Funnyman's ABC Class

Funnyman's ABC Class

(615) 491-5880

5000 Linbar Drive - Ste­. 250, Nashville TN 37211



Funnyman's ABC Class

I teach Responsible Alcoholic Beverage Service Classes, so servers, bartenders, and managers can get an ABC Card, aka a server permit, making it legal for them to serve alcohol in TN.


Funnyman's ABC Class


5000 Linbar Drive - Ste. 250, Nashville TN 37211



I teach Responsible Alcoholic Beverage Service Classes, so servers, bartenders, and managers can get an ABC Card, aka a server permit, making it legal for them to serve alcohol in TN.

I teach Responsible Alcoholic Beverage Service Classes, so servers, bartenders, and managers can get an ABC Card, aka a server permit, making it legal for them to serve alcohol in TN.


Hey there, It is the holiday party season!

Ho-ho-ho! I want to encourage everyone to remember Lyft and Uber for yourselves and your loved (or liked) ones as you celebrate the end of the year. It is always a better choice to get a ride rather than having too much fun and getting behind the wheel. Make your SAFE RIDE PLAN before you start to get into the spirits. Be safe and live to be able to break your new years resolutions! Remember to try to encourage your guests to arrive alive as well. Happy holidays! Party on!

Hey, restaurant people! I want to encourage you to come to my class when you have to take an ABC CLASS to get a SERVER PERMIT in Tennessee

Here is a list of my classes:

Sunday: 1 P.M. - 6:25 P.M. - Linbar Business Center - 5000 Linbar DR. 37211 ste.250 (on the left just behind the Hooter's)

Monday: 6 P.M. - 11:25 P.M. - Linbar Business Center

Tuesday: 10:30 A.M. - 4 P.M. - Mad Donna's - 1313 Woodland St. 37206

Wednesday: 10:30 A.M. - 4 P.M. - Mad Donna's

Thursday: 10:30 A.M. - 4 P.M. - Mad Donna's

The classes are, sadly, way too long and way too boring. I approach it with a different slant. I show up each day ready to have a good time as we scramble through the material. I try to entertain you with stupid jokes and silly situations in a high energy rant as we cover all of the rules and regulations pertaining to your jobs. I am not necessarily politically correct and I am not a learned professor… I am a restaurant guy and I will play with your heads and I may even bust your bollocks, but I will not be boring. If you are easily offended or require a steady diet of milk toast, there are surely plenty of teachers better suited to your taste for you endure. Call the TABC and ask them to recommend a low key instructor. I am not mean spirited and I am not a jerk at heart. I am trying to make the best of a crazy situation… which is a FIVE HOUR CLASS required by law in TN. Come on in and relax and roll with it!

Beware of Serving Minors Alcohol In Restaurants

A lot of restaurants are getting busted for serving minors in Tennessee. Servers, bartenders and managers must be on top of their game from the first table that comes in after the doors are opened until the last couple in a booth, who need to GET A ROOM--- but won’t, leaves the premises.

The TABC, local Beer Boards and the Police actively engage in sting operations to be sure minors are not being served in licensed establishments throughout the state. There is only one reason for them to do these operations: there are way too many people and establishments who don’t take the alcohol service laws seriously. If you get caught serving a minor, you are going to lose your job, your freedom and your treasure.

Your establishment is going to get a $1500.00 fine. Your boss is going to fire you for that. If the boss doesn’t fire you for serving a minor, what he or she is saying to rest of the staff is: “I don’t care what you do inside these walls! You don’t even have to follow the law!” You will be fired for that $1500.00 fine. There goes your Job. Your Freedom? They are going to throw you in handcuffs and lead you out of the restaurant the long way so everybody in the building is going to see you going out to jail! Even the guys back in prep! That is a very strong visual and they know people will be talking about that at the Christmas party ten years from now! “Hey—remember Jerry the jailbird! Haw-haw!” They are going to take you downtown and throw you in the hoosegow. After a while in jail, they will give you a phone call and you will have to call somebody who loves you…or at least somebody who likes you a whole lot and say: “Hey-- could you go and get some money and come get me out of jail? I’ve had enough time in jail for one evening!” You are going to bond out pretty easily because it is kind of a lame charge, but first you get fingerprinted, get your mug shot taken and get to hang out in a cell with some cool new friends. And your treasure? Soon YOU are going to go before the judge and you are going to get whatever fine the judge feels is appropriate at that time. Maybe you go before the judge on the best day of his life and he gives you a hundred dollar fine. That could happen. Maybe you go before the judge on the worst day of his life and he gives you a twenty thousand dollar fine! That could happen too! The judge is the man in the robe! He does what he wants to do! You may say: “There are sentencing guidelines”…THEY ARE GUIDELINES! Do you always follow all of your guide lines? I would not expect to get lucky and go before the judge on the best day of his life. You need to remember at every table you have a responsibility under the laws of the state of Tennessee and under the laws of the Universe to make sure a minor is not served alcohol.

You can get a DUI in Tennessee by letting someone else drunk drive your car!

It happened to a couple of girls in my class! They had gone downtown to party and got a little drunkie, but girl number 2 was not as drunkie as girl number 1, so girl number 1 was driving number 2’s car. They weren’t done—they were leaving downtown going over to the Demonbruen strip and pulled up to a stop sign and kissed a cop car…just a tiny little bump, and the cops got out and gave them both a DUI—girl number 2 for drunk driving and girl number 1 for letting her drive her car and putting the public at risk! DUI by allowance!

One can get a DUI in Tennessee having a party at your house! Somebody says “Hey we’re out of beer!’ The host replies, “Go get some more!” “Okay.” The guest comes back and says “ Your car is blocking me in.” The host says, “Take my car! Get some more brewski!” The guest complies and gets pulled over for any or no reason. The officer says, “You smell like alcohol. Get out of the car please….You’ve failed your field sobriety test. I’m going to have to take you downtown. I’m going to have to tow your car downtown as well. “It’s not my car!” “What do you mean?” “It’s not my car!”

“Whose car is it?” “Billy’s!” “Where is Billy?” “Back at the party!” “Let’s go get him”

Knock-knock! “Who is it?” “Police!” “What do you want?” “Billy!” “Why’s that?” “DUI!!” Billy says, “I’m watching a movie!” “DUI!” and downtown he goes!

One more thing to understand: If you are drunk and you are in your car, you will be charged with DUI. The public seems to think the keys have to be in the ignition, but that is not true. If the keys are ANYWHERE in your car, and you are in your car and you are drunk, you can be charged with DUI. Tell your friends and loved ones because this is the truth and sometimes we just need to hear the truth!


Starting Sunday, April 12, 2015 , Funnyman’s ABC Class is changing the schedule.

We are switching the Thursday P.M. class to a 10:30 A.M. class at MAD DONNA’s in East Nashville and we are adding a SUNDAY DAY class at 1 P.M. at the Linbar Business Center.

The Schedule now reads as follows:

Sunday 1 P.M &Monday 6 P.M. at 5000 Linbar Drive, Nashville 37211.

( In the Linbar Business Center, which is 30 yards on the left past the Hooter’s at I-24 and Harding Place: behind the Jack in the Box).

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 10:30 A.M. at Mad Donna’s !

1313 Woodland Street (East) Nashville 37206. (14 th and Woodland Street)

(3 blocks EAST of Five Points)

In our continuing effort to make the classes user-friendly, we are going down to only one NIGHT class, for the people who simply cannot make it during the daytime and we are adding the Sunday class to make it more do-able for the people who work M-F 9-5.

Call 615.491.5880 for real live human contact and/or GOOGLE: for a direct hit to the website which will tell you everything you could possibly want to know and then some! Check out the contact us page for maps which will keep you from getting lost. You know how Mapquest and GPS systems can get you a little lost sometimes? I have fixed that on the maps on the website.

The classes are still 5 hours long BY LAW, and you need to bring a positive attitude, cash money and a gov’t. issued photo I.D.

The class costs $65 and the card from the ABC costs YOU $20. NO CHECKS! You can bring me the $20 and I will pick up the card and mail it to you, which is strongly suggested, or you can get a $20 cashier’s check or money order and drive downtown to pick up your card. THE ABC WILL NOT TAKE CASH OR CHECKS.


Hopefully, you will discover with time, your number one most precious commodity on this planet is your time. To spend very much of it doing something you do not enjoy is a sad and tragic waste of your undeniably most valuable gift: your time! You need to find something you can do well, which you enjoy doing, and you should do it with relish and gusto and delight and with joy in your heart. If you go into work every day hating your job, you are making other people hate their jobs as well. That is absolutely unacceptable. If you hate the job you have now, I am giving you a homework assignment: I want you think about it for a couple of days and starting on the third day, I want you to start looking for another job so you can then quit the job you hate. You owe it to yourself…to your Mom…to the Universe to maximize your precious time on this little old blue ball we call home. It is exactly the right thing to do with your time!


Why do you have to take an ABC class every five years in Tennessee?

The biggest reason is: people get complacent. They figure they have served a million drinks and nobody ever got hurt, so they can do whatever they want to do to make some dough! To combat this bad logic, every five years, the state makes anyone who might ever hand a drink to a person in a liquor-by-the-drink establishment - servers, bartenders, managers, bar backs?… (possibly bar backs, if they ever just might help out and hand even one drink to a customer) - take a class to remind them they have a responsibility under the laws of the State of Tennessee and under the Moral Code of the Universe: they won’t get anyone hammered and let them drive away. That is what it is really all about. (It doesn’t hurt that the insurance racket likes it as well.)

It is the individual’s responsibility to be sure their card is current. One must take another class before their card expires or be subject to penalty, should the TABC come in for a compliance review. It is not the restaurant’s or the manager’s duty to be certain the staff is up to date. However the restaurant will be fined if anyone is found to be working without a valid server permit.

The management team can easily check the expiration dates by putting a monthly note on the office calendar: "Check ABC Book!" The opening manager can spend about three minutes checking each employee’s status to be sure there are no glitches. It is a great idea to put the expiration date on the schedules. That way everyone is aware of any upcoming expiration date. Also remind each employee, on their contact sheet, when they have two months before expiration. Have each employee initial it, showing they understand.

Managers: TAKE SERVERS OFF THE SCHEDULE about a month (but no later than two weeks) before their cards expire, to encourage them to follow through and TAKE A CLASS! I recommend Funnyman’s Daily ABC Class! The manager doesn’t have to think about it. There is no need to schedule anyone off to go to a class …we have classes scheduled at least four days a week so the employee can take the class on their day off. Taking a class and having a copy of their new card on their person and at the workplace before the old card expires will save everybody a whole lot of grief. Honestly, it also only takes about three minutes a month for the management team to be sure nobody is going to get fined by the state.


I was a restaurant manager my whole adult life (as adult as it got) and I reached my goals, but it didn’t satisfy my soul.

I became a G.M. and I was like “ Big deal. More hours .” For some people, it’s like “ Look at me! I’m the KING OF THE WORLD! ” For me it was Dawg, am I never going home ?”

I decided to move to Nashville and focus on my private life, which I did. I started paying attention to girls!

I got married in 2003 and between our honeymoon in March and Christmas (We had a great honeymoon. We went to Trinidad and Tobago. She went to Trinidad, I went to Tobago.) we had, like, two days off together. I worked in the restaurant game and my wife was then working in the real world.

I wanted to be married for 5, 10, 20 years to the same girl, so I gave up the ghost. I quit my management gig and started doing TABC classes for a living. These classes have a reputation for being BORE-ING. I knew this from first-hand experience. I had taken the class twice since I got to Tennessee and the instructors didn’t seem to care about what they were doing. I decided I could do a much better job of teaching the material and making the classes more engaging than the people who taught me and I think I was right.

It’s been over a decade and I am still having (and giving) a great time each class. I throw in a little “Restaurant 101” for the rookies and enough lame jokes to keep us all on a positive vibe.


My name is Mickey McConnell . I teach Responsible Alcoholic Beverage Service Classes, so servers, bartenders, and managers can get an ABC Card, aka server permit , making it legal to serve alcohol in Tennessee for five years. The Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission says you must take a class in responsible alcohol service to serve booze in a licensed facility in the state. They do not say the class has to be torture! If you are offended by “R” or even “PG”- rated comedies, perhaps you should take someone else's class. I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable, but I want to entertain you for 5 hours.

I offer you the opportunity to take an ABC class which is upbeat, informative and oddly enough, fun! I promise to show up each day ready to rock and roll, ready to have a great time as we go through the required material to satisfy the state’s demands.

If you show up ON TIME, with a positive attitude and sixty-five U.S. dollars ($65) cash money, you can take the class.

If you are late, you CANNOT TAKE THE CLASS. Assume that traffic will be a nightmare and leave for the class way too early!

Come in ready to have some fun. You CAN’T be too cool for THIS school. Lighten up! Negative energy is a waste of precious time. The class is too long, by law, but TOGETHER, we can make it a good time.

I take cash. I do not take personal checks. Neither does the TABC. They will take cashier’s checks or money orders.

If you would like me to pick up your card and mail it to you: bring an extra 20 dollars and 49 cents ($20.49), or $20-plus-a-stamp, and I will do so.

If you want to pick up your own card at the ABC office, you must take them a 20 dollar ($20) MONEY ORDER or CASHIERS CHECK--they will NOT accept cash.

If you are sick, please do not take the class until you are well--don't make the rest of the students is bad juju!

Life happens! Check my calendar at and call 615-491-5880 the day before or around 9:30 a.m.-ish (T/W) or 4 p.m.-ish (M/TH) on the day you're attending to make sure the game is on. I've only missed five classes in all these years, but much better for you to be safe than sorry.

Sort of New Policy from the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission:

BAD NEWS : YIKES! THE TABC HAS RAISED THE PRICES OF THE CLASS AND THE SERVER PERMIT CARDS! The cost of a server permit is twenty dollars ($20) and the cost of the class is sixty-five bucks ($65). Another big change: TABC is now asking for a five day turn-around time for picking up your server permit--no more instant karma of picking up your card the next afternoon if you need it on the fly. It was fun while it lasted, but it is no longer acceptable to the powers that be. Also the TABC will no longer accept cash for your ABC card. Cashiers checks and money orders only, in the amount of twenty dollars ($20). I WILL take your cash and pick up the card for you, but if you pick it up yourself, cash is NOT an option.

It would be a GREAT IDEA for you to call 615-741-1602 x 0 and be sure that the class has been entered into the system BEFORE YOU DRIVE DOWNTOWN, to be sure that you don’t waste your time and energy and gas. You can pick your card up at the TABC: The Davy Crockett Tower: 500 James Robertson Pky, 3rd floor Nashville TN 37243 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Try not to arrive at the office after 3:30 P.M.--you'll just upset the ladies of the state and that is a VERY BAD IDEA.

If you don’t need your card immediately, you can mail your application to the TABC at the address listed above (500 James Robertson...) with a twenty dollar ($20) cashiers check or money order made out to "TN" ABC, and they will send it to you, at their leisure, to the address you put on your yellow form! I strongly suggest that you take the application down to the ABC office rather than mailing it, because ....well, just because.

Click Here For ABC Rules & Regulations


Need a map to Funnyman's classroom? Click Here! Then click on "view larger map" for the location you are looking for.


Mondays and Thursdays, 6:00PM - Linbar Business Center, 5000 Linbar Drive - Ste. 250 - Nashville 37211.

(I-24-EXIT 56). The Linbar Business Center is on the left behind the Hooter's, which is behind the Jack-in-the Box at I-24 and Harding Place). Plenty of free parking right in front of suite 250. Come in through the AMERICAN CONTRACTORS EXAM door. We usually leave by 11:20 or so.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 10:30AM - the loft at Mad Donna's, 1313 Woodland Street – (East) Nashville 37206.

Repeat: MAD DONNA'S Restaurant @ corner of Woodland Street and S.14 th . Three blocks East of Five Points on Woodland. Very easy to find (kitty-corner from the purple Lipstick Lounge). Park on Woodland Street. We will be done by about 4 p.m.



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