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Use Local Content Marketing to Get Search Results

Blue Plover is the largest hyper local network of local information connected to an ever-growing number of local and credible high traffic websites. Join today for free!


Blue Plover


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Use Local Content Marketing to Get Search Results

Blue Plover is the largest hyper local network of local information connected to an ever-growing number of local and credible high traffic websites. Join today for free!


Blue Plover


Raleigh NC




A good online presence takes work! Like our Geared Plover, we have put the machinery in place to get where you need to go, but you still have to wind it up and put work in to make it move.

A good online presence takes work! Like our Geared Plover, we have put the machinery in place to get where you need to go, but you still have to wind it up and put work in to make it move.



This network is connected to an ever-growing number of local and credible sites.

This network is connected to an ever-growing number of local and credible sites.


What to put on your MORE (or content) Page with Blue Plover

Hyperlocal syndication of your content... but what content should you include? Read more....

Here are some simple, yet extremely effective ways to share information about your business as well as truly utilize the benefits of being a part of Blue Plover;

Share industry or seasonal specific tips, tricks & liststhat you would want your ideal customers to know that you know or can help them with.

- Creating a list of your “favorites” of the industry or community makes you a confident resource for that information. By then sharing that information on your MORE page, you can reach more local searchers.

- Example: You are a local juice bar and your spring cleanse is your current special. Many people are looking to get into shape and lose weight and feel great for the swimsuit season. By providing a list of benefits they will receive through the juice cleanse, you are gaining clients and becoming that resource for information Before you know it, that customer will be buying their breakfast smoothie from you on a daily basis.

Cross-promote brands you carry, businesses and peopleyou work with.

- By sharing this information, providing links and testimonials, not only are you educating your customers, but you’re also giving credit to outside sources that will likely reciprocate the gesture.

- Example: If a realtor recently worked with a great mortgage lender, tell the story about how the lender made the experience great and then share the lender’s information. The lender may be inspired and do the same thing for the realtor. Or if a boutique carries a rare & exotic line of candles they can explain how great the candles are, what makes them great, how they can buy them & provide a link to another great article about the candles or the candle maker’s site itself! This may seem counter-productive at first, but it will show Google that you are connecting people to more information and will increase the validity and ranking of the connector (you!).

Post videos about your business.

- It’s great to have a YouTube or Vimeo video but the likelihood your profile will help get more views is slim… they need to be linked & described in multiple places. The more links to videos = the more potential views.

- Ex: If a local news channel does a piece on your business & it’s in a YouTube format for you to use, then add it to your “MORE Page” (as well as linking on any social media platform). This will increase the links that go to it and most-likely the people, too!

Quote & link to articles about your business on other websites.

- If you have been mentioned or are involved with anything and the information is online that info is enhancing and strengthening your business and by adding it to your “MORE Page” it will be amplified even more.Ex: A local publication recently listed your business as one of the best in the area (congrats!), just “Quote your favorite part of the story” and then mention and provide a link to the source. Make sure and confirm with the publication that you have the access to post it.

Link & describe pages on your own website.

- The links to different pages about services you offer, products you carry, your bio… anything, really, is important to Google. When you provide multiple links to it through our syndication platform you are enhancing how well Google knows what is on it.

Ex: If you are a realtor and have a “local events” section on your page, describe why someone would want to go to the page, a family visiting to look at homes? A new family that just bought a house in the area? A family that is thinking of moving to Raleigh/Nashville? By reiterating the page’s value on your “More page” you will enhance the page’s value online and especially to search engines.

Updates on what is happening in your area and community.

- You may know and be very excited about trade shows, street fairs and parades in your area…or maybe where you are traveling. By putting this information on your “More Page” you will be syndicating the information through multiple sites and will show Google (and other search engines) that not only are you a leader in your industry but that you are also involved in your community.

Link to your blog or newsletter.

- We may have said this in other ways but just to be clear, any information that you are putting out into the world about your business, it’s safe, effective & easy to add to your “More Page”. The more the internet can see your doing, the more it can give you credit for, thus having you show up for the searches you deserve…and by syndicating the information with Blue Plover you’re amplifying tremendously.

Share customer & client testimonials.

- People LOVE to listen to other people. It’s a fact. So by putting your people-proven statements on your more page (possibly with a link to your other great reviews), you’re ensuring that it will be read by search engines.

Now that you have this incredibly populated “More Page” that is being syndicated through high-domain hyperlocal sites, and boosting your internet integrity, it’s time to boost the linking even more; SHARE!

- You can share links from these high-domain local sites; You can even shorten them (actually, it’s recommended. Try and add them to your social media strategy. Share on




Your Blog



Your Newsletter

Email Campaigns


Google Plus


Remember that you want people to find your information, so by enhancing the info’s visibility to search engines, you will increase your possibility to be found for the right searches. Get those searching customers who are looking for you specifically, and want your expertise. Give them a little snack before you sell them the meal.

Blue Plover Terminology Breakdown:

Hyperlocal Content Syndication

As complicated as it may first seem, if you break these words down, it is quite a simple concept. Keep reading, and you will know exactly what the phrase means and how it will greatly affect your business if you embrace it as a business owner.


Hyper-local, or otherwise known, as extremely local, is seemingly trendy, but it’s actually old-fashioned if you think about it. Before the days on the internet, people shopped local, even in the days of trading. Then outsourcing, importing, exporting & using the cheapest option became the goal, and our “local market” became a global marketplace.Through this transition, towns, city centers & quality-driven products started to collapse and lose their clientele. The local print shops couldn’t compete with the massive online printing companies; Local farms couldn’t compete with huge farms located states away that could sell more goods for less, and people stopped looking to local businesses to save money. As history usually repeats itself, people started realizing how much more important being a part of community is and shift began to occur. Getting food from the actual farmer at the farmer’s markets is more and more popular and ordering those baseball t-shirts from the family owned business in their neighborhood is becoming normal again. People in general are shopping at local businesses for their needs to be met. In addition, people are using the internet to find the local businesses.

The internet knows how important local information is. When someone does a search for something or asks a question online, Google and other search engines not only understand the value of local information but have built their search algorithms to find the LOCAL products, LOCAL people and LOCAL answers. This is why HYPERLOCAL information found in local places is more impactful than a nationally targeted article, product or business. Overall, the local resources for information know more about what is happening on the local level, and therefore, are the best resources for the local answers/searches, AS LONG AS they are providing the information.


No, we don’t mean the state of peaceful happiness, and although we do think feeling content is wonderful, we mean “information and experiences that provides value for an end-user or audience”. (via Wikipedia) Stories, articles, information, videos, etc. are all a part of a business’ marketing objectives. You have to educate your potential customers so that they are not only equipped with information, but the CORRECT & useful information to choose your product/service. This is exactly what we are doing by writing this article. We want you to know what we do so that we are able to build a relationship with you and can effectively help your business grow the way it should, with the clients it should. By becoming a resource for information regarding your business, you are becoming an answer that search engines can look to when a user does a search.


Let’s not get technical just yet. Think about the cute comics you can read in Sunday’s paper. One artist isn’t creating millions of comics for all of those individual newspapers. One copy of the comic is created, which is then syndicated to all of those papers, being much more effective as if the artist had done each one individually. This is syndication: the same information created once and then found in multiple locations simultaneously.

Blue Plover has created the infrastructure that puts information (hyperlocal content) in multiple places (websites of local newspapers, radio station, chambers of commerce, etc) simultaneously, all being sourced from one location. In addition, the information is just as effective as if we had put it in each place individually. Thankfully for us and the average small business' budget, we have created an automated syndication process that updates your information in all locations at the same time, instead of one by one.

Syndication works a little like social proof. If a business is talking about themselves on their own website, Google may believe them, but if a lot of credible sites are talking about that business, Google will see them as a MORE important resource. This is the same with people; If I tell you I am a content specialist and will help your business, you may believe me (or think I’m a little narcissistic), but if someone, or better yet, multiple people, tell you that I am a content specialist and I will help your business, you most definitely will believe it to be true. The source where you learn about someone makes a difference in the credibility that they carry. Through syndication of your information to credible local media sites, you are more credible to search engines and users!

So, the next time you hear someone talk about hyperlocal content syndication you have absolutely no reason to be scared or intimidated. To sum it up, this is great high quality information (articles, videos, pictures, etc) that is found on credible local media sites through the Blue Plover Network. FIRST, you have to be willing to be a resource. If you need help discovering how to do this, give us a call and we are happy to walk you through the process.

Blue Plover is active in Greater Nashville and Greater Raleigh markets, and we are launching in Cincinnati as well. It’s true! No gimmicks, just good old fashioned hyperlocal content syndication.

Where does your information go? Here is a list of our Publisher Sites:

Raleigh Business Community

Things To Do In Raleigh

Raleigh Scene

Find Raleigh

Know Raleigh

Raleigh Guru

Raleigh Business Alliance

Blue Plover Event Series

“Connect & Learn: What Hyperlocal Means for Your Business”

We recently hosted an event in Raleigh at the delightful & ever-so-charming Third Place Coffeehouse and wanted to make sure you didn’t miss the information and highlights from the event. We are going to be doing more events in Raleigh, not only to educate people and businesses on what Blue Plover is building, but also to connect people we are working with and want to work with to other local professionals in the area. That is, after all, a big part of what we do: connect people to information that is useful & effective.

What does HYPERLOCAL mean?

It may seem obvious, but let us clarify. Hyperlocal refers to the neighborhoods and “boros” within a city that the locals know about, but those from out of town do not know about. To someone in Texas, Raleigh seems like a pretty specific place, but we all know that to really be specific, you would need to talk about 5 Points or The Warehouse District, etc. So basically it means EXTREMELY local. Information that is hyperlocal is information that applies to the boros and neighborhoods within a city. It can be down to the street, or down to the people within a business. As a business owner or professional within the community, distributing your hyperlocal message online is the #1 way to be visible in the online space.

Top Ways to Make Sure Your Hyperlocal Content is Visible

1) Be the expert

Understanding your market value and expressing this value through quality content that shows you are an expert in what you do. Heck, you don’t even have to feel like an “expert,” but by answering questions about your industry that others may not know, you are the expert. This is called producing “authoritative content” and should be simple, relevant & consistent.

2) Use different methods for distributing your content

Search engines use algorithms as measurement methods to organize a library of information that they can then pull from in order to answer user's searches. The good news? All internet algorithms (the ways in which they measure) are focusing on HYPERLOCAL information so people can have their questions/searches answered by people in their own community, the local experts. So, having your information on local sites so the algorithms know your information is local and credible is the top way to reach the users and potential customers. Blogging, social media and newsletters are great ways to get your content out, but syndicating them to an ever growing number of hyperlocal publisher sites is exactly what the search engines want. This is exactly what Blue Plover does with your content!

3) Don’t be afraid to put the information out there

Mike LeVallee, from Triangle Local Search Solutions made a great point about optimizing your information for the internet; it has to be in a lot of places. The more places that point back to you are the source or the expert, the more searches your business will come up for. Not just basic searches, but searches that people who are looking for exactly what you do and exactly the way you do it can find you quickly.

4) Be original

Your “followers” are not always listening, but when you gift them with delightful messages pertaining to your industry, people who are interested, inspired & intrigued will be engaged and probably even share it. Maybe they do not read it the day you post, write or share the content, but they will when THEY need it. And you can focus less on your competition and more on your ideal clients. Something to remember; “Your vibe attracts your tribe”-unknown. So communicate to the clients you want without yelling, without telling them what to do.

5) Get involved in your community, then document it!

Heather Leahwood from Candid Slice (hyperlink to made a great point at our last event about going to the local parade. She reminded us that we are always doing and seeing things in our community that would make people smile and also see us as their neighbor or someone who has a passion for the community they live in, and that is HUGE for a business’ online presence. Why? Because Google can read very very well, and if it knows you are involved with the community, it’s not going to hide that fact. So go to the local parade, but do not stop there! Document and write about this so that google and users know you were there and that you REALLY are local.

Now that we’ve recapped a little of why hyperlocal is something to focus on for not only your online presence, but also the way you communicate, let us reiterate why Blue Plover was created. Blue Plover is here to provide a system that effectively shares local information to the internet so (google and) people within the community can find the business or organization effectively through their expertise on the topic, involvement in their community and their passion. By distributing your content to hyperlocal credible publisher sites, you can be more easily found. Call us today at 615-840-7108 or visit

“The more you share with your digital world, the more your digital world supports you. The technology that Blue Plover has built is second to none, and the links alone from the pages their connected to are more powerful than any SEO, to be honest.” Mike LeValle, Triangle Local Search Solutions

“Having built & developed Candid Slice & being a digital marketing specialist, I understand the power of quality content. Not just for your business, but to connect your community. I believe in what Blue Plover has developed, it’s like they are taking a “snapshot” of a community & showing it to Google.” Heather Leahwood, Candid Slice

The Journey of Consumer to Customer in a Digital Age

With more and more screens in our faces, and our days spent sitting at desks, technology may seem sterile and negatively impacting our lives. Although communication is changing and becoming more digital, there is still room for personal interaction and correct use of those screens in our lives. This goes for personal relationships as well a business relationships.

Through business, unless your product or service is an online product or service, you eventually want the consumer to enjoy your offerings in person, shopping in your store, buying your food, etc. If you look out into the world, you are sure to see many cell phones, and perhaps more cell phones than actual conversations anymore. This means something. This means that you must continue to adapt and meet consumers where they are in order to get their trust and business. Their cell phones are where they are. So how do you meet the consumer at their cell phone?

Using the digital age properly and adjusting your approach to building awareness among consumers is extremely important. Think back to the days of primarily marketing through word of mouth. There were no billboards or large signs, no TV commercials, etc. Consumers during this time were in conversation with each other. Meeting your consumer in conversation meant having a quality product or service with truth behind it that they could then take with them and spread to their friends and family in conversation. Today, digitally, it is not much different.

Value, truth, quality. These are the three things that consumers are really looking for. How can a business owner share these characteristics through the Internet, digitally, through cellphones, computers and tablets? Information is the answer. Just like with word of mouth, the conversation must happen. You must write and use words to tell your consumers what you know about your products, services and the community around you. This will show them value and truth which will then create a relationship and trust. Through this trust, consumers will become your customers for life, as long as you continue to be a resource for truth and quality information by showing value!

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1: Realize you have to meet your consumers where they are, and their cell phones and computers are where they are.

2: Digitally provide high quality and truthful information that adds value to the local community you are apart of

3: Continue step 2 and build great relationships with the consumers that have now become your customers!

How to write an article /blog post

It is becoming more and more common knowledge that content online is king. Google cannot read our minds (yet...haha), so we must use words to show the world, and google what we know. But, it can be challenging to start. When it comes to articles and content creation, whether for a blog post, syndication or social media, there are specific guidelines that can help get the results you are looking for.

Guidelines for Writing Content for Raleigh Consumers

1) Map out your business

Your business includes your products and services, but it includes much more than that. Any two things are related to each other in some way, so have a brainstorming session where you write down everything that could be related to your business, products and services and in what ways. You will be surprised at how many topics you begin to generate for potential articles and topics for content creation.

2) Know your consumers

Knowing your consumers and typical clients will help you tremendously when creating content. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What else does my typical customer like to do?
  • If there is someone who needs my product and doesn’t know about it, what are they most likely searching google for?
  • Why does my customer buy my product?
  • Do they use my product with other products?
  • What parts of town do my customers typically live in?

All of these questions will generate information that will be helpful when writing an article that your customers will be interested in reading. It will allow you to write to your customers, but also those that would like your product or service and may not know about it yet.

3) Take time for your company

Know what is trending and reading to make sure you are on your best game when it comes to writing content and articles for your own company should be high on your priority list. Staying in the know about your local community and your industry is key when you are becoming a resource for information.

4) Know what works

Make sure that you know how the internet works. This is always changing, so reading about google and how the search algorithms have changed will keep you on track for success. Also, track your success. Posting your articles on your website and social media can help you see when and where your traffic comes from so that you can target your audience more directly.

5) Formatting and Title

Your title is the most important part of your article. It is more heavily indexed as well as it is the first thing that readers see. In addition, formatting your article with bolded areas and bullet points will help your readers easily digest your information and come running back for more.

Local Content Marketing in Raleigh

One single article on a topic can make you an online resource!

With hundreds of business part of our network, we have a good sample size for evaluating the average level of knowledge on the topic of content and local content marketing. One thing that we have found to be true as a local tech start up in Raleigh, is the staggering number of business owners who do not know what “content” really is and how to properly use it.

The typical answer when asked if a business owner is creating content is, “you mean, like, posting on Facebook.” While, yes, social media is one way to build an online presence and awareness, if you only have a couple hundred followers, chances are, unless you are paying Facebook or another platform on a regular basis, your posts are not reaching very many eyeballs, and eyeballs on your information is the goal. So, I would venture to say, the amount of time spent on social media by the average small business owner is likely not the best use of time.

“ Social media, not used properly, can be a painful distraction from valuable content creation that drives local search results and new business.”

So what does this mean? This is typically where a conversation goes with a client, and here is what we tell them, “ Google reads words; therefore, you have to use WORDS to tell google what you know. Then google can use you as a search result to a user (potential customer) search/question.”

And this is true. With local content marketing and using words to produce articles that explain and provide valuable information to consumers, you are properly using the internet to your advantage as a local business owner. Then, you can share your article through social media for additional interaction, but you are not relying solely on social media.

The question now is “where do I put the article?” This is where our syndication service comes in. We will syndicate your article to our published sites, like Nashville Scene, The East Nashvillian, and more! This article now being listed on local media publisher sites makes your article appear more credible and therefore a better choice for google to make as a search result! Wa-la... your online presence is making strides by writing one single article.

How to use local content marketing:

Step 1: Write an article about a topic you want to be found for through google search results

Step 2: Become a member of Blue Plover and have your article syndicated to MANY local media sites!

Step 3: Share your article from a published site to your Facebook and other social media pages

Step 4: You will now be more easily found for that topic when searched on google

Business Owners: Are you using local content marketing to generate new business in Raleigh?

Raleigh is on the rise, as we have all seen in almost every “Top... City in the Country” article zipping its way virally through Social Media; And 2015 will not be an exception. With new real estate developments hammering along, families and professionals moving here as if to escape the plague of everywhere else, the population and the progression of Raleigh is on the rise! Along with the physical symptoms of growth including changes to our skylines and housing prices, there is also a virtual train that is chugging along which is the technology growth of the area. Raleigh has not always been known for it's technology scene, but we can officially stamp a new badge on our cloak as the EC and many technology startups have blossomed and grown here over the past few years.

So what's up with the online technology businesses and what are the trends in Raleigh?

Well trends of Raleigh technology are following trends of the Internet in general, and when I say “Internet” I refer mostly to Google and the direction Search is going. The biggest factors for technology companies and consumers alike in Raleigh are Data and Content.

Data is always changing, and not just the information compiled. I am talking about the fact that data and ways of reading, storing and using data are always changing. The most recent and quickly arriving trend in data is Microdata. Microdata is a form of data being used more and more by companies like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others to provide higher and higher quality information that is more accurate, more up to date, more hyper local. After all the purpose and goals of these companies is to provide the highest quality information to the users.

Content is where the micro data is compiled from. One key point to remember is that our language as humans includes letters that build words and compile into sentences that hold hands to create and express thoughts and ideas. This is what is “read” by these companies with their algorithms and translated into microdata that is then used to provide the “answers” to users questions and queries.

Having established these main factors and their relation to each other, we can now discuss how business owners, with this knowledge, can take control of their online presence.

First, let's establish the goal of a business owner in the online world: To reach customers and potential customers and convert to business and revenue.

How to Reach the Goal using the information we now know about the internet: Use letters to make words and word to make sentences and combine those sentences to express ideas that Google and yahoo and Bing can use to compile microdata to provide the user (the potential customer) with the information they need to choose your business. AKA Become a RESOURCE for information.

Let's face it; As a business owner, you are the expert. You have the answers to the questions that your customers and potential customers have. BUT, if you do not use words to tell Google what you know, Google can not choose you as the answer to the users inquiry. Make sense?! If it does, you have just changed the fate of your business and taken control of your online presence!! Congratulations.

Now what:

Success comes to those who work hard and love what they do!

1) Choose a topic

2) Write an article about that topic

3) Place the article online in the best possible places

Blue Plover is a technology company in Raleigh that does just that! We Establish your content centers, we interview you on the topics, we write articles for you and we syndicate the article to our publisher sites like Nashville Scene,, The East Nashvillian, Southern Exposure Magazine, Williamson Herald, TN Health and Wellness Magazine, and many others!

Visit our website at or call us today to learn more 615-840-7108.

Nashville Start Up Develops in New Market, Greater Raleigh NC

Nashville Tech Start Up, Blue Plover is making waves in Nashville and currently developing their second market, Greater Raleigh, NC. With the local consumers and local businesses in mind, each market is it's own project. Blue Plover, by white labeling their technology behind the publisher sites, allow the credit and traffic to flow directly to local media sites and chambers of commerce, helping to boost the local economy and keep consumer dollars local.

Within the last 2 months, Blue Plover has been focusing on building the infrastructure in the new market while brings on sales reps. Victoria Niemeyer is leading the sales efforts in the Raleigh area and along with the Nashville team, has big plans for growth and development.

August 27, 2014

Blue Plover Featured in Nashville Post , Nashville's Premier Business Publication.

Click HERE to read full article!

August 1, 2014

Official Launch of Nashville Tech Start-up, Blue Plover

Growing from ground zero, the co-founders of Blue Plover, Adrian Larrea and Kaylee Hamar, have reached a new pinnacle. Previously Synd It Global, LLC out of Nashville, TN, Blue Plover provides the largest Hyper-local online network in Greater Nashville with around 30 local affiliate partners, servicing over 1400 local businesses. The co-founders, now accompanied by Keith Danks, Stephen Haley and a team of account managers, engineers, customer support agents, sales reps and more, will expand Blue Plover to multiple markets in the coming year, providing a community revolutionizing technology to more communities around the United States.

Founders, Adrian Larrea and Kaylee Hamar

Click on the image to read more about where the name Blue Plover came from!

July 1, 2014

Blue Plover Brings on 2 New Sales Representatives for Greater Nashville Territory

Blue Plover has expanded it's team with the hiring of a new sales representative for the Greater Nashville Area. Covering Nashville, Donelson/Hermitage, Mt. Juliet, Brentwood, Franklin, Murfreesboro and more, the hyper-local online network is quickly growing, and the response they are seeing is huge! Allowing businesses to sign up for free for the network allows every business in the local area to have a free listing on all of the partner affiliate sites, like Nashville Scene, The East Nashvillian, 102.9 The Game, Team Green Adventures, just to name a few.

So who does Blue Plover look for for a sales position in Nashville? The young entreprenuerial leaders of the company are looking for technology savvy, driven and community minded individuals with a passion for local business, information techonology and content marketing.

June 25, 2014

Blue Plover Opens New Office Space in East Nashville

Blue Plover, Technology Start up out of East Nashville opens its new office doors today on July 25, 2014. After building for a couple years, funding was received in early July. Following this infusion of capital from angel investors out of Franklin and Goodlettesville, TN growth continues, starting in the existing Nashville market. Office set up, the first of this growth, will be followed by addition of new affiliates and growth of the business network, currently at over 1,400 local businesses in the Middle TN region.

The Office sits on the corner of Briley Pkwy and Madison in the heart of Inglewood, TN. As the tech start up community in Nashville grinds forward to become even more of a hot spot for technology success, Blue Plover hopes to be one of the best things that ever came through Nashville! They expect to grow out of this office space quickly as they have a hiring schedule that will allow them to expand to new markets in the near future.

May 27, 2014

Blue Plover Featured in Nashville Business Journal

Click HERE to read full article!