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The Goddard School uses the most current, academically endorsed methods to ensure that children have fun while learning the skills they need for long-term success in school and in life.


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“I am excited and proud to be part of Goddard and committed to providing the highest quality preschool experience for the children in this community.” -Leisa, School Owner

“I am excited and proud to be part of Goddard and committed to providing the highest quality preschool experience for the children in this community.” -Leisa, School Owner


We’ve created a variety of programs so your children can find a program they will absolutely love. Your children will have the chance to dive into new and fun every day. The Categories are: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, and additional FUN!

We’ve created a variety of programs so your children can find a program they will absolutely love. Your children will have the chance to dive into new and fun every day. The Categories are: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, and additional FUN!


How The Goddard School Is Helping to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Summer learning loss—or “Summer Slide” as it is sometimes called—is a very real concern for parents and students of all ages alike. It is a well-documented fact that during the summer months, children often lose their grip on knowledge they had previously been well-acquainted with during the school year, leaving them trying to play catchup when school starts back up again in the fall.

At The Goddard School, our preschool is year-round, meaning we do not take time off for the summer months. However, preventing summer slide is still a very real concern, both for us and for the parents of our students. Since the weather is generally beautiful in Middle Tennessee during the summer, we try to keep a majority of our activities outdoors and activity-oriented. Each class this summer is growing a vegetable garden on campus. We have hosted state-themed parties, a petting zoo, a bicycle safety day, sprinkler day with the local firefighters, and so much more. But in the midst of all the fun, we have made sure to keep learning our central focus. Gardening teaches math skills like measuring, counting, and sorting, as well as science skills and biology concepts. Parties like our “Hawaiian Luau” and our “Red, White and Blue Day Parade” teach history, sociology, and cultural studies. Interacting with local firefighters and policemen helps children to learn about community helpers and the importance of being a good citizen.

Parental engagement is also key when it comes to preventing summer learning loss. At The Goddard School, we work with parents to give them the skills, inspiration and direction it takes to keep kids’ minds active all summer long. Important things to remember during the summer to prevent summer learning loss are:

- Read something together every day. It does not have to be long or involved, but read aloud to your kids at least once a day—even if it is just a short book at bedtime or a newspaper article at breakfast. Reading together aloud forms strong family bonds and helps instill in children, especially young children, the value of reading.

- Focus on activities that engage the mind and the body . Keeping both engaged is key to preventing the “Summer Slide.” Try taking a trip to the Adventure Science Center in Nashville, where your child will be able to learn and play at the same time. Parks, nature centers, and zoos are also a great idea.

- Choose educational screen time. It is only natural that children will want to spend part of their summer playing video games and surfing the web—but even this can turn into an opportunity to learn. There are a huge variety of kid-friendly sites that offer educational games teaching all kinds of skills from arithmetic to grammar. Search “learning games for kids” on Google and take a look at some of the many fun sites that are available. You can also search the app store on your smartphone or tablet for kid-friendly games.

The Goddard School is passionate about helping kids gain and retain the knowledge that will last them a lifetime, all year round. To learn more or to inquire about enrollment, call (615) 822-9300 or visit our website at .

The Goddard School Earns P21’s Exemplar Award

The Goddard School of Hendersonville is thrilled to announce that we are one of the very few schools in the country to be selected for P21’s Exemplar Award. P21, or the Partnership for 21st Century Learning, is in its fourth year of offering the Exemplar Award to schools across the country that meet and exceed their standards of teaching and equipping students with 21st century skills. Many schools apply, but only a few make it through the rigorous evaluation process.

Schools are evaluated based on their submitted proposals as well as an on-site visit to determine whether the school is meeting the criteria outlined by P21. These criteria include successfully preparing students for further education and the real world, partnering successfully with community organizations, successfully passing on 21st century skills to students, and more.

During the on-site visit and assessment by P21, dozens of parents and community members attended to show their support for The Goddard School and speak on our behalf about why they believed we deserved their award. Community supporters included Hendersonville Mayor Scott Foster, Sumner County Superintendent and Director of Schools Dr. Del Phillips, President and CEO of Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce Paul Goode, President and CEO of United Way of Sumner County Dana Given, Vanderbilt University Psychologist and Goddard School parent Melissa Whitener, Tennessee District 44 State Representative William Lamberth, Community Service Officer Greg Freudenthal of the Hendersonville Police Department, Hendersonville Fire Marshall Chuck Swann, Ward 5 Alderman Darrell Woodcock Jr., and Matthew Lawson, founder of Young Professionals, member of the Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce Executive Board, and Goddard School parent.

All of the hard work and care of our teachers, staff, parents, and community supporters paid off, and we are proud to be the only P21 Exemplar Award honoree in the state of Tennessee. We look forward to continuing to meet and exceed the standards set by the Partnership for 21st Century Learning as we strive to endow students with the 21st century skills necessary to succeed not just in school, but in life.

For more information about P21 and the exemplar award program, visit . More information about The Goddard School can be found on our website at or by calling (615) 822-9300.

The Best Year Ever at The Goddard School

As holidays draw near and the calendar year comes to a close, we at The Goddard School are reflecting back on the amazing and record-breaking year we have had. We have been the recipients of a total of three extraordinarily prestigious awards for preschools both locally and internationally, and we could not be more proud of our teachers, staff, leadership, children, and families for making it all possible.

The Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce awarded us the Large Business of the Year award, which is one of the highest honors that can be afforded to a business in Hendersonville. Chamber peers must nominate businesses for consideration, and the nominees are then voted for by the 800-member Chamber. We are thrilled to have been nominated, and even more honored that the Chamber of Commerce values our presence and contribution to the community enough to award The Goddard School with such an honor.

Parenting Magazine gives out geographically specific awards each year, and this year in Sumner County, The Goddard School was voted best preschool!

Parenting Magazine issues these awards across the spectrum of businesses—everything from medical offices to plumbers to restaurants, and of course, schools! Awards are given solely on the basis of online votes from members of the community, which says much about the way our parents and families value us! More information can be found at .

And last but certainly not least, out of the 430 Goddard Schools located across the United States, our school was one of just 7 Goddard Schools to receive the Circle of Excellence President’s Club Award, for high achievements in quality programming, health and safety, occupancy, and other metrics. Our Hendersonville Goddard School location is only 5 years old, so this award is especially validating our commitment to make our school the best it can be.

Owner Leisa Byars says of the award, “We continually strive to provide an educational program that not only prepares children for success in school but for success in life as well. The health and safety of our children is of the utmost importance. Our top priority is to provide a safe, nurturing learning environment.”We thank our teachers, community, and wonderful families for their leadership and support throughout 2015.

One of the reasons we believe our efforts have not gone unrecognized is our consistent and regular efforts to get children and families involved with giving back to those around us. Each month we do something different to support the community and help those in need, and this holiday season is no different.

All through December, the Goddard School will be participating in the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program that helps families in need around the holidays, as well as the Hendersonville Police Department’s Santa Cop program. Throughout the year during their everyday duties, the Hendersonville police force takes note of those they come in contact with who may need help during the holidays, primarily the elderly and children. The members of the police force then hand deliver presents to those people at Christmas time which are purchased with donations from individuals and organizations like the Goddard School. Last year we were able to donate over $4,000 to the Santa Cop program, and this year we are excited to hopefully exceed the $4,000 mark!

For more information about the Goddard School or what we are doing to give back to the community that has supported us so much this year, call (615) 822-9300 or visit to learn more.

The Goddard School Supports Military and Local Charitable Causes

The Goddard School prides itself on being not just the most prestigious preschool in Hendersonville, but also an active and compassionate member of the local community. Towards that end, we participate in many charitable activities throughout the year. One of the most exciting events we were able to support this year was Lee Greenwood’s Proud to be an American military support and book tour event, hosted by the Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce.

Greenwood, writer of the now-classic song “God Bless the U.S.A.,” has been a proud supporter of all branches of the military for many years, and recently released a children's book entitled Proud to Be an American, after the chorus of his famous hit. Hendersonville’s Barnes & Noble store, who carries Greenwood’s new book, was also a sponsor of the event and was present along with the local Hendersonville Fire and Police departments and local military veterans. Everyone came together to celebrate and affirm the hard work they all do each and every day in efforts to keep America’s citizens safe from harm.

Student’s from The Goddard School's Junior Kindergarten classrooms shared the stage with Mr. Greenwood and proudly led the Pledge of Allegiance for the assembled group of Chamber members, military personnel, first responders and local dignitaries.

The event was held on October 6, 2015, at one of the most beloved local churches in Hendersonville, with proceeds benefiting the Chamber Foundation. More information about Greenwood and his new book can be found on his website at .

The Goddard School is also in the middle of our largest charitable food drive of the year to benefit the Hendersonville Samaritan Association ’s Samaritan Center. The Hendersonville Samaritan Association is an all-inclusive family aid 501c3 non-profit organization that assists children and families in need through a variety of different programs, and this time of year their food bank, The Samaritan Center, is always in need of a little extra help.

The Goddard School is encouraging students and parents to bring canned and other non-perishable food items for donation to The Samaritan Center now through the end of October. Donations will help families in our community who otherwise may not be able to sufficiently feed themselves this holiday season.

We are proud to partner with the Hendersonville Samaritan Association in this endeavor, and we hope that all friends of The Goddard School will support the good work that they are doing, affecting the lives of so many in need. More information about The Hendersonville Samaritan Association can be found on their website at

These are just a few of the things The Goddard School does to find some small way to give back to the community we know and love so well. But there are many more! Keep up with all the latest news and events at The Goddard School and find out more about our educational philosophy and current availability by calling (615) 822-9300 or visit our website at

The Goddard School: On the Cutting Edge of Preschool Innovation

At The Goddard School, we pride ourselves on being on the forefront of all things preschool. We aim to offer the best education possible—one that will truly prepare our students for life’s greatest challenges and ensure success in all of their endeavors throughout the rest of their lives.

That is why we are currently in the process of being certified for P21’s 21st Century Skills . P21, or the Partnership for 21st Century Learning, is an organization that seeks to improve the ways we educate our children in preparation for being leaders, citizens, and workers in a society that is constantly changing, evolving, and innovating. P21 is the ultimate authority when it comes to preparing kids for the future!

Through the P21 approach, the Goddard School will work to instill four core values in all of our students: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. These are the skills that will carry young people into the workforce of tomorrow, and they are the skills that will help them succeed in the education system of today.

The Goddard School is applying for P21’s Exemplar program. This special branch was created to identify and celebrate individual schools that embody the P21 values of 21st century skills both in their approach to education in the classroom and their overall strategy for engaging their community.

Our P21 school visit happened last week, and prominent members of the Hendersonville community came out to support us and give speeches on our behalf. Mayor Scott Foster, Alderman Darrell Woodcock, Director of Schools – Dr. Del Phillips, and many others all made appearances at our P21 school visit. The presenters came to talk about the Goddard School’s involvement in the Hendersonville area and how excited they are for our opportunity to be certified with P21.

Further announcements about our certification process with P21 will be made during the month of November, but for now we look forward to continuing to uphold P21’s standards of excellence and educational values like collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

To learn more about P21 and 21st Century Skills, visit their website at . More information about The Goddard School and news about our certification can be found on our website at .

Taste of Hendersonville Presented by The Goddard School

For the last five years, the Goddard School has had the extreme honor and pleasure of being the presenting sponsor of the critically acclaimed annual event, Taste of Hendersonville—and this year was no different.

2015’s Taste of Hendersonville was held on September 10. The Taste featured booths from dozens of different restaurants, grocers, and catering companies throughout the Hendersonville area, as well as booths from local area businesses. Celebrity judges like Mayor Scott Foster, Holly Thompson of Channel 4 News , and others were present, sampling the food and handing out several different awards for different categories, including the prestigious People’s Choice award.

The Taste of Hendersonville also featured a Kids’ Zone with inflatable bounce houses and more fun activities for the little ones. The Goddard School had the pleasure of hosting an old-timey candy store with colorful candies like Big Reds and Lemon drops where kids were able to work on learning their colors in English and in Spanish! There was also a balloon maker, and several of our students’ favorite cartoon characters made an appearance!

Best of all, every year the Taste of Hendersonville serves to benefit an extremely worthy organization. This year, the recipient was the Sumner County Food Bank , an organization that provides free food on a monthly basis to those members of the community who need it most. The Goddard School is proud to have been a part of such an amazing event in support of such a wonderful community program. We hope you will join us next year at the Taste of Hendersonville not only to support the local economy, but to also give back in a very tangible, practical way.

Information about this year’s Taste of Hendersonville may be found on the Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce website at . To find out more about the Goddard School, visit our website at .

The Goddard School Voted Large Business of the Year by Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce

Each year the Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce casts its votes for best large (16+ employees) and small (≥15 employees) business in the area. Votes are collected from the over 800 businesses that participate in the Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce, according to who they believe represents the greatest and brightest of their community.

The Goddard School has a long history with the Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce—we have been nominated for this award twice before, and our owner, Leisa Byers, has been an active Chamber board member for years. Last year, she was honored with the Professional Award for Women Impacting the Community, given by the Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce.

The Goddard School participates in the Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce each and every year because we know how essential it is for local businesses to be involved in improving and helping the communities in which they are located. We sponsor or support many community events throughout the year, including Taste of Hendersonville, St. Jude’s “Give Thanks” Walk , the annual food drive for the Samaritan Center of Hendersonville, the muscular dystrophy walk-a-thon, and more! We collect gently used books at The Goddard School for donation to the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and we take part in the Soles for Souls shoe drive each year as well. One of our most gratifying events each year is when our amazing Goddard families raise funds for the Hendersonville Police Department’s Santa Cop Program. At The Goddard School, we are always looking for ways that we can support our community and teach the value of good citizenship to our children.

We are honored to accept the award for Large Businesses of the Year from the Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce in the hopes that greater exposure and funding will allow us to do even more for our wonderful Hendersonville community. The award was announced at the Hendersonville Chamber luncheon last month, and The Goddard School received a very kind letter from congresswoman Diane Black recognizing our award and congratulating us on our achievement.

We are looking forward to another fantastic year of providing unsurpassed educational services to our families and stewarding our resources to support our community.

Information about The Goddard School and our educational philosophy, classes, and so much more can be found on our website at .

About Us:

The Goddard School uses the most current, academically endorsed methods to ensure that children have fun while learning the skills they need for long-term success in school and in life. Our talented teachers also collaborate with parents to nurture children into respectful, confident and joyful learners.

Our Philosophy:

Learning Through Play

The Goddard School’s F.L.EX.® Learning Program provides the optimal environment for your child’s social and academic development. This program is based on academic research that states children experience the deepest, most genuine learning when they are having fun. The program focuses on academic, social, creative and child-centered development to provide a well-rounded experience and ensure children become confident, joyful and fully prepared students.

- Offering a wide range of enriching activities to meet the individual needs of each child

- Focusing on building each child's emotional, social, cognitive and physical skills

- Offering multi-cultural and developmentally appropriate materials and equipment

- Complying with Quality Assurance Reviews and parent surveys conducted by GSI

- Supporting the professional development of teachers through early childhood education training

- Offering open communication with families in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect

Our accredited F.L.EX.® Learning Program encompasses this philosophy in the safe and nurturing childcare learning environments that encourage F.L.EX.® ibility for each child's unique abilities.

We Provide Your Child:

A Nurturing Environment:

Every school is co-led by an on-site owner and education director who work together to make sure every family has a wonderful experience. This distinctive model also ensures children are known and appreciated for their individual gifts and personalities.

A Unique Approach:

Our approach is based on accepted research that clearly indicates the deepest, most genuine learning occurs for children through play and fun activities lovingly guided by highly trained teachers.

Collaboration With Parenting:

We collaborate with you in the process of raising your child aligned with your vision. We develop plans designed to help your child reach his or her fullest potential.

The Goddard Experience:


Our approach is based on accepted research that clearly indicates the deepest, most genuine learning occurs for children through play and fun activities, lovingly guided by highly trained teachers.


We deploy the talents of highly trained teachers and educational directors to prepare your child for social and academic success. Our Educational Advisory Board and Goddard Systems University ensure our faculty maintains the highest standards in early childhood education.


Your child is offered ample opportunities to develop his or her natural curiosity and creativity through exploration and discovery, guided by caring teachers who cultivate these moments for lasting understanding.


Every school is co-led by an on-site owner and education director who work together to make sure every family has a wonderful experience. This distinctive model also ensures children feel known and appreciated for their individual gifts and personalities.

Our Programs:

- Infant

Our infant care play area is filled with toys and books that help your baby develop at his or her own pace. Teachers sing songs and read stories to encourage language acquisition. They also pass balls and play games to develop motor skills. In many Goddard Schools, American Sign Language is introduced to encourage children to express their thoughts or needs. Goddard Teachers also work with the parents to ensure a balance of home and school. Together they develop the child’s daily schedule including nap times, play times and bottle times. As part of the Infant Program, the First Steps classroom helps the child transition from Infant to Toddler as the budding explorers learn new vocabulary and self-help skills.

- Toddler

Through The Goddard School ® F.L.EX. ® Learning Program, teachers plan daily activities in a bright and cheery environment to encourage eager investigation of the world. Within the consistent structure toddlers crave, they enjoy a daily balance of quiet activities, spirited music and movement and plenty of outdoor climbing, running and jumping.

Learning Centers are always open for imaginary play with blocks and puzzles, creative art and lots of books. Circle time incorporates stories and songs that encourage language skills and social growth. Children are guided through activities that strengthen gross motor skills, such as using balance beams and standing on tip-toes; and fine motor skills through crayon and marker use.

- Preschool

The Goddard School ® F.L.EX. ® Learning Program sets the stage for self confidence by encouraging progress at a child’s own pace, according to individual needs and abilities. Learning centers for math, science, dramatic play, music, creative art and computers provide opportunities to balance both shared and independent learning experiences. Fitness, art history and manners are incorporated into the preschooler's daily schedule, as well. Visits by local museums and libraries, community helpers, and theatrical productions supplement classroom learning within the safety of our schools.

- Pre K/Junior - K

Our programs promote cooperative play and collaborative problem-solving skills through classroom-appropriate lesson plans. Most Schools offer music appreciation, foreign language, world cultures and access to computers, as well. The Goddard School Pre-K/Junior K Programs have earned AdvancED and Middle States accreditation after demonstrating the highest standards in early childhood education. This means The Goddard School ® F.L.EX. ® Learning Program will help each child gain exceptional skills for kindergarten success.

- Kindergarten

Each classroom has a balance of quiet reading time with social and imaginary play. The Goddard School ® F.L.EX. ® Learning Program's fun activities, guided by highly trained teachers, foster the cognitive and social development of every child. Most Schools offer further educational diversity with foreign language, yoga, world cultures, manners and computer skills in order to expand their learning opportunities.Each Goddard School works with local districts to ensure every child's smooth transition between Kindergarten and First Grade.

- School Age

Goddard School's trained teachers provide your child with individualized homework assistance, as well as supervised computer time to promote technical literacy. The Goddard School ® F.L.EX. ® Learning Program ensures that socialization, problem-solving and a balance of academics and play, are still integral to the activities for all school-age children through music, creative art and games.

To learn more about these programs, click here to view our website.

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The Anthony A. Martine Memorial Scholarship

The Anthony A. Martino Memorial Scholarship is a scholarship of $10,000 for the 2015-2016 academic year awarded to a senior in high school who graduated from The Goddard School ® . This scholarship is awarded to a graduate who demonstrates the work ethic and perseverance that exemplified Martino's commitment to his career, family and community.

Learn the scholarship rules and criteria here!

Meet Our Faculty!


School Owner: Leisa has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Oberlin College, a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from the University of Michigan, and a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurial Management from Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania. She is CPR and First Aid certified. “I am excited and proud to be part of Goddard and am committed to providing the highest quality preschool experience for the children in this neighborhood.”


Director of Curriculum: Kelley graduated from Lynwood Christian Academy and then attended Virginia Western Community College to work towards her Associate's degree. She has taught Pre-K at a private preschool and was a Special Education Assistant in Sumner County.


Director of Education: Megan graduated from The University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Elementary Education. She has five years experience working as a personal nanny, lead teacher in a two year old classroom, as well as previously serving as both an Assistant Director and Director in the private preschool setting.

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