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Welcome to Ambrose Printing Company!

We are a full service commercial printing company located in Nashville, TN. We are also a fourth generation family owned company that can service small and large companies.

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Not only are we a full service printing company; we are also a fourth generation family owned company that can service small and large companies!

Not only are we a full service printing company; we are also a fourth generation family owned company that can service small and large companies!


Ambrose Printing has a highly experienced team to assist in the development of production strategies that will maximize quality and minimize cost of your unique designs.

Ambrose Printing has a highly experienced team to assist in the development of production strategies that will maximize quality and minimize cost of your unique designs.


Creating Engaging Mailers For Your Nashville Christmas Sale

Direct mail continues to be one of the best ways to reach new and returning customers. Every day people check their mailboxes in search of a special offer. You can engage readers through the design quality of your direct mail pieces. Successful direct mail campaigns go far beyond words on a page. Make sure the overall design of your mailer creates the optimal experience from top to bottom and front to back. Here’s how you can make your Nashville Christmas sale mailers stand out from the crowd.

Create a Must-have Christmas Experience

Use size, shape, and color to make your mailer stand out in the hands and the eyes of your audience. Postcard mailers work well for coupons, promos, and single-item sale offers. Use full-size, full-color mailers for storewide sales on multiple products. Use a commercial printing company that can get creative and produces a mailer shaped like a Christmas tree or a gingerbread man.

Use Images to Create Bullet Points

Bullet points make it easy to find important details. Use close-up images, in place of bullets, to highlight product features. But make sure your mailer is not overcrowded. Depending on the size of the mailer, you may only want to showcase two or three features of a single product. Or you can show pictures of the top three gift ideas along with a brief description of each.

Don’t Forget the Main Point of Advertising

Make sure you include details like sale dates, shipping promotions, and volume discounts.
At this point, the recipients of your mailers are fully engaged. You’ve shown them what’s available and given them useful information about your products. They probably can even see the gift wrap and imagine the surprise on their loved one’s face when they open it up. Don’t put all the effort into marketing then forget to ask them to buy something now.

Nashville Christmas Sale Mailers

Ambrose Printing Company specializes in commercial printing services. We print flyers, catalogs, labels, posters, and signs for business in Nashville and the surrounding areas. Call us today and get a quote on your holiday marketing materials.

Best Packaging Options for Shipping this Holiday Season

Whenever the holiday season approaches, Nashville businesses begin to plan ways to package products for customers. It is wise to consider the cost-effective and lightweight delivery methods that ship items to the recipient with fewer risks. Recyclable corrugated packaging from Ambrose Printing Company is the answer and will help to send products over long distances.

Why Corrugated Shipping Boxes makes all the Difference

Creative packaging boxes can serve as inspiration for your retail and shipping marketing program. Whether you are an online business, retailer, vendor, or artist, our branded cardboard packaging helps you to impact on the customers. We have corrugated boxes suitable for authors, publishers, costume designers, and business owners.

How Our Great Ideas for your Holiday Packaging Helps

At Ambrose Printing Company, we assist with printing and best packaging options for shipping this holiday season. If you desire sustainable, e-commerce subscription boxes, we are the choice Nashville corrugated shipping packaging printers for business owners. We design unique, customized, high-end packaging inserts of all types including molded pulp, molded foam, die cut paperboard and our favorite die cut corrugated packaging.

Branded Logo Printing

Our packaging designers and printers believe it is never enough to shop for an exciting gift for the Christmas or New Year season. We will help to make the recipient happier with great ideas for your holiday catalog.

Maximizing Profits with Digital Package Printing

Be bold with your aesthetics, color, and spectacular design choices for package printing for the holidays. There are also ways to be creative and practical with Ambrose Printing Company. For instance, if you are a smartphones company wishing to catch in on the holidays, we provide packaging with inbuilt holders for audio speakers and the perfect insert space for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, or tablet.

As Nashville corrugated boxes printers with over 150 years of experience in product display, we know that it is essential to offer unequaled folding cartons for retailers. Our eco-friendly, durable, lightweight corrugated packaging options are available in different sizes granting business owners and franchises the opportunity to handle shipping in a secure and cost-effective ways.

Great Ideas for Your Holiday Catalog

It is the holiday season again: a time when the air gets cooler, and residents of Nashville are bundling up to enjoy warm beverages by the fireplace. With holiday catalogs in hand, locals will be thumbing through to check out all the latest gift options for friends, family and maybe even order a personal treat or two. When businesses look to make a grand impression with their holiday catalog, they turn to none other than Nashville's own Ambrose Printing Company for the highest quality marketing materials around. Not sure how to make the holiday catalog a smashing success this year, no problem. We have some ideas that are really going to help this year's catalog to sizzle with eye catching detail.

High Volume Catalog Prints

Since catalog mailings are done in bulk, the more catalogs a company needs will typically come at a reduced cost when utilizing the power of conventional printing methods. While it takes this type of printing longer to produce than digital printing orders, the quality of the pictures and images we can render for our clients are typically higher resolution. Another important advantage to consider is that conventional printing is easier to do on non-standard sized materials. This means that conventional printing methods will help your holiday catalog stand out with respect to all the other holiday catalogs they will be competing against in the local Nashville market.

Memorable Holiday Advertising

When it comes to commercial printings for a holiday catalog, it is not enough to simply have beautiful, striking images. People want to read and be taken on an excursion to somewhere else with this type of advertisement. Advertising through your holiday catalog should, therefore, engage the recipient to want to read it from cover to cover. Along with compelling ad copy, a holiday catalog needs something special attracting the recipient to want to walk through each page with care. Something like a holiday story that keeps the reader engaged to the very end. One way to keep a reader hooked with genuine interest is to sprinkle in irresistible offers that rewards the recipient for taking the time to appreciate the catalog for everything it has to offer this holiday season. In order to ensure that the catalog is pieced together correctly and provides the reader with a true sense of the holiday spirit, it will be important to entrust this type of commercial printing project to the experts at Ambrose Printing Company.

4 Ways to Make Your Christmas Ad Campaigns Memorable

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays globally. People have adopted a culture of decorating houses and sending Christmas cards to each other. This time of the year also comes with a lot of ad campaigns. That is why at Ambrose Printing Company, we offer commercial printing services at an affordable price. We are located in Nashville and specialize in printing business cards, flyers, price tags, promotional and signs. We also do retail printing and package printing. We are a fourth generation company and are happy to serve both small and big enterprises.

As we interact with clients, we have realized that a lot of them struggle with developing successful ad campaigns. Thus, we would like to share a few tips that can help make your ad campaign stand out in the market.

How to Make your Ad Campaign Memorable

- Come up with a killer headline. There are many adverts out there, and quite honestly many people ignore most of these ads. However, people pay attention to memorable headlines. To come up with an announcement that draws attention, the first thing you need to do is know your audience. It may also help to create a headline that relates to the recent trend especially if you are a business owner.

- Do not hold yourself back. Instead, you should be brave when creating your ad. Many people prefer playing it safe. However, safe may not always be effective. Think outside the box to stand out from the competitors.

- To make your ad campaign more memorable, it is crucial to market it on social media platforms. With so many ads hitting the market every day, people are bound to forget about your ad if you do not remind them. Use your social media feeds and interact with people.

- Connect with the audience at a deeper level. The secret to some of the most memorable ad campaigns is delivering messages in a way that will touch the audience at an emotional level. For an author to be successful, they have to provide psychological insights to their readers. Doing this will help increase the odds of having their book shared.

At Ambrose Printing Company, we believe that your ad can stand out in this Christmas season. All you need is to follow the tips stated above and do more research.

Professional Envelope Designs for Your Direct Mail Campaign

Digital printing of envelopes adds a magical impact in your direct mail campaigns. If an ordinary picture says more than a thousand words, imagine the attention-drawing effect that eye-popping envelope designs from Ambrose Printing Company can have on your business advertising strategies in Nashville.

Digital printing of attention-drawing mailers separates your marketing mailers from that of your competitors in several ways.

Innovative Mail Campaign

To drive your mail campaign to new levels, improve profit returns, and also win new customers in Nashville, invest in an innovative direct mail campaign. It helps to maintain communication with the current sales base using a designer envelope.

Grab Consumer Attention

Nashville customers love business owners who interact with the general public regularly. Ambrose Printing Company offers the means to engage and increase the response rate from consumers creatively. Successful campaigns typically utilize the features below to gain more attention:

- Pop up elements on envelopes.

- Unique folding patterns.

- Creative shapes including circular or rectangle pockets.

- Tempting color patterns the eyes linger on and want to look at repeatedly.

The features aim at leaving people excited after opening the mailing campaign packages. Develop interactive packs that the recipients hang on to not envelopes that get thrown away immediately.

Generic Envelope versus Digitally Printed Envelope

If you are a Nashville investor wishing to widen your company's customer base, discard the generic, old-style envelope. It's time to embrace the fashionable marketing items relying on stylish materials and printing technology that effectively conveys your marketing messages.

- Advertising images that evoke emotional feelings and long-term interest from customers.

- Color graphics, which make the mail recipient want to associate with your company and products or services.

- Incorporation of imagery into marketing mailers to catch the eye.

Distinguish your Outgoing Marketing Mail

Digital printing makes the insertion of company logos in any outgoing envelope to help identify your business easier. Including a logo on mailers distinguishes your advertising programs. Especially if you use every mailer as a branding strategy. Are you an entrepreneur with an idea for a direct mailing campaign? Give us a call to see how we can help!

Brocures for Your New Nashville Office

Nashville is a vibrant city that would make a perfect location for your new office. The population is growing by leaps and bounds every week as people flock from all over the country. It could be the perfect time to bring your company to the city or build your startup! If you need a printing service to enhance your company's image, Ambrose Printing Company can meet your needs. We have the technology and experience to fulfill your order. We'll make sure you get an excellent brochure, flyer, or anything else you would want to be printed professionally for your new office.
Ambrose Printing Company has been around since 1865 and we offer the best of conventional and digital printing. Our technology is state of the art, with printers rolling out booklets and other printed items for our clients. We dedicate ourselves to service that is fast, affordable, and of the highest quality.

When new businesses think of their new office, it is understood that the building and structure are the main concern. An expertly designed and built office is essential to any storefront business endeavors. However, it's never too soon to start thinking of ways to get people into your new office! Brochures are a great way to introduce your business or service to your new community!

Any well-designed brochure will feature important information about your business name and contact details. Yet, a brochure can do so much more. Full-color photos of your facilities will make potential fill comfortable walking into your new office. Opening Day specials or QR codes embedded in the brochure are also ways to get interested in your work. Don't be afraid to be adventurous and let your new customers know the real you!

So if you are an entrepreneur heading up a new office that needs brochures and literature in order to inform your clients and keep them up to date with the business' workings, Ambrose Printing Company won't shy away from a challenge. We can help you get the word out about your new endeavor. Give us a call to ask about how we can help you be the next big thing in this great city!

5 Great Design Ideas for Artists

You’re a professional designer with an amazing new product to sell, but you’re not sure what would showcase your project the best. We here at Ambrose Printing Company are happy to help. Here are five design ideas for artists.


Be it the next bestselling novel or a photobook of interior design photographs, we’re the best Nashville printer to help you market your next masterpiece. People say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but you know the cover is the first thing a potential buyer is going to see. We guarantee the best covers, available in almost every kind of binding.

Signs and Billboards

Most printing companies only offer book-printing services. We offer that and so much more. Bring any print project to us, and we can make a stunning sign out of it. If you’re trying to advertise an event or product, we’ll help you make the best sign possible to do so.

Business Cards

One of the best ways to establish your brand is through business cards. These cards are excellent for handing out to potential clients. You’re going to need a card that’s unique, easy to remember and has an aesthetic charm to it. Your first impression has to be good if you’re going to make a successful sale.

Package Printing

You already have a product ready to ship. That’s great! Now all you need is an attractive box to mail it. The box is the first thing your customer will see when the product arrives on their doorstep. Here at Ambrose Printing Company, you can create a custom package that compliments your brand. We also offer retail packaging to optimize the look of your product in stores.


Among our many unique services, we also offer brochures. Using our state of the art software and printing, you can create and print beautiful brochures for your business, organization or event.

To conclude, we have the best printing services for any project you come up with. Artists, writers, designers, business people, publishers or anyone looking for a printer can depend on us for the highest quality work. So if you need inspiration, feel free to click through our digital catalog, and see what jumps out at you!

The Benefits of Corrugated Cardboard for Packaging


 Corrugated cardboard is an excellent packaging material that many Nashville business owners, publishers, designers, authors, and entrepreneurs consider to be their first choice. It is made from an arched paper referred to as "fluting," which is engineered by advanced computer design and manufacturing systems to ensure it can carry differing weights with ease and withstand moisture so the contents contained inside stay nice and dry. It is customizable, which means it can carry most items, and it is used in a variety of industries for this reason.
Here at Ambrose Printing Company, we know that corrugated cardboard is suited for packaging, and below are some important benefits of using it that might turn you on to this sustainable solution.

It Can Be Customized and Used For Marketing
Corrugated cardboard can be printed on easily, which means your Nashville company can increase brand awareness and market itself by using a packaging design that includes a custom logo and company name printed on it. Some businesses take advantage of this feature by also printing promotional details on the packages they send out. This is a good way to make an impression on your customers because it will make your business look more professional and put together. If you want to have more control over your packaging design, using this kind of cardboard is a no-brainer.

It Can Save You Money
Not only is this kind of cardboard an excellent choice for those who want sustainable solutions due to its recyclable nature, but it also cuts down on packaging costs. This is due to the fact that making it is not labor intensive allowing it to be sold for very affordable prices. It is also very reusable and can be folded up easily and stored away to use again at a later time. It is very popular nowadays for Nashville businesses to use sustainable packaging, so when you use it, you can be proud of the fact that you do too!

It Makes Everything Easier
Corrugated cardboard comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, and it protects the contents inside of it by providing a stable cushion that can withstand short or long-distance shipping and handling. It also keeps whatever is inside of it away from moisture, which is important to most businesses. To boot, its lightweight nature makes it easy to handle during the process of loading and unloading.

If you live in Nashville and are looking for a packaging solution that is customizable, great for branding and marketing, saves you money, and makes the shipping and handling process a breeze, we here at Ambrose Printing Company suggest considering corrugated cardboard. It might take your business or enterprise to the next level.

Choosing the Right Font for Your Packaging 

Packages that are functional and durable are important. That said, packaging that is striking, modern and attractive is a major selling point for consumers. It doesn't matter if you work as a designer, publisher, writer, or business owner, you understand the importance of eye-catching packaging. Effective packages rely on graphic design and all the elements that are associated with it. This includes font selection. Remember, consumers spend a lot of time focusing on fonts on the packaging. Fonts communicate much more than the name of a product or brand. If you want to create a package that's a perfect match for your product, you need to take the font selection process seriously.

When choosing a suitable font for your package, be sure to make readability a priority. Fonts that are hard to read are pointless. They can confuse people, which can cause consumers to become disinterested. This can also cause people to dismiss your product. If you want to select package fonts like an expert, you shouldn't only focus on attractiveness. Focus on fonts that are clear and simple to read. If you come across a font that makes you squint, move onto the next one!

It's also critical to choose a font that matches the feel of your business. The font of your packaging plays a large role in your brand’s identity. As we know, identity branding is a big part of the business world. If you want customers to view your business in a stylish and contemporary light, you should zero in on fonts that give those impressions. If you want customers to think of your business as being laid-back, cheerful and friendly, you should give your attention to fonts that fit into those categories. There are so many different types of fonts out there, many of them free! You have no reason to settle for a font that doesn't match your criteria.

When searching for the perfect font, consider all the elements of your packaging design. Creating a harmonious design is essential to successful and effective packaging. If you want your package to look attractive and cohesive, you should never choose randomly. Keep your overall package design in mind while exploring your typography options(font, color scheme, design theme and such).

Ambrose Printing Company is a proud Nashville company that offers all types of hassle-free package and digital printing services. Contact us now to learn more about typography and fonts. We can provide you with a quote.

Join Us For Our Open House October 18th!

At Ambrose Printing Company, we strive to offer the best options in Nashville and the surrounding area when it comes to various types of printing. This includes Conventional Printing, Digital Printing, and even Package Printing.

Choosing a printing company can be a daunting task, and we know there's a lot to consider when doing so. This is why we are believers in hosting open house events in order for you to have the chance to meet our staff. We started as a family operation, but have expanded to have a diverse number of individuals working to fulfill all your printing needs. Our pressmen have experience ranging from 40 years to 4 years, but as a whole we have an average of 17 years in the print industry.

Our Open House is about meeting you and creating opportunities for our business and yours to grow. You cannot put a price tag on that, so our event is free with registration!

For Lunch:

Tour our Facilities and learn how to…“Get The Most Out of Your Marketing Dollars.”

Anna-Vija McClain, President of Piccolo Marketing will speak on:
-Defining your marketing priorities
-Software & resources you didn’t know about
-Maximizing your time for productivity

Stop in to tour our facility and meet our experienced staff!
We will serve a complimentary catered lunch at our Luncheon and
provide complimentary beverages at our evening event.

**The event is free, but space is limited!

Can't make our luncheon? You can still join us in the evening for​ our tour!

Come see our new equipment and software capabilities:
KBA Sheetfed Press: Thick stocks up to 48-point, UV printing, Styrene printing
Web-to-Print: See our Store Front software to order printing and customer items online
Brause Die Cut Press: Folding Carton and many other uses.

We also love offering potential clients the opportunity to tour our facility. This makes these open house events even better. It gives you the chance to see where exactly we will take your ideas and give them flesh and substance in the world. Our Nashville print shop has the ability to complete commercial printing, label printing, large format printing, book printing and binding, magazine printing, and catalogue printing. Ambrose Printing Company also has the ability to offer packaging printing services for various situations. These can include retail, folding cartons, displays, and more. Our facilities can even print on corrugated packaging, which is beneficial to you and your business. An open house gives us the opportunity to do a little bragging about the capabilities of our facility, but it also gives you the chance to see why Ambrose Printing Company is the best choice for your Nashville printing needs.

We would never expect you to make a blind decision when it comes to finding a company to take care of your printing needs, and in fact we would not even want you to. We believe in complete transparency with our clients, which is why these open house events are the prime opportunity to get to know each other and start our work together.

Click here to RSVP for Lunch and Click here to RSVP for the Evening too!

How Color Evokes Emotion in Print and Ads

Black and white ads may exude a dramatic minimalist effect, and there is no doubt it is cheaper, but defaulting to colorless ads takes away the possibility of evoking the emotional response you want from consumers. Our expert designers at Ambrose Printing Company serve Nashville businesses, organizations, and individuals by helping with color choices that make a difference.

Colors and the Emotions They Spark

Different shades have commonly accepted meanings based on research into emotional responses in marketing and beyond. These are a good starting point for designing with different shades, hues, and tones.

Red - Passion, action, and excitement.
Orange - Friendliness and happiness. Could also mean danger.
Yellow - Optimism, warmth, and light.
Green - Growth, health, money, and eco-friendliness.
Blue - Dependability, strength, and trustworthiness.
Purple - Royalty, wisdom, creativity.
Pink - Beauty, innocence, girlishness.
Brown - Ruggedness, richness, and nature.
Gray - Professionalism and steadiness.
White - Clarity, light, and neutrality.

Options for Different Purposes

It is important to take the ad or item into account when designing as well. A postcard announcing a special sale use red and yellow for different purposes than a horror genre book cover, for example. You want the first to attract attention, create excitement, and inspire action, and the latter to create a sense of dread and danger. If an advertisement or direct mail piece evoked danger, you would have a hard time selling anything.

The Challenge of Choosing Colors

For international companies or anyone who wants to make sales globally, the challenge of choosing colors intensifies. What triggers excitement to one potential customer group may make another feel uncomfortable.

The secret to correct choices lies in target audience discovery. Your product or service cannot be the perfect thing for every person on Earth. We work with you to design the best style options for the people you want to reach.

We at Ambrose Printing Company in Nashville understand the subtle differences in design that can inspire an ad viewer or print mailer recipient to react and take action. The choice of shade or hue in everything from your business logo to the text on a coupon makes a difference. While many impressions are personal and all possibilities cannot be covered, certain colors can trigger an expected emotive response in specific demographics or in the majority of consumers across the board. Contact us to talk about your commercial printing and design needs, Nashville!

5 Books about Autumn 

It’s fall here in Nashville, and that means pumpkin spice, crisp air, leaves falling and Halloween decorations everywhere. We here at Ambrose Printing Company love seasonal things just as much as we love reading, so here are five books to help you get in the spirit of the season.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

This children’s book by Kenard Pak is about a young girl who says goodbye to summer and welcomes the new season. The book has a charming art style and vibrant colors as it represents both seasons. This book is perfect for early readers who might be having trouble letting go of those carefree summer days.

Photo Book of Autumn

Suzy Timebook’s photobook is overflowing with gorgeous shots of fall leaves and landscape. Great for all ages, this book would make an excellent addition to any nature lover's collection. So if you’re getting impatient waiting for the leaves to turn, take a look at this amazing photobook.

The Seasonal Series

Ali Smith’s fictional series is less about the actual seasons, and is more of a complex study of the human mind. Full of unique premises and characters, these two books make for very interesting reading. If you’re a mature reader looking for something new, you should definitely check out Smith’s masterpieces.

The Fall of Freddie the Leaf

This book by Leo Buscaglia is a warm, gentle story for all ages. Children and adults will be captivated by this tale of life and death. Colorful, reverent and thought-provoking, this story captures an angle of fall that not many authors can.

Savvy Autumn Entertaining

Shanna Hatfield is a blogger with a lot of great ideas. This book is no exception, a must-have for anyone who loves fall-themed décor, parties and recipes. So if you’re looking to liven up your living space, throw a spooky Halloween party or surprise someone special with baked treats, check out this handy book.

So, if you like fall and like to read, be sure to investigate these titles. Full of amazing art and beautiful sentences, these books will be glued to your fingers. You’ll walk away with a greater appreciation of the season and some new titles to recommend to your friends.

3 Influential Nashville Authors

If you know Ambrose Printing Company, you know we have a love for books, print, and Nashville. With that said, we want to acquaint you with three outstanding Nashville authors and their very interesting stories.

Ann Patchett

Ann is the author of seven best-selling novels, plus three books of nonfiction, and has been the recipient of many prestigious literary awards. Just a few of those awards were the PEN/Faulkner Award, the Book Sense “Book of the Year,” a Guggenheim Fellowship, the American Academy of Arts and Letters' Harold D. Vursell Memorial Award, and more.

Ann was also listed on the TIME's “100 Most Influential People in the World” in 2012 for having a major impact on the literary and writing arts culture of Nashville. In 2011, she had co-founded Parnassus Books, a successful and popular bookstore.

She has also become a fierce champion of a movement to restore value in the corner bookstore. When the last independent bookstore in Nashville closed, she opened Parnassus. Why? She believes that when there is no bookstore in a city, there is an incredible void.

Ridley Wills II

Mr. Wills is a well-known and prolific historian and author. His Nashville Pikes, Volume Two: 150 Years Along Hillsboro Pike, brings the area to life. It details how it developed from a few antebellum farms into a populated commercial district and residential neighborhood. Mr. Wills gives an excellent account of the noteworthy homes that have existed there since the 19th century and fascinating insights into the lives of the people who lived there.

He also writes about the largest archaeologically intact Native American village site that still remains under the turning lane that goes off the Pike onto Old Hickory. The village flourished between 1400-1435 and contains the foundations of seven houses, two wooden palisade walls, and several child burial sites.

The University of the South gave Mr. Wills an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree on May 7, 2016.

Steve Diggs

Steve is a best-selling Nashville author of seven books including the popular No Debt, No Sweat, which has appealed both to people who are sound financially and are seeking investment strategies, as well as those who are in turmoil financially and seeking a plan and ideas that will get them out of debt. His other books are Free to Succeed, Stop Running on Empty, The Money Boot Camp Workbook, How to Speak Like a Super Hero, Life’s Too Short, and Putting Your Best Foot Forward.

In addition, he is a producer of video and audio curriculum and is one of the most sought after keynote speakers internationally, having shared his motivating inspirations more than 4,000 times on five continents with his presentations. He has earned the highest designation in the speaking industry, which is held by fewer than two percent of speakers throughout the world: National Speakers Association Certified Speaking Professional (CSP).

5 Nashville Magazines

You may hear stories saying, “Print is dead” and one day we will all be reading from our electronic devices. We at Ambrose Printing Company know this is not true due to the large number of projects we complete every day for our clients.

Further evidence that the print industry is still vital are the many magazines you will find in the Nashville area. Here’s a list of some popular ones:

Nashville Lifestyles
This publication is a must-read for anyone wanting to know about everything going in Nashville. Founded in 1999, the publication has more than 120,000 subscribers. One popular feature is “Party Pic” featuring shots from the area’s social events. You can also read interviews with celebrities from around the area.

Nashville Post
The Nashville Post, established in 2000, is a go-to source online for breaking political and business news. But the Post also releases quarterly magazines with stories about the movers and shakers in the Music City. The publications are must-reads for anyone wanting to know more about the city.

Nashville Key
Tourists and residents rely on this publication to tell them who is performing where and where to go and dine after the performance. You can also learn about attractions in and around the area. You will also find a guide of how to get where you need to go.

Nashville Parent
Nashville is a great place to raise a family and this publication is a great guide for moms and dads. The publication includes suggested activities and tips for parenting at any age. The print publication is complemented by a comprehensive website that includes directories for services parents may need.

Give a Little Nashville
This is one of the newer offerings in the Music City and the most unique. Founded in 2012 by Olivia West and Krys Midgett, the publication focuses on charity. The print edition also features compelling features. Some past covers featured Charlie Daniels, Ty Herndon and Tracy Lawrence.

New magazines are created on almost weekly basis. Some people still like having something to hold that doesn’t have to be charged. What are some of your favorite publications?

4 Resons To Supersize with Billboards

Driving down the roads in Nashville, people's eyes are caught by prodigious billboards advertising products and services. However, when your company isn't using these marketing tools, you are likely losing out on some business to the competition.

Spacious Benefits
When you hand out business cards to potential clients, you are making a wise business move. However, you don't necessarily have the space to provide all of the details and images that you would like to include. While you don't want to stuff billboards full of material, you can incorporate more elements than you can with many other methods of marketing. For example, you could include crisp images that display your main products and words that convey your location, motto and mission.

Extended Reach
Marketing around town is useful, and you can procure many items from Ambrose Printing Company to do so. In addition to these tools that you use to attract customers in your immediate neighborhood, your business should also extend itself. A billboard gives you the opportunity to do so. These types of marketing tools are often displayed on major highways, so you have the chance to catch the attention of people simply driving through town. Also, a billboard is particularly useful if your company is in an area that draws many tourists. Vacationers often seek billboards to help them determine their next stop.

Big and Clear
Trying to read a tiny advertisement is difficult or impossible for some people. They might not remember the name of the company because they saw it only momentarily, or they may not recall what the focus of the company was because it wasn't clear in print. Having a billboard helps you to convey this information without issue. In addition to the large space of the billboard itself, everything that is on it can appear in a big, bold and clear font.

Target Audience
A billboard also really gives you the space that you need to speak to your target audience. You can catch the attention of these audience members in the same way that you do with a commercial. You might also provide an immediate solution for their issues. For example, you might choose to place a billboard in an area that is known for heavy traffic. If you provide respite from a long ride, you can include that information right in your billboard and speak immediately to people who are seeking that respite the most.

Chances are that some of your competitors already are using this marketing technique to draw in customers, and you want to regain at least some of those clients.

4 Tips For Getting The Most Out of Print Ads

While digital advertising is gaining momentum, there's still a large market for running print ads to reach new customers. Print is also useful for letting loyal patrons know about upcoming sales, deals, and new arrivals. At Ambrose Printing Company, we offer a wide selection of printing services from signs and flyers to posters, banners, and even catalogs to ensure your Nashville business gets noticed, but we also want to ensure your print ads stand out against the competition. Below, we've provided a few pointers to help you design the most compelling advertisements possible.

1. List Your Social Media Accounts - Yes, even your print ads should supply potential consumers and clients with your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. This lets customers know your company is readily available and takes advantage of technology to stay connected.

2. Offer Deals - Briefly mentioned above, deals and discounts attract both new and loyal customers. A more compelling reason to include printed coupons with an ad is to draw in customers who might otherwise not have an interest in your product or service. If they think they're getting something extra, they're more willing to experience what your business has to offer.

3. Consider Creating A Campaign - Many businesses in Nashville and beyond have discovered that a longer running campaign, spanning a series of advertisements, will attract greater public interest. People will begin looking for your next advertisement to see what your spokesmodel is wearing or what that funny animated character is doing. Ambrose Printing Company can help you get noticed through a plotted out campaign with an emphasis on those qualities that you most want people to notice about your business.

4. Expand Beyond Ads - Sure, you have printed advertising working for you, but why stop there. Order business cards, flyers, and posters - anything that will get people noticing your business and talking about it with friends. Colorful and tastefully created graphics will spur discussion and, as everyone knows, word of mouth is the best advertising money can't buy.

For the rest, there's Ambrose Printing Company and our commitment to quality printing services for individual and business needs. Nashville presents a competitive market, regardless of what your business offers, so reach out to our printing company for state of the art printing services. Our website makes ordering prints easier than ever with online estimates and the ability to upload a file for printing right from your own computer.

Go Professional with Custom Shipping Labels, Nashville

When your customers receive a package from your company, the first impression you make is important. Unprofessional, handwritten, and difficult to read labels are the first thing your new and existing customers will notice. Your shipping labels make a statement about your business.

The good news is that it is easy to get that professional first impression for your business, right here in Nashville. We, at Ambrose Printing Company, help our customers stand out from the crowd and create a good first impression with our custom printed labels.

Why Professional Shipping Labels Make a Good First Impression

What does your label say about you? Does it say that you are a legitimate company? Does it look like you take the effort to ensure your customers are satisfied with the quality of your product and service? If not, read on.

Establish Credibility

Anyone can open an online store. It's fast and easy to post items for sell online. The quality of your packaging can help your company appear more professional and helps you establish credibility. When you have labels printed with your company's custom logo, your customers will know that you are the real deal.

Imply Quality

Most of us have ordered products online and have been surprised by the packaging. I received a book in a cereal box with a hand printed label on the box. That gave me a lasting impression about the quality of the company and I never ordered from them again.

When you go the extra mile with your labels, it shows that you strive for high quality products and services. When you skimp on materials, it can create an irreversible bad impression.

Brand Consistency

You have your company logo on your website, over the building, and on your business cards and letterheads. Why wouldn't you support your brand by including it on your labels? When people see that label, it will create branding consistency and recognition.

Whether you are new or old to business, we can help. We will help your business stand out from the crowd and impress current and future customers. Please contact us at Ambrose Printing Company today to see how we can help you make a good first impression. You won't be disappointed with the results.

Creative End of Summer Sale Ideas

Although it feels as though the barbecues have just started, the crisper weather of the fall will return once again in a short while. With suggestions from Ambrose Printing Company, you can welcome the autumn in Nashville with great end of summer sale ideas. Help your customers get over the feelings of sadness that the end of summer brings!

Seasonal Prints

While the fall does mean that people have to bid adieu to bathing suits and barbecues, they also get to start preparing for the many upcoming holidays! Since so many individuals love the holidays, craft material that infuses the themes of the season. When you bring Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas into your sale material, you're likely to find plenty of customers.

Super Discounts

Chances are that you won't reuse most of your items again next summer, so give customers an opportunity to get a great deal now. You may want to reduce the prices on your items by a large amount. Keep in mind that whatever is leftover in inventory will go to waste. Therefore, you may as well make money on the items. You can even start to have an end-of-the-summer sale annually, which will keep customers intrigued.


People love to come out for events, especially in the relaxing weather of the fall. Consider hosting an event where you have a sale on summer merchandise and booths dedicated to your new seasonal products. Make sure you bring in some seasonal activities. For example, you may want to host a costume parade for kids or pets during the event.

For the Earth

The change of seasons is beautiful to behold. Stunning colors appear on the leaves, and the days seem a bit cozier. Pay homage to the earth by selling products that are friendlier to the environment and by using an outdoor space for an event if possible. Also, you may want to consider donating a part of your profits to an organization that helps to care for the planet. You will be increasing awareness about certain issues and working to resolve them at the same time.

Whether you want to put together a brochure or an online advertisement, you must know what the focus is first. Right now, start to think about how you will say farewell to the summer and usher in the new season of the fall.

Get Ready for Comic Con, Nashville!

Did you know Comic Con is coming to Nashville, TN in September of 2017? Comic Con is a family event where people have an opportunity to meet their favorite authors, illustrators, and characters. There is also lots of fans who take part in cosplay. There will be 3 days of events at Music City Center featuring your favorite heroes like Batman Forever's Val Kilmer, Smallville’s Dean Cain, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Charisma Carpenter.

Fans will come from all over for the opportunity to see and meet their favorite characters. Comic Con is also an opportunity for vendors to show their products to a wide range of possible new customers. This is a great opportunity for new and established businesses to expand their client list. How are you going to make your company’s display stand out in a crowd?

Ambrose Printing Company would love the opportunity to help your company to prepare for Comic Con by providing for your printing and packaging needs. Ambrose Printing Company is a family owned business based out of Nashville, TN. We use conventional and digital printing technologies to help businesses of all sizes!

We can accommodate your printing needs for creating business cards, inserts, promotional or price tags, and flyers to distribute to the potential customers who browse your display. We also specialize in unique prints such as catalogs, posters, and package printing. We offer large format signs which are sure to catch the eye of potential clients.

Our large format signs are a great way to advertise your products while sharing a website URL as well as the company address and phone number. Sharing your location information on large format signs will help potential customers to determine if your location is convenient from their home or business. Sharing a website on large format signs will help to reach customers outside of your immediate vicinity.

Comic Con is a big event for Nashville, TN. Let Ambrose Printing Company help to make Comic Con a big event for your business as well.

4 Reasons to See Shakespeare in The Park in Centennial Park

One of our favorite summer events here at Ambrose Printing Company is Nashville’s Shakespeare in the Park.

Shakespeare in the Park started in 1998 with the first performance at Centennial Park. Chambers Stevens produced As You Like It as the first production for the free event.

Over the years, the festival has become one of the most trusted resources for schools to provide workshops for students. They have currently performed for over 180,000 students. If you are looking for a fun and educational place to take your family this summer, here are four reasons why Shakespeare in the Park is a great place to go.

It’s Free!
The performances of both A Winter’s Tale and Antony and Cleopatra are open to the public this summer.

And thanks to the support of their sponsors like the Tennessee and Metro Arts Commissions, the Nashville Shakespeare Festival is able to produce the plays at no cost to the public.

Though there is a suggested donation of $10.00 because they must raise over $250,000 in support each year to continue.

It’s Easier to Understand than You Think
The flowery language can be off-putting, but when you experience Shakespeare live, it is actually more accessible. With the context of intonation, props, and gestures, it is much easier to understand.

The Great Stories
This year’s production promises two of Shakespeare’s great plays, A Winter’s Tale and Cleopatra.

A Winter’s Tale is one of Shakespeare’s later romance that has some intense psychological drama. However, it’s also quite comedic. It has princes and princesses disguised, wild man-eating bears, betrayal, grief, and a deep sense of the mythic. Namely, everything you would want in a great story!

Antony and Cleopatra is Shakespeare’s interpretation of one of the most influential moments in world history, the founding of the Roman Empire. Not only is there the cold, Machiavellian calculation of Octavius Caesar, but you also have the dramatic romance of the title characters.

It’s at the Park!
Centennial Park is one of the treasures of Nashville. As you watch the great performances you will also have the cool breeze, the fresh cut grass, the summer night. Bring your favorite picnic basket and lawn chairs. With your friends and family in tow, you’ll have a night you’ll never forget!

Summer Print Projects for School Kids

Summer's in and the kids are home, which means Mom (or Dad) needs new ways to keep them occupied and creative. Below are some simple, engaging print projects for crafty kids and parents.

1. DIY book-binding

Here at Nashville's Ambrose Printing Company, we take bookbinding to a new creative level. You can do the same at home with your kids. First, have your child create their book on loose printer paper. You could also use blank pages for a Summer Journal your child can fill.

Use a 3-hole punch to prepare pages, then insert it into a binder. You could also staple the pages together, then use duct tape to cover the book's binding.

2. Waterproof bookmarks

Now that you have a book, you need a bookmark! Cut long strips of paper, then cut out shapes of different-colored stationary or construction paper. Have your child glue them onto the bookmark to cover it completely or create a design. Once it's finished and dry, "laminate" it by placing it between two strips of clear packing tape and pressing them together.

3. Scissors-free pinwheels

Here's an extra-safe craft your kids can do on their own once you've done it together. Start with a square piece of paper (you can print your own designs or use pre-printed ones) and fold it diagonally both ways. Make sure you fold each crease multiple times. Carefully tear along the seams, working slowly, until about a half-inch from the center. Fold one corner of each section to the center. Use a thumbtack to poke a hole through the middle and attach the pinwheel to an un-sharpened pencil. Or, tape the pinwheel fins to the inside for a non-spinning, thumbtack-free version.

4. Layered 3-D art

For this you will need cardstock or cardboard (multiple pieces), multicolored construction paper or print stationary, and glue. Start with a piece of colored card stock or cardboard, then have your child design cut-out shapes to create a scene on the paper. Cut circles from cardboard to serve as "pop-up buttons" and glue them to the underside of the decorations, then to the card stock. When you're done, your scene will pop from the page.

In Nashville, the summer months are long, and free for creativity. Ambrose Printing Company hopes you have a great summer with projects like these that you and your child can enjoy together.

5 Creative Package Design Ideas

So you've got a product. Good start. But the marketing world is vicious, and every little aspect of product promotion affects to the income potential. You must become as savvy as possible when it comes to even the smallest things, including packaging.

Whether you're printing book covers, designing lotion bottles, or finding an environmentally-friendly way to ship make-at-home meals, it's always a battle to capture fresh inspiration. Here at Ambrose Printing Company, we want you to succeed in your marketing endeavors.

To help you out, here are five creative package design ideas for your custom products:

1. Engage the senses.

Use materials that entice two or three senses other than sight. Incorporate bumpy-textured cardboard. Tie a bow with silky ribbon. Have a scratch-and-sniff feature. The more senses, the better.

2. Build off a visual theme.

If you're selling bird seed, use a birdhouse-shaped carton. If you're shipping baked goods, craft a box that looks like cake tiers or giant cookies. Play with structure to find the right balance between functionality and attractiveness. Your package design should reflect what the customer wants, but not in the way they expect.

3. Play to audience.

This rule reigns supreme. For instance, here in Nashville, Ambrose Printing Company can create packaging aimed at musicians, restaurateurs, tourists, and any walks of life from the Nashville area. Need packaging that markets guitar picks? We can do that, and with your input, make local guitarists want it all the more. Knowing your audience is essential to successful package design.

4. Make unpacking interactive.

Who doesn't love taking hold of a tab and peeling off paper in long, curly strips? Or perhaps your packaging has Velcro that can re-seal the box? Getting your customer involved beyond fighting with tape can be a huge boost to your product's popularity.

5. Commission artists for unique, consistent style.

The internet is bursting with freelance artists willing to design gorgeous artwork, patterns, and custom print for your packaging. Search on websites like and to browse freelance artist portfolios. The hard part will be choosing the perfect one for your product!

So take your marketing challenges by the horns. Ignite your creativity and spark those fantastic package designs; it will help you succeed. Ambrose Printing Company here in Nashville can make all this happen, and more. Your imagination has no limit.

3 Great Second Hand Bookstores in Nashville

Many people love second hand bookstores. There’s something almost magical about walking into a great bookstore. There’s that wonderful smell of old books. The pages yellowed with age. The old photo or note that was left in the book by the previous owner. The curiosity and wonder at what you could find.

The potential is endless.

If you are chasing that scent of magic and are on the lookout for a great, gently used book, or just want to spend the day surrounded by the brilliant minds of the past, check out some of Nashville’s best second hand bookstores.

Rhino Booksellers

Rhino is owned by Fred Koller who came to Nashville in 1979 after closing his bookstore in California. This shop touts almost 75,000 titles! If you are looking for something a bit more unique to add to your collection, Rhino Books has a back room full of first editions. There is even a vault that has Koller’s collection of priceless books.

Landmark Booksellers

Landmark Booksellers is found in The Old Factory Store down in Franklin which was built in 1926. Owned by Joel Tomlin and his wife Carol, this gem has over 60,000 new and rare book. With over 1,500 first editions that are signed, it is also a great place to find a special copy. Most of its original collection of 50,000 came from another used bookstore, Dad’s Old Bookstore, which closed over a decade ago. The Tomlins were seeking something they could do together and opened Landmark Books with the collection in 2005. The books are all neatly organized which makes exploring wonderfully fun. There’s also a children’s reading room in case you bring the kids along!

Elder’s Bookstore

Elders contains a great collection of out-of-print, used and rare books, and the hard to find books. It started in 1930 when Charles Elder opened the doors on Fourth Avenue. He loved books and history which is infused in the space today despite the shift in location. With 78 years under its belt, Elder’s Bookstore is one of the oldest bookstores in Tennessee. There is a wide range of book selections from genealogy, antique children’s books, Civil War, prints and maps. Charles’ son, Randy, owns the store now and has been working at the store since he was 5 years old.

Wherever your book treasure hunt takes you, Ambrose Printing Company hopes you find the best adventure and the best story.

3 FAQs When Starting a Package Print Project

Brand packaging has many functions in marketing. So it is important to design strong packaging that accurately presents your product. Branding creates a visual representation of your company or product that can form public opinion. First impressions are important, and the first vision of a company is brand packaging.

Here are 3 important questions to answer when designing the labels or packages for your brand:

What Colors Should I Use to Design My Product's Packaging?

Many companies choose colors that reflect their logos or match specific brand colors. Color is a powerful business tool because it has the power to trigger reactions in the forms of emotions, desires and, purchases. Designing a package around your company's logo colors creates a cohesive presence for your product. This makes the company and the product a single thought for the consumer. Even when a company's logo does not have a specific color scheme, businesses use specific colors in advertisements. Using the same color scheme creates instant recognition for consumers.

Should I Use Images?

Along with color schemes, graphics can be used to prompt interest in consumers. If your company manufactures and sells swimming pools, a well-placed photograph of a child splashing around in your pool in the summer sun creates a visual representation of the goal of your demographic, parents comparing swimming pools for the enjoyment of their children. Expertly designed logos, professional photographs featuring models using your product, or intriguing art are great examples of ways to make your product packaging stand out against competitors.

What Information Should I Include on My Product's Label?

Potential customers do not use product packaging for appearance and brand recognition alone. Informative packaging communicates the product to the consumer while creating realistic expectations about the product. An eye-catching header highlights aspects of the product like what is or is not included in the bundle, age restrictions, or updates in a product's construction or recipe. Clarity and completeness of general text is also important. Consumers rely on specifics information, ingredient lists or minimum technology requirements for a wide range of products.

In the marketing world, colors, graphics, and product information form the complete picture of your company's product, making brand packaging a vital process. Print services like ones offered by Nashville's Ambrose Printing Company can help boost product awareness and sales.

What Should be Included in Package Design

When you are ready to have your packaging printed, Ambrose Printing Company can help you with a package that makes your product stand out. Before you print the final packaging, however, there are certain factors in the design that you should be aware of. These tips will help you design a product that pops at retail and tells the customer what they need to know to make the purchase.

Readability of Important Information

If your product is for food, you will need to have nutritional information as part of the design. In other products, ingredients must be included. Make sure the typeface is readable and of a size that your customer can see. Consumers want to know what is inside the package. Sans-serif typefaces are readable and are best for conveying this important information.

Simplicity in Design

Your packaging must stand out on the shelf. Colors and strong design are important features that will enhance the sale of the product. It must make an impact sitting next to many other products at retail. Put yourself in the position of the shopper who faces a plethora of choices. Your branding is part of the design, and showing the brand is a major factor in repeated purchases and trust from the consumer. One question to ask regarding the design: Could a child find your product in a supermarket?

Creativity with Effectiveness

You can be visually creative in your design, but the measure of a good design will be how effective it is. With this in mind, keep clutter to a minimum. Invest in a good photograph if that will help the customer make a buying decision. Consumers make quick choices by color, design and the product being in a familiar location. You might want to add an emotional charge by utilizing the right color. Your logo will be an important part of the design; this is one of the factors that keeps customers coming back. Think of the Coca-Cola design and it’s beautiful use of calligraphy to uphold the friendliness of the design and engage customers in the brand.

Ambrose Printing Company in Nashville can help produce your packaging in a cost effective manner with quality work, when you are ready. With these factors taken into account, you will have a design that is memorable and engaging and brings customers back to buy the product again and again.

Proofread Your Design Nashville

Nobody likes mistakes! That's why we at Ambrose Printing Company want you to be aware of the errors that can be costly in time and dollars as well cause abundant frustration. Even the brightest minds in Nashville have made spelling errors in their advertising, packaging, business cards, and brochures. Proofreading often seems to take a back seat to design by clients, when it comes to printing.

Proofreading seems like such an easy task that it is often overlooked. In a rush, it is easy to misuse words like "complimentary" and "complementary". Even a double-check but the same person can cause simple mistakes to go unnoticed. We want to help you avoid the need to redesign entire projects due to unsightly spelling errors. Once the design reaches printing, that could be money wasted from your budget. So let's make sure that never happens!

Here are some tips:

1. Proofread as Soon as It is Done

As soon as the layout and final graphics are finished, proofread for mistakes. Reading your work out loud is the best option. We sometimes hear mistakes when spoken that we can miss by just reading. If we are going to design and print your job, proofread all written materials being sent for printer services.

2. Have Someone Else Proofread

After you have done your proofreading, hand it over to an associate or literate friend to pass before their eyes. It is often valuable to have someone not familiar with the job read the words to ensure the spelling and words are correct and say what you mean to convey.

3. Rest Easy

When you are content that your work is correct, you will be less stressed waiting for the printed piece. Your printer will be happier, knowing that the final submission has been proofread and is free of mistakes that might involve a reprinting.

Even if you rely on self-correction from a writing program on your computer, proofing your work should be a necessary step. Ambrose Printing Company wants our clients to be satisfied, and the first step in a successful printing job is the lack of mistakes before it is printed.

4 Popular Nashville Musician Album Covers

The history of the modern day album cover dates back to 1938. In those days, an album cover was a plain brown envelope. The word “album” didn’t refer to the record cover. An “album” was a collection of 10 inch, 78-speed records that were packaged in a book with brown paper between them. There was no art, no design features, and the simple print was the only thing that gave customers a clue to the name of the record and the artist.

Columbia Records was the first company to invest in an art director. Columbia hired Brooklyn-born artist Alex Steinweiss. Alex was the man behind the posters and other graphics that Columbia needed to promote their new company. Twenty-three-year-old Steinweiss was also the man who recommended that illustrations would better on record covers than the brown paper covering that did nothing to promote records. The first illustrated album cover was released in 1939, and record sales skyrocketed.

Steinweiss was also the man behind the album jacket, and he received a patent for his album jacket design. Printed album covers became selling and marketing tools for record companies, and those tools were instrumental in launching the popularity of country music. Country music got its start in 1927. Jimmie Rodgers was the first artist to sell a million copies of one record.

The Carter family is considered the first family of country music, but Dolly Parton was the first country artist to release an album cover that made the country music industry take notice. For that reason, Dolly’s 1967 Hello, I’m Dolly album cover featuring her face became one of Nashville’s popular print album covers.

In 1979, Hank Williams Jr.’s printed Family Traditions album cover gave Williams the image he needed to be a legend in the country music business and that album cover is a classic today.

The country music industry went through a transformation in the 1990s. “Smokin Hot” album covers became one of the new marketing tools for country artists and for their record labels. Faith Hill’s fourth album Cry sold more than 400,000 copies, and the album cover is still one of the most popular covers in the country music business.

Carrie Underwood’s Blown Away album cover is another popular and “smoking hot” album cover, and it defines where country music is today. The Nashville graphics and printing Ambrose Printing Company has been instrumental in helping the country music industry make the transition. New pop/country albums covers are popular but the old covers still have the popularity they deserve from the old country music lovers.

3 Things you Should Use in Your Company Letterhead

In today's digital environment, some may dismiss the idea of office stationery, but that is a big mistake. Printed stationery brings a certain level of professionalism, especially to a new company.

There is also an art to a really great piece of stationery. What will it look like? What will it say? The piece of letterhead can often be the first impression of a company for customers or potential customers. They add a finishing touch to a package or presentation.

When putting together a company letterhead, it may be hard to decide what pieces of information are absolutely necessary. In fact, the information needed can vary from company to company and even industry to industry, but there are 3 things that every letterhead needs.

  1. Company Name - This includes your official company name and also any name that you are doing business as (dba).
  2. Company Address - This should include your street address along with city, state, and zip. Include your country if you do a lot of international business.
  3. Company Contact Information - This can be just your phone number including area code and/or a website address.

There are a handful of other items you could consider important if they are something that your company possesses like general email address and company logo. Some people often think that the logo is the only thing you need. This is not the case. It's important that those you are communicating with are able to identify right away who is corresponding with them.

For us, we would definitely want to use our Company Name, Ambrose Printing Company, our address in Nashville, and both our phone number and email address.

If you have regional offices, you can decide if you want to do one sheet for the entire organization where you list all offices and their contact info. Another way to do it is to print individual sheets for each office.

Four Awesome New Books For Summer

Summer seems to be the season that everyone is waiting for all year long, and it’s a memorable time of year for any story’s setting. The springtime may be for new beginnings, but the summertime is when things really heat up. The following are four great new books about summer love now in print.

Beach Town by Mary Kay Andrews

This book is about a film location scout named Greer Hennessy, and she’s looking for the perfect beach to shoot on. She travels to Florida looking for a pristine, untouched beach, but the best location comes with a major problem. The local mayor is a staunch environmentalist, and he doesn’t want Greer to shoot on his city’s beach. The mayor eventually finds Greer too attractive to ignore. Will this sultry summertime romance get the best of them both?

Breathe, Annie, Breathe by Miranda Kenneally

Annie isn’t good at athletics, but she is determined to run a marathon. Her boyfriend Kyle had been training for one, but he died before he could do it. Annie eventually meets a new man named Jeramiah, and his gung-ho nature wins her over. This story about summer love is an inspiring tale of accomplishment and new beginnings.
The Secret Life of Prince Charming by Deb Caletti

Quinn goes on a summertime road trip with her sisters and a boy named Jake. Jake is a tattooed bad boy on the surface, but he has a kind and gentle heart. All of them are on a quest to locate objects that Quinn’s father has stolen, but they also discover love, friendship, and self-respect along the way.

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

Macy’s boyfriend is away at summer Brain Camp, and she’s spending all her time studying for the SATs. Her home life is not going well. Macy’s father died, and both she and her mother are in a state of grief. Eventually, Macy begins to transcend her education-centered existence. She decides to help her sister renovate a beach house, and she meets a new boy, Wes. Wes is an honest, troubled, highly artistic person. He turns Macy’s life upside down.

What’s On Your Reading List?

A summer romance book can be very uplifting. You should add one to your reading list, or you might even try your hand at writing a good one. If you are an author or have printing needs, contact Ambrose Printing Company in Nashville today for professional service.

Professional Customized Thank You Note Ideas

There is nothing more lovely and proper than receiving a note of thanks. How one goes about creating the words of "thank you" matter and the method of the message used is also key.

In today's super fast digital world, one's usual choice is the email route. It provides an immediate destination in an e-mailbox. It cannot, however, rival the traditional handwritten thank you note that remains the gold standard in today's concept of proper etiquette.

A thank you card that is made with print is an excellent way to describe one's appreciation for so many occasions. It's an intelligent form of communication that shows thought, respect and extra politeness and can boost business standing above competitors.

An email is fine when in a hurry and there is not enough time to properly thank someone. Messages in emails, however, can be misinterpreted as impersonal.

Professional customized "thank you" notes are a wonderful way to tailor a message. The experts can offer a large variety of notes that enhance the image of a company or individual who uses them for personal use. The quality of the paper used is exceptional, the speed at producing the number of thank you cards needed is incredible, and the look of the cards designed is gorgeous. Whether the notes are glossy, matte, colorful and with a variety of lettering, text and/or photos, it will make a statement.

Everything today seems mass-produced and instant gratification is king. So the quiet, personalized touch of a customized thank you note is a good way to stand out. It is nostalgic, classy and serves as a great approach.

The late Princess Diana understood very well the meaning of a personal thank you note and always took the time to respond with a handwritten note on her personalized cards wherever her many travels around the world took her. Princess Diana once mentioned that people don't often say "thank you" enough, and she had decided she would maintain the proper tradition.

Choosing to go the personalized custom thank you note in Nashville is a part of one's individual style. It's a certain aesthetic and personality that defines the type of person or brand that someone is. Allow the experts at Ambrose Printing Company to help you create something memorable.

The Five Most Exciting Fonts for Your Summer Events

Summer is all about fun, relaxation, and outdoor living. Your signs, letters, and other text-based creations are always more exciting with seasonal fonts. Let your zeal for the summer season show with everything you decide to print this year.

Summer is bikini time, and this font offering mimics its namesake. Bikinis is designed with elegant strokes that resemble the strings and straps of most two-piece swimsuits. The graceful handwriting style is perfect for fancy blocks of text, but Bikinis may be a bit too fancy for simple signs.

Lemonade is perfect for simple, large signs. This one has a pleasing visual appearance, and it also has a certain whimsical quality. The block letters are designed to look like hastily filled-in chalkboard drawings. Lemonade conjures up memories of youthful summer vacations away from school.

Jenna’s Popsicles
This is one of the more visually stimulating choices out there. Each of the letters rests on a popsicle stick, and this text style always makes you smile while reading. Just about everyone enjoys eating popsicles under the summer sun, and now you can pass on the joys of frozen sugar water with Jenna's Popsicles.

Kool Beans
Even if you aren’t into frozen sugar water, you probably still enjoy chilled sugar water. Kool Beans recreates the iconic lettering from a famous brand of kid’s drinks. Most adults still love to mix this brand's delicious powder with water, especially in the summertime. Don't forget to add the well-known smiling face because it’s part of the font. Make sure to be on alert for a giant pitcher of flavored sugar water that likes to crash through walls, too.

If you’re looking for a text style that inspires memories of roasting marshmallows, look no further than Campfire. This one structures your text so that it looks like bent pieces of wood, and that makes your writing look like it belongs on a signpost at a summer camp. Campfire is perfect for any application where the writing needs to make a bold statement.

Which Text Will You Use This Summer?

All these choices are sure to please your friends, family, and coworkers. One of the keys to any great graphic design is memorable text. Once you have your design, you’ll want to make sure the final product stands out to viewers. Contact Ambrose Printing Company in Nashville to discuss professional display options today.

Not All Carton Packaging Is Created Equal

Socks. You've seen one then you've seen them all. One sock is like any other. The toe and heel go in exactly the same places. But would you wear a thin dress sock for an Alaskan trek? No. Would you use a carton meant to carry crated eggs to transport designer clothes? Absolutely not!

All packages have one purpose - the containment and transport of one or more things. Commercial packaging has 3 common types.

1. Folding Boxes. These containers are intended to be minimized when not in active use like gift boxes or cereal boxes. They are lightweight and easily collapsed or folded.

2. Rigid Boxes. For luxury or high value items, a rigid box enhances presentation while giving the contents inside support and protection. Made of durable materials, these boxes are meant to hold their shape and keep the contents safe inside. Rigid boxes put style first but do not ignore functionality.

3. Corrugated Boxes. For pure commercial use, corrugated boxes are best with its layers of fiberboard that insulate, protect and cushion. Manufacturers use them to transport goods to stores and warehouses. Stores will use fiberboard for displays and stacking. They're known for hardiness not style.

Carton design is not a one size and shape fits everything proposition. Two things can make a package world-class or just average. When deciding on project requirements, think about structure and design.

Structure is all about the tangibles - weight, strength, material composition, dimensions, texture and disposal options. Boxes must be able to survive the entire storage and distribution system either standalone or within another box. They must adhere to strict safety regulations and guidelines.

Design focuses on the intangibles - brand identity, value messaging, repurposing and advertising potential. Containers must express and support a company's marketing theme by its form, graphics and labeling.

Boxes like socks do one thing well. They act as containers. How that container is used makes a huge difference in structure and design.

Once a product is ready, it's time to focus on distribution and transport. Ambrose Printing Company, based in Nashville, has decades of experience in the design and production of commercial and retail packaging. This family-run business has designers and production specialists fully qualified to assist you. Call us for your packaging needs today!

Don't Underestimate The Power of Your Company Letterhead

Your letterhead has superpowers. Yes, it does. It can't outrun a speeding bullet, lift a car overhead or make popsicles with super breath. Its abilities are more understated but no less wondrous or awe-inspiring. They are not to be underestimated. Ever.

Well-crafted, professionally printed stationery gives your business the superpowers of brand management and effortless round-the-clock marketing. People can spend lifetimes earning these skills but your digital print letterhead can have them instantly.

Brand Investment
"Brand" means many things to a company. It's their stock in trade and reputation rolled into one element. Print design cannot be careless or sloppy. Super charging brand awareness needs more than a black and white logo positioned in the top middle of a sheet of paper. Modern eyes breeze past embossed logos and seals.

With advancements in press printing and digital design, the entire page is an open canvas. Consulting with a printer can yield positive results with small touches and details. Use size and color to good advantage. Give logos prominence by resizing, using the corners or splashing with color. Consider a watermark which can lend an elegant touch without being distracting. Use colored paper to stand out from a pile of off white or cream stationery. Be creative when positioning necessary details like addresses and slogans.

Marketing Savvy All The Time
Effective stationery exercises more subtle effects and influence every hour of the day in all corners of the world. When you're sleeping, it's working out. When you're busy on a project, it's seeking new opportunities.

Digital marketing can be abrupt and intrusive. In contrast, print stationery communicates a company's message in an understated and professional way in any setting. This superpower needs no batteries.

Consistent use of this superpower will yield results with less effort. Reflect the same style on envelopes, postcards, invoices and brochures. Ensure that company stationery has symmetry with its digital assets like a website, online catalog or eBook.

Mastering superpowers isn't easy. Just ask Superman. It's best to seek qualified, trusted and experienced assistance.

In the Nashville area, Ambrose Printing Company is superpower central. Trust your hero development to a family-owned business with 150 years of commercial experience behind it. We have proven expertise on many projects - signage, labels, business identity development, retail packaging, publishing, fulfillment and distribution. Give Ambrose Printing Company a call at 615-256-1151 or visit our website at

4 Business Card Ideas for Small Business Owners

Business cards come in a wide range of styles, types and sizes these days. They also communicate a much wider array of information and are used for a wide range of purposes. From non-traditional sizes to double-sided printing, today's cards do more than communicate information -they make a statement about your business. This is particularly important for small business owners that don't have an established brand to speak for them. In Nashville, Ambrose Printing Company can help you design a card that creates the right impression for your business. Here are 4 great ideas for small business owners:

1. Make your card match your profession

If you are a writer, editor or publisher, you may want to create a bookmark card instead of a traditionally sized one. If you are a person who works with pets, you may want to have custom die-cut cards created in the shape of a dog or cat or choose a paw print themed card. You also don't have to have cards made out of paper, either. Wood and metal are just two materials that modern business cards can be made from.

2. Make it useful

If you are a mechanic or own a bicycle repair shop, you can have a flat multi-tool created and imprinted with your contact information. For a more traditional way of making a business card that is both functional and useful, you can have a calendar or tip chart created on the back. For a coffee bar, hair or nail salon, you may want to offer a punch card that gives them a free product or service after some paid services.

3. Keep it simple yet comprehensive

You want to offer as much contact information as possible, such as cell phone and office numbers, website and email address, but keep extraneous information to a minimum. Also, work with a professional to ensure the best layout and design to make your card comprehensive, yet easy-to-read.

4. Make it memorable

Small business owners in particular need to do what they can to make their card stand out from the crowd. Whether it's using foil accents, an irregular size or some kind of custom card that is both functional and useful, you want to make a card that doesn't blend in with the crowd. When you work for a well-known or established company, if people lose your card, they can always call your company. When you are a small business owner, they generally need your card to remember the name of your company. Do your best to make sure and design a card people will at least remember, if not keep.

The Benefits of Using Shelf Talkers for Retail Advertising

Most people have seen shelf talkers without knowing what they are. In retail stores, these colorful tabs pop out from shelves in clear view of customers walking down the aisles. In many stores, the use of talkers has boosted product sales dramatically. Every retail advertiser should consider the benefits of using pop-out tabs to accomplish their marketing goals.

Hard to Miss

Talkers appear bold and large like billboards on highways. The tabs are bright colored with large words like "sale" and "hot deals." The discounted prices are printed large enough to get anyone interested in the product. Talkers are not flyers with small words that people must stop what they're doing and walk up to read. All the tabs are designed solely to get the quick attention of customers.


Most store ads are shown in the newspaper, which many customers do not read. Talkers do not require you to shuffle through the paper or ask a clerk for help. In typical stores, many price tags are difficult to see, and the words are too small or faded. Customers have to squint or crouch down to read the fine details.

On the other hand, tabs are attached to make it easy and convenient to know about the day's sales. Only a few words appear on the tab, so shoppers only get the most important details.


Shelf talkers are affordable for all retail store managers in need of effective advertising. Cut more than half of the costs required to advertise in newspapers or on television. Buy hundreds of tabs to use throughout the store and bring attention to countless sales. Talkers are more affordable than flyers and banners and may be more effective at increasing sales.

For a unique type of salesperson, invest in shelf tabs that pop out and do most of the talking for you. Save money on more expensive advertising methods, like arrow sign spinners and display tables, that may not deliver the results you want. In Nashville, find standard and custom services for your digital or conventional retail printing needs at Ambrose Printing Company.

Graduation Invitation Ideas

Spring Break has come and gone but it's a great reminder that graduation will be here soon! Graduation is an important event for many students and their families. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate a new milestone. Whether your child is graduating from third grade, college, or medical school, it is important to honor the accomplishment. The event can be even more memorable by inviting friends and family to attend the ceremony. While it is fine to invite someone over the phone, an invitation speaks volumes about the importance of the event. Here are some ideas on creating an unforgettable graduation invitation:

1. Does your child’s school provide professionally taken photos with a cap and gown? This could be the cover of the card. Grandma and grandpa are sure to keep it forever as a memo.

2. If the number of guests are not limited and you plan on inviting a lot of people, consider printing on business card paper. That way, you save time and money from not having to stuff envelopes.

3. Planning to invite friends and family to a dinner celebration even if they cannot attend the ceremony? Maybe you even want it to be a surprise for the new graduate. Make a huge congratulatory banner and put a picture of it in the card. It is a great way to signal to your guests that it is a big event! Let them know that they will be signing the banner.

4. Thinking of making a keepsake for your new graduate? You can turn each card into a page in the guestbook. Tell your guests to write a message to the graduate when they mail back their cards to RSVP. You can then send those cards to Ambrose Printing Company in Nashville, where they can be bound into a book.

There is no right or wrong way to invite someone to your child’s celebration. But sending a fun card will let people know that it will be a fun event. So let’s get started and be creative! Your graduate has worked hard to get to this point and deserves the best celebration.

4 Label Ideas for Your Spring Sale

Do you work in a freelance industry and sell hand-crafted items? Do you run a small business? Are you looking for new, creative, seasonal ways to market your goods? If so, read on to learn a few ideas for getting creative and cost-effective labels printed for your sale!

Label Idea #1: Colorful Eggs

Have colorful eggs printed on your labels to show sale percentages -- such as 20% = a blue egg, 30% = a yellow egg, 50% = a pink egg and so on. This is fun for the customer, and it gives them an easy system for remembering what they'll be saving.

Label Idea #2: Hatching a Sale!

Call your sale something catchy such as: "We're Hatching a Spring Sale!" and have that imprinted on your label. You can add some fun spring icons, such as eggs hatching with baby chicks to further expound upon the theme.

Label Idea #3: Hop On Over!

Create a "Hop on Over!" theme by highlighting times when customers can get the best savings. You can have the "Hop on Over" labels attached to the clothing that is on sale during those key times. Have bunny and egg icons printed on the labels to further the theme.

Label Idea #4: Fill Your Basket

This is a great idea for clearance items. Arrange baskets at the front of your store and tell customers they can fill them up with items that have the "Fill Your Basket" label. You can add seasonal basket icons and eggs to the labels to make them stand out as the items that are eligible for the basket clearance sale.

If you're looking for a creative and cost-effective way to market your latest spring goods, then look no further than the labels you can get from Ambrose Printing Company in Nashville. We pride ourselves on being a family-owned, full-service company that can get you the labels you want for your next seasonal sale. Contact us today!

The Benefits of Styrene Printing

Styrene printing has become one of the most popular printing methods used in advertising. The incredibly lightweight materials make it suitable for use in numerous applications. This print method is a perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor signs. The signs are a common fixture in tradeshow, poster and mounted indoor applications.

What are the benefits of using styrene in printed displays?

Styrene printing methods can be used in multiple ways. Styrene prints can be framed and mounted as posters. As floor stands, the printed sign makes quite the impression. Versatility makes styrene printing options a sound choice for business owners.

Colorful printed applications are yet another benefit for using this method. Rich, bold colors stand out on this type of surface. A surface with a .030 thickness can effortlessly support a range of colors. Styrene printing maintains the highest level of sheen, permitting maximum flexibility in design.

The durable styrene sign yields considerable savings. Nashville businesses are often surprised to see the poster retain its original appearance for years to come. Designs varying in complexity resist fading and scratching.

Customized print solutions can be produced with any finish varying in thickness. They can be cut to unique and interesting shapes(making it perfect for experimenting) and material is highly adaptive in that it can be tubed and rolled.

A highly affordable print option, styrene printing options are economical for most companies. It is a relatively inexpensive print method and perfect for seasonal or one-time use applications. It is also easier to mass produce so printing a large supply for a holiday sale is a great example of its usefulness.

Without sacrificing quality, companies can rely on Ambrose Printing Company for most of their print advertising needs. Styrene printing styles are well-suited for brick-and-mortar establishments and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.his method is a wonderful option for companies that desire quality and durability in their printed displays.

Top 5 Digital Print Projects For Spring

The new season means a fresh start for you and your business. And what better way to refresh your image than with projects that give your brand a breath of fresh air! Let's take a look at a few ways you can use digital print to ring in a new season of growth and success:

1. New Business Cards

Perhaps the simplest way you can add some zing to your first impressions is by printing a batch of newly redesigned business cards. A business card may be small, but it can have a large impact. At trade shows, conferences, and other industry events, business cards are the currency of real-world social networking. Make your business card speak louder than everyone else's with an immaculately printed card.

2. Fresh Signage

Old signs show their age, particularly those that are mounted outdoors. If your business depends on appealing to passers-by, or if you want to make a better impression on clients entering your office, a freshly printed sign can make all the difference.

If you updated your logo or made other changes to your branding in the past year, a new sign is even more imperative. It's a small investment to make a big improvement in how your business is perceived.

3. Direct Mail Campaign

There's a reason successful companies continue to use direct mail advertising—it works! From a simple flyer with coupons, to a full-fledged informational booklet, there are countless ways to make your message stick.

4. Posters that Pop

When it comes to decor, it doesn't get much more cost-effective than a good poster. Whether motivational, promotional, or ornamental, a well-placed poster can improve any interior.

5. In-Depth Catalog or Hardback

Longer-form projects, a specialty of Ambrose Printing Company, are a great way to communicate the full extent of your offerings to recipients. Give them something more tangible to hold onto, and they are more likely to remember you. They are also more likely to take your message to heart when it's in a more permanent form.

Let's Get Started!

If you're in the Nashville area, Ambrose Printing Company is your premier choice for all these projects and more. For over 150 years, we've been delivering superior quality on projects large and small. Get in touch with us, or stop by our shop, and we'll help you shine in 2017.

Carton Design Ideas For Your Company

Ambrose Printing Company handless all kinds of products and designs. From cereal boxes to watch packaging, anything is possible. These carton design ideas will show off some of the many creative and eye-catching possibilities for businesses of all sizes.

Hand-drawn and Stylish

With the rise of indie culture, quirky designs are here to stay. Your packaging will become much more appealing if decked out in eclectic, hand-drawn designs. Depending on your product's market, you could even turn your packaging into a coloring book on the outside and ship it with a couple of markers or crayons. Printing cool packaging in Nashville is easier than ever with quirky carton ideas like this one.


A little art is all it takes to elevate your product to the next level. Adding some illustrations and elegance to a package will increase credibility in stores and online. Whether you have your own graphic designer or need to hire extra help, Ambrose Printing Company can help you with a design. We can create a mock-up of your packaging so you know exactly what deliverables you need. With illustrations and visual branding that's unique to your business, your packaging will look great.

Bold and Memorable

If you want to stand out in the eyes of the customer, consider a bold, graphic approach. With solid colors and simple text, your product will embrace current trends. From industrial chic to manufactured perfection, this is another great design idea for your company. A simplistic, graphic approach can work great for all kinds of products, including shave kits, granola and crafting sets.

Black and White

If you're going for sophistication and elegance, consider a black and white color palette. This is an especially fitting design idea if your company sells luxurious products. From watches and high-end shoes to gourmet delicacies and expensive cookware, a black and white design can be all you need to have stunning packaging.

Give us a call or use our online system to get a quote started for your new package design for 2017!

The Importance of Fonts to Your Brand 

In a crowded market, your company's message must stand out from the crowd and grab your audience's attention. Your brand only has one shot at a first impression. This is why you need to put your best foot forward in the design of your marketing materials.

Starting with a unique and inviting font is one of the best ways to ensure that your company logo and printed materials are professional and innovative. At Ambrose Printing Company, we never want our customers to feel boxed into the standard mold for print projects. We love seeing cutting-edge finished products as much as you do.

Labels and package printing are two of our areas of expertise and your font matters on these materials as well. Don’t underestimate the power your products wield in terms of promoting your brand.

One of the reasons that it pays to work with a print company flexible enough to adapt to your needs is customization. It is the key to distinguishing your brand. You get a level of control and input on your project that other companies can't match. Our online system allows real-time communication and edits. No more worrying if the design made it to creative in time!

We always want to ensure that our customers are wowed by the final products we make because we are in the business of exceeding expectations. This principle applies no matter how large or small the project. We treat each customer respectfully and we are completely invested in giving them the highest quality and professional end product possible.

Find out what makes us a cut above all the other print companies out there. We guarantee you will be impressed and excited to use any of these new options as the face of your company's brand. We look forward to impressing you!

Four Practical Tips on How to Promote Music With Printing

Bands have marketed themselves with print goods since long before the advent of social media. Today, digital printing allows musicians to affordably create high quality T-shirts, posters, flyers, and more. Here are 4 tips for using printing to build your music career:

1. Print Show Flyers

Flyers have a built-in advantage over digital marketing. How? No social media algorithm decides who sees them! If you post a flyer in a well-traveled public place, everybody who walks by will see it. That’s a whole lot better than Facebook’s average of 10-15% exposure for each post.

2. Sell Posters Online

You only have to invest in a poster design once to sell it for a lifetime. If you don't want to pay for that, you can find a talented friend or family member who’s willing to design it for free. Print high-quality posters and you can sell them online to your fans for $10 or more. Ambrose Printing Company can help you with setting up the perfect print for your design.

3. Print Wearable Merchandise

Wearable merchandise is one of the best ways to grow your musical brand. Whenever a person wears your band’s shirt in a city like Nashville, hundreds of people might see it within hours. Make sure your band name is easy to read within the shirt design.

4. Do Inexpensive Prints: Stickers, Patches, Pins

Affordable prints such as stickers, patches, and pins can be very useful for musicians. It’s an industry tradition to include a few such freebies with mail-order CDs, and they can be given away in exchange for emails or other useful info. Keep a bag of inexpensive print goods with you whenever you’re on official band business.

Print products are a great way to build your music career. You can use items like T-shirts, posters, and stickers to get your brand in front of as many people as possible. Most of your favorite bands have these print goods, right? All it takes is one idea to get started. Once you have a plan on how to promote your band or label, give Ambrose Printing Company a call!

Reasons to Use Corrugated Packaging

About half of the goods manufactured in the world are stored in corrugated materials. This is because manufacturers know the immense benefits associated with this form of packaging. If you are not aware, here’s a list of reasons to use corrugated packaging!:

Corrugated Packaging is Renewable

Materials used in corrugated packaging are made from pine and birch tree pulps. These trees harbor a high percentage of recyclable materials. These materials can be used to store other items in your house or business. Most of them can be reused to pack new items. This reduces the cost of energy and other materials required to make a new packing box.

Corrugated Packaging is Lightweight

People love materials that are light. Customers will go for products that are light whenever they are on a shopping spree. Thus, companies who pack their items in these materials report larger sales volumes than those who don’t. These materials are lightweight and convenient when shopping, packing, loading or unloading.

Corrugated Packaging is Inexpensive

Manufacturers will try as much as possible to reduce their production costs. That is why they don’t hesitate to use techniques that keep costs down and efficiency and profitability high. The raw materials used to make these materials are inexpensive which makes them more affordable than any other material available in the market.

Corrugated Packaging Allows for Better Printing

Companies always prefer to print their names and a brief description of the products they sell on the packing material. These packing materials have better printing and graphic capabilities so brands can use them to market and create awareness among their consumers. Most companies take advantage of these capabilities to print their logos and contacts on the boxes. They can easily label the boxes and give customers enough information about the products inside.

Corrugated Packing Provides Better Protection

Manufacturers always want their products to reach the market safely. Thus, they prefer materials that can provide good protection for a long time. These packing materials have the mechanical capacity to protect the items inside against damages. The boxes and cardboard are stronger and less prone to environmental effects as seen in other materials. Some of them can resist the adverse effects of excess heat or cold caused by temperature variations. This means that companies can use them in both winter and summer.

Corrugated Packaging Can Hold Many Products

Corrugated materials can be used to pack different items. They are available in different shapes, sizes and designs, which means that they are capable of accommodating items of varying shapes and sizes. They can also be used in situations where a customer orders an item based on his specifications. The materials are valuable because needs can vary during production and distribution.

Corrugated Packing Is Readily Available

You don’t have to spend hours on the internet or calling companies to quote specialized packing materials. They are readily available in local companies or online stores within the neighborhood. Companies and individuals who live in Nashville can call Ambrose Printing Company for optimal solutions to their packing needs.

How UV Coating can Transform your Packaging

Want to Make your Packages Stand Out?

In many ways, the materials that you use to package your products can be just as important as the products themselves. The package is essentially the last chance you have to sell the product before the customer makes a decision. When well-designed, good package printing can catch the customer's eye in an instant. Using a combination of bold text, striking design, and special printing techniques, your consumer packaging will stand out from the other products on the market. If you're this far in the process, you've finished the graphic design stage. What are some unique touches you can add during the printing process to really complete the sale?

How Ultra Violet (UV) Coating can Transform your Package Materials

UV coating is a special printing technique that adds a burst of rich color to your printed materials or packaging. The coating is applied to your package with a machine, then cured with UV light. The result is a bright, glossy coating that almost resembles paint or plastic which makes your package stand out against the other flat materials.

In the printing world, the glossy shine of UV coating is unparalleled. This coating adds a bright, dramatic touch to your packages that'll make your customers stop and look twice. It also allows a richness and vividness of color that can't be achieved with other printing methods, making it a great choice for small flourishes or important details. If you'd prefer full coverage, you can even coat the entire package with this special coating.

In addition to the bright colors, ultra violet coating is also resistant to abrasion, meaning that it won't scratch or stain easily. If your package is going to be shipped, stacked, handed out, or treated indelicately in any way, this coating is a great way to ensure that your packaging remains clear and professional. The coating doesn't smudge, unlike some other printing materials, and can't be marked or written on. In other words, it's a great way to ward off smudges and blemishes on your product.

Ready to Give it a Try?

If you're ready to see the benefits of ultra violet coating on your own marketing, Ambrose Printing Company in Nashville, Tennessee offers fast, efficient services that can enhance your work in no time. Simply give them a call to start discussing your options. You'll love the shine and vividness that this coating brings to your packages, as well as the scratch-resistant surface that keeps your design looking fresh and crisp. And the drying time is practically instantaneous, meaning that you won't have to wait long to see results. Give them a call or send them an email today -- when you see your new packages, you'll be glad that you did.


What does your label say about your product?

A Product's Label Will Let Consumers Know Many Things about a Company

When a company is coming out with a new product, there are many details that must be covered. There are certain things that have to be done to give the product a good chance at being a success. One of the most important things to consider is how consumers perceive the product. The best way to shape this perception is through the label on the product.

Consumer Perception
Successful companies understand that the description on any product is a sales pitch to potential customers. It's essential this description appeals to the eye and conveys the right emotions associated with the product. The combination of colors and images can provide a feeling of calm or create a certain level of excitement. It's also essential to provide all the legally required product description information. This will make it possible for a consumer to make an informed choice and avoid any possible legal problems down the road.

Dependable and Accountable
When a product description is done correctly, it can make the product something a consumer feels comfortable purchasing and using. The product's description tells the consumer the company feels it is accountable. It is important to provide all essential contact information as well as ingredients and more on a product description. When this is not done, it will discourage the consumer from using it. They may wonder if there is something in the product that could cause them harm. A consumer could also want to contact the company with a complaint but also a complement. This makes providing contact information essential.

Product Description Requirements
There are five requirements a company should address for a product description. This is a general guideline that many companies follow:

*ADEQUATE INFORMATION: It must provide all necessary information about a manufacturer.
*EASY TO READ: The product description information needs to be easily visible. Expiration dates and manufacturing dates need to have distinct lettering.
*DETAILS: Product descriptions have to provide ingredient details.
*WARNINGS: All necessary warnings must be provided and noticeable.
*DIRECTIONS: Directions on how the product should be used needs to be provided.

First Impression
Properly designed images and product descriptions are a perfect way to make a good and lasting impression on customers. It will attract many who may not have otherwise considered looking at the product. Good product descriptions can be used for advertising online as well as promotional items such as hats, shirts and more.

Brand Promotion
Product descriptions are a way for a company to promote their brand. When consumers see the images and other items on product descriptions, they will associate it with a particular company. This is an effective way to build consumer confidence in the products a company offers.

Item Grade
It is possible for a company to sell a variety of items at different grades. When product descriptions are done correctly, this is an effective way for a consumer to quickly find the type of product they desire. This makes it possible for them to locate the brand and the grade of a product they want to buy.

Companies in the Nashville area should consider using experts at creating and printing industrial as well as stock labels. Ambrose Printing Company is a fourth generation family owned Nashville company. It has all the experience and knowledge necessary to meet a company's product printing needs.

Packaging design trends for 2017

You’re an excited entrepreneur. After years of carefully developing a new line of products, you’re finally ready to sell them to as many customers as possible. To accomplish this monumental task, you know selecting the perfect type of product packaging is crucial. Besides choosing the right type of material to encase your products in, you must be smart with print options. If you can relate to this scenario, consider the following packaging design trends for 2017.

Opt for Less Wording

When selecting the print for your package in 2017, less is more. Consumers are busier than ever. They often don’t have time to read wordy product packages before making buying decisions. Because you don’t want your packages filled with writing, strive to make every word count.

Tell a Story with Illustrations

Instead of telling a story with numerous words, get your point across with illustrations. Incorporating a memorable picture on a product’s package is a wonderful way to build brand identity. Viewing a carefully created illustration can instantly improve customers’ moods by triggering happy memories. Perhaps, you need to create a package for a sunscreen. You might wish to include a beautiful illustration of a serene beach on each unit.

Inspire with Vintage Designs

Reinvent your products’ packages by incorporating vintage designs. Vintage designs may stimulate both older and younger consumers in your target market. When older customers see vintage inspired packages, they’re often reminded of simpler and happier times. Younger customers, interested in a connection to the past, also embrace period packaged products.

Utilize Environmentally Friendly Materials

Are the customers in your target market environmentally conscious? If saving the planet is a top priority for your clients, select environmentally friendly materials to pack your products in. Be sure to mention the green aspects of your product on its label.

Make a Bold Statement with Color

Do you want your products to stand out on retailers’ shelves? To instantly appeal to customers’ senses, make a statement with bold colored packages. Don’t be afraid to incorporate bright oranges, striking purples, and vivid yellows into your package design scheme.

Create a Showpiece

Are you a fan of free advertising? If you make your products’ packages look like showpieces, customers will want to display them in their homes or offices. When this phenomena occurs, more people see your goods. Perhaps, you market olive oil. Pour it into an appealing bottle your customers will want to proudly showcase on their kitchen countertops.

To increase the odds of enjoying business success in 2017, choosing the perfect package design for your products is crucial. If you need help creating product packages potential customers will notice, consider contacting Ambrose Printing Company in Nashville.

The Most Beneficial Print Services for Businesses

As companies spread in every corner of the globe, print services keep taking the world by sweeps. To start or even run an organization efficiently, you need to produce brochures, business-cards, flyers, or any other documents required in marketing. To succeed in major document production, it's important to get the help of digital-printing firms. Your enterprise can enjoy various services such as:


This service is more popular for graphic designing, internet factors, advertising journals, as well as phone books. Flyers are great promotional or advertising tools for businesses. Businesses can get typesetting, color proofing, color separations, proofreading and designing services. Other services include basic color production as well as folding.

Press Production

In this type of document production, pre-setting specifications and great colors are offered. The production is often done on rainbow-colored papers. It involves methods such as foil stamping, embossing, and dye cutting.

Digital Media

This is the direct-to-paper document production process that uses different varieties of colors. Colors like magenta, black, yellow, and cyan can be mixed to create a variety of other colors.

If you would like to have professionally printed brochures, it's important to specify the texture, size, number, and type of brochure or flyer you require. When it comes to business cards, you have to specify the design and number of templates to be used. For catalogs, you need to choose the desired paper weight, specify the ink color, and decide if you want a glossy or matte finish.

Other products you can get from Ambrose Printing Company include customized booklets, postcards, posters, greeting cards, presentation folders, bookmarks, envelopes, flyers, door hangers, advertisements, rack cards, and many other items.

In general, document production is a cheap mode of marketing, and you can easily get hundreds or thousands of different documents printed. The services we offer to our Nashville clientele are always in high definition; meaning that the products you receive will be very attractive and clear to the reader. As long as you get a qualified graphic designer, we will provide high-quality documents. Make sure that you do everything to make an excellent market impression each time.

For any organization to succeed, it's important to opt for professional services from a reputable company. If your enterprise is located in Nashville or its environs, consider hiring the Ambrose Printing Company for any printing services to get quality work.

Three Popular Nashville Printing Blogs From Ambrose in 2016! Part 2

We follow up last week’s best of 2016 roundup with three additional blogs that our readers enjoyed in the past year. We are excited to share these with returning customers and people finding our blog for the first time. Here are three more of our most popular blogs from 2016.

1) 5 Poster-Ready Nashville Photo Spots

It’s no surprise that this blog was a big hit with our audience - Nashville is so photogenic! The idea features spots that photographers loved in this city and we’d love to make them into images that last forever in poster form. Here is the list again from Southern Living Magazine:

Nashville Farmers’ Market: You’ll find fresh food every day in downtown Nashville. Truckloads of homegrown melons, pattypan squash, and enough peppers to make you whistle are hauled in early seven days a week in the shadow of the capitol.

Bluebird Cafe: One of the top venues in America for hearing up-and-coming (and already famous) singers and songwriters. The small, 100-seat room isn’t fancy, but an evening there sure is fun.

The Parthenon: The centerpiece of Nashville’s Centennial Park, this full-scale re-creation of the ancient Greek Parthenon was built in 1897 as part of the city’s Centennial Exposition.

RCA Studio B: Located on downtown’s famed “Music Row,” the recording studio (Nashville’s oldest) was built in 1957 and reopened as part of the museum in 1977.

Loveless Motel and Cafe: Located at the northern terminus of the Natchez Trace, the cozy eatery serves hearty, country-ham-adorned breakfasts, as well as classic meat ’n’ three lunches and dinners daily.

2) 5 Tips for Restaurant Menu Designers

New and exciting restaurants open in Nashville every week! Ambrose has all the capabilities to meet your printing needs. See this post caught the eyes of entrepreneurs and chefs all over. The tips were:

Try keeping the menu items on one page and no bigger than a trifold. Having the choices together makes scanning and comparing easier for the customer.

Avoid listing prices in columns. Instead, place the numbers after the food item description without any fanfare.

Only the dish names should use capital letters. The descriptions can use smaller lower-case to create natural separation.

The above center section on the right page is the sweet spot. Place your signature dishes here because this is where most customers look first. The next most popular places are the first and last menu items. So, be strategic in your food placements.

The 10-10-6 rule is a good measure of a balanced menu. 10 appetizers, 10 main courses and 6 desserts.

3) 5 Of The Most Innovative Logos Ever

The subject line speaks for itself! Did you agree or disagree with our guest post from Jessica Kane at 777Sign? The list included: Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola, Tostitos and the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. Click the link above to read the history and cool facts behind each choice.

Thanks for taking this trip with us Nashville. We are happy to continue serving all your printing needs in 2017!

Three Popular Nashville Printing Blogs From Ambrose in 2016! Part 1

We had a great year providing printing solutions for the city of Nashville in 2016. The creativity of this growing population was on full display with creative projects lined up from various professions. We are looking forward to what 2017 holds for us and this city but wanted to take a quick two-part look back at the year that passed. Some of our most popular blogs will be on display these next two weeks, so have a look around! If you are unfamiliar with Ambrose Printing Company, then this is a great way to see the variety of printing options we offer!

1) Is G7 Certification Important For Print Services? Absolutely!

In July we posted about the importance of G7 Certification for your printing company. Your business needs assurance that your print projects will receive the highest quality of work and that is best achieved through a G7 certified printer.

According to Illeny Maaza of, “A G7 Expert is an expert in the field of color management, process and quality control for proofing and printing equipment. A G7 Expert is able to analyze color and print related issues and take corrective action to bring systems and processes in control to a set method, standard or specification with repeatable, predictable results. A G7 Expert has attended and passed an Idealliance G7 Expert/Professional Training and achieved a level of 90% proficiency.” So choosing Ambrose means you are working with the best!

2) Does Your Font Match Your Nashville Brand?

Your brand is important. Making sure that your font and your brand deliver the same message is also important. We posted findings from a Wichita State study discussing how an audience views certain fonts. We found the results intriguing!

Sans Serif Fonts. Users preferred Sans Serif fonts for Website Text (62%), Email (60%), and Online Magazines (56%). Sans Serif fonts were least preferred for Digital Scrapbooking (32%), Computer Programming (34%), and Math Documents (36%).

Serif Fonts. Users preferred Serif fonts for Business Documents (71%), Website Text (67%), and Online Magazines (63%). The three uses that were least associated with Serif fonts were Scrapbooking (28%), Children’s Documents (34%), and E-Greetings (38%).

Script/Funny Fonts. Digital Scrapbooking (61%), E-Greeting (60%), and Website Graphics (53%) were rated as the highest uses for this group of fonts. The Script/Funny fonts were not preferred for Computer Programming (2%), Scientific Documents (3%), Spreadsheets (3%), and Math Documents (3%).

Modern Display Fonts. The three uses rated the highest by users for Modern Display fonts were Website Graphics (47%), Website Headlines (44%) and Website Advertisements (44%). The uses least often chosen for this group were Online Tests (9%), E-Books (9%), Spreadsheets (10%), and Online Assignments (10%).

Monospaced Fonts. Users chose Technical Documents (45%), Computer Programming (40%), and Math Documents (40%) as the highest uses for Monospaced fonts. The uses receiving the fewest votes were Digital Scrapbooking (18%), E-Greeting (21%), and PowerPoint (22%).

3) Choose the right paper for your print project Nashville

Many people were surprised to learn that there are a few different options when choosing paper for a print project. Printing for everyday use and printing for professional presentations or a flyer for your business all benefit from using different stock paper. There are standard and heavyweight options for thickness and a range of brightness levels! Check out the link to see a great recap of how to choose properly.

This is a great start for the best of 2016, but there are three more blogs coming soon!

Prepare For 2017 with a Customizable Work Calendar  

2016 is coming to a close but there are still plenty of ways you can be productive before the new year is upon us. Many blogs and writers are turning in their “Best Ways to Close the Year” and “Best Way to Start the New Year” blogs and there are plenty of options to choose from. Sometimes there can feel like too many voices giving instructions and not enough ideas on how to organize or structure the advice. So as a way to cut through the noise, why not create a customizable calendar to plan your days, weeks, and months for the new year! These types of calendars are very popular for workers who prefer visual cues over verbal as the tasks can be displayed in a way that is pleasing and recognizable.

A great way to decide if a calendar is a good fit for your working preference is to simply evaluate how you use calendars that are currently available to you. Do you use the calendar on your phone or your work computer / laptop? What do you enjoy or dislike about using it? If you like the idea of utilizing it as a brain dump for creative sessions - then a customizable calendar is perfect! We can print off a calendar design that allows for laminating and you can use wet-erase markers to annotate, brainstorm, or schedule in anyway you like. The best part is a printed calendar can be hung for display in your office (at work or home) in any location you like. You can squeeze your stress ball while writing out ideas for a planning or strategy session you have scheduled for the week. You can glance at it while on a phone call and use anyway you like to mark urgent events for easy notice.

Printing a big work calendar is perfect if you love using visual cues for planning as well. Having a giant calendar is perfect for seeing just how crowded a particular week or day can be if you color code the events, tasks, or activities. Too much red on Monday? See what you have planned and how you can move the pieces around and adjust for a more productive workweek.

Hopefully 2016 was a great productive year and you can continue into 2017 with an even better idea of how you like to plan and use a calendar. Give us a call at Ambrose Printing Company and we can help you achieve these goals by printing a working calendar that best suits your style!

Create Custom Thanks For a New Year

Another year is beginning to wind down and yearly evaluations will begin. Companies often use this time to discuss the goals that were set this time last year and whether or not they were met. All of the marketing and advertising efforts designed to inform and encourage customers about deals and special offers are examined and scrutinized. Soon goal-setting for 2017 will begin and 2016 will fade into the rearview. However, there is one more thing a company can do to end the year successfully. Create custom “thank you” prints to celebrate another year of service to your customers and employees!

Holiday and year-end parties can be a great way to boost morale and camaraderie at the office. Especially after a normally busy and stressful run to the Christmas holiday season. Long hours are expected as deadlines loom and numbers are crunched. So once that is safely behind your company, why not enjoy the fruits of your labor and celebrate? Creating personalized prints of achievement or thanks can go a long way for business partners, associates, and workers. Make them professional and personal, never embarrassing, as the goal is to offer something memorable that will want to be shared.

The same principle can apply to loyal customers as well. If you have a tracking system for very valuable patrons, show them how much you appreciate their business with a personalized thank you. Include a coupon or voucher for use at your first big or exclusive sale of the year to really make them feel special. These types of efforts are always appreciated as it gives that sense of privilege that makes customers want to come back. If you don’t have a tracking system, send them out to fellow businesses or residents in your area as a proximity feeler.

Whichever way you choose to show your appreciation, Ambrose Printing Company has all the tools you need to have the print project completed professionally. We can handle any size print project and offer project planning as well as online proofing and page approval to ensure your project meets all your expectations. Give us a call or check our website to see how we can help end the year on a high note for you, your business, and your customers!

John Ambrose Named 2016-2017 Chairman of The Board of PIAS

Ambrose Printing Company believes in the importance and significance of the print industry and our CEO John Ambrose works diligently on its behalf. Our beliefs mirror those of the Printing Industry Association of the South (PIAS), whose purpose as a trade association is to assist the industry through legislative awareness, economic empowerment and education. In turn, we are delighted to share that John is Chairman of the Board for 2016 - 2017!

In this position, John will continue to defend and promote the industry we love as well by addressing the serious concerns companies, printers and publishers face. For example, he talks specifically about the rise in potentially unethical patent filings and suits that some companies are currently affected by is a an aggravating situation that he hopes to help quell with the support of association members.

In addition to upholding what the printing industry stands for and its current status, John is excited about what “future technologies and advancements can bring for the community”. The “print is dead,” decree that many media outlets professed over the years does not deter or scare, but rather issues a challenge to continually evolve and grow - which printers have embraced. “The need for physical print in some form will always be there,” he says. Package printing and signage are burgeoning and sustainable areas of growth that Ambrose already promotes with great results.

John is a big believer in using the tools of digital marketing and social media to spread awareness of the industry and the benefits - and for ensuring promotion of your business. “Understanding SEO and the need to reach your customers across multiple platforms” keep John and Ambrose Printing ahead of the curve. “Customers use the internet and increasingly mobile phones for help and your company and it’s website needs to be able to meet those needs,” he continues. John is proud of the work that Ambrose and the printing community continue to do and is pleased to be able to promote PIAS over the next year.

PIAS Membership Benefits

- PIAS produces Print South, a magazine which gives its members the latest local information on items such as labor law, sales and use taxes, local training and seminars, management information, local market conditions, and information such as recent mergers and acquisitions as well as who has been promoted, etc.
- PIAS engages in state and local lobbying to protect the interest of the industry. Today, more than ever, we need that voice as most state and local governments are involved in legislation that can have a significant impact on the printer's bottom line.
- A key service offered by PIAS is insurance programs. Members enjoy savings on their insurance premiums in group programs, such as: workman's compensation, property and casualty and medical insurance.
- PIAS Credit Union. For the employees and family members of companies that are PIAS members. With assets of around $6 million and chartered in 1961, this not-for-profit financial cooperative is a great place for saving and borrowing. It offers all kinds of loans including auto, boat, personal and credit cards. Also, you can save thru payroll deduction. Savings products offered include regular savings, checking, term certificates, Christmas Club and money market.
- PIAS conducts wage and benefit surveys that provide members with benchmarks against which they can evaluate the wages and benefits they offer their employees.
- PIAS provides members with continuing business management seminars that are held locally and are modestly priced.
- By joining PIAS, you become a member of Printing Industries of America (PIA), formerly PIA/GATF, the largest graphic arts association in the world.

Promote Your Holiday Sales Nashville 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for many businesses as the Christmas holiday train leaves the station. Hopefully, your plan is already in place to promote your sales for the season, but we have a few ideas to kick your advertising and marketing into overdrive!

Print A Custom Banner or Sign
Large-format signs and banners are an unmistakably eye-catching way to promote your big offers or shopping deals. Ideas can range from the simple and basic to elaborate and incredible - it all depends on your brand on how you want to advertise. Be sure to incorporate your biggest motivator on your sign or banner. If your holiday mover is a BOGO deal or a hefty discount on a best seller, make it easy to read and prominent in your shop front or store area. Bold colors and even an image of the item will help distinguish items if there are similar ones on the shelves. Have fun with your normal advertising and jazz it up to keep a familiar theme running for regular customers while allowing a new audience to see and make the connection for future visits.

Print Mailers For Neighboring Businesses and Area Customers
“Shop Local” is a huge marketing theme currently with customers ready to support their local businesses and keep the money in the community. Show your neighbors that you are one of them with a custom mailer that shows your location and proximity to the community. Add a map and point out major reference points for people to connect the places to your space. You can even include a discount to the customers that bring the flyer into the store when they make their purchase and you can roughly estimate the effectiveness. Or, add a scannable QR code as well that could be used to track similar information. Be sure to recycle the printed paper they bring in!

Print A Collectible Book
This one could require more advanced notice but it is certainly one that could add value to any promotion. Why not extend your “Shop Local” beliefs to giving back to the community with a collection of images detailing the history of your shop? If you have been in the same area since opening, showing photos of how your place of business and neighborhood changed over the years would allow you to create a connection with your customers and create some brand loyalty at the same time.

Whatever you chose to promote your business this holiday season, Ambrose Printing Company has the ability to supply fulfill your printing needs! Give us a call and let us make this a Christmas to remember for you and your business. Happy Holidays Nashville!

The Only Print Company You Need This Holiday Season Nashville

As the turkey and stuffing after-effects fade away, a new holiday season awaits! The Christmas countdown is officially underway and Ambrose Printing Company can assist on all your holiday print projects. Whether you are a corporation planning for a company-wide engagement or a small-business owner or entrepreneur developing your local advertising campaign, we can help get your idea into print on schedule and in great condition. As a reminder, here are a few services we offer:

Project Planning:

We deliver value to our production services by assigning a highly experienced team to assist in the development of production strategies that will maximize quality and minimize cost. This is especially useful with unique or difficult projects. Our role in the development of your project’s production strategy may include preparing well-defined project specifications, mock-ups or production timelines. After the production strategy has been developed, Ambrose Printing is capable of implementing it! Our vast production capabilities range from fulfillment and mailing to distribution. We are dedicated to meeting your expectations by thoroughly educating ourselves on their your company and production needs.

Books, Magazines and Catalogues:

Ambrose Printing Company specializes in short-run and long-run book production. Whether it needs to be stitched, perfect bound, case bound, spiral bound, comb bound, double wireo bound or even smythe sewn, we have the capabilities to handle your project. We will supply you with the most economical and cost effective means to get your publication printed and to your destination. With one of the largest digitalprepress departments of any privately owned printing company; our diverse and state-of- the-art equipment ensures that our customers receive every option and possibility the printing industry has to offer.

Large Format Signage Printing:

Make heads turn with power-packed, high quality printing. Capture the finest detail on our large format, off-set printing presses. Up to 39 1/4 x 55 inch image printing. Ambrose Printing Company uses state of the art equipment with a large selection of media, including a wide range of paper, gloss, matte, point stock, index and many others! We can help you create an eye catching piece that will surely attract attention to your product, service or event! Whether your quantity is 500 or 500,000; let us help you with your large format project.


Retail packaging, folding cartons, displays, whatever your packaging needs, Ambrose Printing Company is here to help. From concepts through production we can take charge of part or all of your package design and printing needs. If you already have your packaging designed, we will work with you to produce a product you can be proud of. If you need packaging design, our network of creative designers and production resources use years of experience to provide you with superior service and value.

We have everything you need to bring your holiday marketing campaign to life. Give us a call or head to our website and we can get started! Happy Holidays!

Get Your Family To Thanksgiving Dinner In Style with Custom Innovations Nashville!

Leaves are changing colors and falling from the trees so autumn is finally here! Halloween has come and gone so the next big holiday is the family favorite, Thanksgiving! We gave ideas on Halloween invitations last month so why not create unique invites for your family to try your new holiday-themed dish?

We offered tips for restaurant menu designers during the summer, so why not create a special menu-themed invitation! Include any dishes you want to prepare for your loved ones and the ingredients (in case of food allergies) so your family will know what will be readily available on the day. This also offers an opportunity for someone to fill any holes with dishes you won’t offer. Fancy it up and name the dishes after family members or use “inside jokes” in the menu for a laugh. It will get everyone in a festive mood and ready for laughs.

Include pictures that reflect that kind of dinner you want to have. This stems from the theme as well. Are you hosting a black tie soiree? We hope not as those turkey stains are incredibly difficult to remove from tuxedo cummerbunds but let your guests know if you are. No one likes showing up over or under-dressed. You can use photos of a football or favorite sports team if everyone will be gathered around the television for a sports marathon! Add a picture of a newborn if it will be the baby’s first Thanksgiving and some family members have not been able to meet the little one yet. The possibilities are endless.

Lastly, make sure you the include address! This is especially important if the venue is new. If you usually host at your home and want to have it another facility, be sure to let people know so they aren’t knocking on your door in the morning!

The type of paper you use for printing is important as well. If you are sending them as card invitations, make sure to use sturdier stock so the ink and photos are crisp and clear. We have everything you need here at Ambrose Printing Company to get your orders designed, printed and ready for you to mail! Give us a call or check our online system at our webpage.

Happy Eating!

Ambrose Stands for Tradition and Innovation in Print in Nashville!

Ambrose Printing Company is proud to be a leader in digital printing in the Nashville, TN area. You already know that as technology advances, the printing industry moves ahead as well. We often stop and wonder at how far digital printing has advanced. The computer makes it necessary and easy for businesses to adapt to changing lifestyles brought on by the digital age. Online communication is a crucial development in the area of digital printing and Ambrose Printing Company is right at the forefront!

Publishing and digital publishing often have the same meaning, but digital print signifies a specific type of documentation practice. Digital publishing has been revolutionized by the updated and modern digital printing processes as a standard. Publishers and producers of published works now have opportunities to share their works to the global marketplace which is made up of more than 1 billion customers on the internet.

With the internet the possibilities to publish, display, and distribute are endless. Ensuring quality customer service through,, makes it easier than ever to have the final say on your print projects! Convenient contact forms allow customers to get help on demand. Useful information is also available via our weekly blog updates.

We love our tradition at Ambrose. CEO John Ambrose is a 4th generation family member ensuring the high levels of quality are still met. The company, founded in 1865, continues to push forward in the era of digital publishing while maintaining that connection to traditional print. Items such as brochures, signs, and eye catching package labels are always in demand and we are ready to handle Nashville's needs!

Let Us Help You Create Custom Halloween Invitations in Nashville


The most ghoulish time of the year is almost upon us, Nashville! The weather may say otherwise (86 degrees is not autumn-approved) but soon doorsteps will be covered in pumpkins, scarecrows and other festive decorations! If you plan on having this holiday, why not let your friends or neighbors know with digitally printed invitations!

A common sign that a house is participating in bag-stuffing fun is leaving the porch light on. But what if that light takes away from your spooky ambience? How will your neighbors know you have Snickers and Reese's Cups that you absolutely don't want left in the house in November? Send a few of your neighbors candy-covered invitations! This may work better in a subdivision or neighborhood where you feel comfortable with this approach obviously, but it could be fun to leave a custom print invitation in a mailbox. Jack-o- lanterns and cobwebs make great card designs if you choose this route, but the options are limitless. 

You can also digitally print a custom sign for a tree in your yard or your mailbox to let a passerby know there is candy at your door. Or, add a holiday-themed riddle that allows a visitor a choice of candy if they answer correctly! Have fun with it!

So go ahead Nashville, and use our print services to create a fun environment for your party or candy- giving participation!

We Offer Convenient Web-To-Print Services For Nashville

Ambrose Printing Company offers web-to- print services for the jobs that require a faster turnaround than traditional print services can offer. Due to the growth of the internet and access to online business, on-demand services are no longer just a need - they are a necessity. Ambrose Printing Company wants to meet these needs for your company and our convenient web-to- print and fulfillment services is how we can keep you ahead of the competition for your audience.

Our web-to- print services allow you to work entirely online. This cuts down on the time needed for approval and edits because the file is digital and changes can be made as fast as you need them.

Here is a quick rundown of how Ambrose Printing Company can help you with web-to- print services:

1) Web-to- Print (no customer service necessary, but always available)

● Online Estimate

● Online Proof

● Online Credit Card Purchase

● Online Order Sent Directly to Production

2) Personalized Store Front

● Along with purchasing print, you choose any item you need purchased (say coffee cup, T-Shirt...) and we will give you a store front page to sell these items.

3) Web-to- Fulfillment Services

● For any print or promotional items that you have purchased for yourself or your customers have purchased; Ambrose can fulfill those products for you online from the Web-to- Print or from your Personalized store front online services.

4) Web-to- Customer Service

● At Ambrose, we know you want automation. So, we promise to always have a customer service representative assigned to help you along the way!

What are you waiting for Nashville? Let Ambrose Printing Company help you reach your customers with our fantastic web-to- print services!

Choose the Right Paper For Your Print Project Nashville

Selecting the right paper for your print project is an important decision. The type of paper you choose can determine the quality of the finish due to a few factors. Let's break down a few of the options and what situation they are best used in when printing.

What are you printing?

Hopefully this is an easy question to answer! Are you printing emails and office documents? The level of finish necessary for these everyday type of documents is low. Printing for emails, faxes or for duplication will use standard paper. This is because standard paper is cheaper to buy in bulk and will see a filing cabinet or recycling bin after use. This paper is perfect for use in everyday copying machines or printers.

Have a proposal or presentation to print? You can still use standard weight quality if you like, but mid-weight offers many benefits over standard in a few scenarios. Images look crisper with the mid-weight paper stock and there is less chance of bleed-through. It has a smoother finish and works well in inkjet or laser printers.

Need to print a sign or flyer or a professional presentation? Then, step up to the heavyweight! This paper has the best finish and images look great on them. They are perfect for signs or flyers because they are much sturdier than the lighter options. Color laser or ink jets make images pop on this paper!

Another factor to consider in your paper choice is the brightness. US scales range from 92 - 96 -97 - 98 - 100. The highest numbers offer the best quality for your images and words.

Also, don't believe the myths about recycled paper being poor quality. Technology makes any perceived deficiencies non-existent. Look for recycled paper with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) logo for great quality. It's also an environmentally health choice!

These are great guidelines to follow when deciding what paper is best for your Nashville print project. Good luck choosing!

5 Tips For Restaurant Menu Designers

The steady rise of top class restaurants in Nashville makes our choice for dinner a tough one every night. From Inglewood to 12 South and everywhere between, we are spoilt for choice. Every new restaurant features an adventurous menu as well and some of them are as wordy as pamphlets! So, for new chefs and owners, here are a few tips for crafting a menu your diners will love!

1. Try keeping the menu items on one page and no bigger than a trifold. Having the choices together makes scanning and comparing easier for the customer.

2. Avoid listing prices in columns. Instead, place the numbers after the food item description without any fanfare.

3. Only the dish names should use capital letters. The descriptions can use smaller lower-case to create natural separation.

4. The above center section on the right page is the sweet spot. Place your signature dishes here because this is where most customers look first. The next most popular places are the first and last menu items. So, be strategic in your food placements.

5. The 10-10-6 rule is a good measure of a balanced menu. 10 appetizers, 10 main courses and 6 desserts.

Try using these rules of thumb for your next menu reshuffle and your restaurant guests will thank you! These tips were courtesy of and their interview with The Culnary Institute of America.

Plan Your Gift Calendar Ideas Nashville

Christmas is still a few months away, but planning for a calendar is never out of season. These print projects can be fun for you as well as the recipient because the ideas are only limited by your imagination! You choose the themes, colors and content! So let's talk about how to begin!

Who Is Your Recipient?

How many times have you heard someone say, "this is exactly what I wanted!"? Or, "I was looking for something like this!"? Those sorts of exclamations are gift-giving gold! We all want a gift that is thoughtful and not something to add to the "return" pile. How do you prevent your calendar from suffering that fate? We will assume this is for a friend or family member so think of their hobbies or recurring purchases. Did your mom love the photos of your wedding? Try choosing twelve photos that will evoke cheerful moments from that day. Avoid including unflattering photos or that person she wished you had not invited. Unless you’re making the calendar a dart board as well! If your calendar is going to a close friend, then think of a musician, book series or sport they love and choose a theme. Sometimes an obscure thought can lead to an incredible idea so think outside of the box too!

What Are Your Themes?

Now that we know who you are printing for, we can design a custom product. Think of the emotions or memories you want your printed calendar to elicit. We wrote a blog earlier about color theory and similar principles apply here. Yet even that is not an exact science. You know your friend or loved one better than science, unless you ARE a scientist, so trust yourself. If you think they will enjoy it, include the idea. Some things are better left unchanged, so those Rocky Top designs should ditch any other SEC school colors!

An easy idea for many is using photos from phone cameras. It bypasses any copyright issues, unless you snapped a photo of the Mona Lisa, since you are the owner! We also tend to use our camera to catch "in-the-moment" memories. Have a peek through your archives and make a folder dedicated to the best quality photos. Separate them into categories and see what you find!

Ambrose Printing Company can turn your print project into a gift they will cherish all year!

Your Brand Colors Matter in Nashville

There are many factors to consider when deciding the colors for your brand identity in Nashville. Numerous studies are conducted and have been performed pointing to the importance of color and how it affects the perception of your company or brand.

As this article from Help Scout suggests, there is psychology involved in the decision process behind a consumer’s reaction to your choice of color. Think of a blue sky. Does this evoke a sense of calm? Do you imagine the vastness and pleasantness of a day that is associated with a clear blue sky? Possibly. Now alter and deepen the color of the sky. Do you sense storm clouds on the horizon or perhaps an impending storm? Some consumers will and some won’t because our perceptions are also based on our experiences . A yellow sun in the desert and a yellow sun in London, England could create completely different reactions. So think about your consumer base when deciding on your colors.

Does a local Nashville university associate with a particular hue or color combination? Your marketing efforts may win points with that fan base, but fans of rival schools may be turned off subconsciously if they are alumni or have a strong affiliation with the opponent.

Your “ brand personality ” if strong enough, will probably be associated with the color combinations you choose indefinitely as consumers do not react well to a sudden switch in a brand or logo. Well McDonald’s ever abandon the Golden Arches? Not likely.

Finally, research by Satyendra Singh of Winnipeg, concluded “...people make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with either people or products. About 62‐90 percent of the assessment is based on colors alone. So, prudent use of colors can contribute not only to differentiating products from competitors, but also to influencing moods and feelings – positively or negatively – and therefore, to attitude towards certain products.” 90 Seconds! That’s an amazing snap decision and adheres to the saying “first impressions are lasting impressions”.

So keep in mind when brainstorming for your brand colors, that reactions to colors will vary immensely based on gender, socioeconomic status and geography amongst a host of other factors. Consider the above scenarios and get to making your color selection for your brand. A second opinion never hurts, so feel free to reach out to us at Ambrose Printing Company.

Do You Need Digital Printing Nashville?

If you are running a business, large or small, in Nashville, you absolutely need digital printing capabilities. Ambrose owns one of the largest digital prepress departments of any privately owned printing company; our diverse and state-of-the-art equipment ensures that our customers receive every option and possibility the printing industry has to offer.

Why Digital Printing?

Digital printing can be cheaper than offset printing in the right circumstances. Need a short run of a book produced quickly? Digital printing can cover that easily. For variable data printing, customized codes, names or addresses, this is also the way to go. Digital does not need the plates the same way offset printing works. Also, with the product being printed directly from a digital file, last minute changes are easier to correct.

We also have a process called Real Time Imaging to assist in achieving optimum efficiency in the production of your projects. This system allows you to review and approve your print-ready content electronically, eliminating the time required to ship paper proofs and facilitate the approval process. This new solution to the proof approval process was developed to increase your productivity and speed the delivery of the final printed project.

If you need a quick turnaround on a smaller print project, then Ambrose Printing Company can meet those needs with cutting edge technology. Online proofing, page approval and project planning are all available when you give us a call!

Use A POP Display & Seal The Deal Nashville!

Need to capture your customer’s attention, Nashville retailers? Look no further than Ambrose Printing Company’s large format printing capabilities! We can produce your full color, high resolution Point of Purchase (POP) display that will make everyone’s head turn!

Why You Need A Striking POP Display

Demand for consumer’s attention is in high demand. Ads are everywhere! Our phones and billboards, bus stops and cinema screens ­ they are all fair game for sponsorship and ad space. The importance of having an instantly recognizable and effective selling point is crucial with this increased competition. The old adage “first impressions are lasting impressions” are strong words to live by when marketing.

What A High Quality POP Display Can Achieve

An attention demanding POP display that highlights features and markets your brand in a cost­effective way is a great way to increase sales. Use the display to target a particular demographic in your consumer base or to kickstart a new product or campaign. Being at the point of purchase has numerous benefits in terms of impulse­buying or leaving a lasting impression with your customer to bring them back into your place of business.

Whatever your marketing plan is, Ambrose Printing Company can create the high quality POP display to achieve your advertising goals! Call us and let us help get you started today!

Use Variable Data Printing To Your Advantage Nashville!

Hey Nashville, remember when we said :

“Variable data printing (VDP) is something you encounter in your daily life. That barcode that you have to hover over your self-checkout kiosk a few times to ping - that’s VDP. Those square QR codes that allow you to scan them from your mobile device is also the product of VDP. Variable data printing is a process that allows for images, text or barcodes to contain information from a database or file in a quickfire fashion. With QR codes becoming increasingly popular with companies building their digital or new media presence, a company capable of producing these with consistency and quality is in high demand.”

Well, we want to tell you more about how variable data printing allows you to customize your marketing needs for your customers!

Personalizing with VDP is shown to lead to increased consumer response and it is easy to see why. Having a custom made calendar, flyer or brochure for a specific demographic, market or customer immediately makes your clients or potential customers feel wanted and unique. Using names from your existing database, VDP allows you to print specifically from your lists and send out customized “thank you’s and invitations.

You will also save money and time by only printing what you need. So no more overproducing flyers and warehouses of junk mail.

Also, QR codes may have faded a bit in popularity, but they can still be used to your advantage. Have a QR code on a mailer or postcard that allows your customer and scan and receive a special gift or promotion for participating. Use it to link to additional information that would otherwise crowd your mailers. The possibilities are endless!

So, give it a try Nashville! Your customers and your marketing team will thank you!

Is G7 Certification Important For Print Services? Absolutely!

Has your brand image been hurt in the past? Are you plagued by slow turnaround for printing projects and high costs? Make sure your printing company can offer the best printing services, Nashville. Make sure your printing provider is G7 Certified!

Ambrose Printing Company is proud to be G7 certified, but what does that mean? G7 certification is an industry-leading set of specifications for achieving gray balance and is the driving force for achieving visual similarity across all print processes.

According to Illeny Maaza of , “A G7 Expert is an expert in the field of color management, process and quality control for proofing and printing equipment. A G7 Expert is able to analyze color and print related issues and take corrective action to bring systems and processes in control to a set method, standard or specification with repeatable, predictable results. A G7 Expert has attended and passed an Idealliance G7 Expert/Professional Training and achieved a level of 90% proficiency.”

So, what does this mean for you and your business? G7 makes standardized proofing and printing easier. This means consistent and high quality results with a quicker turnaround. Your brand is important to you so your brand is important to us as well! Color is a critical component of any brand image. G7 ensures your brand will be consistent no matter how many times you need it replicated!

Most training sessions are 2-3 day events to achieve a Master Qualification, Expert or Professional Status. The certification process is rigorous for a reason. Only companies devoted to delivering great results apply and that is the aim of Ambrose Printing Company. Remember, consistent, high quality prints for your company and brand are a phone call away!

Use Custom Print For You Holiday Marketing Needs

Holidays are always marked on our calendars as events to anticipate and businesses can and should use these occasions to get creative with marketing and design ideas.

Most companies dedicate a significant amount of time for holiday marketing for obvious reasons - often consumers are home from work on holidays and use the opportunity to participate in activities they would otherwise not have time to afford. Big corporations and small family-owned shops all get involved. Cinemas are often packed because of big budget holiday movies no matter the season and neighborhood stores line the shopfront with festive decorations. So, don’t be left out of the fun! Here are a few tips to ensure your business earns a bit of the holiday cash by incorporating these tips into their marketing plan.

Plan Marketing Strategies In Advance.

The weeks leading up to the holiday should be used to decide what type of campaign would work best for your desired customer. Book stores will display cookbooks related to the holiday or festive-themed material such as ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas for the obvious lead up to the specific holiday. Have your audience primed!

Choose a Color Design that Matches the Holiday.

This is one of the simpler steps as most holidays already elicit certain images beforehand. St. Patrick’s Day sees the world turn as green as Earth Day. Thanksgiving brings out the orange and brown hues accentuating the arrival of Autumn. The 4th of July explodes with the patriotic red, white and blue. Even though the colors are often predetermined, work with your local printing company to be creative and offer unexpected twists that catch the eye.

Print Signs and Banners For Displays.

Once the color template is chosen, have signs and banners printed to prominently display the arrival of your holiday sale or marketing campaign. Have fun and be witty and your customers will respond. Make sure the dates for whatever is planned is displayed boldly as well! Ambrose Printing Company will be happy to assist in your printing needs!

Get ready for the fun of holidays with your custom prints, Nashville! Your customers will thank you!

Choosing the Right Colors Can Make Your Next Nashville Print Project Pop

Some thoughts are ingrained in us at an early age. Conventional wisdom and experience will generally support popular notions or debunk them. The application of color is one of those ideas that can typically be applied in any situation. That means a recent post on choosing the best ink colors for t-shirt designs can also work well for print projects!

We all want our print projects to eye-catching, appealing and memorable. No one feels great when hours of planning create a design that does not reach the audience, or worse, turns them against the project entirely. So, let’s talk about some general rules of thumb when choosing colors on top of a backdrop while working with your Nashville printing company.

To begin, assume the lighting will not be optimal when choosing your color palette. This is because anything developed in a design studio will benefit from the level of expertise used in creating your workshop. Once your design leaves the comfy confines of the lab, real world settings are applied and designs can look completely different.

If using lighter colors and pastels, consider outlining text with a darker shade so it pops from a distance. Similarly, darker colors on dark backgrounds are dull and difficult to see as well. Custom Ink even recommends avoiding combinations such as: orange red on black, navy on dark grey, grey on indigo, dark purple on black, white on yellow, cardinal on black, black on navy and white on pink.

Remember, color rules generally apply universally. If a combination doesn’t pop in your wardrobe, then it probably won’t pop in your design!

Design Tips: Considerations for Your Nashville Summer Event Invitations

Summer is rapidly approaching and bringing with it the wide array of summer events - graduations, 4th of July, family reunions, all-things weddings, and so much more! Don’t overlook the importance of starting your big summer event off on the right foot. Namely, your invitations!

Here are a few things to consider when designing your perfect invitation:

Balance Between Text & Images

Make sure to include a good balance of text and images and/or design elements in your invitations with the help of you local printing company. Be minimalistic with your text - include only the most pertinent event information so it is easy for your guests to get to the purpose of your invitation. You also want it to be easy for them to find and and follow through with RSVP requests and directions.

Contrast, Yet Complement

Don’t let the balance of text and imagery get lost in your invitation design! Important elements should catch your eye immediately, but masterfully blend into a well put together, overall invitation design. This can be achieved in many ways, such as bold colors, visual elements that pull your eyes towards a certain portion of the page, or variable scaling of elements.


It seems obvious, but don’t forget to consider the formality of your event. This may also dictate how comfortable you are with playing with design elements, such as bold colors and imagery. When working with your Nashville printing company, make sure to consider this in all design aspects, including font, colors, and invitation layout.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun! Ambrose Printing Company would love to help you design, print, and prepare for your big event!

Meet Your Nashville Neighbors with a Custom Flyer

Even in an age where every media avenue is contemplating a shift to a digital imprint, paper/print marketing is still an effective way to advertise. Especially in a city like Nashville, which prides itself on “homegrown” and “local” business, the neighborly feel of a creative flyer can speak volumes to an audience about your brand. Whether you are opening a bakery in 12 South, a record store in East Nashville or a new restaurant in Sylvan Park, flyers are a great way to introduce yourself.

Here are some tips for writing an effective flyer from :

1. Keep it brief

2. Organize your information

3. Use a catchy headline

4. List the benefits

5. Beat the competition

6. Proofread your writing

7. Include a call to action

8. Highlight special deals and offers

9. Know your audience

10. Use only relevant information

11. Use striking testimonials

12. Put your contact information at the bottom of the flyer

13. Make the font legible

14. Put yourself in your customer's shoes

15. Use the word “you”

If you follow those rules when deciding how to write the content of your flyer, you will see how easy it can be to tap into your local market. This kind of campaign is usually a fraction of the cost of more intensive strategies and can potentially show a great increase in traffic and customer interest.

So get creative and offer your potential customers something tangible when you say “hello”! Ambrose Printing Company would be delighted to help you print your unique flyers!

Variable Data Commercial and Publication Printing Whats The Difference?

When most consumers think of printing, two images come to mind. The gigantic paper-eating machine that stands as a sentry in your company office or the forever ink-thirsty variety that sits in most home offices. They are perfectly capable of printing TPS reports, resumes, or that recipe you always lose. However, there are many types of printing and Ambrose Printing Company is capable of handling them all!

First, there is variable data printing. Variable data printing (VDP) is something you encounter in your daily life. That barcode that you have to hover over your self-checkout kiosk a few times to ping - that’s VDP. Those square QR codes that allow you to scan them from your mobile device is also the product of VDP. Variable data printing is a process that allows for images, text or barcodes to contain information from a database or file in a quickfire fashion. With QR codes becoming increasingly popular with companies building their digital or new media presence, a company capable of producing these with consistency and quality is in high demand.

Another format of printing you encounter often is commercial printing. Business cards, brochures and flyers all fit into the commercial printing category. Generally when art is transferred to paper in a form of advertising or marketing for business, we call that commercial printing. It is a process that uses ink, cylinders and aluminum plates.

One final form of printing is publication printing. This type of printing includes magazines, journals, catalogs, or comic books. You typically come across these whenever you are in a library, bookstore or simply passing a newsstand.

Ambrose Printing Company wants to be your source of information for the Nashville printing market and beyond. Call us with your printing questions and we can give you the answers to best help your business or personal inquiry!

Graduation Annoucements For Your Nashville Grad

This time of year is full of excitement and change in Nashville as students graduate from their respective schools and head into their next phase of life. So it’s important we let all of your loved ones know all about the big day! So here are few tips to customize your graduation announcements for the graduate in your life.

Here are some great tips to help you create the best graduation announcement!

Tip 1: Include the date and location! It seems like an easy must-have but make sure you let everyone know the details of the date! If there will be a gathering away from the ceremony, be sure to include that as well.

Tip 2: Include a press clipping from your local newspaper that discusses your graduation day. If you do not feel creative enough to draw or design your own invitation, this allows for a personal touch without the stress of creating something unique and pretty.

Tip 3: For the ultimate personal touch, create a two picture collage using a baby photo and a graduation photo for maximum embarrassment/sweetness!

Tip 4: Try rolling the invitation to make it resemble a diploma. Adding tassels completes the festive look!

Tip 5: For easy replies, use envelopes with pre-printed return addresses. Your invitees will thank you.

Tip 6: Most importantly, ask your grad what they think and allow them to be a part of the process. It is a celebration of their achievements after all!

Does Your Font Match Your Nashville Brand?

In the past we discussed matching the right typography for your promotion and the definitions of typeface and font. Now that you know what these two things are, how do you use that knowledge to chose the correct font for your brand?

Let’s talk about font perception. In a study conducted by Wichita State University, audiences attribute personalities to fonts they see. This is important because your company could be sending mixed signals with the font chosen for packaging, website text, and emails. For example, according to their findings, the Courier New font is most associated with a “conformist” personality. If your brand wants to be viewed as “creative” or “free-spirited”, the GiGi or Kirsten font was preferred over other options.

It is important to note where these fonts are used as well. Some fonts were viewed better as website text while some performed in print. Note their results here:

Sans Serif Fonts. Users preferred Sans Serif fonts for Website Text (62%), Email (60%), and Online Magazines (56%). Sans Serif fonts were least preferred for Digital Scrapbooking (32%), Computer Programming (34%), and Math Documents (36%).

Uses for Serif Fonts. Users preferred Serif fonts for Business Documents (71%), Website Text (67%), and Online Magazines (63%). The three uses that were least associated with Serif fonts were Scrapbooking (28%), Children’s Documents (34%), and E-Greetings (38%).

Script/Funny Fonts. Digital Scrapbooking (61%), E-Greeting (60%), and Website Graphics (53%) were rated as the highest uses for this group of fonts. The Script/Funny fonts were not preferred for Computer Programming (2%), Scientific Documents (3%), Spreadsheets (3%), and Math Documents (3%).

Modern Display Fonts. The three uses rated the highest by users for Modern Display fonts were Website Graphics (47%), Website Headlines (44%) and Website Advertisements (44%). The uses least often chosen for this group were Online Tests (9%), E-Books (9%), Spreadsheets (10%), and Online Assignments (10%).

Monospaced Fonts. Users chose Technical Documents (45%), Computer Programming (40%), and Math Documents (40%) as the highest uses for Monospaced fonts. The uses receiving the fewest votes were Digital Scrapbooking (18%), E-Greeting (21%), and PowerPoint (22%).

Of course there are many factors involved in choosing a font, but these examples should give you a good start!

Use Our Print Services For Your Nashville Bestsellar

Nashville is a source of inspiration for many in the creative industry and specifically the writing industry. The music and arts scene combined with the picturesque views make the city an exciting destination. Ambrose Printing Company loves Nashville and want to encourage aspiring writers to pencil or type that bestseller and use their print services to get it out to your soon to be loyal fans!

First, we need to inspire you, so here are a few quotes from established authors to get you started!

"Always carry a note-book. And I mean always. The short-term memory only retains information for three minutes; unless it is committed to paper you can lose an idea for ever." — Will Self

"Protect the time and space in which you write. Keep everybody away from it, even the people who are most important to you." — Zadie Smith

"It's doubtful that anyone with an internet connection at his workplace is writing good fiction."— Jonathan Franzen

"Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass." – Anton Chekhov

"The nearest I have to a rule is a Post-it on the wall in front of my desk saying ‘Faire et se taire’ (Flaubert), which I translate for myself as ‘Shut up and get on with it.’" — Helen Simpson

Feeling motivated? Great! Now type out that award-winning manuscript and bring it to our G7 certified facility (complete with online proofing and page approval) and we’ll take care of the rest!

Break a lead!

5 Poster-Ready Nashville Photo Spots

Nashville is a beautiful photogenic city with numerous rolling hills and landscapes and architecture with significant history. These factors also make Nashville a top destination spot for visitors around the world who all want to see the beauty first-hand.

So, when was the last time you saw the city you love as a tourist and admired her beauty?

Southern Living Magazine has a list of their five favorite photo-spots in Nashville and we think it’s a great list. When you next have some free time, why not grab a camera and snap some photos that we can convert into lasting posters for your home or business? Fully display your Nashville pride in style!

Nashville Farmers’ Market

You’ll find fresh food every day in downtown Nashville. Truckloads of homegrown melons, pattypan squash, and enough peppers to make you whistle are hauled in early seven days a week in the shadow of the capitol. The sprawling market is home to dozens of sun-wizened growers, such as tomato guru Johnny Howell. Shopping and storytelling intertwine here.

Bluebird Cafe

Located on Hillsboro Pike, in an unassuming strip mall between a Shell gas station and a McDonald’s, the Bluebird Café is one of the top venues in America for hearing up-and-coming (and already famous) singers and songwriters. The small, 100-seat room isn’t fancy, but an evening there sure is fun. Country, rock, and contemporary Christian songwriters gather nightly for the 6 p.m. shows (6:30 on Friday through Sunday), sometimes joined by Bluebird alumni, such as Kathy Mattea and Garth Brooks.

The Parthenon

The centerpiece of Nashville’s Centennial Park, this full-scale re-creation of the ancient Greek Parthenon was built in 1897 as part of the city’s Centennial Exposition. The recently renovated building now serves as Nashville’s city art museum and features two galleries exhibiting American art from the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as temporary shows and exhibits. In addition to the artwork, the building also houses a 41-foot-tall statue of the Greek goddess Athena, sculpted by Tennessee artist Alan LeQuire in 1990.

RCA Studio B

After taking in the sights at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, take a tour of RCA Studio B. Located on downtown’s famed “Music Row,” the recording studio (Nashville’s oldest) was built in 1957 and reopened as part of the museum in 1977. In between, some of country’s biggest stars, including Elvis Presley (who cut 150 tracks there), Roy Orbison, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, and Lee Ann Rimes, recorded more than 1,000 top 10 hits in the studio. Today, Belmont University uses the facility to teach future recording engineers, musicians, and singing stars the fine art of making music.

Loveless Motel and Cafe

For more than 50 years, Vanderbilt University students, downtown office workers, and thousands of other Nashville residents and visitors have made the trek south down Highway 100 to the Loveless for some of the best scratch biscuits and crispiest fried chicken in Tennessee. Located at the northern terminus of the Natchez Trace, the cozy eatery serves hearty, country-ham-adorned breakfasts, as well as classic meat ’n’ three lunches and dinners daily.

These descriptions were pulled directly from Southern Living - all credits attributed

Choose The Best Packaging Design For Your Nashville Product

“You only get one chance to make a first impression” is a popular phrase that many designers use for motivation. Consumers are spoiled for choice in every aspect of their lives and your product needs to stand out from the crowded masses! So, how do you quickly grab attention? Create an outstanding package that specifically markets your product to your target audience.

How can you make this happen? Let’s start with two simple questions:

Who is your target market? What is your product? They may seem like elementary questions, but having an in-depth conversation about your product and how it can fill an area of need in your desired market will make the entire process run much more smoothly. Talking about your product and the target market will grant greater insight into what exactly your product’s packaging should look like in relation to that audience.

For example, think of an item you recently purchased in a store without any prior advice or recommendation. What drew you to this product? Did it stand out to you in some way? Many companies have a brand they adhere to when designing any product packaging; a code or template that says “this is what we stand for as a company”. Ensuring your packaging is aligned with your code makes any decision of artwork, font, color and any other factors that go into packaging that much easier.

Think of your product and your brand? What colors best represent how you want to convey the message your company stands behind? For example, many organizations that define themselves as environmentally friendly will use natural hues such as browns and blues to signify an alignment with the Earth. Their target audiences will respond more favorably to packaging that is light on wasteful materials. Knowing who you are marketing to is just as important as how you market.

So what product do you want to bring to the attention of the Nashville community? We’d love to help your design stand out from the pack, so get in contact with your ideas!

Print Liner Notes For Your Nashville Music Project

In January, we talked about CD duplication projects in Nashville and the significance of them in relation to Music City. Musicians, and the wonderful sounds they make are arguably the lifeblood of Nashville and the reason so many people flock to the city from every part of the country. Including liner notes with your music can be beneficial in numerous ways, so we’ll talk about the print process and the benefits.

What are liner notes?

Traditionally, liner notes are the paper inserts included with an album in order to give the buyer additional information about the music project and to credit the musicians, songwriters, backing vocalists, engineers, producers and everyone else who helps to bring an album to life. The notes can include almost anything. Many artists use custom artwork and high quality photography. Others want detailed documentation of the musicians and their instruments. Liner notes are also popular places for song lyrics. Some artists use these print projects as an extension of the album to further accentuate the creative process.

Are liner notes important?

With the booming popularity of streaming music, many wonder if liner notes are still relevant in today’s music market. In a city like Nashville, where music is so respected and prevalent, liner notes are still in demand. Giving the people who helped bring an album from an idea to a physical product helps everyone involved get their due recognition - and The Grammy’s still give an award for the Best Album Notes!

Pictures make your music memorable

Make your music memorable and create unique content for your liner notes. Talk with a local photographer about the concept or idea behind your music and have a session to add high quality imagery to your liner notes. Speak with a local artist or graphic designer about creating a brand or logo to stand out online as well.

Lastly, having the lyrics to your songs in an easy to read format will make it that much easier for your adoring fans to sing in unison at your shows!

Using a local Nashville printing company might allow you to get even closer to the process, so get in contact today!

Choosing the Best Paper for your Nashville Print Project

The most important part of your Nashville printing project is most likely the last thing you think about, but it should be the first! Paper is the foundation of your project and needs to be considered well in advance. It is the key to determining the overall look and feel of your product and helps you to determine and anticipate cost. There are many aspects to consider when choosing the right paper and it’s not as simple as you would think! Here are just a few important factors to consider.

What is the final product going to be?

Whether you are creating a business card, a textbook, a flyer, or a photograph it is necessary to have a clear vision of what your printing project is. Once you know the answer to this question you can start to consider if the paper you use should be coated or uncoated, glossy or matte, colored or white. If your project will have text on both sides of the page then you will need to pay attention to the opacity of the paper you choose, meaning the amount of light the paper lets through.

What level of durability do you need for the project?

How long does the product need to last? If it is a novel meant to be read over and over, you will need to choose a different quality of paper than if you are printing an ad for a two day sale. This is where you need to consider the weight and the thickness of the paper. You may also want to choose an acid free paper that withstands the yellowing that comes with age.

What is the impression or feeling you want the final product to represent?

So much of your Nashville print project goes into the overall emotion that you want it to convey. You will need to consider the brightness of the paper which impacts the readability and the contrast between hues. If your project is eco friendly you may choose to use paper with a recycled content and visible fibers for a more environmentally safe feel. If you want to portray an image of luxury, you may want to try a specialty paper in metallic, irridescent, or even suede!

It’s pretty clear that the paper you choose has a major impact on the outcome of your final product. So, be sure to contact your local Nashville print company to assist you with the planning and design for your next printing masterpiece!

Things are not Always Just Black and White….Don’t be Afraid to See in Color Nashville!

Let’s take a minute to think about how color impacts daily life. For instance, a gray, gloomy sky first thing in the morning versus a bright yellow sun instantly alters your mood for the day. Traffic lights utilize color to keep us safe on our way to school and work. Physical attraction can be directly related to eye color or hair color. Green grass and leaves signify new life and growth. We rely on colors to help us interpret and navigate the world.

So, with so much riding on the importance of color, it only stands to reason that it should be a key factor when planning your next Nashville print project! Whether you are creating business cards, magazine ads, or trade show displays, taking some time to include a distinct color scheme can make all the difference in how your product is perceived. Colors stimulate the senses and impact our decision making. Different colors evoke different emotions and can create positive and negative impressions.

Here are just a few examples of what different colors signify .

Red: passion, excitement

Blue: trustworthiness, seriousness, relaxed

Orange: happiness, sociable, affordable

Purple: creative, imaginative, luxurious

Black: high quality, elegant, corporate

Green: eco-friendly, caring, peaceful

Keep in mind that men and women interpret color differently as do different cultures and age groups. Be sure to put some thought into who your target audience is. Even though there is a time and place for black and white, don’t be afraid to bring color into your next Nashville printing project. The results may just “color” you happy!

Hey Nashville….You Can’t Judge a Book by its Cover….but Maybe You Should!

Whether you are finishing a novel, putting together a product catalogue, or creating an accounting ledger for your Nashville business, one of the things you will need to consider is how to present your hard work to the world! With so much time spent focusing on the content of the pages, it’s often easy to overlook the importance of how to bind it all together.

Bookbinding has been around for centuries, and although modern technology has changed the process considerably, it is not as simple as you think. It is a specialized and artistic trade that can take dozens of different operations to complete. This is where your Nashville printer comes into play. Once you have chosen your printing company, they will be happy to assist you in choosing the best and most cost effective way to protect and present your new book!

The first step will be to put all the pages in the proper order and determine what technique to use to hold the pages themselves together. The pages are then bound together on one edge in a variety of ways ranging from sewing, flexible adhesive, spiral binding, plastic “combs,” and staples just to name a few. The process that is used it based largely on the type of book that is being created. The second part of the process is done to protect the newly bound pages and involves attaching the pages to a stiff board or wrapping them in a flexible cover.

Lastly, a decorative cover is attached to the entire stack and is labeled with the necessary details as to promote and represent your masterpiece. The cover of a novel or any type of book is the focal point that draws people to it. The art of bookbinding utilizes the trades and skills of working with leather, fine paper and fabrics, illustrations, and hand made lettering to create a unique way to show off your project.

Keep in mind that book binding is not only for books that are meant to be read but also for books that are meant to be written in. Remember, your local print company can assist with all of your bookbinding needs.

Want to Get Noticed at Your Next Nashville Event?

Looking for a great way to promote your Nashville business? Large format printing may be just what you need! This printing technology has been growing rapidly in popularity simply because it allows the flexibility to turn wide images and texts into attractive and effective advertising tools. Large format printing is ideal for projects that utilize heavy visual or graphic content by allowing a larger print area to work with.

What exactly is large format printing?

Large format printing can also be called wide-format printing. The process utilizes top quality printers with a color combination of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black.Also, it differs from typical printing projects in that individual sheets of paper are not used. Instead it is a roll of sheets that are fed incrementally, and the ink is directly applied to the product. This makes for a relatively fast and cost effective printing process that results in a high quality product.

What can I create using large format printing?

-Posters - These can be mounted on gator board or on paper based stock of varying gloss. Perfect for wall or trade show displays, photo prints, and retail graphics

-Vinyl Banners - Highly utilized for outdoor advertising and exhibit displays

-Wall graphics/stickers - Fun and creative way to make yourNashville business stand out. This makes for a terrific statement piece with maximum visibility and is repositionable as well as fade resistant!

What do I need to know?

1. Margins are important.

Even though large format printing is perfect for wide images and texts, it is still necessary to allow for non-printable area in the margins.

2. Document size matters.

The size of your document can effect processing time and cost so be sure to save longer documents as a series of panels, optimize you document, and save your project with an easily identifiable name and appropriate format.

3. Asking for help is okay.

Sometimes you need guidance in creating your project. Your Nashville print company will be happy to assist you in designing your large format project so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.

Preparing Your Commercial Print Project for Your Nashville Audience

Some of the perks of taking your design project to your local printing company is that they can print large quantities and on different types of paper. They can also help with the binding and trimming of projects. Now that you know who to go to for printing, it's time to consider the steps to take when preparing your design for print.

Step 1: Finalize your design with your Nashville print company. They will help you determine any changes necessary to print a high-quality project. This should include discussing the color(s) you want to use in your design.

Step 2: Determine the size of your project. Again, your local print company can assist you in determining the appropriate size for your project to print accurately. You should discuss the bleed of the design during this step.

Step 3: Choose a quantity. Before any printing can begin, you must know how many you will need. Since a commercial printer can quickly print large quantities, the sky is the limit. Just determine what your advertising goals are to help you choose the appropriate quantity. Plus, you can always print more later.

While these steps may seem simple, do not rush through them. Finalizing the design could take several days as you work with your local printing company. Once that is complete, the final two steps should be smooth sailing.

Choose the Best Typography for Your Nashville Promotion

Before jumping into choosing the best typography for your design, it's key to understand what exactly typography, typeface and font are. This will help you better select which style you want your promotion to portray.

First, what is typography?

Typography is the design and arrangement of type. And, type is printed characters that make words.

What is typeface?

Graphic designer Kareen Liez states, "...typeface refers to the consistent visual appearance or style of a font. You need to select typefaces that suit the theme of your design.Typeface is divided into two main categories, the Serif Font and the Sans Serif Font."

A serif font will have tails on each character while a sans serif font does not. The most commonly known serif font is Times New Roman.

Lastly, what is a font?

A font refers to a characters specific size or style of your combination of typeface. For example, 12pt bolded Helvetica is the font. Helvetica by itself is the typeface. And, when a design is complete, you can see the typography.

With all of this information, you can start to determine what typeface and font is good for your design. Are you making a flyer for a concert? Then, try a sans serif typeface, bold it and make it larger. If you are designing a brochure then try something easier to read like a serif font.

The great thing is that your options are endless. Any little adjustment can make your Nashville promotion speak volumes.

Be Creative When Designing and Printing Your Business Card with These Tips

Your business card is just a small snippet of who you are and what you do. So, why not make it stand out? Let it be a conversation starter. We have put together three ways to make your business card do just that.

1. Don't Cram

Your business card is only so big, so try to keep information down to a minimum. It is not necessary to include every form of how to reach you. Yet, include the most engaging ways you can be reached to immediately be able to offer your help and services. Since your address will likely take the most space, consider only putting the city and state on your card.

2. Show Your Work

For example, if you are a photographer, make one side of your card one of the pictures you have taken. If you are an architect, then incorporate lines and angles throughout your contact information that's already on the card. Be creative when choosing how to showcase yourself and business.Guess what? It's okay not to make your logo the center of attention. Instead, show some of your work or allow the design of your card to represent what you do.

3. Make People Question

Here's a chance to make your business card a conversation starter. It can be as simple as saying "Contact me about how I can help you or for a restaurant recommendation." This way, when a future client looks at your card, they may see you as not only a resource but also someone they can relate to.

If you need more inspiration or help with your business card design, ask us! We can work with you from design to the printing of your finished product.

Let's Party! Why Print is Important For Your Next Nashville Event

Planning an event soon? Maybe it's a party that will involve sending invitations or a public event that needs flyers to help with promotion. Possibly even a business function where packets are needed for attendees. Whatever the event, your Nashville printing company can help with the design and print of materials.

First, invitations are always a great way to reach out and be personable. Not only does the act of creating an invitation take time, but so does sending it to individual people. When address labels are needed to accomplish this, your local print company can use variable data printing to personalize each label.

That means, the design and printing of your invitations along with completion of labels can be handled all under one roof.

If your party happens to be an open or public event, focusing on promotion and community reach is the goal. Once you've worked with a designer to put your vision to paper, it's time to print flyers to do just that - promote. Then what? Use your new design for billboard advertisement or brochure creation.

Lastly, some business functions or seminars require agendas and other material for attendees to follow along. The quickest way to get large quantities printed is by having your local print company assist.

These are just three examples of how planning an event may call for a new print project. Whether you need invitations, flyers or agendas, don't forget to have your Nashville print company help.

Why Print's Not Dead In Nashville

Although many people read their news or magazine subscriptions online, it does not mean that print is dying. Even though many flyers and promotions are shared in a digital format, print is not dying. Johan Basson , CEO of Bytes Document Solutions says, "Strangely though, the amount of material being printed isn't falling, it's actually rising."

Why is this?

Print can be distributed everywhere.

For example, it's hard to match the exposure that a postcard campaign has. Not to mention, it's one of the cheapest marketing tools available. While there are the costs associated with design and distribution, the low cost along with widespread reach has kept this form of print relevant.

Print builds trust.

Information can be easily distributed online, which has become its greatest downfall. Because messages can be created, edited and published within a matter of minutes online, they appear less reputable.

A print project takes days and sometimes weeks to design and print, which makes it a trustworthy item. Readers appreciate print more so because of the amount of time taken to present it.

Print is easier to read.

This may seem crazy, but many readers prefer to read a publication in hand than from a device. In fact, eBooks have decreased in popularity in the most recent years. Fads have come and gone, but print has been in existence since the 1400s with the start of the printing press. It's not going anywhere.

It's more important than ever to embrace the opportunity to utilize printing in your Nashville marketing campaign. These reasons show that print is not dead and is thriving more than ever. So, keep Ambrose Printing Company in mind for your future print needs.

The 3 Best Printing Styles For Reaching Your Target in Nashville

It may seem basic, but the printing culture is actually an elaborate thing. There are so many different types of printing and many different projects that can be completed. Here are just 3 of the more popular printing styles used in Nashville.

Commercial Printing

This can be done at most print shops, but what is it? Commercial printing is the art of taking a print project and multiplying it into a large quantity in a short amount of time. Anytime you receive a flyer or event program, it was likely once a commercial print job. In general, it is a great way to get your advertising done in bulk.

Variable Data Printing

Often known as VDP, variable data printing is a way of personalizing your Nashville print project. This form of digital printing allows you to change elements such as text or images from one printed item to the next without slowing down the process. What this means is that you can have a list of names and personalize each print item using the list of names. This especially comes in handy with mailings.

Publication Printing

This may be the most forgotten about type of printing but it is still relevant. "The book market is in better shape than a few years ago, eBook growth has tapered, and printed book volume has increased for two years running,” says Gilles Biscos, President of INTERQUEST.

Basically, publication printing is sustainable and still a great way to grow a brand. You don't even have to print a book becausea magazine or pamphlet may do the trick.

Which printing method do you prefer? Try a new one and see if it's just the extra step you need to make your company excel. Either way, all three are likely here to say.

Is Print a Part of Your Marketing Mix? Here's Why It Should Be!

It's nothing new that marketing should be a priority for your growing business. However, it may be a surprise that print should continue to be a part of your marketing strategy. Most importantly, print advertising offers benefits that other avenues don't.

Print marketing is sustainable, recyclable,and valuable.

As far back as the 19th century, print advertising has existed. The invention of the printing press forever changed the way companies branded themselves. Even as technology has improved, print media has withstood the test of time and has always played a major role in a business' marketing mix. The sustainability of print is just one benefit.

Another benefit is the ease in which it can be recycled. Since most print advertising is printed on paper, it provides the opportunity to be recycled. In fact, presenting the importance of recycling on a print campaign can even boost the affect it has on its' target audience.

Lastly, print advertising is a valuable part of your business' marketing mix. It offers the chance to run a campaign on multiple outlets. For example, your local printing company can assist with large print formatting or something small such as your business cards. Remember, anything printed with a logo is considered a valuable way to promote.

Marketing is one of the keys to having a successful business and maintaining print in your marketing mix is important. Let Ambrose Printing Company be your key to having a great print campaign.

How Does Your Nashville CD Duplication Project Work?

If you live in Nashville, you are either a musician or know a musician. That means that music is being made and needs to be shared. One of the easiest ways to do so is by having your local print company make CDs.

What is CD duplication?

It is the process of producing copies of a master CD that includes audio information. Even though music can easily be listened to online, more than half of the market share still comes from albums sold.

How does it work?

CDs are read by optical readers that are found in most modern laptops and desktops. Lasers burn information onto the CD and this automated process can produce multiple units in a short period of time.

What to remember.

If you are a musician or know one, then you realize the amount of hours that go into making a single or complete album. That means that it's important to have your master CD on a high quality disc. This will ensure that your Nashville printing company can make quality albums during the duplication process.

Remember these points when working on your next CD and reach out to your local print company for help. To learn more about this process, visit here .

Is Your Business New to Nashville? Time to Get Printing!

Is your business a restaurant? You will likely need a food menu.

Anytime you dine out at a food establishment, there is typically a menu of what is offered. While sometimes it's on a wall or board as you walk in, most times it is a tangible item brought to your table for viewing.

If you plan to provide a tangible menu for your guests then it's time to discuss design layouts and printing. Will you offer one page or a folding menu? Will there be columns or graphics? These are all questions that your local printing company can assist with when finalizing your menu.

Are you a photographer, event planner, or offer individual services? This calls for a pricing sheet for services.

Think about it. Once you schedule a consultation and meet with a potential client, it's important to have a pricing guide available of what services you can offer. This will be what they take home to review or compare to your competitors. That means it needs to stand out.

When designing your pricing guide, consider these questions. Will it be a one-page document or a packet? Will it be stapled or provided in a folder? As you determine what you want, let your print shop handle the rest.

Do you own a store or sell multiple products? Then try a one pager that provides basic information.

The goal is to have your location, website, and all basic information easily accessible. That's why having a one pager is relevant for your small business. You can give it out with your business card or drop it in the bag each time an item is purchased. Don't take for granted the opportunity there is to get your brand out there.

If your business was discussed, then remember these tips for your basic print needs. Time to get busy!

Try These 2016 Trends for Your Next Nashville Print project

It's a new year, which means it's time to look at the trends for 2016 in the world of print. While it's important to remember the basics when creating your Nashville print project, it's also important to adapt with technology and culture. Take a look at these four trends that just may keep you ahead of your competition.

1. Supplement your printing.

Although a flyer or advertisement may be simple and of few words, it should offer more for the viewer to find later.Try adding a website link or QR code to your print project togive your viewers a quick way to learn more. Information rich content offers a sense of knowledge that can draw a person into wanting to find out more about your company or product.

2. Research, and then create.

Sometimes, it seems easier to run to the nearest printing company and have their team draft up a design based on little or no insight. That's why it's important to research your competition and look at recent brochures and ads. Have an idea of how to convey your brand, grab the viewer’s attention and sustain their interest all in one design.

3. What about storytelling?

Storytelling and your customers experience complement each other well. When creating a printed item for your business, implementing a storyline can help a reader relate. This is especially good to use in a sales piece.

4. Discover your target location.

While determining your target audience is important, there is something else to consider: placement. Think about how to reach your target. After all, you have worked for hours with your Nashville printing company to design a print piece for them to see. Make sure it gets to your audience by stepping outside of the box to discover the perfect location for placement.

With it being the beginning of the year, this is a great time to try something new. These four trends are just the tip of the iceberg of how to make your company stand out . So, try them.

How a Large Format Print Project Can Increase Your Nashville Reach

Whether you're a new business or have been in Nashville for decades, advertising is important. Incorporating it into your marketing strategy can help your product stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds. One way to do so, is by launching a new and "large" print campaign.

Large-scale advertising does not have to be elaborate, yet it can just be the size of the final project. For example, your local printing company can easily create and print posters, banners and window/wall graphics with the use of a large format printer. Just remember these questions when planning your advertising campaign.

Why start a "large" print campaign?

First, consider what your goal is for having posters, banners or window/wall graphics printed. Are you re-branding or launching a new product? Or, is your company new and starting from scratch? Whatever the reason, it must have a purpose. Remember, this print project is very different than your typical brochures, flyers and postcards. It provides an opportunity to reach people more quickly.

Who are you trying to reach?

Now that you have a plan of action for your campaign, it's time to determine who your target audience is. Are you trying to reach a certain age group or industry? Maybe your goal is to provide a refresher for your current customers. Either way, this will allow you a chance to have your Nashville printing company design the appropriate advertisement.

When preparing your 2016 marketing strategy, remember these questions and take advantage of large format printing opportunities available. Be sure to contact Ambrose Printing Company to get your project started.

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In the year 1865, a small printing office named The American Book & Job Office was opened in Nashville, TN. After twenty-one years of operation, Joshua Henry Ambrose, the Secretary-Treasurer of the Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis railroads, purchased The American Book & Job Office to pay off railroad tariffs. As the printing office continued to be profitable, Joshua's brothers, James and Albert joined the business. They arrived from England and helped operations grow. By 1905, the brothers purchased substantial interests in the company and Ambrose and Bostleman was incorporated.

It did not take long for the printing office to take on its current name of Ambrose Printing Company. While there have been many changes since 1865, the founders name and spirit lives within the company today!

Ambrose Printing Company has continued to keep pace with latest printing technology. More importantly, its pressmen offer experience ranging from 40 years to 4 years with an average of 17 years of craftsman experience.

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Project Planning

We deliver value to our production services by assigning a highly experienced team to assist in the development of production strategies that will maximize quality and minimize cost. This is especially useful with unique or difficult projects. Our role in the development of your project's production strategy may include preparing well-defined project specifications, mock-ups or production timelines.

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Retail packaging, folding cartons, displays, whatever your packaging needs, Ambrose Printing Company is here to help. From concepts through production we can take charge of part or all of your package design and printing needs. If you already have your packaging designed, we will work with you to produce a product you can be proud of. If you need packaging design, our network of creative designers and production resources use years of experience to provide you with superior service and value.


Our company's capabilities in the production of specialized product packaging, industrial, and stock labels greatly exceed the competition. Our team is prepared to handle almost any label requirement. We use premium coated 1 side Litho papers especially designed for high quality printing that will enhance your product or promotion and assure adhesion to most substrates that you may use in your packaging. Whether your labels are consumer targeted, business-to-business, or inter-office, we can meet your need.

Books, Magazines & Catalogues

Ambrose Printing Co. specializes in short-run and long-run book production. Whether it needs to be stitched, perfect bound, case bound, spiral bound, comb bound, double wireo bound or even smythe sewn, we have the capabilities to handle your project.

We will supply you with the most economical and cost effective means to get your publication printed and to your destination. With one of the largest digital prepress departments of any privately owned printing company; our diverse and state-of-the-art equipment ensures that our customers receive every option and possibility the printing industry has to offer.

Large Format Signage Printing (Signage, Posters, POP Displays)

Make heads turn with power-packed, high quality printing. Capture the finest detail on our large format, off-set printing presses. Up to 39 1/4 x 55 inch image printing. Ambrose Printing Company uses state of the art equipment with a large selection of media, including a wide range of paper, gloss, matte, point stock, index and many others! We can help you create an eye catching piece that will surely attract attention to your product, service or event! Whether your quantity is 500 or 500,000; let us help you with your large format project.

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