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You Have The Audience, I Have The Entertainment

Producing murder mystery dinner shows, Going to a variety of locations, with a variety of price ranges, but always the same great show!!

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Mel O' Drama Theater


105 N. First St Pulaski, TN 38478



A twist is thrown into this family’s Christmas when all the presents are stolen by one of their own. This outlandish family-sandwich gets out of hand, but it's the matriarch of the family, Mama, who is truly the glue that holds this crazy family all together! It's a recipe for a fun-filled family holiday, sure to please young and old alike. Enjoy festive holiday music in this show!

A twist is thrown into this family’s Christmas when all the presents are stolen by one of their own. This outlandish family-sandwich gets out of hand, but it's the matriarch of the family, Mama, who is truly the glue that holds this crazy family all together! It's a recipe for a fun-filled family holiday, sure to please young and old alike. Enjoy festive holiday music in this show!


Behind the Scenes Look: Lay it all on the Lines

There is a lot leading up to a theatrical performance, and it doesn’t just happen overnight. The planning and collaboration that comes together to make a show great is extensive. As an actor, the development of a character and their lines are huge in this preparation. The importance lies in how the story is being relayed to the audience. How do they do it? Let’s find out!

Lines and Characters

Memorizing lines and developing characters is at the core of any theatrical production. Mel O’ Drama’s plays, being highly audience-centric and even ad-libbed at times, require a bit more finesse than the average play. Actors not only need to learn their own lines to the letter, but also be familiar with their co-actors' lines in order to be able to help them should they go off track or need help getting back to the script after interacting with an audience member. Each character that the actors play needs developing, too, with guidance and permission from the director. The director oversees the development of each character individually and collectively to make sure they all flow together in the final product.

Before the Show

Of course, some of the most important preparation is the preparation that goes on directly before the show. Makeup, costumes, and last minute checks dominate a good portion of the time, as well as the practice of reciting speed lines. Speed lines are when the actors go through the entire script at a breakneck pace. This keeps the script fresh and in the front of their minds, so they are ready to give a stellar performance! They also practice vocalizations and vocal warm-ups behind the scene before a show, to make sure they can hit all the right notes.

Thanks to the dedication of Mel O’Drama Theater’s actors and staff, there is so much more that no one ever sees that makes each show a unique and memorable experience for all.

To see for yourself, be sure to purchase tickets for a showing of Cousin Cletus’ Country Christmas, playing exclusively this holiday season at Events on 3rd in the historic Printer’s Alley in downtown Nashville. View show times and purchase tickets at or call (615) 417-2034 for more information.

Cousin Cletus’ Country Christmas—Exclusively at Events on 3rd!

For years, Mel O’ Drama Theater has had the opportunity to perform in some incredible places, taking their rotating series of fun, engaging, family-friendly productions to venues and restaurants all throughout Middle Tennessee. This year for their Christmas production, Cousin Cletus’ Country Christmas, they are doing something a little different. Mel O’ Drama Theater is pleased to be able to host every single one of their holiday performances exclusively at the gorgeous and historic Events on 3rd in Printer’s Alley, right in the heart of downtown Nashville.

The Events on 3rd theater is an absolutely stunning venue with three full floors from which to view the performance, including VIP tables on the first floor where attendees will get the chance to interact with the cast and crew in classic Mel O’ Drama fashion. Those who attend can choose the full dinner theater experience, dessert and drinks only, or just come for the performance and the laughs.

Cousin Cletus’ Country Christmas will be showing at Events on 3rd Thursday through Saturday nights until the end of December, as well as select Sunday matinee times.

This show is a real treat and features some of Music City’s most talented actors and singers, including Ann Gwinn—who is also directing the show—Danny Proctor, Ashley Wolfe, Evan Williams, Christen Heilman Runyon, Britt Byrd, and Marty Morgan, brother of the legendary Lorrie Morgan who joins them in the part of Pawpaw/Santa.

They are thrilled to offer a Mel O’ Drama experience at a single location. Printer’s Alley is home to some of Nashville’s favorite bars, shops, and hotels, with four more luxury hotels slated to be installed there in the next two years. Printer’s Alley is only getting better from here. They are so excited to be a part of its continued provision of entertainment to the people of Nashville.

Tickets for Cousin Cletus’ Country Christmas can be purchased on the Mel O’ Drama website at or at . Give them a call at (615) 417-2034 or check out their Facebook page to find out more!

Local Professional Actor Lends His Talents to Mel O’ Drama Theater

Mel O’ Drama Theater is privileged to work with some of the most amazing actors, singers, and musicians that Tennessee has to offer. Their roster includes talent from lifelong seasoned actors and actresses to those new to the stages of Music City . The talent is multifaceted and you never know what you are going to get!

One of the most impressive actors they have worked with is Nashville native John Pyka. John starred in Star Truck: The Wrath of Comic-Con as Mr. Spark, first mate of the Starship Enterprise. He has been a professional actor for over 30 years, as well as a magician, podcaster, and self-professed nerd enthusiast.

“In 1977, I went to the opening night of Star Wars with a friend,” says John, “and it just captured my attention. I said to myself, ‘I want to do that,’ meaning I wanted to be on screen like that. Acting is what I’ve been pursuing ever since.”

John started out participating in church plays and his school’s theater program. He later picked up magic as a hobby. By high school he was singing, acting, and doing magic programs at birthday parties. He has been making a living off it ever since.

John now primarily acts as a character he wrote himself, “Big Daddy Cool,” a 1940s-esque swing cat with a big personality and flair for drama. He has headlined in Las Vegas and produced his very own show off Broadway as well as performed regularly in Nashville for many years. Big Daddy Cool is based on John’s book, Tales from the Flip Side, a collection of stories he wrote himself.

John is also a partner artist with the Nashville Metro Arts Council, hosts a monthly show at the Centennial Blackbox Theater. He also hosts both the Comicstravaganza podcast and the Diesel-Powered Podcast, available on and , respectively.

John was thrilled to partner with Mel O’ Drama Theater this year for the production of Star Truck, and has greatly enjoyed his role as Mr. Spark. “I’ve crossed paths with Mel O’ Drama for years,” he says, “but I have always had prior commitments whenever there were roles available. I’m so glad this year worked out. What I love about Mel O’ Drama is how involved everyone is in the creative process. Actors have a huge amount of flexibility to really be able to play a role in developing their characters and adding their own unique twist, and that is what I’ve done with Mr. Spark!”

Mel O’Drama Theater’s next show is Cousin Cleetus' Country Christmas, which will be running in November and December at Events on 3rd. Visit for a complete list of show times and dates. More information can be obtained by calling (615) 417-2034.

Learn more about John Pyka and all of his artistic endeavors on his websites, and .

Mel O’ Drama Theater’s Most Exciting Show Yet!

Momentum is building for Mel O’ Drama Theater’s fall production of Star Truck: The Wrath of Comic-Con'. They are hard at work rehearsing for this exciting, entertaining, and audience-engaging show. They cannot wait to bring this production to their loyal fans all across Middle Tennessee!

Their fall and Halloween shows are always the most well attended, with many shows selling out early. It is important to get your tickets now, especially if you are planning to attend with a large group. Mel O’ Drama Theater productions are perfect for families, date nights, or even a special way to treat your employees. All of their shows are hosted in gorgeous venues or highly rated community restaurants that serve delicious food alongside an amazing evening of laughter and entertainment.

Because all of their shows are performed at different locations, the price of each show varies from date to date. Information on tickets and pricing can be found year-round on their website at .

Star Truck: The Wrath of Comic-Con will be running from October 23, 2015 to November 1, 2015, at a variety of local venues.

Dave & Busters at Opry Mills Mall , one of their biggest supporters. This venue is hosting not one but TWO showings of Star Truck on Halloween night, one early show and one late. Tickets may be purchased with or without dinner, but those who choose the dinner option will also receive a commemorative Mel O’ Drama Theater wristband!

Another venue they love is the Big Bang Piano Bar in Murfreesboro. This venue will be offering a $5 off student discount to all those with a valid ID.

All attendees are encouraged to dress up in their most clever Halloween get-ups because costume contests for all ages with prizes will be held at each of the shows.

If you are looking for something special or unique to do this year for Halloween, look no further than Mel O’ Drama Theater’s production of Star Truck: The Wrath of Comic-Con. New shows have been added, so reserve your tickets now before they sell out!

To purchase and reserve tickets, visit or call (615) 417-2034 for more information.

Auditions for Cousin Cleetus’ Country Christmas!

Even though Mel O’Drama’s fall play, Star Truck: The Wrath of Comic-Con, is still in full swing, they are already hard at work preparing for their holiday production, Cousin Cleetus’ Country Christmas!

Cousin Cleetus’ Country Christmas features a few favorite characters from the Hatfield-McCoy Wedding Reception and follows them into the holiday season. Cousin Cleetus is responsible for bringing home all the Christmas presents this year, but at the last minute, they all go missing—at the hands of a relative with some sticky fingers. Will Cousin Cleetus get the Christmas presents back and save the day? You will have to attend one of our showings to find out!

Mel O’Drama Theater is currently casting for Cousin Cleetus’ Country Christmas and have plenty of roles to fill. They are casting for the roles of Mama, Cousin Cleetus, Betsy Rae Sue, Billy Bob, Irma Gene Rae, Duke McCoy, Barbara Gene, Grandma, and Grandpa. Full descriptions of all characters and details for the casting call may be found on the Mel O’Drama website at or on their Facebook Event Page. All potential actors must be able to sing, as it is a musical production.

Auditions will be held October 15-16, 2015, at the Events on 3rd theater between 3rd Ave and Printer’s Alley in downtown Nashville. This is also where the showings of Cousin Cleetus’ Country Christmas will take place.

Shows will begin November 19, 2015, and run through December 31. Rehearsals will begin October 19 and take place through November 18 during the daytime, Monday through Friday. You must have these times available in order to be considered for casting!

If you are an actor or aspiring actor in the Middle Tennessee area and you think you would be a great fit for Cousin Cleetus’ Country Christmas, call Mel O’Drama Theater today! They can be reached at (615) 417-2034, and more information about Cousin Cleetus’ Country Christmas, auditions, casting call details, and show times for their current production of Star Truck: Wrath of Comic-Con can be found on their website at .

Mel O’ Drama Theater’s New Fall Play

Star Truck: The Wrath of Comic-Con

After a short break from performing their summertime hit, The Hatfield-McCoy Wedding Reception, Mel O’ Drama Theater is proud to announce their brand-new comedic murder mystery, Star Truck: The Wrath of Comic-Con. This production seamlessly blends the classic, tried and true “whodunit?” murder mystery theme with a nerd-inspired plot line that will have even the hippest members of the audience rolling on the floor with laughter.

When a famous and beloved superstar of the hit show “Star Truck” is tragically killed by an “imitation” ray gun at the yearly fan convention Imaginacon, organizer Dewey Osgood must solve the mystery, find the killer, and protect his friends—before it is too late.

Audience members will be able to participate in the mystery-solving process and are encouraged to sport their best costumes to the production—nerdy or otherwise. Like all other Mel O’ Drama productions, Star Truck: The Wrath of Comic-Con is family-friendly. It provides a great opportunity for parents and kids to break out their Halloween costumes a little early and dress up together for a night of fun, entertainment, suspense, and of course, good food!

All of their productions will be held at several restaurants, venues, and theaters in Middle Tennessee. More showings will be announced soon!

Start Truck: The Wrath of Comic-Con will open at Sunrise Café on October 23, 2015, in Ashland City, Tennessee. Subsequent showings will take place:

- October 24, 2015: The Looking Glass in Clarksville, TN

- October 29, 2015: Crescent City in Gallatin, TN

- October 31, 2015: Dave & Busters at Opry Mills Mall —two showings!

- November 1, 2015: Big Bang Piano Bar & Kitchen in Murfreesboro, TN

More shows will be announced this month, so keep up with the latest news by “liking” their Facebook page at . They are so excited to bring Star Truck: The Wrath of Comic-Con to the public and know you will absolutely love it!

For more information about Mel O’ Drama Theater, their upcoming productions, or to inquire about booking, call (615) 417-2034 today or visit their website at .

Aspiring Singer Scores a Record Deal Thanks to Mel O’ Drama Theater!

One of the best parts about being a traveling independent theater company is that no two days look alike. There is always something new—and more often than not, completely surprising! Rotating locations, scripts, and cast means we have the opportunity to meet and connect with new people daily, including our friend Becca Cummins. Becca is a local singer-writer and an actress who came to us almost by accident—and her life is forever changed because of it. She tells her story here:

"My band Rodeo Gypsy and I have been playing different venues and events in Nashville for a while now, and having been raised in a Southern Baptist church, music has always been extremely important to me. I’ve always been a little dramatic, and I performed in church dramas growing up as well as a rendition of Grease when I was 16, where I played the part of Rizzo. But other than that, I didn’t have much experience acting.

One day last year, a good friend of mine who was an actress with Mel O’ Drama Theater asked me to try out for a musical production they had coming up, The Altos. Tryouts happened to be that night. I walked in, a little unsure and unprepared, auditioned my heart out, and got the part! I’ve been working with Mel O’ Drama in various capacities ever since, and it has been so much fun! I have also had the opportunity to write and direct a play of my own called Piddle Me This, which was an extremely eye-opening and rewarding experience. I was all set to keep working hard at pursuing my passions in theater and with Rodeo Gypsy— little did I know that something huge was just around the corner.

I wasn’t acting in The Hatfield-McCoy Wedding Reception, but one night Mel had a sudden need for a last-minute replacement and I just couldn’t let her down. So I found myself in a curly Dolly Parton-esque wig and a wedding dress, pretending to be pregnant, performing in a play I didn’t really know the script for, and having the time of my life! Throughout the show, there was a couple in the corner that I was having the most fun with. I kept involving them in the play and making jokes, and they loved it. During intermission, my best friend (and the lead singer for Rodeo Gypsy) made a beeline for me and whispered, “Do you know who that man is?” I didn’t, but I was about to.

As it turns out, that man was Bobby Spivey, the owner of Better Music Records (BMR) , who had come to enjoy a night of musical theater with his date and scout out some of the local talent. After the show, my best friend and I introduced ourselves to him, and he asked us to give him a sample of what we did. We sang one of our favorite songs for him, and he asked us to be in his studio the next day. The rest is history! We currently have an artist development deal with BMR that involves 18 months of marketing, branding, and development for Rodeo Gypsy that will help us on our journey to get our music out to the world and let them see what we’ve got. All this happened thanks to Mel O’ Drama Theater!

It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with Mel O’ Drama over these months because they have a way of making words come to life that captures people’s imaginations and engages them on a heart level. The absence of a formal theater—and most of the time, a stage—places the action right in front of people and gets them involved and interacting, which I love. People enjoy art more if they feel like they are important to the show, and Mel O’ Drama Theater accomplishes just that. I love them and would recommend them to anyone, either as an actor or just as an attendee!"

This is Becca’s story, but there are many more stories waiting to be told at Mel O’ Drama Theater! Find out more about our upcoming shows by visiting our website at , or call (615) 417-2034 for more information about venues, the company, or upcoming auditions.

The Final Three Showings of The Hatfield-McCoy Wedding Reception

If you have not yet seen the non-stop comedic thrill ride that is The Hatfield McCoy Wedding Reception, now is your last chance! Come catch a glimpse before this particular Mel O’ Drama production is retired and a new production is underway. Our final three showings will be taking place this month at a few of our most loved venues, so if you have waited to see the show, you have waited until the perfect time! Our talented actors are ready to give it their all in the last three appearances of this season, so make sure you do not miss one of these remarkable and entertaining events.

Thursday, July 16, 7:00 PM—Dave & Busters at Opry Mills Mall

Dave & Busters has always been one of our favorite venues. They are incredibly supportive of our art and our mission, and we are very honored to once again be performing The Hatfield-McCoy Wedding Reception in their facility. There will be a fajita buffet served with a plethora of gluten-free options for those who need it, all in the fun and family-friendly atmosphere of Dave & Buster’s arcade. Doors open at 6:30 PM for this 7:00 PM showing, so get your tickets today!

Friday, July 17, 7:00 PM—STAAR Theatre in Pulaski, TN

The STAAR Theatre is another of our favorite Tennessee venues, and we are proud to continue our partnership with their fundraising endeavors as they seek to restore the beautiful and historic Antoinette Hall. (Currently, they are in the process of sealing up existing damaged areas so that no further damage occurs before they are able to begin the first parts of active restoration. For more on STAAR Theatre’s efforts to restore Antoinette Hall, visit their Facebook page at .)

After our show at STAAR Theatre, there will be a walking tour of Antoinette Hall offered, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes (or bring an extra pair), since high heels and construction zones do not tend to mix well! The menu for this event will consist of all-time favorite comfort foods like cornish hen, yeast rolls, green beans, mashed potatoes, and more.

Saturday, July 25, 7:30 PM—Crumb de la Crumb in Bellevue

Crumb de la Crumb simply burst onto the Bellevue restaurant scene, and has been turning heads ever since. With a charming French country cafe atmosphere and food that makes your mouth water just by looking at it, Crumb de la Crumb is the perfect event for aspiring theater buffs and foodies. The menu for this event includes innovative twists on southern classics like barbecue pork, cheddar grits, mac and cheese, and more! And of course, a delicious bourbon peach cobbler wedding cake will top off The Hatfield McCoy Wedding Reception in style. We are excited to partner with Crumb de la Crumb for our final showing, and hope to continue to do so with our future performances.

If you have not yet seen The Hatfield-McCoy Wedding Reception and are looking for an enjoyable night out full of good food, good drinks, and good entertainment, now is the time to get your tickets for one of our final three showings. Check prices, find location details, and purchase tickets on our website at .

Remember, we are currently booking holiday parties for our winter production, Cousin Cleetus’ Country Christmas, a comedy featuring many of the beloved cousins and characters from The Hatfield-McCoy Wedding Reception in a brand new adventure where plenty of things can—and definitely will—go wrong. Call (615) 417-2034 for more information or to book your holiday event today!

New Arts Center in the Works in Spring Hill, TN

The city of Spring Hill, TN was once a tiny southern community, but in recent years it has blossomed into a thriving city in its own right, replete with a culture and an ethos all its own. Spring Hill has many resources and amenities for locals and visitors alike, but one thing it does not yet have is an arts center for theater, plays, concerts, recitals, showcases, and other creative projects. But that is something a group of local artists, business owners, and investors are hoping to change.

The Spring Hill Arts Commission, in conjunction with a dedicated group of creative professionals from around the middle Tennessee area, including Mel Roady of Mel O’ Drama Theater, are seeking additional supporters and investors for a proposed arts center in the heart of Spring Hill that will bring not only additional culture, but additional income, to the city. The proposed center will have three hundred or more seats in the theater space itself, as well as other rooms to house classes, workshops, film production, and more. The up-front cost to the city would be more than offset in the long run by the money spent by future theater attendees both at the arts center itself and in the surrounding businesses throughout the city such as restaurants, hotels, and more. However, due to the economic situation of most if not all cities in the United States at the moment, the city of Spring Hill is not presently able to foot the entire cost of construction. That is why Mel, along with many other creative professionals and those on the board of the Spring Hill Arts Commission are seeking investors from the local community and beyond who believe in this worth cause.

If you are interested in investing in the potential Spring Hill arts center, or even if you are just interested in lending your voice to the hundreds that have already done so and spoken up to the city officials about their desire for a culture beacon in Spring Hill, contact Mel O’ Drama Theater today! We will be able to put you in touch with the right people and help your voice reach the ears that need to hear it. Although it will be a process, we are looking forward to this project with the Spring Hill Arts Commission, and are committed to doing everything in our power to put such an amazing creative outpost in the state of Tennessee.

Featured Venue: Dave & Busters!

We also wanted to give a special thank-you to our good friends over at Dave & Busters at the Opry Mills Mall. They are one of our partnering locations where Mel O’ Drama Theater hosts a show nearly every month, and have always been incredibly kind and generous to us. Their space is inviting, fun, and family-friendly, and they are always promoting our most recent show. If you have never seen a Mel O’ Drama production before, Dave & Busters is a great place to do it!

More information about all of our shows and venues, including currently scheduled productions and tickets, can be found . And remember, we are booking company Christmas and holiday parties now! If you have a private holiday event this winter and want to do something different and special for your employees, give us a call today at (615) 417-2034 to discuss details.

The Benefits of Being an Independent Traveling Theater Company

Independent traveling theater companies with no “home base” or “home theater” have been around for many years, but as a trend they are picking up steam in the theater industry. Mel O’ Drama is just such a theater, and we love pursuing our passions and performing our art in this way!

Tragically, history shows that when the economy suffers and money is tight, the arts are often the first thing to be struck from the budget. Fine arts’ theaters go out of business and their beautiful buildings are boarded up, torn down, or sold to others who will not use them for their intended purposes. When such a thing happens, the community always loses. But being an independent theater company, without a building or a home theater, helps to alleviate some of this pressure! Overhead is slim, and without rent and utilities we are free to practice and perform wherever, whenever. We plan to be around for many years to come!

In addition, being an independent traveling theater company means our group gets to travel to some amazing and unique places we may never have had the opportunity to visit otherwise. Beautiful ambiance, fine dining, amazing food, and new experiences are not something everyone can say about their job! Not having a building means not having as much stress and being able to focus on the things that really matter—bring quality, entertaining theater to the community. The cross-promotion opportunities are endless: restaurants get free advertising with us, and we get free advertising with them. There is enough success to go around, and we love helping and promoting so many fantastic community businesses!

And those are just a few of the reasons why being an independent traveling theater company in this day-and-age is one of the most amazing experiences we ever could have asked for. More about what we do and why we do it, as well as about our current traveling show, can be found on our website at And remember: we do private events, and Christmas parties are being booked now! If you have a private holiday event you are considering entertainment options for, give us a call today at (615) 417-2034 to discuss details.

Mel O’ Drama and the STAAR Theatre: A Fundraiser

Mel O’Drama has quite a few performances on the docket this summer for our current show, The Hatfield-McCoy Wedding Reception. However, perhaps the most exciting one is our show at the STAAR Theatre in Pulaski, Tennessee on Friday, July 17, 2015. That’s because this particular show isn’t just a regular dinner show.

The STAAR Theatre has been operating a successful non-profit business on the square in Pulaski for nearly ten years. There they have served as a beacon of art in the community and brought fantastic shows as well as education in the arts to the area ever since. When they decided to make this space on the Pulaski Square their home, they had no idea what was hidden away upstairs on the top floor of this historic building. Taking a look before they signed the papers, they discovered an opera house that had last been used in the 1930's! It was easy to see that they were meant to be in this building!

Not only was it an opera house, but it also turned out to be the oldest opera house in the entire state of Tennessee! Now, the STAAR Theatre is hard at work restoring the once-beautiful opera house which they are planning to open once again as Antoinette Hall—as she was originally named in 1868. More information can be found on the Facebook page Restore Antoinette Hall Opera House as well as on and !

Following the completion of the restoration, STAAR Theatre plans to host plays, concerts and shows in this grand space for years to come—and that’s where Mel O’ Drama Theater comes in! The STAAR Theatre opera house’s cost of restoration will be lofty. We believe STAAR has a gem of a performance space, and we want to be a part of helping raise awareness and make this happen. We will be performing The Hatfield-McCoy Wedding Reception on July 17 in support of that goal. Proceeds from tickets will go directly to the restoration of Antoinette Hall and the continuing existence of STAAR Theatre.

Tickets for this event are now on sale at . STAAR Theatre is a company and group of people we love and believe in, and we are so honored to be a part of this fantastic project for them. We hope to see a full house in July! In the mean time, you can learn more about The Hatfield-McCoy Wedding Reception and all our currently scheduled shows at .

You Have The Audience, I Have The Entertainment

If you are a venue interested in hosting a show ...

Mel O’Drama Theater is unlike any other murder mystery dinner show or theater company you may find elsewhere. We bring the show to your location. We are in the business of entertaining your guests, and ours! We believe in fun entertainment, that the entire family can enjoy (no profanity or body-functions jokes). Our focus is not on the gore, but on the comedy. But, be mindful, we want you to be laughing so hard you could just die!

Mel O’Drama Theater will provide:

Prior To Show Date, MOD will:

- Provide poster images for your location that you can print off.

- List ticket sales on

- Include your venue in MOD newsletter going out to over 2,300 past show enthusiasts.

- Include your venue in all Internet listings /advertising.

- Provide Social media MOD listings on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, info posted on

Night of Show, MOD will provide:

- Actors

- “Who Done It” slips, ink pens, clues

- Funny money for bribing

- Photos of audience members

- Collection e-mail addresses

- Prize to first person who correctly solves that night's Murder Mystery.

- Email addresses and photos will be used for MOD purposes, and shared with facility only-lists are not sold or shared with others.

Your Location will provide:

Prior To Show Date:

- Hang posters thru out your establishment.

- Accept ticket sales, for your location.

- Place info on your listings of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and business website.

- Share show info with customers, contacts or provide info for press releases or any other ways to communicate this event to the general public.

- Provide MOD your menu for the show's dinner

- Does your establishment have wine available for purchase, BYOB or dry event?

- Price of tickets? Tax?

Night of Show:

- Room for private dining of your dinner show guests.

- Tables/chairs set up--reserved seating or first come is up to you and what works best for your location.

- You are welcome to decorate your facility in the theme of the evening's show.

- Details for creating ambiance is encouraged. We want to create a memory making event!

- Fine dining that only you can provide, along with your wonderful wait staff.

MOD charges per guest: Guarantee of $1,000 to cover show costs: $20 per person, 50 people minimum. Please keep MOD informed of ticket sales. Should your first show not have 50 attending, that is OK, but second show and beyond need to be guaranteed. As shows build and attendance goes over 50 we shall split profits, $20 per ticket to MOD, remainder to hosting establishment.

- 1/3 deposit to secures your show date, images of posters in a variety of sizes will be emailed to you. Amount due: $333.00

- 1/3 is once your show is 60% sold, or two weeks prior to show date. Amount due: $333.00

- 1/3 final payment due on show date, less ticket money being sent from, final tally will be determined show night.

Order Tickets Here

Current Show:

The Hatfield-McCoy Wedding Reception April - July, 2015

Written & Directed By: Curtis Reed

Come celebrate the wedding of our precious daughter

Tammy Mae Wynonna Lynn Patsy Reba Faye Loretta Dolly McCoy

She will be wedded to Troy Hatfield, Budd Hicks or Leroy Manichevitz. We're just not sure which one just yet, but one of them is responsible!

Tammy's, cousin & BFF, will be her maid of honor-you remember her: Amy Lou McCoy, she does mean well, although her big mouth usually gets her (and those around her) in trouble, but she's family and we love her.

We have hired the best DJ around for this event! Our nephew, Archie Scribbles. Now he tries to be "hood" because he thinks that's what all the good DJs do, but this family is all about country, and we don't allow such nonsense!

So we hope ya'll will join us on the very special occasion, Sincerely, Parents of the Bride Vince & Peggy Sue Rae McCoy

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