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Ashley Dance Fitness with Life Fitness Academy


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Ashley Dance Fitness with Life Fitness Academy is a holistic fitness instructor in Nashville, TN. Call today and receive a FREE personal training or bootcamp when you purchase 5.

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Minimum of 5 training sessions or bootcamps required. Free item is equal to those purchased.

Ashley Dance Fitness with Life Fitness Academy

(615) 562-2633

1200 Villa Place Suite 406, Nashville, TN 37212



Don't worry it's not military style! Set in a larger class style and fun for all.

Don't worry it's not military style! Set in a larger class style and fun for all.


I offer free consultations for group or personal training- it's not scary to just talk. Book today, lose tomorrow!

I offer free consultations for group or personal training- it's not scary to just talk. Book today, lose tomorrow!


Book an appointment for a fun budget-friendly way to get all your friends to work out together.

Book an appointment for a fun budget-friendly way to get all your friends to work out together.


Ashley Dance Fitness with Life Fitness Academy is a holistic fitness instructor in Nashville. Call today and receive a FREE personal training or bootcamp when you purchase 5. Minimum of 5 training sessions or bootcamps required. Free item is equal to those purchased.

Ashley Dance Fitness with Life Fitness Academy is a holistic fitness instructor in Nashville. Call today and receive a FREE personal training or bootcamp when you purchase 5. Minimum of 5 training sessions or bootcamps required. Free item is equal to those purchased.


High Intensity Interval Training in Nashville

Are you bored walking on a treadmill for an hour? Did you know that two hours on the elliptical isn’t going to help you shed weight? What if I told you there was a formula for super effective cardio that took 20 minutes at the maximum?

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is this extremely effective model for cardio that can chop your workout time in half. In a nutshell, you do one activity as hard and fast as you can for 30 seconds, (work period) then actively recover for 30 seconds or 1 minute (depending on your activity). Ideally you do this pattern for 8 rounds.

HIIT stimulates Human Growth Hormone (HGH) production, which slows down aging. HGH increases bone density, increases muscle mass and deceases fat. HIIT is more effective for endurance training because it has been shown to increase VO2 max faster than traditional long distance lower intensity cardio. One of the best benefits (in my opinion) is the excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). After performing a HIIT workout, your oxygen consumption and calorie burning levels remain elevated for up to 48 hours! You want to make sure you don’t spike your insulin with something sugary post workout to make that possible.

Let’s go back to the treadmill. You warm up with a brisk 2 minute walk (or jog if you’re already in good shape). Then start your 8 rounds. SPRINT as hard as you can for 30 seconds then slow down to a slow jog or walk for 1 minute. Some treadmills allow you to set this up ahead of time so it will speed up and slow down for you. You could add incline to your work sections if you wanted it to be a little more challenging. You might feel like you can’t make it for the last 3 rounds, and that’s ok! It gets easier; just finish the cycle as best you can. So if we warmed up for 2 minutes, did 8 rounds of HIIT then a 2 minute cool down, you’re looking at 16 minutes of cardio and you will be dead tired. If you aren’t, you didn’t go fast enough on your work parts. Even if you hate it, you will complete it in ¼ the time you used to spend on the treadmill.

You can apply this principal to almost any form of exercise. HIIT on the stationary bike is surprisingly difficult; don’t be fooled thinking its easer because you get to sit down. You could do HIIT boxing. HIIT jump rope is one of my favorites, although I change the rest time to 30 seconds as well. So 30 seconds of jump rope, and then 30 seconds of simply catching your breath. Doing it that way takes only 8 minutes. You could apply this theory to running outdoors, too. Run uphill for your 30 seconds and walk back down for a minute. Sprint around a track for 30 seconds and walk or jog for a minute. Add it into your long runs if you are already a runner to increase endurance and speed.

You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to achieve your goals. Do this on your off days from the gym, or if you’re pressed for time always. Surely you can find 16 minutes in your day to burn fat for hours afterward! I’ve given you the formula to do this on your own, but if you would like some guidance or accountability come see me at Life Fitness Academy at 1210 8 th Ave South in Nashville.

Nashville Personal Trainer, Ashley Dance, Talks About Poop

Poop, everyone does it, but not everyone knows how to have the best poop of their life!

The root of health is in digestion. 80% of your immune system is in your gut and it can produce the same amount of serotonin as your brain if populated with proper gut flora. Serotonin is the chemical that makes you feel happy. It makes sense… you receive nutrients for fuel and for healing from the food you put in your body by digesting it. Some foods are easier to digest than others. Disease can begin when food stays in your body too long. It is perfectly normal, and actually healthy to poop more than once a day. In fact, you should be pooping multiple times a day, and I don’t mean the unpleasant gross ones. It shouldn’t take you ten minutes to squeeze one out, and they should be firm but not hard. This means your digestive tract is on point, and you aren’t eating foods that are weighing you down, literally. People can have upwards of five pounds of poop hanging around in their intestines. Imagine loosing weight just by taking a poo.

Luckily it’s pretty easy to increase your output.

Steps to have “healthy” poop:

1) Eliminate foods that take too long to digest or are inflammatory to the digestive tract

Generally, that means processed foods. Wheat and most grains are inflammatory, so while it may not be necessary to go gluten or grain-free, you do want to restrict the amount of those foods. Excessive amounts of meat can clog you up as well. Sugar ruins everything, so you should know by now to ease up on that.

2) Increase your fruit and vegetable intake

Raw fruits and vegetables have enzymes that help you digest them; as well as fiber to increase bulk and, sort of, sweep out your intestines. So the majority of the diet should come from these groups.

3) Balance your flora (aka, Gut Bacteria)

The most essential component for healthy guts, digestion and therefore health, in my opinion, is probiotics. These are the good bacteria that fight bad bacteria and make you happy. Probiotics are what populate the gut that produces serotonin like the brain. It’s not coincidental that some people enjoy a good poop; it’s biology…and chemistry! Bacteria are everywhere, and we cannot kill it all, so we must learn to balance it.

You can buy probiotics in a pill, but sometimes they die in your stomach before reaching your intestines and may only contain a few strains of bacteria. It’s much easier for your body to utilize the bacteria from a food source, which can contain billions or even trillions of bacteria. Food sources of probiotcis include fermented vegetables like naturally fermented pickles, sauerkraut or kimchi, kombucha, which is fermented tea, and cultured dairy products like kefir and yogurt. Not just any yogurt is good for you; check your ingredients and research how the dairy is produced. Raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar is another option. You can never overdo probiotics because so many factors in our life deplete them. You may want to start slow, however, or risk a blow-out at work.

4) Avoid broad spectrum antibiotics and dangerous chemicals, like pesticides

Things like antibiotics, which kill all bacteria not just the bad, and pesticides can disrupt proper gut flora. Glyphosate, the chemical used on crops to kill weeds (it’s in RoundUp) has been shown to cause gastrointestinal disorders like IBS.

Poop more; feel better. It’s pretty simple when you break it down. Increase probiotics, raw fruits and vegetables, and decrease sugar, grains and processed foods and you’re on your way to a healthier, happier gut and human.

Guide to the Best Juice in Nashville

Its resolution season and after a week or two, it can become hard to keep planning ahead to stick to your nutrition goals. Thankfully, Nashville is now home to a plethora of healthy juice options. When you don’t have time to pack your lunch or your fridge is all of a sudden completely empty, grab a juice and keep on moving about your day. Fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juices deliver a ton of nutrients in an easily absorbable form. You’ll probably find that you actually have a lot more energy than if you ate a big, heavy meal. Juice can be a great pre-workout energy boost, or a post-workout replenishment. You are working out right now for your summer body, don’t forget! If you don’t already have a favorite juice combination or place to go, here are a few of my favorites around town.

Best Juice in Nashville:

1. The “Dandelion Detox” from The Post East:

cucumber, celery, apple, lemon, dandelion

Dandelion is very detoxifying to the liver and gallbladder, which we all need, especially right after the holiday season. It’s a pleasant change from your usual green juices that feature kale or spinach. This drink isn’t too sweet, but it’s not bitter, either. Another awesome thing about this juice, and all the other juices at The Post East, is that it’s 100% organic. So it is a bit more expensive at $10, but you’re paying for higher quality produce. If you juice all the time, you know it’s cheaper to juice your own organic produce at home, but if you are short on time or having a meeting in East Nashville, The Post East is the place to be. They have a variety of other juices as well as smoothies, coffee and tea. I actually had a delightful Dandelion Chai there recently, too.

2. The “Happy” from juice Nashville:

carrot, pineapple, orange and ginger

I used to love an orange-pineapple ICEE when I was growing up and this juice tastes just like that ICEE. It quite literally makes my mouth happy-what an appropriate name. It’s a perfect morning juice, like Tropicana…only way better tasting and way better for you. Unlike grocery store juice, juice Nashville (and all these other fine establishments) use raw and unpasteurized juices so you receive all the enzymes, vitamins and minerals from the food. Ginger is anti-inflammatory and always gives me a little kick of energy. You can order juices to be delivered to your house or pick up a bottle in their store located in the Gulch.

3. The “Liver Lover” from the Urban Juicer:

apple, carrot, beet, and lemon

Beets help the liver detoxify your blood, are anti-inflammatory and can help lower your blood pressure. I also think they taste like dirt; however I can drink and enjoy beets in this vibrant juice. I don’t generally keep beets around my house, so if I need some of that earthy goodness, you’ll find me at the Urban Juicer. They have other juices and smoothies as well as salads and wraps to grab on the go.

4. The “Green Lemonade+ Ginger” from The Turnip Truck:

kale, spinach, apple, lemon and ginger

This one here is my go-to, the one I purchase the most often. A double dose of greens, alkalizing lemon, sweet apple and a ginger punch… it’s a perfectly balanced juice (in my humble opinion). I probably go to one of the two Turnip Truck locations everyday, and I realize that’s a little absurd. They have a great salad bar, an amazing hot food bar, and a rotating list of soups. I can grab a juice for lunch, and supplies for dinner that night all at the same time. They supply lots of local food products that I love including Noble Springs Dairy goat cheese, Booch kombucha, Trubee honey, Bella Nashville Bakery bread…the list is pretty extensive actually. If you’ve never been here, you’re really missing out. Most of the produce for sale is organic, so it can seem pricey, but again remember the quality you’re paying for. Their juices are in fact one of the cheaper options with a 16 oz running you around $7.

The Jam Coffeehouse:

They don’t have juice, but it would be like leaving out a piece of my heart not to mention this wonderful place. They have two of the best green smoothies I’ve ever purchased, “The Hula” and “The Popeye.” They have a variety of loose-leaf teas that you can have plain, with local raw honey, or as a tea latte. My favorite thing about this place is that they offer both coconut and almond milk as alternatives to dairy milk, instead of just soy. I’m not a soy fan. They offer sprouted grain bread for their sandwiches, too! They serve breakfast all day (or until they close at 3:00 pm). Of course they serve delightful coffee beverages in addition to the tea and smoothies. One other specialty drink worth noting is the “YOLO.” It features apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, ginger, cinnamon infused raw honey and sparkling water…whoa. It tastes like a lemonade kombucha and it makes you feel amazing. Apple cider vinegar is a source of probiotics and enzymes that are beneficial for digestion and immune health. You can feel the love in all their drinks and food!

Give your body the highest quality fuel, not just to look good, but to feel awesome and to be awesome. Your body knows how to heal itself, if you just give it what it needs and stop putting junk in its way. Once you’re properly fueled by any of these healthy places, come and see us at Life Fitness Academy at 1210 8 th ave South. We do a little bit of everything fitness-wise from rehabbing injuries to advanced calisthenics and Olympic weight lifting. We would love to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be! Make 2015 your healthiest year yet!

Ashley Dance Fitness

Ashley is a former gymnast and NCAA track athlete and draws on her years of experience to build your perfect workout. She likes to have fun with fitness, and you will probably never do the same workout twice. She loves cooking with and eating whole, unprocessed, nutritious foods and would love to help you do the same. Both food and fitness should be something you enjoy, not dread; and she hopes to show you how!

Ashley Dance is the Lead Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer at Life Fitness Academy. She offers personal and group training as well as boot camp classes. She will teach you healthy nutritional choices and exercises that will change your life.

"I believe nutrition and fitness are the foundations of health. I also believe you can incorporate both in a fun and balanced way to fully enjoy a long and healthy life." Ashley has a blog with nutrition and exercise advice. Check it out here on the LFA website!

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