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At J & J Printers, we care about your business and want to help you make the best impression you can.

J and J Printers

At J & J Printers, we care about your business and want to help you make the best impression you can.

At J & J Printers, we care about your business and want to help you make the best impression you can­.


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Consultation, Design, Printing, Finishing, Mailing, Other Services. We are a full service print shop in Nashville, Tn. Print Company Nashville.

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J & J Printers

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We will print, fold and address your materials, as well as send them in the mail. This is a one-stop-shop for all of your printing, finishing and mailing needs.

We will print, fold and address your materials, as well as send them in the mail. This is a one-stop-shop for all of your printing, finishing and mailing needs.


We get the colors exactly right with our highly knowledgeable technicians operating our equipment. We also offer consultations to help discover exactly what you need.

We get the colors exactly right with our highly knowledgeable technicians operating our equipment. We also offer consultations to help discover exactly what you need.


We can create the perfect booklet for any occasion. Create unique content for each page to impress your clients, employees or friends. Our machines allow us to be extremely efficient and will get your job done in a timely manner.

We can create the perfect booklet for any occasion. Create unique content for each page to impress your clients, employees or friends. Our machines allow us to be extremely efficient and will get your job done in a timely manner.


Consultation, Design, Printing, Finishing, Mailing, Other Services. We are a full service print shop in Nashville, Tn. Print Company Nashville. One time use only.Limited time offer

Consultation, Design, Printing, Finishing, Mailing, Other Services. We are a full service print shop in Nashville, Tn. Print Company Nashville. One time use only.Limited time offer


The Top 10 Things That Nashville Restaurants Need From Their Printer

Here in Nashville, the restaurant business is BOOMING! And not just fancy sit-down places, either, but coffee shops, food trucks, and craft breweries! If it's good to eat and drink, Nashville has an awesome venue for it! So, what's a successful restaurant need from its printer?

-Menus. Whether you need sturdy laminated sheets or fancy folded ones, work with your printer about what is going to serve your needs the best. And don't be afraid to devote a decent bit of budget to this, a well laid out menu on quality paper will leave a good impression on your customers, plus you won't have to replace them as often! Don't forget to-go menus and catering brochures of your establishment offers those services.

-Direct Mail. This is an easy method of advertising that can be tailored to your needs. Do you want to reach a certain demographic (age, income, etc) or target a specific neighborhood? You can do both with direct mail campaigns. At J&J Printers, we have a lot of experience with this. We can help you create a dynamic mailer and make sure it gets to the exact people you want to see it! Direct mail is one of the most effective advertising strategies available!

-Customer Loyalty Cards. Whether you like an old-fashion cardstock card that you can punch or stamp, or want a new-fangled mag-stripe, barcode, or microchip card, a customer loyalty program is a great way to reward your regulars! And regulars are the backbone of your business!

-Gift Cards/Gift Certificates. And when you regulars love you, they want to share the love. As someone who is hard to buy for, my friends and family have realized that there is little I like better than a gift of experience at one of my favorite establishments so I get a lot of gift cards! Don't leave these off of your planning list for your restaurant of coffee shop.

-Banners. Announce to the world that you are OPEN! Or maybe you now have EXTENDED HOURS! Or perhaps you are SERVING BRUNCH! An eye-catching banner is sure to get your point across and they are available in a huge variety of styles, sizes, and price points.

-Window Clings/Bumper Stickers. Invite your customers to take a little piece of you home with them. When people are passionate about their favorite local businesses, they like to let folks know about it. Either a static sticker or a traditional bumper sticker will let your customers flaunt their love of your establishment. Make a stack available at checkout or the hostess stand.

-Business Cards. No business should be without them! Even if you're super casual, a card that lists your social media presence and the contact info for the company is a tried-and-true way to keep in touch with your customers. And with so many sizes, styles, and shapes to choose from, your business card can be as unique as your restaurant!

-Administrative/Bookkeeping. Don't forget the basics! Anything from job applications to the waitstaff's tab booklet to inventory sheets to timecards, your administrative paperwork is as much an integral part of the business as the menu! Don't skimp on these behind-the-scenes necessities.

-Thank You Cards/Postcards. Keep in touch with special customers with a hand-written note. Maybe someone booked a party in your space or perhaps it's the birthday of one of your regulars. In the age of emails, a simple notecard can make a resounding impression on your customers!

-Promotional. Besides papergoods, your printer can order all manner of fun, promotional items. Pens are a great one, people wander off with them constantly, so why not order some that have your business name and information on them? They aren't much more expensive than a bag o' cheap pens from Staples and you get to turn it into a marketing opportunity. Frisbees, awards, squishy stress balls, tshirts, just about anything can be turned into a promotional item bearing your establishment's logo and information. Great for customer loyalty drawings, special events, or swag bags. You can get so creative with promotional items!

The restaurant business is a tough one but can be so rewarding. To help you be as successful as you can, contact J&J Printers! We work with some of the best establishments in Music City!

615-777-7468, or 615-77-PRINT if that's easier to remember! We can be reached on Twitter @JandJPrint or Facebook at /JandJPrinters

Seven Tips on Working With Your Children at the Family Business

First of all, not all family businesses are alike and not all of them are great places for children to be. If children are going to be such a distraction that they might cause injury or damage or are exposed to injury, maybe your business is not a great match for these ideas. (For example, my dad owned and operated a bar when I was a kid, so I didn't spend a lot of time at work with him!) But if you can manage it, having your kids involved in the family business can be really rewarding for both parties!

1. Have reasonable expectations. Depending on the age of your child or children, the amount of interest and patience they are going to have about being at work with you is going to vary. Know your child's ability to handle themselves and the tolerance level of your co-workers and staff. Reasonable expectations should extend to both the child and the adults in the situation, make sure everyone is on the same page and feels comfortable with the arrangement.

2. Explain your expectations. Make sure your child knows what kind of behavior is expected of them while at your workplace. Make sure your co-workers know what is expected of them. At our print shop, everyone keeps an eye on our daughter when she is there, but the only ones responsible for her are her dad, her papa, or me. But she knows she needs to mind them as she minds us! Another important thing is to establish a timeline for the day, so everyone is clear on how long your child will be there and all parties are prepared.

3. Have snacks. I think this goes for adults, too! But kids get hungry a lot sooner than grown-ups and like those “You're not yourself when you're hungry” commercials, understand that cranky, hungry kids are going to make everything tougher! Plan not only lunch, but a morning and mid-afternoon snack. If you have access to a fridge, great, but lunchbox staples like raisins, grapes, trail mix, peanut butter, bananas, etc will go a long way. Try to avoid sugary snacks because they don't keep kids satisfied and who needs a bouncy sugar-high child running around while they are trying to work? (This often goes right out the window because Papa is the boss and Krispy Kreme is right around the corner...)

4. Have entertainment. Listen, YOU don't usually find your workplace “fun,” so I can guarantee that your child won't either. Sure, it's all new and exciting for a little while, but somewhere between twenty minutes and an hour into the day, the novelty is going to wear off. My daughter has a backpack of toys and activities that we save for days like this (also plane trips, long car rides, restaurants, etc). I try to vary the contents and keep them a surprise. Kids love novelty, so mix it up. My daughter just turned four, so there's usually a mix of coloring books, preschool workbooks, puzzles, and her LeapPad tablet (with headphones!). Target's dollar section has some really cool activities- puzzles, paint by number, and various small craft projects all for either $1 or $3. I hit that place up regularly to keep my stash of activities fresh and interesting!

5. Give them a job. My daughter has been occasionally coming to J&J Printers since she was six months old. She has, over the years, developed a few jobs. There is a small broom and dustpan, so she sweeps. She also collects and dumps the front office trashcans. She sometimes gets tasked with loading paper into the Xerox or stacking empty boxes or sorting office supplies or helping with the mail. There are a LOT of little things kids can help with around the workplace, just like at home. Think of some chores your child does already and apply them to your workplace setting. At our place, my daughter has a little desk of her own, an old phone, and a stack of to-do lists and blank invoice sheets. She mimics the things she sees all of us adults doing. She really feels like a part of the company when she's doing her “paperwork”!

6. Be flexible. 90% of the time, it's a real treat to have my darling little girl at the office. But 10% of the time she's not feeling it. She's cranky or the office is super busy and things are tense. Be sensitive to the needs of both your child and your workplace and make other arrangements if need be. Some days, Take Your Child To Work Day is just going to have to come another time.

7. When all else fails...Netflix. I never advocate using the TV as a babysitter. But sometimes that whole “being flexible” just isn't going to work. For whatever reason, you don't have the ability to be somewhere else with your child or make other babysitting arrangements. She's exhausted everything in her backpack and getting underfoot. That's when it is time to sit her down in front of a computer and turn on some cartoons. We have a Netflix streaming subscription, but whatever works for you: Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney Junior or Nickelodeon's websites, there are a lot of options. Netflix offers a kids' section that filters out everything that wouldn't be age-appropriate, so that's very comforting as my daughter is pretty adept at computer usage and I worry a little about her clicking something accidentally. You can also build custom YouTube playlists of clips and music your child might like. Hasbro has a lot of official My Little Pony stuff on YouTube and my girl happens to love ballet so we have a whole playlist made of ballerina solos and clips from larger ballet productions. Swan Lake is her favorite. Either as a distraction or a reward, every kid loves a little screen time so don't be afraid to make use of that tool when Things Need To Get Done.

Bringing your child to work can be rewarding for you and for them. They get to feel like they are a part of something important and you get more quality time with them. This isn't going to be a great solution for every single family or business, but with some pro-tips, it's worth it to give it a try!

5 Things Trending in Nashville in Graphic Design

1. Artisinal, hand-crafted, letterpress and woodcut

Nashville is very much a hipster epicenter. This can be a good thing as far as local, small-business support goes. The hipster style is definitely low-tech. Good, old-fashioned letterpress style reigns supreme here in Music City, and for good reason. The Hatch Show Print shop is still operational after opening its doors in 1879. The moveable type letterpress style utilizes simple, blocky shapes and layers of bold color. Think of a rubber stamp, the background is recessed leaving the image to collect the ink and be pressed onto the paper. Woodcuts have been used all over the world since ancient times, and although not always made from wood (rubber, metal, linoleum, potatoes, etc, all make great stamps) the simple, flat look of the woodcut style is unmistakable. This style has come to dominate Nashville's graphic design world and bleeds over into several other top trends.

2. Engraving and Etching

It's kind of like woodcut's dashing younger sibling. Etching dates back to the Renaissance and is a method of printing using a plate etched with the image. Like a reverse rubber stamp, the ink lays in the pits, channels, and dips made in the plate and is then carried to the paper. Some really amazing depth and details can be achieved this way. For a good idea of what this media looks like, take a look at your money. The portrait and the rest of the design is engraved onto a metal plate and used to print our cash. Gradient and shading is difficult to obtain by etching, so you'll see a lot of speckling and cross-hatching and fine linework to denote textures, shadows, and contours. This old-fashioned style is also making a comeback, although I doubt anyone is carving anything into metal much anymore, but you can achieve an almost look-alike if you're clever with Photoshop.

3. Minimalism/Silhouette/Flat

Piggy-backing that woodcut look of simple shapes and bold colors, liberally mixed with some 1950s and 1960s retro styling, this trend is holding steady here in Nashville. Like the woodcut, this style flattens and simplifies design elements into their basic shapes, often using only silhouettes. You see it a lot on vintage posters and fabric prints from the late 1950s through the early 1970s. Retro love comes and goes, but rarely dovetails so nicely with a more ornamented mode. Blend a little Hatch Show letterpress with a little 1960s Pop Art and you've got the recipe for an eye-catching design sure to turn heads here in Nashville.

4. Skylines

This trend is connected to the whole silhouette thing, although it doesn't necessarily have to be, but skylines are big right now. While not everyone would think that Nashville has an iconic skyline, we have some amazingly shaped skyscrapers (the Batman Building, anyone?) that make the view of our city unmistakable. Love it or hate it, the AT&T Tower (formerly the BellSouth Tower, AKA the Batman Building, AKA Sauron's Tower) marks our city skyline as unique and placing that on your logo or business cards speaks volumes about your connection to Nashville. You show your city pride loud and proud, and maybe have to explain what the heck that two-prong building is to people not from around here. From the opening credits of the Nashville show, to book covers and record labels, Nashville's skyline is getting a lot of love these days!

5. Handwriting

We can't get away from that “artisinal, hand-crafted” thing, can we? Currently, people want to feel a personal connection to their products and businesses and that's a good thing. How can you foster that feel-good, down-home spirit? With the use of handwriting. You might have someone on staff whose job it is to personally write out labels and other miscellany, (true story: the bookstore near my house as a kid has a woman on staff whose entire job was to scrawl the shop's name on all the paper bags, ALL THE BAGS, hundreds of them weekly. I think her hand fell off...anyway....) handwriting style fonts have come a very long way from Lucida Handwritten which looks nothing like anything a human ever actually hand wrote. You can also scan in your own handwritten words and use them as a personalized font style of your very own. The possibilities are endless and all leads to an inviting and personal design that people find warm and welcoming.

Whatever your preferred graphic design style is, J&J Printers can make it a reality. We have not only the top of the line in digital machines, but we even run a four-color offset press for those really special jobs.

Don't have a print-ready design? Also, not a problem! We have an in-house graphic design team ready to take care of you. Our master designer has spent decades teaching and working in Nashville's graphic design scene and can help create the perfect visual statement for you!

Guide to Sustainable Paper Choices

In today's world, consumers are more conscious than ever about where the products they buy come from and how they impact the environment. When it comes to paper, it is no different. Paper has been thought to be environmentally unkind, but it turns out there are many sustainable ways to purchase and use paper that are just as cost effective as the alternative. Although recycled papers have shorter fibers which can make them crumbly or less durable, there are now companies that are creating higher quality recycled products that offer a competitive product for the sustainably minded consumers.

First, let's talk about sustainable vs recycled. Recycled paper is paper that is made from material that is already made and has been used before. There are two types including post consumer products, which are made from materials that have been used and then placed in a bin, and mill reclycled, which includes material that never left the factory, but instead were scraps that were recycled and reused. Most all paper these days is at least a percentage post consumer material. Keep in mind that post consumer material is not completely sustainable in that it is combined with all other recyclables and must be separated and cleaned, requiring water and energy.

Now let's talk about the term "sustainable." Sustainable basically refers to the fact that, even though made with new material, the material was grown and harvested in a sustainable way. Some examples of sustainable practices include use of reclaimed water, not cutting down forests to grow a plantation that will be used for paper, using less toxic chemicals, wind or hydro electric power supply and others.

Overall, the paper industry, once corrupt and quite stinky because of high levels of toxic chemicals, has cleaned up its act quite a bit and we now have the option of several different sustainable and recycled brands to protect and control the use of trees, a renewable, but not unlimited resource.

4 Sustainable or Recycled Paper Brands

1. Domtar/Cougar Brand

A sustainable paper company, Domtar, parent company of Cougar, is in support and relationship with the Forest Stewardship Council, Rainforest Alliance, World Wildlife Fund and EarthChoice Product Line. For every tree that is cut down, Domtar/Cougar replaces it with six more!

2. Mohawk

Mohawk uses wind powered mills, striving for a 0% carbon footprint!

3. Neenah

Neenah is a smaller company and highly conscious of sustainability. Their "Environment Paper" brand is made from energy sourced from the grid, and their other papers include recycled fibers.

4. French Paper Company

When you think of recycled paper, you may think of speckled, dark colored paper. The original speckletone was created by this company in 1955 and later imitated by many others. One of the oldest paper companies, the French Paper Company has had sustainability in mind from the very beginning. They have used green energy since 1922 when they created a hydro electric generator to power their factory. This allowed them to produce all of the energy that was used by the company!

At J & J Printers, our company is mindful of sustainable practices. We use soy based inks and recycle all unused or scrap material. If you are looking for a printer that can help you make the best decision for your company, call us today!

Quote Of The Week - “There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is in having lots to do and not doing it.”

J & J Printers is a family owned business that prides itself on excellent customer service and an outstanding product. At J & J Printers, we care about your business and want to help you make the best impression you can. We take care of all the business essentials here at J & J Printers – Letterhead, brochures, envelopes, business cards, presentation folders, postcards, flyers, and anything else you’ll need to make sure your business succeeds. We specialize in direct mailing advertising campaigns and make sure you impress your customers.

We’re also thrilled to work with creative individuals looking for good printing at affordable prices. Concert posters, event programs, and portfolios are just some of the things we can help you create. All jobs are done in a timely fashion, and we keep you informed through the whole process.

Call or e-mail us, and discover the perfect partner for a growing business.