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Grand Central Barter is nestled in the trendy Donelson community just minutes away from the Nashville International Airport. The office is housed in a newly renovated historic stone residence. There were over 50 Grand Central Barter members used in the renovation.

Grand Central Barter is nestled in the trendy Donelson community just minutes away from the Nashville International Airport. The office is housed in a newly renovated historic stone residence. There were over 50 Grand Central Barter members used in the renovation.


Stewart is the director of member services, and he ensures that hundreds of business owners have the tools they need to trade successfully.

Stewart is the director of member services, and he ensures that hundreds of business owners have the tools they need to trade successfully.


Dave is the director of brand management at Grand Central Barter. With multiple years experience as a personal trader, Dave continues to connect local business owners and enables them to increase their local and national trading opportunities.

Dave is the director of brand management at Grand Central Barter. With multiple years experience as a personal trader, Dave continues to connect local business owners and enables them to increase their local and national trading opportunities.


How To Use Bartering to Your Advantage as a Restaurant

If you are the owner or manager of a restaurant, there a number of ways to use bartering and trading to your advantage. At Grand Central Barter (GCB), we have a large variety of businesses in our network that restaurants can use to get the essential goods and services they need to keep their business up and running.

Restaurants live and die by their reputation. Doing business with so many other local business owners is a huge boost to local reputability. Restaurants tend to thrive while working in conjunction with GCB. In addition to local recognition, restaurants can benefit from:

- Hood cleaning

- Extermination and pest control services

- Air ducts and vents cleaning

- Carpet and floor cleaning

- Printing for seasonal menus, drink menus, specials, and more

- Refrigeration repairs

- HVAC and plumbing repairs

- Advertising

- Remodeling

- And much, much more!

There are creative ways to utilize these services beyond what meets the eye. Through GCB, your business can use barter dollars to purchase space on the back of Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) event tickets for an ad and coupon. Rush Hour Local offers online reputation management to help boost positive online reviews. Of course, your GCB personal trader acts as your own bartering concierge, to help you discern the most effective ways to get what you need and help connect you to the businesses that can provide it.

Restaurants of all kinds can benefit from trading with GCB. With new businesses constantly being added, there has never been a better time to sign up. To speak to one of our barter specialists on how becoming a member of Grand Central Barter could change the life of your restaurant, give us a call today at (615) 883-1000 or visit our website at to learn more.

Common Misconceptions About Bartering and Trading

Bartering is an incredibly effective and fun way to grow your business, increase your profits, make networking connections, and find new and innovative ways to get the things you need to succeed. However, because bartering on a large, modern scale is a relatively emerging industry, there tends to be a lot of misconceptions about how exactly it works. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions and responses from Grand Central Barter :

- You are giving away your services or products for free—False! Grand Central Barter (GCB), and any other reputable trade organization, offers retail trade exchange dollar for dollar. This means that although you do not receive cash specifically for what you trade away, whatever goods or services you receive in return will be worth every dollar you initially traded.

- Businesses will raise their prices in order to earn more barter dollars—False! Although it is impossible to police every business in our network’s practices, the network almost always regulates itself. Businesses who hike prices will not only make others in the network feel taken advantage of, but will also lose the goodwill and cash referrals those other businesses might have sent their way. Hiking prices to earn barter dollars is a lose-lose situation, so most businesses will never risk it.

- Bartering is old school, so the caliber of trade partners will be lower—False! Any business that has the ability to make decisions for itself can be a part of the network at GCB, from large to small and in between. Their businesses are leaders in their industries in product quality, customer service, public respect and trust.

- Larger franchises and businesses cannot be members—False! As long as a large business is franchised and independently owned and/or operated, they can barter with GCB. The reason for this is that typically independently owned and operated franchises have managers or owners with the freedom to make the decision to barter. Well-known national companies like Dominoes, The Melting Pot, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, and more are all a part of the GCB network.

- It will cost you more by the time you pay out percentages—False! It is true that GCB collects a small cash fee on each transaction, but a profit margin is built into each and every product and service you offer. Their fee will not throw that out of balance or make the trade not worthwhile.

For more help or to get started, give them a call at (615) 883-1000. You can also visit their website at for more information.

Keys to Smart Trading with Grand Central Barter

Bartering goods and services is a smart choice for your business. So how do you make the most of it? By following a few tips from Grand Central Barter (GCB), you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your barter dollars and maximizing their effectiveness for your business.

- Replace what you pay for. Think about the goods and services necessary for your business, your family, and your employees to function properly. Which of those goods and services do you currently pay cash for, out of your own pocket or your business’s? Focus on these items first. Begin to replace them with goods and services that you can purchase through barter rather than with cash.

- Cash conversion. The next thing to focus on is how you can actually make money using barter dollars. For example, can you add “extras” to your services, but charge your customers cash to take advantage of those extras? This is a smart way to use trade to increase your profits without spending too much yourself.

- Remember personal services. Personal and medical services such as chiropractics, massage, dentistry, eye exams, eyewear, etc. are all things that tend to suck a lot of money out of your end-of-year profits, whether they are for you or your employees. With GCB, all of these things can be purchased! For services where insurance is applicable, barter can be used to compensate for your co-pay or whatever is not covered by your policy.

- Charitable donations. When you make a donation of something that you have purchased on barter, you never actually see the cash. However, whatever you donate is still worth what it is worth, and that amount is tax deductible. Keeping track of these charitable donations can be a huge way to save money when tax season rolls around.

- Recruit, recruit, recruit! If there is something you would like to purchase on barter but it is not currently in the network, let your favorite provider know about GCB! This is a win for everyone involved. Plus, you’ll earn $200 in barter dollars every time you successfully refer a new member.

- Support local businesses. If you receive goods or services through GCB and have a positive experience, be sure to let people know! Log onto Yelp or your neighborhood Facebook page, leave a positive review, and encourage those you trade with to do the same. When barter businesses lift each other up publicly, cash business flows their way as well. Positive words coming from well-respected business owners in the community will go a long way.

These are just a few of the key tips to remember while you are bartering with Grand Central Barter. Following them will ensure that you make the most out of each and every trade.

For more help or to get started, give them a call at (615) 883-1000. You can also visit their website at for more information.

The Bartering Economy

These days, there is no end to the talk about “the rise of the sharing economy.” It began with technology-organized companies like Lyft , Uber and AirBnB . They have all contributed to the fundamental shift in the way we think about our resources in this day and age. We are moving to viewing our possessions more fluidly and asking different questions.

The question used to be: what do I have and how can I get more of it—bigger, better, nicer, etc? In the sharing economy, the question has become: how can I take what I already have and turn it into profit? In the bartering industry specifically, the question is: how do I take what I already have (or do) and turn it into something I need, want, or can use?

Grand Central Barter answers this question on a widespread, high-tech and easily accessible level. When you barter and trade with Grand Central Barter, you have access through trade to the goods, services, and resources of leaders in industries from entertainment to food service to travel and beyond. They have access to what you have to offer as well. While this model has already been wildly successful, they are soon launching their app for Android and iPhone!

The Grand Central Barter app, similar to apps like Lyft and Uber or even the newer Apple Pay app , will allow users to trade on the go, cash- and credit card-free. The Grand Central Barter app functions as a payment method, transaction processor, online store, digital gift certificate storage unit, and even a GPS locator to find deals and resources near you. In this way, Grand Central Barter stands alongside companies like Lyft, Uber, AirBnB, and others who are ushering in not only “the sharing economy” as a trendy buzzword, but a new way of thinking about how we relate to our resources—and more importantly, to each other.

If you are ready to join the bartering economy with Grand Central Barter, contact them today. Give them a call at (615) 883-1000 or visit their website at to learn more.

Using Trade and Barter for Medical Services

When it comes to medical needs, business owners, especially small business owners, are notorious for taking care of everyone else before taking care of themselves—employees, clients, families, spouses, and friends. While this can be an inspiring and endearing trait, it is also important for business owners to take time to address their own physical needs so they can better serve the needs of their community and loved ones.

Often times, small business owners are simply financially unable to offer a full benefits package to their employees but still desire to provide important medical, dental, optical, and other services.

This is where Grand Central Barter comes in. They can now offer their members medical services on trade. Members can use their barter dollars to pay for medical services across the spectrum, like teeth cleanings, eye exams, chiropractic services, and more. Their member medical providers are able to apply your existing insurance to their services, then use barter dollars to cover the rest.

Medical providers whose services are available on barter with GCB include:

- Action Chiropractic

- Promise Dental

- Cardiology Wellness Center

- Middle Tennessee Orthodontic Specialists

- Stork Vision

- and many more!

Members of GCB are able to use these services for themselves or their families, or give them to their employees who find themselves in need.

In this day and age, even having insurance is no guarantee that essential medical services will be affordable. Paying for these services on barter is one way to reduce or even eliminate the cost of such services. Take care of your own needs as a small business owner and help valuable employees to get the things they need.

If you are ready to start bartering with Grand Central Barter for medical services and more, contact them today. Call (615) 883-1000, or visit their website at for more information.

High-Tech Barter and Trade in 2016

With the advent of technology and the information age, the time has never been better to incorporate bartering and trading as an essential component of your model of success for your business. For a variety of reasons, oftentimes bartering and trading has been thought of historically as rather inaccessible to the everyday business owner, but this is simply not the case. Thanks to technology, getting started using barter to bolster your business is now easier than ever.

This year, Grand Central Barter is expanding their barter platform to increase their geographical range of services utilizing new technology to make it easier for all of their members to trade at their convenience. As a new member of the International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA), GCB members now have access to goods and services far beyond the Nashville area, especially worldwide travel destinations that can be used for business or pleasure.

They are also developing both improved software and a brand new app that will be available for iPhone and Android. The new software, developed in conjunction with NexTrade360, will facilitate a Grand Central Barter experience akin to shopping on eBay, Amazon, or any of your favorite retail sites. Your certificates or vouchers will be automatically processed and emailed to you more conveniently than ever. With the app, your vouchers will be stored for easy access. You will be able to send messages to other members, process transactions, get live help from their trade brokers, and view trading opportunities in your geographical area all on-the-go with just the touch of a button. Both the new software and the app will debut in March 2016.

Grand Central Barter wants to make bartering goods and services as easy, hassle-free, and accessible as possible. They are excited about continuing to use new and innovative forms of technology to meet this goal. With Grand Central Barter, using trade to save money and make your business more successful has never been better.

For more information or to learn more about how to become a member of Grand Central Barter, call (615) 883-1000 or visit their website .

Middle Tennessee’s Fastest Growing Trade and Barter Organization

Grand Central Barter first opened its doors in September of 2014. Since then, they have experienced rapid growth to become one of the most successful trade and bartering organizations in the state and region. As of the end of 2015, they had just over 260 member businesses who completed over a million dollars worth of trade last year alone.

Most of their member businesses make their home in Middle Tennessee, but not all. There are member businesses spread out across the country that have heard of what GCB is doing and are excited to be a part of it—from condo rentals in Florida to skin care out of Iowa; from hardwood floor restorers in Kentucky to an international travel agency in Vermont. Their trade services are good for every type of business and every industry. Each business benefits in different ways.

Grand Central Barter is a member of both the National Association of Trade Exchanges (NATE) and the International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA). They are the only member of either NATE or IRTA in Middle Tennessee. As such, one of their heaviest focuses is networking for their trading partners. GCB wants to do their best to connect each business and help them meet other community members. GCB knows that their success is dependent on the success of their member businesses. They make a strong effort to help each and every one of their traders thrive through trading.

They have been honored to be a part of building up the community in Middle Tennessee over the course of their first year. They have made it their mission to find new and creative ways to give back. Last year, GCB was a presenting sponsor for shows with both the Tennessee Preforming Arts Center (TPAC) and the Nashville Symphony . GCB takes their responsibility as a business in the community very seriously. They know how important it is to build back into the places that have given them so much success.

Grand Central Barter would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the people that have made their first year in business such an incredible success—their family, member businesses, and community. They look forward to many more years of facilitating trade and barter in Middle Tennessee!

Find out more about the benefits of trading with Grand Central Barter by visiting their website at .

Make Home and Garden Improvements with Grand Central Barter

Now that the holidays are over and the New Year has begun, many people will be getting to work on their new year’s resolutions and home improvement projects that were put off during the busy holiday season. At Grand Central Barter , they have tons of ways for you to spend your Grand Dollars in the New Year to help improve your home and garden. Home and garden improvements are a great way for business owners to benefit not just their businesses, but also their homes and families!

The home and garden category includes:

- Independent contractors like Armor Roofing, Assured Heating and Cooling, Todd Forest Mechanical , Nashville Cats Heating and Plumbing, Just Paint It, Chimney Quest , Cornerstone Painting Company, and Carpet Fashions carpet installers.

- Cleaning companies like The Clean Team, who services businesses and homes regularly, and Shawna’s Cleaning, who specializes in one-time cleaning needs like moving and special events.

- Lawn care maintenance companies like Edged Enterprise and Earthwise Pest Control , the premier in environmentally friendly pest control.

- Interior design and home accessorizing shops like Regina Davidson Murals, Harpeth Art Center and Gallery , Picture This Custom Framing, Music Row Autographs and Framing, and Design Nashville custom home accents.

When you trade with Grand Central Barter, you can use your trade dollars to finally fix that problem spot on the roof, get the carpets deep-cleaned, decorate your home with art from some of Nashville’s finest and most creative visual artists, and so much more! Take advantage of these services to improve your home or your business, as many can be redeemed in either context.

They know that their hardworking business owners often take care of their businesses before they take care of themselves. Making home and garden improvements through Grand Central Barter can be a great way for business owners to pay a little extra attention to their family, home, and overall quality of life.

To get your business signed up for Grand Central Barter and start trading for home and garden services today, call (615) 883-1000. Learn more about Grand Central Barter and all of their participating Middle Tennessee businesses at .

Take Your Event to the Next Level with Grand Central Barter

If you are a business owner, manager, or event planner, you know that throughout the course of the year there are many opportunities to host workplace parties or events. With the holiday season fast approaching, these opportunities are on the horizon. Many people are beginning to plan for food, entertainment, transportation, and more.

As a member of Grand Central Barter, your Grand dollars can be used to provide you and your employees with all this and more. GCB works with some of the most talented and well-respected caterers, florists, entertainers, advertisers, photographers, and others in Music City who can take your holiday celebration to the next level.

Whether it is a Christmas party, holiday event, Thanksgiving, employee appreciation day, ribbon cutting, open house, anniversary, manager meeting, or any other type of reason people get together to celebrate, GCB has the resources to make it amazing and memorable.

Their member businesses include:

- Catering companies- Copper Kettle, Beyond Details, A Dream Come True, Celebrations, Crumb de la Crumb,Monell’s

- Florists- The White Orchid, Blooming Boutique

- Bakers-Nonna’s, Crumb de la Crumb (with specialty cake services)

- Personal chef services- WHO COOKS FOR YOU?(which can be used to create meals for specific events or send casseroles for events you are unable to attend yourself)

- Nashville Recording Artists- Deborah Allen, Shelli Tennyson

- DJ services- Loyded Productions

- Professional transportation services- Emerald Luxury Transportation, Signature Transportation Services

- Active entertainment rentals- bounce houses, inflatables, snow cone and cotton candy, popcorn poppers

- Photography services- photo booth rental companies (like Active Entertainment and Ace Photography) and professional photographers (like Ace Photography, Exposure Studio, Leah Grey Event Photography, and AMAX film and video)

- Printing services- Fidelity Offset Printing (for all of your flyers and invitations)

Whatever need you have for your event or celebration, GCB has a member that can help fulfill it, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing those services outright. Their members will help you throw parties that will go down in history and be talked about for years to come. Join Grand Central Barter and start planning your event today!

To speak to one of the staff at Grand Central Barter, call (615) 883-1000 or visit their website at for more information.

Trading for the Holidays with Grand Central Barter

The holidays are an extremely busy time at Grand Central Barter because many of their participating businesses have tons of festive services that come in handy this time of year. You can fulfill all of your needs from Christmas parties to employee gifts to personal recreational activities with friends and family.

It is a great time to be a part of the Grand Central Barter family! Here are just a few examples of ways you can use your Grand Dollars to make this holiday season the best one ever for you, your family, and your business.

Employee Gifts

Nearly every participating Grand Central Barter business offers gift certificates for their services, so you can treat your employees to a nice night out at an upscale restaurant, a spa service, tickets to a special event, and more! The Nashville Symphony, the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, Mel O’ Drama Theater , and the Nashville Children’s Theater all trade with Grand Central Barter and make great end-of-year gifts or activities for you and your employees.

Party Services

Access to some of Music City’s best catering companies is just one of the many benefits of being a part of Grand Central Barter. You can use any catering service to furnish your holiday party with amazing appetizers and main courses. Some of the companies can provide you with gifts or party favors as well—like Nonna’s Sweets and Treats, who makes adorable four-packs of holiday-themed cupcakes that everyone will love.

You can also get party favors or gifts from local candle making companies like Candle Bug and The Candle Kitchen in delectable holiday scents. Get decoration services, including specialty holiday decoration from It’s Always Something, now offering live Christmas trees. Don’t forget to book the entertainment! They have several performers on the docks that can be booked for your holiday party or special event.

Printed Goods

Many individuals and businesses choose to send out holiday cards at the end of the year, and with good reason! It is a great way to show appreciation for friends and family as well as valued customers and clients. They have several advertising and printing companies in their ranks who can print specialized Holiday cards complete with your company logo to help you create a unique season’s greeting that is all your own.

These are just a few of the ways you can use your Grand Dollars around the holidays. With the dozens of other businesses that trade with Grand Central Barter, whatever you can dream up, they can make happen! The time has never been better to start trading with Grand Central Barter, so contact them today!

Give them a call at (615) 883-1000 or visit their website at for more information and a complete list of member businesses and services.

Purchasing Health and Beauty Services with Grand Central Barter

Health and beauty are two of the largest focuses in our society, and thus two of the most prevalent industries. We are constantly on the lookout for advancements in healthcare and the many different ways we can take care of ourselves, both internally and externally. What if we told you there was a way to enjoy a luxurious massage, a high-quality haircut, or even visit the dentist, without ever dipping into your bank account?

At Grand Central Barter , many of our businesses provide health and beauty services for other barter clients. People who work within these industries are generally exchanging services, so there is value to the time they spend performing their work. Beauty and health professionals who enlist as members of Grand Central Barter benefit from lower costs than if they were to acquire cash, garnering minimal overhead in carrying out their services.

Besides minimizing the cost associated with traditional payment methods, Grand Central Barter also creates an enormous network for health and beauty professionals in Middle Tennessee. Through one exchange with another barter member, you instantly partake in a word-of-mouth referral system which virtually guarantees additional clients. Grand Central Barter helps to minimize the pool of competition within your industry, providing an enormous advantage to finding work and success for your small business.

The barter system affords you the ability to take care of that which matters most. If you do not have insurance, you can use your grand dollars to visit one of our numerous healthcare professionals, including dentists, oral surgeons, eye doctors, and more. If you do have insurance, you can use your grand dollars to pay off the co-pay and keep the rest in your digital dollar bank for a future expenditure. This win-win situation allows you to save your cash while attending to your health. Grand dollars can also act as a substitute to traditional healthcare plans provided for employees; you can use your digital bank as an alternative healthcare provider for your staff as well.

With a huge directory of health and beauty professionals, Grand Central Barter allows you access to a family counselor, yoga instructor, aesthetician, chiropractor, acupuncturists, and one of Nashville’s leading cardiologists, just to name a few. Whether you are long overdue for a visit to the dentist, or simply want to buy a day spa gift certificate for your wife or dedicated employee, Grand Central Barter allows you to do so without ever dipping into your wallet.

Phone Number: 615.883.1000


Dine at the Best of Nashville with Grand Central Barter

One of the most popular services that members of Grand Central Barter use their Grand dollars on is dining. Grand Central Barter has partnered with dozens of Nashville and Middle Tennessee’s most prized restaurants, pubs, cafes, coffee shops, and catering services to give their members a variety of styles and cuisines to choose from.

Their participating restaurants and catering services include:

- Café Coco

- Café Monell’s

- Coco Greens

- Coco’s Italian Market

- Copper Kettle Cafe (Green Hills)

- Crumb de la Crumb

- Donut Den

- Ellendale’s Restaurant

- Monell’s (Three Locations)

- My Veggie Chef

- Nolen’s Place

- Onyx

- Papa Turney’s Old

- Phat Bites Deli

- Fashioned BBQ

- Rodizio Grill Nashville

- The Listening Room Cafe

- The Melting Pot

- The Nashville Palace

- The Pfunky Griddle (Two Locations)

- The Wild Cow


These restaurants represent the best of what Music City has to offer when it comes to dining out. There are so many ways to creatively use your Grand dollars with their services!

WHO COOKS FOR YOU? is a personal chef service that specializes in hand-delivered meals. They are great for new moms, the sick, or when you want to send a special gift that lets someone know you are thinking of them.

My Veggie Chef is a health-food meal delivery company that allows you to order up to a week’s worth of healthy, pre-prepared meals and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Many of these restaurants also offer in-house and on-site catering services, so you can treat your next family get-together or office party to the best. Having an account with Grand Central Barter makes having an important business meeting or an interview a breeze—just tip in cash. The rest is taken care of! All of these restaurants’ services can be paid for through Grand Central Barter easily and conveniently, using the Grand dollars you have accumulated.

If you are a restaurant owner or manager, their services are a benefit to you as well! Trade your dollars for specialized and important restaurant services like hood cleaning, HV/AC work, carpet and floor cleaning, electric and refrigeration repair, printing menus, employee incentives, and even advertising!

Grand Central Barter specializes in bringing people together to meet each others’ needs in a way that benefits all parties involved, and that is exactly what they do when it comes to the dining and food service industry in Nashville.

No matter what industry you come from, Grand Central Barter can be a huge benefit to your business. Give them a call today at (615) 883-1000 or visit their website at for more information and a complete list of all participating area members and businesses.

Traveling With Trade Dollars In Middle Tennessee

For business owners, taking a vacation is often easier said than done— it’s something they long to prioritize but cannot seem to find the time or resources to accomplish. Trade dollars afford business owners the opportunity to pay for their vacations without ever dipping into their cash savings, which suddenly makes the idea of taking time for yourself much more appealing. At Grand Central Barter in Middle Tennessee, they offer a host of options for you to plan the vacation or travel adventure of your dreams. Traveling with Grand dollars is one of the most requested services they offer and is a wonderful way to put your dollars to use.

Many of their Grand Central Barter members own luxurious vacation spots that they trade with other accounts. From exotic timeshares and spacious condos to private cabins and exquisite beach houses, their members offer you and your family ideal vacation spots for some necessary rest. With Nashville becoming such a huge destination city, they also feature some hotels in the area, including Three Hyatt Places , a Hilton Garden Inn , Home 2 Suite , and a Comfort Suite . If your sister is visiting for the holidays, and you want to treat her to an upscale hotel room, you can do so with your grand dollars.

Other popular destinations for Grand Central Barter members in Middle Tennessee are the Hummingbird Cabin in Gatlinburg and the Garden Walk Bed and Breakfast in Chattanooga. Featuring 5300 square feet of space, gorgeous wrap around balconies, five bedrooms, and six bathrooms, the Hummingbird Cabin is a premier destination for Nashville locals and international tourists alike. For a relaxed and cozy ambiance on a weekend trip to Chattanooga, the Garden Walk Bed and Breakfast provides the charm you need to forget about work and enjoy your getaway.

As a member of the National Association of Trade Exchanges , Grand Central Barter gains access to numerous other independent barter companies across the country. Not only does this membership allow them to trade nationwide for their business owners, but it also provides a slew of international vacation spots.

With their NATE affiliation, they provide limitless opportunities for exotic travel. Just recently, they promoted vacations in both Buenos Aires and Geneva, and clients have the option of taking cruises in some of the world’s most beautiful corners. With access to these barter companies, you can plan more than just your place of stay—each one offers numerous city attractions to enhance your travel experience.

Whether you are the type of person who longs for a weekend of quiet with access to some of the world’s most luxurious day spas, or you are seeking an adventure full of adrenaline rushes and activity, Grand Central Barter can provide your ideal vacation through the grand dollars you have earned!

Phone Number: 615.883.1000


Enhancing Your Lifestyle in Middle Tennessee with Grand Central Barter

In today’s society, people work endless hours just to have enough cash flow to pay their bills. With little ability to establish a work/life balance, we sometimes become overwhelmed with financial obligations and are unable to enjoy the personal parts of life that matter most. By joining as a member with Grand Central Barter , you have the ability to take time out of your busy schedule and do what so few people seem able to do—enjoy yourself! You are more likely to take the time out of your day to reward yourself and your employees in ways you may not otherwise have done.

With so many different business accounts as active members of Grand Central Barter, the opportunities for an enhanced lifestyle are endless. Members can choose to spend their digital dollars on sporting events, including Nashville Predators , Tennessee Titan games. Clients can also invest in concerts or play tickets with their Grand dollars, a luxury they may not be able to afford through the use of traditional payment methods. A few of our members in the entertainment arena include The Nashville Symphony , The Tennessee Performing Arts Center , and The Nashville Children’s Theater .

Beyond entertaining oneself and one’s family, these activities make great employee incentives. While you may not want to spend cash on taking an employee or client to a concert, Grand dollars provide you with the ability to reward them at little cost.

Popular restaurants give business owners the opportunity to enjoy a meal outside of the house, or to entertain clients and out-of-town friends. Some of Nashville’s most prominent restaurants are featured members of Grand Central Barter, including Monell’s southern family-style eatery, and Listening Room Café , a Nashville favorite for live music and a relaxed atmosphere.

Whatever the scope of adventure you have in mind, your Grand dollars give you access to making these lifestyle dreams a reality. Some of our members even include party bus rentals and limousine services, including Signature Transportation and Emerald Luxury Transportation. The opportunities to have a little fun are endless.

Not only do members find it possible to enjoy themselves in a way that does not take a lot of time or resources, our corresponding businesses achieve more clientele through a narrowed field of competition. By connecting through trade, members inevitably attract cash referrals through word of mouth and increased transfers of business.

For more information on how Grand Central Barter can provide you with leisure and an enhanced lifestyle, call us today!

Phone Number: 615.883.1000


Advertising Your Business With Trade Dollars In Nashville, Tennessee

The benefits to joining Grand Central Barter in Nashville extends past traditional trade. As a member, you can use the digital dollars you have earned for a plethora of different business engagements, including promotions in the advertising arena. This company enables you to publicize your business not only within the world of trade, but within the cash buying world as well.

Often, small businesses or companies have a minimal budget to spend on advertising. With Grand Central Barter , you have the opportunity to advertise through trading goods and services, making it more viable to promote your brand in areas that would otherwise be unavailable.

Due to their extensive number of memberships and the variety of services offered, there are many unique and advantageous opportunities for publicity within the trade network. To highlight a few avenues for advertisement: with a company called Nomadic Genius , you can advertise your products and services on the mobile billboards they produce. Print publications, such as the Nashville Parent Magazine , allow you to use your trade dollars to buy traditional advertising space within the pages of their issues. Skywatch Weather and Traffic Advertising gives businesses the opportunities to advertise on the thirty-five different AM and FM radio stations, featuring thirty-second recorded time slots for weather updates and fifteen-second live time slots for traffic announcements.

Their membership also includes public relations companies, such as AB Bam Media , where your trade dollars can earn you the services of expert publicists who create skilled press releases for your business. For other forms of advertising, Grand Central Barter affords you the opportunity to act as a vendor, presenting booths at major Nashville events including this year’s Oktoberfest .

Perhaps the most popular form of advertising members of Grand Central Barter participate in is sponsorships of different events. With TPAC and The Nashville Symphony the possibilities associated with sponsorships are enormous. Not only can you purchase an ad in the house pamphlets to gain audience visibility with the you can act as the presenting show sponsor of any play or event, attracting publicity that would be otherwise much more difficult to acquire through cash payment. This gives your business the opportunity to compete with a wide field of major companies with huge advertising budgets. As an example, Grand Central Barter sponsored both the Blue Man Group last year and Momma Mia this year through trade. Monell’s Dining and Catering is sponsoring Dirty Dancing, the first Broadway musical to open this season at TPAC.

With Grand Central Barter in Nashville, you have many extensive opportunities to advertise your business. Give them a call today to find out more about how to become a member.

Phone: 615.883.1000


Shop Local With Grand Central Barter in Middle Tennessee

“Shop Local” had become one of the most popular phrases of our current economy. Grand Central Barter has established a system that supports locally owned businesses. Grand Central Barter is a Nashville-based bartering company that allows local businesses to support each other, uplifting a wide variety of products and services and providing unbelievable marketing benefits to each one.

With Grand Central Barter, each business receives a barter concierge, who helps to promote the particular products and services associated with each company throughout the extensive bartering world. As a virtual bank, trades are carried out in the form of “digital dollars,” and businesses are free to spend their earned dollars however they choose. For example, if a chiropractor lent his services to the owner of a local jewelry shop, the chiropractor would be reimbursed in virtual dollars that exist within a digital banking system, and could then spend the compensation with any other partner of Grand Central Barter.

Within just one year of existence, Grand Central Barter now networks 218 different accounts, so the possibilities to promote your business and purchase exceptional products and services are virtually endless!

The businesses they work with run the gamut. Every thing from advertising agencies, healthcare practitioners, entertainment companies, event services, automotive repairs, home and gardening services, and much more. Grand Central Barter is creating a bustling, vibrant local economy that remains alive through the consistent buying and selling of locally-owned products and services.

The benefits of joining are enormous. Not only are you helping to put a “shop local” mentality into practice here in Nashville , you are also recruiting new customers and clients that you otherwise may not have had. As soon as open your account, your barter concierge will promote and publicize your business to our other 200+ affiliates, narrowing the field of competition for your particular specialty, and creating an active microcosm of the essentials that make a consumer-based economy successful.

By engaging in trade through Grand Central Barter , they provide you with a platform to trade additional services and inventory while conserving your cash. With a shop local mentality and a focus on building beneficial business relationships, Grand Central Barter plays a massive role in upholding and growing the local economy in Middle Tennessee.

Welcome To Grand Central Barter:

We offer you the world's largest barter marketplace, and give you the e-business resources you need to build your bottom line with access to thousands of new customers, stronger cash flow, increased buying power, greater sales volume and access to new markets for sale of your product or service throughout the world. Tens of thousands of business owners and professionals already trade in our global trade alliance. Earn Trade Dollars from these new customers and put your new purchasing power to work running your business, expanding your operations, or enhancing your personal standard of living without spending cash.

About Us:

Based in Nashville, TN, (also known as Music City USA), the GCB offices are located just a few miles from the world famous GRAND Ole Opry. Visitors are always welcome to stop by for a handshake, a hug or the Grand tour. Founded by three guys with an entrepreneurial spirit and excited about their GRAND adventure the company is a guaranteed GRAND slam. David Hayden with his IRS background and CPA credentials is the steady hand of the operation and as reliable as a GRANDfather clock. Adam Bowie, owner of a daily deal site as well as digital marketing firm Rush Hour Local , has plans for expanding GCB faster than the Grand Prix. Dave Jones, a singer-songwriter and local business owner, is the creative force and the GRAND marshal of this unstoppable parade. Just months after launching with a GRAND total nearing 200 members trading is flowing as fast and as freely as the Rio GRANDe. GCB is a proud member of both NATE ( National Association of Trade Exchanges ) and IRTA ( International Reciprocal Trade Association ) enhancing local trading with global trade opportunities from the GRAND Canyon to Grand Cayman. Each member works in harmony with a personal trader acting as their trading concierge to ensure that all transactions are executed as flawlessly as the melodic notes from a babyGRAND. In the GRAND scheme of things GCB is building a powerful network of trading partners focused on conserving cash and promoting each others brands. As unanimous as a Grand juror verdict business owners are “all aboard” the fast moving train that is GRAND CENTRAL BARTER.

Grand Central Barter is proud to be Tennessee’s ONLY trading association recognized as a member of BOTH NATE – National Association of Trade Exchanges and IRTA – International Reciprocal Trade Association.

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What Is Barter?

Implementing barter into your everyday business practice has become a necessity to grab your share of the revenue from this enormous business potential. Learn the fundamentals of barter but, more importantly, expand your creativity and implement these new ideas to generate profits.

Benefits Of Barter:

Businesses large and small choose to barter in order to gain specific benefits

Retail Trade

- New sales and customers

- Increased buying power

- Conservation of cash flow

- Alternative financing

- Enhanced quality of life

Corporate Barter

- Convert slow moving inventory into current receivables

- Put surplus production capacity to use

- Increase market share with low cash investment

International Countertrade

- Preserve hard currency

- Improve balance of trade

- Access new markets

- Upgrade manufacturing capabilities

- Maintain prices of export goods

Why Business Barter?

The Department of Commerce says that barter in its various forms accounts for about thirty percent of the world's total business. The International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA) recently announced that U.S. barter transacted through commercial barter brokers now exceeds $8 billion annually. Over 250,000 U.S. businesses actively use organized barter.

There are many good reasons why more and more businesses worldwide are bartering their products and services, but underlying them all is one fundamental business motivation; businesses profit.Airlines and restaurants can fill empty seats, hotels and resorts can fill empty rooms, printers can fill press downtime, professionals can fill empty time slots, health care professionals can treat new patients. Business owners and professionals can then take this newfound revenue and reduce cash expenses or expand their operations. Businesses across America are taking a serious look at barter as a way to build their bottom line, and the rapid growth of the online barter industry can only mean that American business likes what today's barter industry has to offer.


Advertising is the best way to use Trade Dollars to attract cash business. Advertising media, including radio, television, magazines, newspapers, billboards, and direct mail, are all available on trade. After all, there's no way to store advertising media and sell it later, so media companies welcome trade.If a minute of available advertising time passes at a radio station without an advertiser buying it, that minute is lost forever. It can't be put back on the shelf and sold tomorrow. The same is true in various ways for all other advertising media.Bartered advertising is very affordable, particularly since your Trade Dollar income generally represents new business. This means the cost basis in your bartered advertising dollars is very low. For example, a restaurant may have food costs representing 30 percent of the price of a meal. Since barter represents new business the restaurant would have been unlikely to attract, the actual cash cost of those Trade Dollars is 30 cents on the dollar. There is no additional cost in rent, electricity, insurance, payroll, etc. to service the additional business. The only expense is the incremental cost of the food.Using Trade Dollars, the restaurant can buy advertising to bring in new cash business for less than a third of the regular cash cost. And advertising is a readily available barter commodity, one that represents an immediate opportunity to generate new cash business. In the example above, the restaurant has tripled the purchasing power of its actual cash cost.Not everyone recognizes the opportunities barter represents, but anyone can learn. It just takes some creative minds and exposure to new ideas to fit barter into your every day way of doing business.

Real Estate:

Real estate provides excellent opportunities to invest Trade Dollars that will generate cash profits. Real estate isn't a particularly liquid asset, but real estate becomes more valuable over time and provides an excellent inflation hedge and tax shelter. Since Trade Dollars come from selling surplus or from additional new business and have a low incremental cash cost, many investors find that they can be more aggressive in pursuing investments such as real estate. Because UNITE members can earn Trade Dollars without significantly affecting cash flow, investors can buy speculative properties and wait for values to go up. In some cases, it's even possible to walk away with a pocket full of cash.Even if the investor is forced to sell at a paper loss, the sale can still represent a cash profit. Here's how it works. Let's say a business has an incremental cost of 35 percent in its Trade Dollars. The business owner buys a piece of property for $100,000 trade, so the cash cost in the property is $35,000. If he sells it for $70,000 cash, he has still doubled his cash investment while reporting a $30,000 loss on his taxes. The IRS doesn't care whether you pay for the property in cash or Trade Dollars. The reportable loss is still the same.Investing Trade Dollars in improvements to a hard asset like real estate is another way to generate cash profits on Trade Dollars, since the investment enhances the cash value of the property. For example, a doctor has paid for replastering and painting of a house, had a new sidewalk put in, has renovated a garage, and made other improvements using Trade Dollars. Since the doctor's cost of a Trade Dollar is only his time, the actual cost of the improvements is negligible.Even when a contractor isn't a UNITE member, members are still able to finance improvements with trade. Vacations, vehicles and building materials can be bought with Trade Dollars, which can be traded to contractors.Where electricians, remodelers, plumbers or other contractors are UNITE members, owners can easily upgrade the cash value their property. If the real estate is income producing property like rentals, the improvements can generate immediate cash through rent increases.

Barter Mortgages:

You can still buy real estate, including property, homes, condos, even though you don't have sufficient trade available to pay for it. Trade exchange members have recently purchased a condo in Vermont, 14 building lots in Riverhead, building lots in the Poconos, a 30,000 square foot office building, a 10,000 square foot warehouse and a condo in Pennsylvania. These transactions ranged from $60,000 to over $1 million. Typically, the buyer paid a 20-30% down payment in Trade Dollars. The balance was financed with a barter mortgage, just like in the cash world.UNITE makes mortgages available to qualified buyers of real estate, where the monthly principal and interest is paid in Trade Dollars. You provide your product or service to UNITE members and deposit the Trade Dollars into your account. A set amount is deducted from your account each month to cover the mortgage payment. Even better, UNITE brokers refer the new business you need to make the payments, and online sales can enable you to pay off the property even faster. It's that simple.A recent offering was a beautiful house in New Jersey. The owner wasn't able to sell it in the year it was listed with a realtor. Because he had a need for Trade Dollars, he was willing to take 100% of his equity in the home in Trade Dollars. The asking price was $450,000. The equity of $225,000 was paid in Trade Dollars, the balance of $225,000 was paid by obtaining financing with a bank mortgage.An example of creative trading would be for the buyer to apply for 60% financing of the $450,000 and get a $270,000 mortgage to purchase the house. The seller only requires $225,000 in cash to pay off his indebtedness, leaving an excess of $45,000 cash that the buyer keeps. The buyer also makes a down payment of 25% of the barter mortgage, $56,250 in trade, leaving a barter mortgage of $168,750. This can be paid in product or service of approximately $4,000/month for five years. The house needs approximately $25,000 in cosmetic interior renovation, most of which can be done on trade.Bottom line is, the house can be bought for trade and cash, the buyer walks away with $45,000 in cash and lives in or rents the house for five years. The house can then be sold for at least $425,000. Pay off the remaining cash mortgage of approximately $225,000, and walk away with another $200,000 in cash.If you are interested in creative trading that turns Trade Dollars into cash, let us know. Then the next time a deal comes along, you'll be the first to know.

Equity Training:

Trading shares of stock is a new trend gaining popularity in the investment and securities arena. Typically companies will sell 144 restricted stock for Trade Dollars which is a form of currency recognized by the IRS. They can then use the Trade Dollars to offset cash marketing costs with trade thus marketing the stock and advertising the company to gain name recognition and market share.Other cash expenses that can be offset with trade purchases include design of company logos and collateral materials, printing of annual reports, 10Ks and 10Qs, legal services, Internet site design and a host of other services typically needed to launch an IPO.Pre-IPO companies can also use stock sales to build a Trade Dollar reserve which may be used as assets. Or, Trade Dollars can be used to purchase other hard assets such as real estate. Companies should always do their due diligence by discussing these concepts with their advisor or accountant to determine their feasibility.An added benefit to companies that sell stock for Trade Dollars is the accrual of new investors who talk about their investment to friends, family and associates who can become potential cash investors thus creating demand for the stock and trading activity.Since Trade Dollars come from excess capacity or from additional new business and have a low incremental cash cost, many investors can be more aggressive and take chances in investing in new companies. Because UNITE members can earn Trade Dollars without significantly affecting cash flow, investors can buy speculative stocks and wait for share values to go up. Once the restriction expires, it's possible to turn trade investments into cash.

Employee Benefits:

Employee benefits represent a major cash cost for most businesses and are rapidly becoming unaffordable for many small businesses. Barter represents an opportunity to cut costs and generate cash income for savvy business owners.It doesn't matter whether the company has many employees or just a few. There are dental plans, vision plans, chiropractic physicians, health spas, day care, and other employee benefits that are available for Trade Dollars.Providing employees with better benefits purchased on trade can help small businesses attract and keep skilled employees. Another approach is to make benefits available to employees at reduced cost. For example, an employer might pay for day care at a local center on trade, then offer the service to employees at half price as a payroll deduction.The employee receives a significant saving on a valuable fringe benefit. The employer reduces its payroll cost, and the expense provides a tax deduction.Another benefit is a dentist or optometrist. In these cases employers can send an employee to a UNITE dentist, then submit the bill to the insurance company for reimbursement in cash.

Earn Cash While Selling On Trade

Some businesses can also generate cash as a by-product of earning Trade Dollars. Hotels and resorts are a good example of this process.The mortgage, insurance and utilities on a hotel are fixed, whether the hotel is fully occupied or nearly empty. The incremental cost of filling an unused room is minimal. To pay for the extra house cleaning, laundry, and complimentary items such as soaps and shampoos, it costs about $20 per room night.But just think about how much cash revenue that twenty dollars can generate. The people staying in that room order room service, buy sodas from the machine, magazines and gifts from the gift shop and eat in the restaurant. It's even more lucrative if it is a resort. When a destination resort offers sports, tours and entertainment, visitors spend a lot of money on peripherals.The hotel has generated cash it would not have had while producing full value for the room in Trade Dollars. In addition to the new cash flow, the hotel can use the Trade Dollars to offset cash expenses.

Turn Trade Dollars Into Cash

We believe that virtually every UNITE member regularly pays cash for something that could be bought on trade, which can then be resold for cash. If you can’t find it yourself, your broker will be happy to assist you.For example, one of our clients is a magazine. One of its major expenses is color separations. We found another business that does separations and signed them up specifically for the magazine client.The pre-press company does the separations and film on trade, and the magazine charges cash to its advertisers. With the help of a creative broker, the magazine now turns its Trade Dollars directly into cash.The separations were an established part of the magazine's fixed cost, so it was fairly simple to recognize the barter opportunity. Creative traders can also develop new product lines or new ways of doing business that turn Trade Dollars into cash dollars. For example, a parking garage teamed up with an oil change and auto detailing company. Parking customers find it convenient to drop their cars off and not waste time on minor maintenance. The parking garage pays for the work in trade, then charges cash to its customers.With the help of creative trading, the garage owner found a way to offer a new service and generate a new source of cash flow funded completely on barter.

Cash Producing Equipment:

Buying cash generating equipment with Trade Dollars is another way to bring Trade Dollars back to cash. One of our clients recently bought a $5,000 color copier on trade. He deducted the purchase price as a business expense, and now believes he will be able to earn the full price back in cash within a year by selling color copies for cash.Another client, a paging company, buys pagers made by a Florida company at wholesale prices for Trade Dollars. The paging company marks up the prices, sells the pagers to its customers for cash, then earns cash for the monthly paging service as well. Meanwhile, the Trade Dollars it uses to buy the pagers comes from a line of credit from UNITE which it repays by selling paging service on trade to other UNITE clients.Buying more products and equipment are two ways to generate more cash by investing Trade Dollars in a business. A third way is to invest in what represents most businesses' most important asset - its employees.Sales and production incentives can be purchased on trade and tied to cash profits, either through more orders or increased efficiency. Incentives can be either competitive or cooperative. Sales incentives are usually competitive, while production incentives are more frequently cooperative. In either case desirable incentives such as travel, gifts, and dining are usually available for Trade Dollars.

Build In Cash Customers:

Some companies sell products on trade that can be serviced or supplied on cash. For example, a company sells a binding device on trade but charges cash for orders of supplies. The supplies can be purchased from other vendors, but since customers have a business relationship with the initial company they tend to continue it for the cash business as well.One way to build in a cash customer is to sell a franchise on trade. A magazine franchise, for example, might sell on trade, then printing and graphic services could be sold to the franchisee for cash. Meanwhile, the trade accepted for the franchise fee could be used for advertising to attract new customers for the franchisee.

What Does Our Name Mean?

grand: /’ɡrænd/

Involving or including many people or things;very large in scope; having an impressive result.

central: /’sentrəl/

At the center —easily accessible; of primary importance; connecting separate entities.

barter: /‘bärtər/

To exchange products and/or services; to create and utilize non-traditional revenue.

CNN Endorses Barter To Promote Local Businesses!

In the following video, CNN demonstrates how businesses can grow using barter. Grand Central Barter is proud to be the only trade exchange in middle Tennessee recognized by both the National Association of Trade Exchanges and the International Reciprocal Trade Association .

Want to learn more about how you can use trade and barter in your own business? Contact Grand Central Barter .

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