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Hazel and Chic is an online boutique that provides unique, affordable & quality merchandise for you to show your heart, personality & passion through your own personal style!


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Hazel and Chic Boutique, LLC

Nashville, TN



Our customers’ happiness is our top priority. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact us by email at to let us know, so that we can make sure you love your purchase by figuring out a solution that best fits your needs. Returns of clothing must be made within 14 days of the date of purchase and only store credit can be received. All returns must be unworn, undamaged, have no make-up stains and tags must still be attached to the item purchased. No sale/clearance or jewelry items can be returned; these are final sale only. You are responsible for the cost of shipping and handling of the item you are returning. Hazel and Chic Boutique, LLC is not responsible for any items that are lost when returned. Once a return has been received and approved, you will receive store credit within 48 hours. Go to our website and download our return form.

Our customers’ happiness is our top priority. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact us by email at to let us know, so that we can make sure you love your purchase by figuring out a solution that best fits your needs. Returns of clothing must be made within 14 days of the date of purchase and only store credit can be received. All returns must be unworn, undamaged, have no make-up stains and tags must still be attached to the item purchased. No sale/clearance or jewelry items can be returned; these are final sale only. You are responsible for the cost of shipping and handling of the item you are returning. Hazel and Chic Boutique, LLC is not responsible for any items that are lost when returned. Once a return has been received and approved, you will receive store credit within 48 hours. Go to our website and download our return form.


Hazel and Chic Boutique, LLC ships to any state in the United States. If you are interested in international shipping, please contact us at Once you have placed an order, Hazel and Chic Boutique, LLC will ship the items you purchased within 4 business days, excluding holidays, unless otherwise notified. You will receive an email notification when your purchase has shipped with tracking information.

Hazel and Chic Boutique, LLC ships to any state in the United States. If you are interested in international shipping, please contact us at Once you have placed an order, Hazel and Chic Boutique, LLC will ship the items you purchased within 4 business days, excluding holidays, unless otherwise notified. You will receive an email notification when your purchase has shipped with tracking information.


Hazel and Chic is an online boutique that provides unique, affordable & quality merchandise for you to show your heart, personality & passion through your own personal style! When checking out, enter the coupon code

Hazel and Chic is an online boutique that provides unique, affordable & quality merchandise for you to show your heart, personality & passion through your own personal style! When checking out, enter the coupon code


Work to Play Outfits In Less Than Thirty Seconds

Our busy lifestyles as we get older can be hectic, yet fun! Your outfit can definitely make your life much easier when you have to run from one place to the next without the time to run home a change your outfit. Below are three easy ways you can transform your outfit on the go to fit your busy schedule!

1. Blazer

Being a young professional, you more than likely have to dress in business attire or business casual during the day. This is where blazers come in handy. They can be your best friends when you need to wear a top that isn’t quite work appropriate during the day. If you want to wear a spaghetti strapped shirt that night, just throw on your blazer for work and you can just take it off when you’re headed for your fun night out that evening. This is the perfect essential to keep your wardrobe trendy, yet professional! I might have a blazer obsession and have them in cobalt, gray, black, white, camel and hot pink. There are many options out there so you don’t have to just do the normal black or gray blazer, you can definitely keep it spiced up!

{H+C has some great options here: Cardigan Blazer and Call Me Royalty Blazer }

2. Cardigan

A good cardigan is always a must! You can use these like a blazer, but for a more casual look that the blazer provides. It still gives you a professional look, but makes that tank or sleeveless top that you want to wear that evening more business appropriate depending on the environment and vibe of your office. The GREAT thing about cardigans is that there are so many styles, colors and patterns to choose from. This enables you to mix and match and keep the creativity that is so fun when it comes to styling your outfits on a daily basis!

{H+C has some great options here: Tribal Cardigan and Fringe and Love Cardigan }

3. Shoes

Shoes are a perfect way to change the look of any outfit. If you’re like me, there are days when I have to walk a lot and heels just won’t work for me to comfortably get my job done, so I have to opt for flat or a kitten heel. When I go out, I LOVE wearing a good heel or wedge to dress up my look and make it trendier. This is the perfect way to switch up your look in less than thirty seconds when you don’t have much time to spare.

{We love Nine West shoes and great shoe deals from Hautelook .}

What ways do you like to change up your wardrobe when you are headed from work to meet friends or your man for the night?

Stay Chic,


How to Style Non-Maternity Pieces During Your Pregnancy

As many of you have probably seen via instagram, my husband and I are expecting our first baby due at the end of April. We cannot wait to meet our little man, and we are busy trying to prepare (as best we can!) for his arrival. As I watch my belly continue to grow, I have had to get creative with styling my non-maternity clothing, as I refuse to buy more than a couple of maternity basics. I am so thrilled to be able to share some of my tips with you all this week, so I hope you mommas-to-be and future momma’s-to-be enjoy!

The first type of top that I have loved wearing are long, oversized tunics. These are comfortable, yet are long enough to cover my belly (so far at least!), and I can wear them post-partum, as well as once I have my pre-pregnancy body back. I never really wore too many fitted tops prior to my pregnancy anyways, so having a lot of these in my closet already helped me out a ton! Here are some pieces from Hazel and Chic that I recommend: PIKO Top, Tie Dye Cutie Top (shown in picture below), Button Up Tunic Top, Blue Skies Top, Oversized Baseball Tee, and Your Royals Prints Top are my top picks!

The second types of pieces that I have loved styling over my bump are cardigans and vests. These are perfect for layering over the maternity tank top that I got at Target to switch up looks, but still keep the outfits comfortable and chic. I am excited for the warmer weather to hit in April before he arrives, so I can wear even more vests than I have been able to the past couple of months since it has been so cold. These are my top picks for cardigans and vests to style like the ones below: the Tribal Knit Sweater, Fringe and Love Cardigan, Fly with Me Kimono, Boho Knit Vest and the Studded Vest, just to name a few!

The final pieces that have been clutch for me throughout this pregnancy are blazers! I still have to look professional when I head into work or to a meeting, so blazers have made my life much easier. I also bought a Bella Band, so that I could wear my dress pants without buying new ones, and that has been a lifesaver as well. So I just throw on a blazer over my maternity tank top, and I am set to go. My staple blazer has been the Call Me Royalty Blazer from Hazel and Chic.

The maternity pieces that I found were a must to buy were two pairs of jeans, the Bella Band for my dress pants (and I used it for jeans up until the middle of my second trimester), as well as a few basic maternity tops from Target and Gap. I caught all of these on sale during cyber Monday, which was fabulous because I love a good bargain! Other than those maternity pieces, I have lived by the non-maternity pieces mentioned above to continue to feel comfortable, yet stylish thus far in my pregnancy. Only seven weeks to go until we meet our sweet baby boy. Wishing all the other momma’s-to-be a joyful and healthy pregnancy, and don’t forget to tag H+C when your style our pieces!

Must Have Pieces To Transition Your Closet for Spring

Nashville weather right now is crazy (as usual!), and I am so ready to be transitioning my closet for the spring season that I thought it would be the perfect topic to write about next! Although Hazel and Chic is a small and unique boutique, I focus on making sure that our pieces are chic, yet affordable for the working young professionals out there. I love being able to provide fashion for our customers that is budget friendly, yet high quality. So, I am going to share with you my favorite pieces that will help you transition your closet to spring!

Piece One: A Comfortable Tunic Top

Our Tie Dye Cutie Top and our Button Up Tunic Top are the perfect tunics for moving into spring. They are long sleeved, yet have that flow-y airy feel that will keep you cool if the sun is blaring on you. You can throw these on with skinny jeans and boots for a cooler day, dress them up with white jeans and heels, or for a much warmer day, pair them with some cut off jean shorts, strappy sandals and a statement necklace. Voila, you have three transitional outfits to take you from cool to warm!

Piece Two: The Perfect Cardigan and/or Blazer

Having a layering piece is always essential. You can then layer pieces underneath a cardigan or blazer that will cool you off if you get too hot when it heats up during the day. Our Tribal Knit Sweater and Call Me Royalty Blazer both are perfect for accomplishing this goal, yet looking stylish throughout your day and evening.

Piece Three: The Perfect Tee

So going right along with piece number two, you must have that perfect tee to wear under the cardigan or blazer, right?! You can also pair your tee with a scarf or a statement necklace depending on the temperature and your mood of course! Some great tees that we are carrying right now are our Blue Skies Top , Pocket Tee , PIKO Top and our Tribal Tee . We do have a special love for our Classic Tee , but we are down to limited availability in that top.

Piece Four: The Perfect Day-to-Night Dress

Well every girl must have a cute little dress that she can throw on and run out the door or that she can spend hours getting ready to wear. Either way, you will want to have a comfy dress that you can style with your cardigan, blazer, scarf or statement piece this spring. Our Everly Little Black Dress and Lace Trim Tunics are just what you need when it comes to the perfect dress piece on our list (of course, we love many of our other dresses too, but these are our top picks for going day to night or cold to warm weather). These dresses are pieces that you can pair with leggings or you can go bare leg if the weather permits. That makes them a wonderful transition piece to have on hand!

Stay Chic,


The Top Outfit Picks for Valentine’s Day in Nashville

Nashville is a city of many different styles, vibes and fashion trends. From East Nashville’s hip vibe stopping at The Pharmacy for a burger, a fancy dinner at the Palm downtown, to downtown Franklin’s hometown feel at Cork and Cow, there are many different options to choose from. Let’s hope you’re honey has already made your reservations though!

No matter where you go, you want to make sure you that you are dressed in something that makes you feel stunning. Yes, you might not know what to wear to a restaurant in East Nashville if you’re used to the hometown feel of downtown Franklin, but we have a few different options for you to rock no matter what restaurant or bar you will be spending your evening with your love or your girlfriends.

It’s All In The Details Little Black Dress

This piece can be accessorized to fit any spot you may be going. You can add some chunky jewelry, a scarf if it’s a chilly evening or even just throw on some killer diamond earrings to keep it simple. You can even think shoes to make this is downtown Franklin piece with some trendy cowboy boots or a fancy dinner with some killer heels or take it to East Nashville with some adorable booties. This piece is a perfect pick for anyone’s Valentine’s Day needs!

Little Miss Daisy Dress

Now how can you go wrong with this cutie? This is a perfect dress to also change the vibe with the shoes you decide to wear. You can give it whatever feel you may need to fit the area you may be dining for Valentines Day. This is a staple dress to keep for the spring and summer (hello wedding season!) seasons to transform with a cardigan or even different colored under shirts. We love the hot pink that Caitlin from styled under this dress, but you can also go for a more neutral or another vibrant color to switch this dress up (and make it look like you’ve never worn it before—perfect!).

Turning Heads in Stripes Dress

Do you want a sassier look? This dress has the detailing and form-fitting look that you may be looking for! The stripes give it a classic, chic look, but the cutouts on the front and back give it an edgier feel than the other options in our store. Heels or boots would look fabulous with this dress. You can add a blazer or a leather jacket to spice it up and give it a couple of different looks.

In the Breeze Pant

Wanting a more casual, comfortable look? Get this pant to give you a dressed up look from the norm of jeans, but still be comfortable and stylish at the same time. Adding a cute flow-y printed top or a form fitted shirt would be the most desired pick to go with this look.

What look will you be wearing this Valentine’s Day?

Fashion Tips and Trends from Nashville Wardrobe Stylist

We caught up with Nashville Wardrobe Stylist Katie Rushton of Effortless Style to get some of her best tips and trends. We love what she had to say, and we know you will to!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

Let’s see…I am an only child. I am married with three dogs. I love yoga. I also love college sports, especially football, and I REALLY love my job. I am a wardrobe stylist here in the Nashville area, and I absolutely love working with my clients. I offer a variety of services through my business Effortless Style, so every day is different. Some days I’m working in a client’s closet helping them to clean out their closet. Some days I’m out and about doing personal shopping with (or for) clients. Some days I’m working in a client’s closet to help them mix and match to create new outfits with what they already have in their closet, and some days it’s a mix of all of the above!

What are your favorite fall and upcoming winter trends?

Booties! I love ankle booties! They come in all shapes and sizes, and they are such a versatile piece. I’ve worked with several clients this fall that love the idea of ankle boots, but have never purchased any, as they just weren’t sure how to wear them. That’s what I love most about them. They can be worn with jeans. They can be worn with skirts. They can be worn with dresses. So many options!

I’m also loving the faux fur vest trend! The faux fur vest is such a great layering piece, and here in Middle Tennessee layering is such a key part of getting dressed, especially in the fall months. Some days the weather is still pretty warm. Other days it can be freezing cold. Being able to layer is really key to navigating those crazy weather days and what better layering piece to have than a faux fur vest!

When you’re shopping with a client, what is the most important thing you would tell her or him to remember before purchasing an item?

Comfort is key! I always stress to my clients to be comfortable in what they wear. Picking up an item that is on clearance (just because it’s on clearance) isn’t always the best thing if that item doesn’t fit great and the client doesn’t feel good in it. It’s important for everyone to feel good in what you wear. What you wear can really make a difference in your mood and how you feel that day, and if you aren’t comfortable in what you wear, you probably will never wear that item again!

What is one staple piece you would recommend every woman have this fall?

In regards to staple pieces, this may sound boring, but I would say a good, quality pair of jeans. Denim is one of the areas where I encourage women to splurge and get a good brand that is going to last and that also fits well. One thing I run into often with clients is that most of their jeans are at least one size too big, so making sure they have a pair that fits properly would definitely be a recommendation.

What is your favorite item in your closet right now?

This is a hard one, but I’d probably have to say my Dolce Vita black wedge ankle boots. I’ve been looking for a good pair of black ankle boots for over a year now. I wanted a pair that was more on the casual side that could be my go-to, and I finally found them at Nordstrom Rack about a month ago.

Do you have a website or blog that our shoppers could visit to keep up with you?

I do! The name of my company is Effortless Style. You can find us online at . You can find our blog on the site as well. We try to post new blog posts a couple of times a week that are relevant topics to what our clients like to read about.

What is one final piece of advice you would give women to help them feel powerful and confident in their wardrobe?

As I mentioned above, comfort is key! I’d also say to love what you wear! If you don’t love an item, you probably aren’t going to wear that item very often, if ever.

Tis the Season for Style

Style. This word seems to be very commonly used in our language these days, but do you really stop to think about what it means to you personally? Style is something that I feel says more about you than just your outward appearance. It is the first thing people see when they look at you. Style says everything about who you are on the inside, not just the outside.

This is one main reason that I began Hazel and Chic. I always struggled with expressing myself on the outside to match who I was on the inside. Growing up, I didn’t have that small, petite frame that a lot of the girls in my class did. I was tall and felt awkward in most things that I wore because it just never seemed to fit right or look the way I wanted it to. I didn’t really understand how to dress my body type to fit my personality, which is a struggle that I feel a lot of women have. As I started getting older, I realized that I didn’t have to try to dress in what was “trendy,” but I needed to dress in what made me feel beautiful and matched who I was on the inside. I wanted everyone to see me and not just what I felt like was my awkwardly fitting clothing. I want my customers to feel that they are able to show their style through Hazel and Chic’s clothing.

I hope that when you are looking at what you want to buy for any season, you take a look at your personality and make sure it shows the true you. Make sure your style shows your personality, and makes YOU feel beautiful because that is what is truly important.


Owner: Ashley Hammer

Do you ever find yourself pining for the perfect dress for a party or special occasion to celebrate your personality, but struggle to find the right look? Meet Ashley Hammer, owner of Hazel & Chic, an online boutique based out of Nashville, Tennessee that strives to provide affordable fashions that build confidence and express the uniqueness of their clientele.

Growing up as a taller than average girl, Ashley desired to wear certain trends, but often struggled to find clothing that would fit her frame. As an advocate of the idea that all women should be able to express themselves through what they wear, she dreamed of one day opening her own boutique. After receiving her Masters in Business Administration, Ashley had the opportunity to turn her vision into a reality. She opened Hazel & Chic just over a year ago in September of 2013, and has experienced tremendous success.

Main Image:Social Media ImageHazel & Chic features “simple, sleek style for the not so simple life.” Their clothing is geared mostly to young professionals – from just out of college to women in their thirties, who seek clothing that boosts confidence, elegance, and class. Ashley also hosts trunk shows and private appointments for many of her local clients. “It’s amazing when I meet with a customer and they find something that makes them feel great and I see that light of confidence in their eyes,” she says. “It is a wonderful feeling to help other women feel great.”

Since the boutique offers clothing online, customers are able to buy high quality pieces at lower price points. Almost everything in their catalogue is under fifty dollars, without the overhead of a physical location demanding higher prices for well-made attire. Ashley ensures that each piece she sells is a unique representation of today’s fashion industry, always keeping the most up-to-date trends in mind.

What will you currently find in Ashley’s closet? “Right now I am obsessed with oversized sweaters, tribal prints and cardigans,” says Ashley. Not sure what pieces you need to incorporate into your wardrobe this season? Read Ashley’s latest blog post to see what basic items she recommends that every woman should have in her closet for fall.

To start shopping, visit Hazel & Chic at the link below and be sure to connect with them on Facebook for all the latest updates!


Every Woman's Basics Kit for Fall in Nashville


A perfect cami can feel like the difference between a good day and a bad day. It is never comfortable to feel like your shirt is too low to be professional or your pants slide down to show your necessities every time you sit down. The pant jerk is not the most attractive of dances, and a perfect cami can turn it into a beautiful ballroom glide through your day. Here are the important things to consider when choosing a cami:

Length: We prefer a long cami that offers the length and coverage to avoid the pant jerk dance... you know the one you do before you sit down to avoid the necessities showing.

Material: A nice material is crucial. The cami will fit snuggly around the torso and hips, so it needs to be the material that you forget is on you.

Coverage on the top: A cami can be worn to add additional coverage to a low cut shirt. You want to make sure that it actually performs that task to keep your girls in line for a professional day at the office.

Not Too Tight: I do not know about you, but a cami that is too tight is one of the worst things ever! Avoid the back indentions from the tightness and choose a cami that hugs and doesn’t squeeze.

Buy a Nikkibiki Cami NOW!


Leggings are a must have in the basics kit for so many reasons. Whether you are lounging, working out or dressing them up, leggings are one thing.... COMFORTABLE! Let's focus on a few points and have them straight before strutting the cat walk of life in these comfortable wanna be trousers.

Material: Make sure to choose a thick enough material that your leggings are not see through. The thing is, they may look like they are not see through at home but as soon as the sun hits your bum while you are bending over to pick something up, they magically become completely see through if you have not chosen a thick enough material

Length: Length depends on preference and how you plan to where them. If you are wearing the leggings with booties, go for a full-length pair. The capris length can work for different outfits as well.

Appropriate fit: Especially in the crotch region! Nobody likes a camel toe tagging along, you know what I'm sayin?!

Buy these leggings NOW!

Good Handbag

A good handbag carries your most crucial items for survival... you know your phone, lipstick and license, but seriously, you need to have a good carrier! Consider these recommendations when you pick out that perfect bag for that perfect outfit:

Appropriate size: This can vary with situation and need. Choose a size that is comfortable, but keep it small enough that you do not damage your shoulder with the weight.

Material: If you buy cheap, you buy twice, so buy quality the first time around!

Functionality: One pocket is not enough... ever! Choose a bag with little compartments and zippers to help with your organization.


Cardigans are a fall favorite and necessity for the basics kit. You can add a cardigan for just enough warmth and coverage and with a pattern; you can add the flare you need to make your personality stand out. Cardigans also come in short and long styles. The longer of these will go great with your leggings!

Buy this cardigan NOW!


No matter the season, the sun is still there. Protect your beautiful face and look fashionable with a great hat. Plus, hats are totally in right now! Choose one that fits your face shape and size.

Simple, chic fashion for your not-so-simple life.

About Us

Hazel and Chic Boutique, LLC is an online boutique whose mission is to provide unique, affordable and quality merchandise for you to show your heart, personality and passion through your own personal style. Hazel and Chic Boutique, LLC was formed by owner Ashley Hammer who was born in raised in Franklin, Tennessee. Ashley grew up being taller than most, and she had a hard time finding trendy clothes to fit her body. She always dreamed of being able to help women feel comfortable and secure in clothing that shows their own personal flair. A few years after completing her Masters in Business Administration, she decided to finally pursue her dream. At Hazel and Chic Boutique, LLC, it is our goal to help you feel confident from the inside out by providing convenient access to our affordable merchandise.

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A Nashville Online Women’s Boutique Offers Clothing & Inspiration!

July 25, 2014

A little about you:

I am Lipscomb University grad with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and management, and a MBA from Anderson University in Indiana. I have a wonderful husband named Charlie and two dogs named Max and Maisey that keep us entertained! To sum up my life in a few words, I have a passion for my faith, family, friends, fashion and crossfit/olympic lifting.

Ashley Hammer, Owner of Hazel & Chic

Are you From Nashville?

I sure am! I grew up moving around the Greater Nashville Area, but spent most of my childhood living in the Cool Springs/Franklin area.

How did you come to start Hazel & Chic? What was your inspiration?

I have always had a dream to start something of my own. The large vision was to have a boutique that sold items ranging from furniture to jewelry and clothing. After a few years of working for a local non-profit and a position change, I was really trying to figure out what direction I wanted my career to go. During that time, I finally decided to follow my dream of owning a boutique. I made the decision to be solely an online business because I wanted to keep my overhead low, so that I could provide more affordable prices to my customers. That was something that was truly important to me when I was creating my business plan and continues to be going forward.

My inspiration for starting my own business was my father. He was an entrepreneur himself who instilled courage and strength in me from a young age to dream big and create the life I wanted to have for myself. He showed me that it is possible to make your passion your work, and that is exactly what I decided to do.

Who is your mentor?

It’s hard to just name one person, but the main person who helps me day to day and has influenced me greatly is my mom. She is one of the strongest and smartest women I know. I would not have made it without having her to call every single day. Whether it be for advice, or even if I just need her to build me back up and tell me I am strong enough or wise enough, she is the person who has helped me get where I have wanted to go in all aspects of my life.

What is your favorite restaurant in Nashville right now?

That’s a tough one…I would have to say right now The Farm House is a top favorite of mine. I have only eaten there once, but have been dying to go back! There are so many new restaurants opening up though that I can’t wait to try out.

Practicing Recollection for Mental Health

Tell us a your favorite joke!

I would have to say my husband takes the cake for having the best sense of humor in our household. Just come ride in the car with me one day, and Ill make you laugh from singing (or making up) the wrong words to a song I sang in middle school; My husband has to point that out to me on a weekly basis. To find out the correct lyrics 15 years later to a song you used to love is a game changer, and, of course, hilarious to witness! J

Hazel & Chic, where did the name come from?

When I was twenty years old, my father was killed in a tragic car accident. My dad, as I mentioned, was a big part of the reason I have always wanted to own my own business. I knew I had to find a way to make it feel like he was still here with me, and a part of helping me start and ultimately grow my own business. My dad had hazel eyes that he passed on to me, so “hazel” had to be a part of the name. I felt that “chic” was a complete description of how I wanted to describe the clothing I was going to sell, so the words just fit perfectly together for me.

Describe the types of items you sell, and why.

I sell women’s clothing and accessories. Growing up, I was always taller than the other girls and couldn’t ever seem to find clothes that fit me the way I wanted them to. I love selling clothing because I can buy items that fit different shapes and sizes. I love that am able to use my height/size to let women know how it fits me, that girl that has always had trouble finding clothes that were long enough or fit how I wanted them to fit to feel beautiful.

Raw, Dairy-Free Squash Soup

Newganics and The Local Health Community are all about empowering people to be the best and healthiest person they can be! How does what you wear fit into this equation?

It truly makes my day when someone finds a piece they love, and that they can show their personality and style through a piece that I picked out. This is what I want Hazel and Chic to be for women. A place where they can find pieces that make them feel their best, so they can walk down the street or into their office with a confident glow. If we, as women, feel great in what we are wearing, it helps our mood and attitudes become more positive, which in turn can help us live a happier and healthier life. I want to help women feel happy on the inside by helping them boost their confidence on the outside.

What do you find to be the hardest thing for most women to overcome regarding shopping/finding clothes that fit correctly?

I have found that a lot of women feel like they need to wear larger sizes than they really do. I believe those thoughts align with the negative body image that a lot of women have about themselves. As a result of seeing themselves that way, they tend to gravitate toward shirts, dresses and pants that are a size or two too large. When you have a piece of clothing that fits your body the way it is supposed to, others can see a difference. Having an honest second opinion from a friend or stylist is always helpful for you to understand what size or fit is best for your body type. I love helping women find pieces that fit, but I also have some great recommendations for stylists in the area I love to connect my customers to as well.

Click Here For Businesses In Nashville

With body image being a struggle for a lot of women in our society, how do you, as a business owner, aim to improve this struggle through Hazel & Chic?

I think as a business owner, it is important for me to create more awareness on how to build each other up and not tear each other down or judge one another based on appearances. As women, we shouldn’t be each other’s enemies, as most of us did, currently do or will struggle with our body image at some point in our lives. It is so important to encourage each other to be healthy, not necessarily skinny. No one person has the same body, and we need to embrace each other’s differences. As Hazel and Chic grows, I hope to be able to use my blog posts, social media platforms, website and expand my selection of pieces to help women find clothing that makes them love themselves for who they are and become happier and healthier women.

What is your favorite clothing item from Hazel & Chic right now?

I just LOVE our Queen Bee Maxi Dress. The colors are just stunning on it, and plus the material is perfect for all those outdoor activities and weddings.

You can find it here!

What is your favorite fashion trend this summer?

My favorite trend this summer is the kimono cardigan. I got a new one in that just posted, so you won’t want to miss it! The kimonos are so light that they are still cool enough for this southern heat, but they give you more versatility with your outfits that you’ll be wearing this summer and can carry you into the fall season.

You can find it here!

What are you excited about for the fall?

Honestly, I am exited for football and game day pieces. I am a huge Auburn fan, so any chance I get to wear orange and blue, I am up for the challenge! But don’t worry, we’ll also be getting in some adorable pieces for teams other than Auburn also.

Where can consumers find Hazel & Chic?

You can stop by and shop on our website . We also do trunk shows and private appointments where we bring our clothes to you if you would rather try on first! You can find more information here .

You can follow us on social media too in order to keep up with our new arrivals and see how others are styling our pieces: Instagram , Facebook , Pinterest and twitter and on Wanelo .

You can reach us by email at

Shop Local: Hazel & Chic

April 11, 2014 By Katie Rushton

Hazel and Chic, an online boutique that features free-spirited, boho-chic women’s clothing, is owned and operated by Ashley Hammer. I caught up with Ashley a few days ago, hoping for some insight into her growing business and how she defines effortless style.

Ashley Hammer

Tell us a little bit about your passion for fashion.

I have definitely always enjoyed getting dressed up and shopping for that perfect top or pair of jeans that you cannot leave the store without! I think I come by it honestly, since my mom has a great sense of style. I really started getting into fashion when I was in college. That’s when I really found boutiques that had clothing for my body type, and I began to form my own style that fit my personality, which I believe is so important.

What was the inspiration for Hazel and Chic?

I have always dreamed of opening my own boutique. My ultimate dream was to sell items ranging from furniture to clothing and jewelry. In the Spring of 2013, I was looking to make a career change and really thinking seriously about my long-term goals. The timing was perfect to start my journey of opening a boutique. My husband was extremely supportive of my dream, so I made the decision to go for it. I officially launched Hazel and Chic Boutique’s website on September 23, 2013.

Hot Pink Tribal Tunic

What made you choose an online store, instead of a brick-and-mortar one?

Over the past few years, I really started mainly shopping online, due to the lack of time that I had while working my full-time job. It was just easier than fighting the mall traffic and the crowds. I began noticing an increase in the prices of the clothing for young professionals, which caused me to shop less and less, until I was just waiting for sales. When I decided I was going to start my own boutique, I made the decision to start it solely online so that I could keep my overhead low, and in return, bring my customers convenience and a lower price point, without sacrificing quality.

What sets Hazel and Chic apart from other online boutiques?

Hazel and Chic is unique because I order a very limited number of each item that we carry. We want your shopping experience to be unique and for you to have pieces that not everyone else is going to be able to purchase. Our main focus is customer service and making sure that each person doesn’t just enjoy their purchase from Hazel and Chic, but that they love it.Hazel & Chic Stand By Me Top

Stand By Me Top

What is the best part of your job?

I absolutely love when someone shops online or comes to one of my trunk shows and finds a piece they love. It makes me feel like I have connected, with someone who may be a complete stranger, in a very personal way. Being able to help someone find something that expresses their unique personality through their own style makes it all worthwhile. I think every woman deserves to find that style that fits her perfectly and not have to worry about whether it’s the latest trend. Just being able to feel beautiful in what you are wearing is so important.

What trends are you most excited about for Spring 2014?

Funny you should ask, I just wrote on the website’s blog about my 3 favorite trends for Spring! To sum it up, I love bright colored tops, floral patterns, and nautical maxi dresses. There are so many cute trends for the Spring season that it was hard to narrow it down!

Come Sail Away Maxi

Who will love Hazel and Chic?

Our target market is women ranging from college-age to mid-30s, but of course we welcome all ages to shop!

Is there anything else our readers should know about Hazel and Chic?

We offer private appointments to those living in the Greater Nashville area. What this means is that you can set up a time and a place for us to bring our clothes to you. You can either request specific items you want us to bring that you see on our website, or you can give us an idea of your style preferences, and we will choose the items for you. It makes shopping extremely convenient, which is what we are here for!

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