Pursue these guidelines on a consistent basis, and you will start to notice your home transforming into a tranquil environment. Imagine a living space where you are not tripping over toys or frantically searching to find your car keys. The following tips can be accomplished in any order you see fit. Happy Organizing!

Tip #1: 'Keep cleaning supplies handy. When you can easily reach for a paper towel and cleaner, then it is easier for you to just spray and swipe clean. With something so simple, why not make your life a tad bit easier?

Tip #2: Create rituals. If you start a daily or weekly habit, it will start to stick and become second nature. Start small then add on as you go. Begin by simply focusing on de-cluttering one room a week, and then move on to the next. Also, remember it is better to take 5 to 10 minutes to organize than to not do anything at all.

Tip #3: Find a use for old containers. Do you have a mess of old shoeboxes lying around? Well, by all means, utilize these free organizers and give household items a home. And do not forget to label! Maybe you can use them to store those half-empty bags of chips lying inside the pantry. The same goes for any old container; for example, a coffee can is a great place to store sugar and flour. The ideas are endless!

Tip #4: Host a yard sale.' If you do not use it, lose it. Look for times your neighborhood might be holding a public yard sale, or just plan one of your own . It never hurts to have some pocket change, and in return, you will clear up some space in your home.

Tip #5: Go through mail. Discipline yourself to look through your mail as soon as you get it, then immediately recycle or file away. Create a filing system with a filing cabinet or a cardboard box to help you sort the papers and bills.

Tip #6: Place furniture in strategic places. Have a table next to the door. As soon as you walk in, you can drop off your keys, wallet, purse, and other essentials. You will always know exactly where everything is! Keep in mind that toddlers can reach and run, so make sure items are out of reach.

Tip #7: Put laundry away. Train yourself, starting now, to put clean clothes away immediately. Hang them in your closet or neatly fold them in drawers. Otherwise, you may have to iron everything to get the wrinkles out. Plus, it makes your home look a lot more organized.

Incorporate these changes into your daily life, and you will have a cleaner home and a more stress free life!

Music City Roofers covers your home and family for a lifetime. We want to see you living the most comfortable life possible.

For all your roofing and window needs, give us a call at 615-900-4000.

Striking Ways to Use Copper on Your Home

Music City Dazzles You with Sparkling Accents

Looking for a way to bring more elegance into your living space? By adding a slight touch of copper to your home, you can enhance the overall appearance and make your abode more upscale. Having copper added to your house is like putting on jewelry for a dinner party. People passing by will definitely be drawn to your home, so be ready to show off!

You may be concerned about the price of copper. Luckily, there’s a way to get that copper look but without the hefty price tag. Read on!

There are two ways to get that copper look:

- Use Real Copper. Copper is commonly used in historical homes and churches due to the way it ages over time. When exposed to oxygen, copper will oxidize and turn a beautiful greenish color. This is how you can tell it is authentic. Copper is on the higher end when it comes to value.

- Use Metal with a Copper Color Finish. Simply use metal that has been treated with a finish to make it appear to be real copper. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, then this route is for you. You won’t get the oxidation, but it will still look amazing!

Ideas of where to use copper:

- Chimneys

- Flashings

- Valleys

- Gutters

- Cupola

- Weather Vane

While Copper is a softer metal, it’s extremely durable, and won’t need to be replaced for several years. Just like most materials in your home, it will deteriorate over time and eventually need tending to. If you want your home to look outstanding, it’s definitely worth the top dollar value.

At Music City Roofers, we are experienced with working with copper and copper products, so give us a call at (615) 900-4000 for more information. We’ll help you upgrade your home and give it that elegant sparkle you’ve always wanted!

Top 6 Questions to Ask Your Contractor

Don’t Forget to Ask These Questions Before Hiring a Contractor

Whatever the project may be, you need to make sure you have a solid contractor to orchestrate the tasks at hand. We all have a certain vision for what we want to do to our house, and our contractor needs to listen to our needs and follow through with the end product. To ensure your chosen contractor is backed up with the credentials and experience needed, be sure to first ask these basic yet crucial questions:

How long have you been in the industry?

You need to find out what experience they have had in the industry along with the number of years and jobs they have completed.

Can I see a copy of your business license and insurance?

Make sure you check these documents! Anyone can say they are covered and have the proper seal of approval. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Is there an extra license they have to acquire, and do they have that?

Depending on your project, the contractor may need an extra certification to be up to date in the field. Do your homework and research what that would be and follow up with your contractor.

Can I see a list of references, and may I contact them?

If you can see finished products, you can really get a good idea of what to expect with your project. Also, you can ask the client how the contractor was to work with.

Can I speak with a client in which something went wrong and your team fixed the issue?

Whether it is a factory or manmade predicament, your contractor can either help or hinder the dilemma. Choosing the most qualified contractor will help you when issues arise.

Where are your local business offices?

If they don’t have local offices, a red flag should be raised. They may be a traveling company just trying to reap profits from an area. If they work from home, you should be concerned with the experience they have had over the years. You need to ask how many jobs they usually overtake per year.

Music City Roofers cares about your concerns and desires to work with you step by step in your home improvement projects. Call us at 615-900-4000, and we will make it a priority to leave your home even more beautiful and sustainable than before. We believe in improving your home and your family living for life!

Family-Friendly Parks in Nashville

Round Up the Family and Visit One of the Countless Number of Parks in Nashville!

Summertime is all about sharing quality family time, and there are a handful of family-friendly parks near downtown Nashville and the surrounding areas. You can choose to stay dry and hit the playground or scenic hiking trails, but perhaps you want to grab your swimsuits and head to Nashville Shores—Nashville's biggest water park!

Nashville Shores

Get a season pass or buy a day ticket and plan to have some great fun at Nashville Shores. Besides the swimming pools and fantastic slides, there will be plenty to do once you get there. You can visit the Treetop Adventure Park or take a stroll by the lake .

Our Top Picks for Scenic Parks around Nashville:

- Centennial Park, located at 2500 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203

The famous Parthenon is always worth a visit! Escape the deep-city feel and enjoy the vast span of land with a game of Frisbee or bring a blanket to gaze at the clouds. Children can have fun on the great playground equipment as well!

- Nashville Dragon Park, located at 2400 Blakemore Ave, Nashville, TN 37212

Also known as Fannie Mae Dees Park, the Dragon Park is great for every family. There are plenty of trees for climbing and swinging. The coolest feature of this park is that some of the playground equipment caters to children with disabilities. Pack your lunch and enjoy a lovely picnic!

- Percy Warner Park, located at 2500 Old Hickory Blvd, Nashville, TN 37221

Do you like to hike? Then this is the spot to be! Acres of beautiful landscape surround you, so bring the entire crew, even the family dog, and go for a run on the trail or find a peaceful spot to relax.

- Radnor Lake Natural Area located at 1160 Otter Creek Rd, Nashville, TN 37220

This is one of the best places to capture scenic views. Take advantage of nature's beauty and take some breath-taking pictures. This wonderful oasis makes you feel far away from the city with a crystal clear lake and abundant wildlife. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot a deer or even an owl! Go for a walk on the trail or visit the education center with the family. Please remember not to jog or bike on the trail. Keep your dog home and eat before, because the park does not allow outside food.

There are many other great parks in Nashville, but these are some of our favorite! Check the weather and plan your family outing today! The summer heat is intense, so do not forget to bring water and stay hydrated. Enjoy the rest of your summer and plan a memorable trip to a park!

Music City Roofers wishes you and your family a great summer. Call us at 615-900-4000 if you have any questions about our services or for a free estimate.

Fourth of July Celebrations in Music City 2015

Nashville Is the Place to Celebrate Our Country

Our Independence Day is this weekend, and it is that time of year to honor our country and our freedom. Nashville knows how to celebrate…this year, it will host the country's biggest fireworks show! Go ahead and plan where you are going to watch this magnificent display, because the event is supposed to draw in a number of people.

Not only will we have the chance to watch the fireworks show, there will be music from well-known artists throwing one of the best concerts of the year. We hope you are excited, because the Fourth is supposed to be a proud celebration, and Music City has done just that! Click here for more information on the event.

But what to do during the day on the 4th? Do not fret, because Nashville has an endless list of venues and activities. If you are planning on attending the main event downtown, you can hang out at one ore more of the local attractions near the venue. Otherwise, plan your family and friends get-togethers at a local park or even in your own backyard. After all, this is the time of year to grill out!

Nightly celebrations might take you downtown, but you may decide to go somewhere else to view the show. Other than the big fireworks show on July 4th, there are a plethora of different celebrations and fireworks viewing options for around town during the day and night:

Cheatham County

- Pegram on July 4

Davidson County

- Downtown Fireworks on July 3

- Celebrate with the Nashville Sounds on July 3

- Music City July 4th 5K/10K on July 4

- Music City Hot Chicken Festival on July 4

- A Presidential Fourth Weekend on July 4-5

- Independence Day Ball on July 4

Rutherford County

- Murfreesboro on July 4

- La Vergne on July 4

- Smyrna on July 3

- Smyrna — July 4

Sumner County

- Gallatin on July 4

- Hendersonville on July 3

- Goodlettsville on July 4

- White House on July 4

Wilson County

- Lebanon on July 4

- Mt. Juliet on July 4

- Watertown on July 4

Williamson County

- Brentwood on July 4

- Franklin on the Fourth on July 4

- Spring Hill on July 4

- Andrews Cadillac Firecracker 5K/10K on July 4

If you decide to purchase your own supply and visit one of the many fireworks tents popping up, keep a few things in mind:

1. Make sure your county supports and allows personal firework use. You really don’t want the cops called on you at your family gathering.

2. Be safe. Do not let children play with or handle fireworks. Always have an adult safely light the firework, and make sure it is aimed in the opposite direction from the audience at some distance away.

Music City Roofers wishes you and your family a wonderful 4th! Contact us at 615-900-4000 for information on your roofing needs.

Top Reasons You Need a New Roof

Music City Roofers Covers Your Family for Life

Sometimes there are sure tell signs that your house needs a new roof, but most of the time we cannot be 100% sure unless we get a roof inspected by a professional. That is where Music City Roofers comes to help with free inspections and trusted advice, backed up with our certified credentials. Call us today at (615) 900-4000 for a free inspection to see if you need slight repairs or a new roof. Our certified staff works well with insurance companies to get you taken care of in the case of storm damage and so on. Here is a list of things you need to know when pondering the idea of a new roof.


The number one sign that you need a new roof is if you have several leaks in your roof, coupled with old age. Just because you have leaks does not mean that you need to replace your entire roof though. Your roof may need attention in certain areas of the roof where leaks are highly likely to occur over time. These areas include the boot pipes and the valleys. Sometimes the pipes can crack and deteriorate, which causes the leak. Debris can build up over time, causing the valleys to deteriorate and leaks to happen. Getting an inspector up on your roof is essential to make these repairs, and to let you know if you need replacement of some, or your entire roof.


There are 2 main types of storm damage:

- Hail:

We train roofing consultants to contact the insurance company and file a claim, if they think it is warranted. You cannot tell from the ground if you have had damage from hail. It actually takes a professional to get up there and inspect the damage. Hail will leave little depressions and take off granules from the shingles, and it is hard to see from below.

- Wind:

During a storm, high winds of 60-75 mph can peel up the edges of shingles and cause the seal to be torn off and expose an area. If the edges come up, it is more likely that leaks will happen, and for the entire shingle(s) to be torn completely off. Once again, this is hard to tell from the ground. So, hire the right trained professional to get up on the roof and inspect it.


If you are missing shingles and your roof is old, then this is a pretty good indication that you need a new roof. Over time your roof will deteriorate and not function properly. Normally, a roof will typically last much longer than 15 years, but a homeowner may begin to notice signs of age at around 15 years.

Tip: After a significant amount of time, note that your insurance company will more than likely not cover repairs to your roof.


Years of wear and tear will create certain side effects that will give you, the homeowner, a big red flag that you need to replace the roof. You will begin to notice discoloration, brownish spots, algae build up, wavy shingles, and signs of old age. This does not only bring down the property value, but it can cost you in repairs down the road, if not tended to.

Save Money This Summer with These Tips

Music City Roofers Helps You Financially

With the extra heat from the blazing sun this summer, we all need to be cool, but smart, with our finances. There are ways to save on energy consumption by not having your AC blasting, and so forth. Here are some ways to keep chill and happy this summer, but save a little for your wallet.

-Setting on thermostat: We really recommend you having your air conditioning units serviced on a regular basis, to help keep major issues at a minimum. If you maintain the unit itself, it will most likely cost you less in the long run, plus have a longer lifespan. This summer, when it is hot and unbearable, you are tempted to lower your thermostat at the coldest setting. But, try to get in the habit of a reasonable temperature and not jumping temperatures drastically, where it could overload the system. The use of ceiling fans will help circulate the air and keep you cooler at the same time. Install shades and blinds on all the windows to keep warm air from penetrating through and influencing the overall temperature.

-Save water: From shorter showers to fewer dishwasher loads, you can lower your monthly bills with these little tricks. Use recycled paper plates to prevent having a load of dishes every evening to wash. Hand wash more, but be aware of water usage. Turn off the water when not using it, when brushing your teeth or something else.

-Turn water heater down: By turning the water heater down, you not only save money, but you keep your children safe from burns.

-Stay off the roads: Help the environment, and reduce air pollution, by staying local and not driving as far this summer. One way to help is by carpooling and commuting with others to save gas.

-Cook with the grill and crock pot: Take advantage of these warm nights and grill out as a family. You can even get creative with your sides by using the crock pot. Utilize the microwave to prevent using the oven, which heats up the house. Save money by conserving energy this summer.

-Limit opening doors and windows: We actually will say not to open windows at all, due to overworking the AC unit. If you need to exit your house, try to remember to go through the garage to prevent cool air from escaping the house, and warm air from getting into the house.

-Use coupons everywhere: If you have watched those couponing shows, you will get the motivation you need to start clipping away. You can seriously save a bunch of money with coupons. Although it may take you a few minutes longer to research and gather, it is worth the time.

-Freeze fresh summer produce: Let us learn from our animal friends, and save up food for the colder months. Get the taste of summer all year long!

-Visit garage and consignment sales: You can find a variety of items, ranging from household goods to clothing, at these kinds of sales. Sometimes it is not always best to buy brand new.

-Go windows up in the car: You may think you are saving money on your gas consumption by having the windows down, but you are really creating more air resistance, resulting in more gas being used.

Music City Roofers covers your home and family for life. Give us a call at 615-900-4000 for your roofing and window needs.

Top Exterior Home Repairs and Maintenance Projects You Must Tend To

Get Your House in Tip Top Shape

Even as a seasoned home owner, keeping up with the endless list of home repairs is overwhelming. With a handy checklist, you can knock out these projects one at a time, at a steady pace, and keep up with maintaining the exterior of your home. Do not fret, because Music City Roofers gives you a great list to keep in mind when maintaining the exterior of your house!

Clean out your gutters- Debris in your gutters can cause issues with your foundation, if not tended to! If the gutter is blocked with leaves and tree limbs, the water can overflow and land straight down and disrupt the foundation of your home. You can easily tell if it is time to clean out the gutters by looking at the damage the water causes after a heavy rain.

Do not let paint chip- Peeling paint is not good, since this is the first layer of protection for the material underneath. If it is painted wood and the paint starts to chip, then wood rot can easily occur, if not repainted. Keep fresh paint on the exterior of your home to extend its life.

Keep cold and warm air out-Wintertime is the perfect time to place weather stripping along the door frames and any open areas to the home. You can also place weather stripping at the bottom of the door, for added protection against cold air sneaking inside your home.

Replace broken glass panes- Any broken panes of glass should be replaced. Also, if you have glazing around panes of glass and the glaze is worn off, this can cause leakage inside your home if not maintained.

Pressure wash moss and debris- Either rent or purchase a pressure washer and wash off any moss that has grown up on the sides of your home caused by moisture. Yes, this may be more for aesthetic reasons, but it is actually still better for materials to be kept clean. You can go to your local hardware store and pick up cleaners, such as TSP, to help aid in cleaning the exterior of your home.

Kill any weeds or grass growing in driveways or sidewalks- Get some grass and weed killer to get rid of any growth coming from cracks in your driveway. If not maintained, the cracks could get worse.

Fill in holes in your overhang area- Sometimes the soffit or eave of your house can get holes big enough to have an unwelcomed guest, like a bird or a squirrel, living in your house. Keep these areas filled in to prevent that from happening.

Put a grill cover on- If you are not using your grill or fire pit, keep a cover on it to prevent rust and weather damage. It will extend the life of the grill or pit.

Spray lawn mower blades after use- Get in the habit of spraying down your blades after you cut the grass, to prevent rust and extend the life of your pricey blades.

Service the HVAC at least once a year- Over time you need to have your air conditioning unit cleaned and have the Freon checked. Properly maintained units will last you longer most of the time, so keep up with your check ups.

Have a roof inspection every 3-4 years- The boots and pipes are the main concern, because they can deteriorate quicker and can be a source of water leakage, if not maintained. It can be a simple boot replacement that can save you lots of money in water damage down the road. Also, by getting a roof inspection, you can check the areas around the chimney to make sure there is not a leak.

Music City Roofers can help you with your roof inspection and also provide you with free quotes on new roofs. If you have any concerns at all about your roof or gutters, give us a call at 615-900-4000. Music City Windows can provide you with good quality windows and a high standard of workmanship. If you have a crack in your window pane or need a window estimate, give us a call.

Be Cautious and Plan for Natural Disasters in Nashville

Music City Roofers Wants You to be Safe in Your Home

Keep you and your family safe by preparing for unpredictable happenstances that can put lives in danger. has some good information to aid in preparation of natural disasters and can give you some really good ideas for your safety plan. We want you to be safe, and that is why we want to raise awareness of having natural disaster plans set in place.


We all know the saying, "Stop, drop and roll." Installing these safety practices into you and your children's heads is necessary to create as safe of an environment as possible during horrifying situations like a fire. Fires in the home are often times created by candles and cigarettes. Please exercise caution when lighting your candle and make sure there is nothing above it that could catch fire. Place your candles on a flat surface to insure that it will not knock over and catch something on fire. There are other situations, of course, where you can find yourself looking for the fire extinguisher. The kitchen is a prime spot for keeping the extinguisher due to flames on the burner of your stove creating a fire. So, use precaution and never leave food on the burner when you leave the kitchen. Here are some fire safety tips to keep in mind:

-Install fire alarms outside each bedroom to alert someone asleep of a fire/smoke.

-Place fresh batteries in each fire alarm, so that they function properly.

-Have a fire extinguisher- especially in the kitchen- for an attempt at dousing a flame.

-Create an escape plan that provides for 2 forms of escape in each room.

-Install safety ladders at windows that release to go down in case you are trapped.

-Clear all clutter from floors and doorways to prevent tripping and jamming doors.

(TIP: Clean the bottom of your closets because children often will go hide in a closet during a fire. When the fireman goes looking for the child, sometimes it is hard to see a child if there are clothes surrounding him/her.)

-Practice your safety plan and have your children carry out a fire drill.


Nashville weather can be tricky at times and before we know it we are in a serious situation, whether it be a tornado or major flooding. During a flood, stay with a friend or have a route through your neighborhood that is safer, but never drive through a flooded area. Beware if you live in a flood plain, so that you can be even more cautious if there are signs of a flood. Be prudent and check a few things off of our disaster plan checklist.

-Get a weather radio to receive alerts. (TIP: Make sure it runs off batteries.)

-Sign up for weather alerts on your cell phone.

-Go to your safe place in your house during tornado watches and warnings. (If you do not have a basement, then go to the lowest level interior room of your home.)

-Grab blankets when going to your safe place to wrap around you to protect from debris.

-Have a 3 day supply of food and water for the entire family on hand and rotated periodically to keep expiration dates valid.

-Bring light sources like light sticks and flashlights in case the electricity goes out.

-Give your children some relief from the boredom during power outages and have games to play.

-Make sure and have a source of heat but beware of improper ventilation of propane. (TIP: Never run a generator inside.)

-Place carbon monoxide indicators around the house. (Note: It is a heavy gas, so place the detectors lower to the ground.)

Music City Roofers strives to help families across Middle Tennessee. We help you with your roofing, window, and contracting needs during the storm season, and we are a helping hand for those in need. We care about what happens to you and your family. Give us a call at 615-900-4000 today with any questions about our services. Visit us at .

Keep Your Child Safe Year Round

Music City Roofers Cares about the Safety of Your Little Ones

When you have a child in your house, you instantaneously start noticing all of the hidden dangers lurking around every corner. Our babies are at our mercy when it comes to keeping them physically safe, and we must be proactive in prepping our homes for our little miracles. Music City Roofers has thought of several situations to be cognizant of when having your baby crawling around the house.

-We have all heard of children swallowing those laundry detergent pods, and the nightmare parents face when rushing their child to the hospital due to poisoning. Do not fall victim to this horrendous event and keep your detergent up HIGH as well as locked.

WARNING: Even when your cabinets are locked, your child's small hands can still sometimes squeeze in there to reach harmful substances.

-Lock up all cleaning chemicals and have them unreachable. We would even suggest not spraying cleaning supplies around your child due to harmful fumes. Always use your common sense when thinking about your child and what is safe or not.

-Place door knob covers on all or certain doors to prevent your children from entering. Of course, you are watching your infants like a hawk, but there are certain times it seems your children get themselves into situations that may be dangerous. It is best to over prepare to be on the safe side.

-When you are cooking, make sure to use the back burners on the stove and keep all handles out of reach. If you have knobs that are within reach of your child, place a mechanism on them, so they cannot turn the stove on.

-Put plug covers on all of your outlets to prevent electrical shock stemming from a curious child.

-Some of you may think you are raising little monkeys because your children climb so much. Be aware of where you place cabinets and dressers, and make sure your children do not climb them, because they can fall right on top of any child. There have been cases where children start to climb the drawers, and the drawers pull out from under them and injuries occur.

-Scoot your television back to where your children cannot pull it on top of themselves.

-Keep all the bathroom doors closed, and shut all toilet lids. There are a number of bathroom safety items on the market these days that help prevent injuries. For example, you can place a special device on the faucet that prevents children from turning it on themselves, that also indicates the temperature of the water coming out. It is wise to make sure and check your water heater and lower the temperature to prevent scalding.

-Mastering walking and crawling up and down stairs takes tons of practice, but it is best to keep these areas blocked off with a gate to stop falls. The spindles can sometimes be too wide in older homes, so you can either get a contractor to fix it or place Plexiglas on it. You do not want your child going through the spindles and plummeting to the ground or getting their head stuck.

-If you have a swimming pool, make sure and get an alarm on the door leading out to the pool to prevent drowning. There are also alarms to place in the pool that detect when something enters. Never let your child swim alone!

Getting down on your children’s level is important, in order to see their view point and what may intrigue them. Hide all cords to lamps and make sure to place heavy objects further back on tables. We care about you and your family, and we strive to help our customers the best we can. Music City Roofers covers your home and family for life. Give us a call at 615-900-4000 for your roofing needs.

Top Signs You Need New Windows

Music City Windows Provides Tips To Homeowners On Why They May Need New Windows

Windows are like the eyes of your home, and if they are not functioning properly, the house suffers. The main purpose of windows is to let sunshine in and keep the inside air separate from the outside air. If your windows are not doing that, you will see higher energy bills and other negative side effects. How do you know exactly if you need to replace your windows? Well, Music City Roofers gives you some useful information plus tips to educate you on when you really need to invest in new windows.


- Place your hand on the window in the middle of Summer or Winter, and if you feel extreme warmth in the Summer or extreme chill in the Winter, that means you are in the need of energy efficient windows. Energy efficient windows provide a protection barrier between you and extreme temperatures.

- If you feel a draft when you put your hand near the edges of the window, you have a problem. This draft means you have an opening, which is affecting your inside temperature. Another good indicator you have a slight opening is if you notice your curtains and blinds moving. Get this fixed and repaired to save on your future energy bills.

- If your windows stick or stay open, this is a good indicator you need new windows. The framework may have deteriorated over time, so it is not holding the window tightly enough.

- Over time, due to age and painting over your windows, they may not open at all, creating a fire hazard for you and your family. Please tend to this ASAP.

- When you get a double pane window with energy efficient gas in between the layers, it will normally last you decades, unless there is a structural issue with the home or a manufacturer issue. If you see that the pane appears cloudy, this is a sign that the gas has escaped. We recommend replacing the window in order to gain the energy protection back, and you want it to look pleasing to the eye as well.

- If you have any damage or broken glass, we advise replacing that window.

- Cracks around the frame or paint could mean moisture is building up. Maybe all you need is a paint job, but it best to get that looked at by a professional.

- During the Winter, if you notice that condensation is on the inside of the window, you know that your window is not energy efficient. Seeing inside condensation should steer you in the direction of getting new windows for your home.

So, we now all understand that we should get new windows for energy and safety reasons, but there are other things to consideras well. Windows are the primary item people and inspectors look at when assessing your home. If you are at all thinking about selling your house, make sure to inspect your windows first. Another perk of replacing your windows is that it significantly reduces outside noise, maybe from a busy road. The selection of windows to choose from these days is endless and can change the look of your house entirely. Call Music City Windows at 615-900-4000 for more information and to set an appointment for a FREE estimate.

How To Pick A Reputable Contractor In Nashville

Music City Roofers Covers You For Life

Having a contractor come to your property and work on your home is necessary when certain issues arise. Trusting the individual is important when working on a project. How do you know who to trust though? Here are some tips to guide you in the process of choosing a recommendable contractor.

-KEEP IT LOCAL: Choose a contractor that resides in your city and state. Keeping it local especially in the roofing industry is so important in case you have a repair or if there are material defects. Otherwise, you are left having to pick another company to come and fix any issues, and your warranty would be void. There are companies that come into a disaster zone that has been hit with hail or something similar, and they are called storm chasers. You need to be aware of these people because they may be unreachable after the disaster situation is over.

-MUST PROVIDE COPIES OF DOCUMENTS: Before a contractor even begins talking with you about a project, you need to see copies of their workers compensation and liability insurance. This protect you the homeowner because of the risk of somebody getting injured on the job. The liability insurance will cover any property damaged by the contractor. Yes, these are special circumstances but better safe than sorry.

-CONTRACTOR'S LICENSE: You should make sure the contractor knows what they are doing, and a contractor's license says that the company has taken the relevant exams to prove knowledge in the field. This gives you that extra layer of confidence in that relationship.

-GOOD RELATIONSHIP: It is crucial that you feel comfortable with your contractor and also have a sense of friendliness. Most likely you will working this individual for a significant duration, and you will need to work well together. A good quality contractor will educate you on everything just for the pure sake of comfort.

-REFERRALS: Preview previous work history on a company's website and look for a list of referrals. Sometimes you can even call the referral to gain more insight on the qualities of the contractor. Look for things they are members of. For example, they may be a member of Angie's List.

List of Music City Roofer's Memberships:

-Processing Better Business Bureau

-Angie's List

-National Roofing Contractors Association

-GAF: This provides ongoing training on new roofing technologies that requires new roofing installed in a particular way Music City Roofers has provided you with solid information that can be applied to your contractor search. Call us at 615-900-4000 for a free estimate. Go to for more information on our services. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook!

High Quality Nashville Roofing Company

Music City Roofers Tells You What To Look For When Replacing A Roof

You may need to replace your roof, but you do not know the ins and outs of roofs. The owner of Music City Roofers wants you to have valid information so that you are prepared for making the right decision on who you want to install your roof. We will even come out and give your roof a free look over to see if you really need a new roof or not. Be fully informed and read on to find pertinent information on the qualities of roofs.

Products of a roof:

Felt- This is the product that is installed under the actual shingles. There are many different kinds, but the most common are 15# felt, 30# felt and Synthetic felt. Some companies use 15# or 30# felts but they can tear. It is 100% better to use a non-tear felt. Music City Roofers recommends using Synthetic Felt because the end result is a higher quality – especially if a storm damaged your roof in the future.

Boots- “Boots” are the component of a roofing system that surround a pipe stack, heat stack or vent stack. These are the pipes that you will see coming out of your roof. . We recommend Lead Boots over rubber boots; however all pipe boots will need to be replaced every few years.

Shingles- You need quality asphalt shingles. We recommend 3- dimensional (otherwise known as Architectural) shingles like GAF, Owens Corning, Tamko, and Certainteed. Not only does it increase the value of your home, but the lifespan as well.

Ice and Water Shield- We recommend that all roofs get ice and water shield installed at all eaves to prevent ice dams. Ice and Water Shield is also installed as a standard item in the valleys as an extra layer of protection.

Ridge Vent System- The roof needs to have a proper ventilation system, which includes roof vents as well as soffit vents. This prevents shingle blistering, moisture build-up in the attic and it extends the life of the decking (the wood under the shingles).

Tip: Under any circumstances, it is absolutely not a wise decision to “over lay” or install multiple layers. Installing two or three layers can put up to 720lbs per 100sq ft of additional weight on your roof! This can cause a tremendous amount of permanent cosmetic damages such as bowing effects in your decking sheets. Multiple layers can also put excessive weight on your rafters that can cause them to split and even possibly crack or even break.

Our products at Music City Roofers stand out. We cover you for life. Call us at 615-900-4000 for a free estimate. Go to for more information on our services. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook! We appreciate and value your support, and we are proud to serve the middle Tennessee area. We are “covering your home and family for life.”

Top Ways To Make Your House Look New And Have Curb Appeal In Nashville

Music City Roofers Has Tips For Creating Immaculate Front Yards

It feels good to pull up to your residence and know that it looks top notch and new. Keeping up with your house requires constant attention, but when you do a little here and there, it is definitely manageable. We normally get that urge to clean up from the harsh winter during this time of year just like we get energy to make it to the gym right after New Year's. The weather is changing and being outdoors is just plain nice. Spring cleaning calls our name. Here is your handy dandy checklist for getting your house up to par for the summer.

Update Windows- If you live in an older home, this is a no brainer. You are in the need of new windows that are so much more energy efficient. Fire safety is a great concern with older windows. Sometimes they get painted shut and are nearly impossible to open. Call Music City Windows for an estimate. If you do not want to replace your windows, just getting a good clean up will make your house sparkle. But another great perk of new windows is the ability to clean them from the inside of your home.

Mulch/Trim- Each Spring is the perfect time to lay down fresh mulch and do away with the old. Spraying weed killer will keep those unattractive things away. Trimming down bushes and preparing them for new growth will help aid in their aesthetic features.

Clean or replace roof- After this harsh winter with the ice, you may have realized that your roof needs repair or replaced entirely. Call Music City Roofers now to get them to inspect your roof for damage from this winter. This will save you so much money down the road. Your insurance company should be informed of any damage. Depending on what plan you have, they may cover more than you think. If you do not think you had any damage this winter, maybe a good cleaning is all you need to making your house look as new as possible. Mold can start to grow and leave unsightly streaks on your roof. We have the special chemicals and tools to safely remove that from your roof.

Paint- Getting a fresh coat of paint really updates any space. Painting the trim on your house brightens up the area and makes it look clean.

Clean gutters- You may want to call someone for this project. But if you are familiar with heights and using a tall ladder, this may be for you. But cleaning out those gutters should be done on regular basis to prevent build up that can cause damage to your roof and lawn.

Repair siding- Maybe you need a small patch job. Music City Roofers can also help you with this project. Cleaning siding also really makes your house look newer.

Pressure wash driveways and sidewalks- If you do not have a pressure washer, that is okay. Plenty of companies will help you with this. Over the winter your driveway may have collected some dirt. Now is the time to wipe the slate clean and maybe even reseal it. It really makes a house look and appear maintained.

Wipe down or repaint mailbox- This is simple. Those birds can dirty up our mailbox, but we can surely wipe it down on a weekly basis. If you want to go the extra mile, then repaint the mailbox. Add some new number stickers to update the look.

Plant flowers- Who does not like the smell and look of fresh flowers? Planting fresh flowers will add that extra fragrance your yard needs to draw in positive attention. Make it a family project. Go pick out flowers together. Then plant them together as a fun memory.

Fixtures- Replacing outdated light fixtures next to your front door will really add some life to your welcoming mat. Speaking of mat, replace or interchange your floor mat.

Music City Roofers loves to get you moving on your Spring Cleaning checklist. Call us at 615-900-4000 to get your project started. Visit us at to view customer testimonials and to learn more about our trustworthy company. Happy Spring!

Where Can I Go Eat Near Music City Before The Nashville Predators Game?

Music City Roofers Offers Tips To Find Yummy Eateries And Hangouts

Jump up and chow down to celebrate our home hockey team in Nashville. The Predators are raking in the points, which leaves us with a hungry appetite for more. Speaking of appetite, where can we swing by to get a bite to eat before a game? Or where can we go to watch? The owner of Music City Roofers offers his top five ideas of fun places to relax and dine before the big game.

Barista Parlor Coffee Shop - Located at 519 Gallatin Avenue in East Nashville and also 610 Magazine Street in the Gulch. Sip on some coffee or tea to get revved up before the game. Caffeine will boost your spirits along with the scene here at this very unique coffee shop. Enjoy local art and more.

Fontanel Mansion - This place may not be near the stadium of the Nashville Predators, but it has to be mentioned. Make this a fun outing to supplement all the excitement from our favorite hockey team. It is located at 4225 Whites Creek Pike, Whites Creek, TN 37189. Make it a super fun packed day and go here in addition to watching the game. Tour the former home of Barbara Mandrell and enjoy lunch at the Bistro.

Smiling Elephant - Find this Thai restaurant at 2213 8th Ave South. If you want to eat healthy at a reasonable price, go here.

Desano Pizza - Fresh everything here. From the dough to the sauce, you can taste the authentic Italian flavors having a party in your mouth. Located at 115 16th Avenue South.

Sambuca - Head on over to 601 12th Ave S. to enjoy food and dancing. Enjoy something hearty like a filet or sit back and relax with a drink and get a few small plates. The vibe here says fun with a flare not to mention they have a wonderful view from the balcony.

Thanks to Jeff, the owner of Music City Roofers, you now have tips for places to go with a wide variety of good ideas to choose from. We need to show our patronage to our team and cheer them on. Way to go Predators! And cheers to Music City for making our home fantastic.

What Kinds Of Shingles Are Best to Place On My Roof In Nashville?

Music City Roofers Uses The Best Products To Last You A Lifetime

What kinds of shingles are there for your home? Which is the best quality? Getting a new roof placed on your home is a process you need to be educated on before pursuing. So, where can I find a good quality roof that will be durable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye? Look no further because Music City Roofers is here to help.

Details of a Superior Roof:

- CertainTeed- This is the highest quality product that you will find on high end homes. Talk about making your roof having a designer's touch! These shingles not only look good but are as long-lasting as it gets. You will be pleased for sure.

- Lifetime Shingles- Look for the term lifetime when buying a new roof. These lifetime shingles have a high wind rating and will be installed with the most esteemed workmanship with us.

- Extra Products- We use something called synthetic felt instead of black felt paper. Our felt cannot tear and is waterproof.

- Ridge Vents System- With the correct venting system, you can have the best insulation for your roof which will save you down the road. You will notice our system is good looking too.

- Lead Pipe Boots- These pipes are the ones you see sticking out from your roof to help ventilate the vents in bathrooms. We use lead instead of plastic. This will last a lifetime. And we paint everything to match to make it as blended as possible. It has to look good, right?

Your roof is a system not just separate parts. Having all the details done correctly will help you from spending more money on repairs and energy costs. Placing a solid roof on your home also aids in protecting your home from the outside elements like wind and hail. Call Music City Roofers for more details.

How To Prepare For Extreme Weather In Nashville

Music City Roofers Helps Keep You and Your Family Safe

I tracked down the owner of Music City Roofers as he was driving down to Florida for Spring Break. Jeff Richfield kindly shared some time with me about how his company is helping customers prepare for the coming extreme weather. Well, let's get started.

Interviewer: What can we do to our house to prepare for the hail and wind?

Jeff: Its funny, we just had a small hail storm in Fairview, Tennessee, so you need to prep your home for storm season and here are some of the things you should do:

- Clean your gutters from debris like limbs and leaves. Music City Roofers do offer a service that will assist you with this task.

- Trim trees that are either hovering over your roof or are within a close proximity to your roof.

- Inspect your roof of current state and any present damage. Jeff offers free inspections. He will look at how your gutter meets your roof. Chimneys will be looked at for any leaks. And pipe jacks are thoroughly inspected because sometimes the rubber can crack and cause a leak. Wind and hail can damage shingles, gutters, and siding. Music City Roofers fixes it all even down to the mailbox!

- Make sure to look over your insurance plan to see what coverages and deductible you have.

Interviewer: What is Music City Roofers doing to help their customers prepare for the extreme weather?

Jeff: We have incorporated something called text living where clients can upload their cell phone to allow Music City Roofers to text broadcast about any upcoming storms in your area. This is also a good way to keep in touch with our customers informing them on current specials and new products like windows. Music City Windows got started six months ago, and offer great financing terms such as 6 or 12 mos SAC. Our other department Music city Builders handles decks, garages and build-outs. So if you need a job done, we gotcha covered.

Interviewer: Thank you, Jeff, for your time. Music City Roofers is growing fast, and they are currently expanding their core team. Join them in celebrating by liking their business of Facebook page here . Call 615-900-4000 for more information or free estimates.

Music City Roofers

Music City Roofers is the residential roofing contractor in Middle Tennessee area for many homeowners. Our success is the result of our exceptional customer service, honesty, dedication, and quality workmanship. Our competitive list of Middle Tennessee area residential roofing services we offer, covering everything from simple roof repairs to complete new roof installations in Middle Tennessee area. Whatever type of roofing work you need completed, you can always count on Music City Roofers and our highly trained and certified Middle Tennessee area roofers to get the job done.

Our goal with every roofing project that we work on is to provide the homeowners we work with a safe, sound, and long-lasting roof to protect their home and their families. We proudly offer a variety of roofing solutions and products to cater to everyone's needs and ensure that no matter what it is that you need us to do, we will be there for you from start to finish.

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Residential Roofing

Music City Roofers is the preferred residential roofing contractor in Middle Tennessee area for many homeowners. Our success is the result of our exceptional customer service, honesty, dedication, and quality workmanship. Our competitive list of Middle Tennessee area residential roofing services we offer, covering everything from simple roof repairs to complete new roof installations in Middle Tennessee area. Whatever type of roofing work you need completed, you can always count on Music City Roofers and our highly trained and professional Middle Tennessee area roofers to get the job done.

Our goal with every roofing project that we work on is to provide the homeowners we work with a safe, sound, and long-lasting roof to protect their home and their families. We proudly offer a variety of roofing solutions and products to cater to everyone's needs and ensure that no matter what it is that you need us to do, we will be there for you from start to finish.

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Middle Tennessee area Roof Installations

While installing a sound roof is obviously important to protect your home from the weather elements, it is also impacts the overall efficiency of your home. In order to help our customers better understand the residential roofing options and products available to them, our dedicated team of roofing technicians will thoroughly explain and review every roofing solution we can offer you and we'll clearly outline the benefits of each solution. This is part of our roof installation process and is completed prior to starting the assigned work.

Once you feel comfortable with the various roofing options available to you, you will be much better equipped to make the right decision that best fits your needs when it comes to protecting your home and your family with a new roof installation in Middle Tennessee area.

Call us to discuss your Middle Tennessee area roofing project and get a free estimate 615-900-4000

Commercial Roofing

Regardless what type of roofing work your business needs, Music City Roofers makes it a priority to stick with business owners throughout the entire process, every step of the way from filing the roofing insurance claims, choosing the best roofing products for your business, to selecting a maintenance program that will maximize your warranty.

We always ensure to work efficiently and within budget to keep your commercial roof in top shape while finishing in a timely manner to allow your business to operate without disruption.

We guarantee your roofing needs will be covered under any circumstance and in the most timely and cost-effective manner as possible.

As an added convenience, our commercial roofing technicians are highly trained to work with a variety of different roofing materials to ensure that we can take care of any work you need. Additionally, we offer an extensive range of commercial roof types to choose from including stone-coated steel, concrete tile, slate shingles, clay tile, wood shingles and more.

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Here are the top reasons that Music City Roofers Middle Tennessee area is the right choice as your Middle Tennessee area roofer:

  • We are fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured - License #00007465
  • Family owned and local to Middle Tennessee area
  • Decades of experience.
  • Only quality products and materials are used on every project.
  • Financing is available for qualified customers.
  • We are a professional and affordable contractor.
  • We take care of the clean up when finished.
  • Always provide prompt answers to questions (Phone, Fax, Mail, Email, Website Comments).

We coordinate all roofing work repairs and bill your insurance company

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