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Call or text to have one question answered for free from a 5th Generation Psychic in Nashville, TN. If you mention this ad you will receive a $20 special Tarot Card reading.


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4113 Gallatin Rd. Nashville, TN 37216



Call or text to have one question answered for free from a 5th Generation Psychic in Nashville, TN. If you mention this ad you will receive a $20 special Tarot Card reading.

Call or text to have one question answered for free from a 5th Generation Psychic in Nashville, TN. If you mention this ad you will receive a $20 special Tarot Card reading.


What Does The Bible Say About Spiritual Cleansing and Healing?

2 Corinthians 7:1 - Since we have these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from every defilement of body and spirit, bringing holiness to completion in the fear of God.

Spiritual Cleansing clears negative energy, energetic blockages, dark spirits and Spiritual disturbances that can be easily picked up from our daily lives. Spiritual cleansing's can be used for many different reasons and can balance you in mind, body and Spirit. Spiritual cleansing can clear negative energy that causes emotional, mental and spiritual issues. If you feel blocked, negative or stuck, Spiritual Cleaning's can revitalize the mind and give you a fresh start on a new path. Spiritual Cleansing's can also be used to clear negative forces and negative influences. Spiritual cleansing's have been known to clear curses, spell work and witchcraft. Spiritual cleansing techniques have been used for over thousands of years and there are many different methods to choose from.

Spiritual cleansing is used to remove negative Spirits and entities that causes Spiritual disturbances, depression, negative thinking, negative feelings, hopelessness, anger, resentment, unhealthy relationships and other personal issues and hindrance.

I offer my service to "HEAL" those from the past. To allow the closer to be, in order for the spirit not to feel trapped any longer. I WILL ABSORB ALL FEARFUL ENERGY THAT IS KNOWN TO CREATE CONFUSION.The "SPIRITUAL HEALING" allows the near and far future to be clear I will guide & lead the individual where, what & whom all that is supposed to be in their lives, In order to full-full your "DESTINY, YOUR FAITH, YOUR PURPOSE" in this realm.The long distance spiritual cleansing that I perform is very deep and can help the client to improve in almost every field of his/her life. Often we are victims of our own negative thought forms, self-sabotage, unpleasant memories, detrimental mental programs, etc. etc. Old traumas and sufferings can affect our lives in a non-beneficial way. All sessions are private and confidential. I guarantee peace of mind with every session. There's no reason to live troubled or confused you have the power to make a change.Call me for free diagnosis of your situation.

How To Know if They’re Your Soul Mate?

3 elements That Make a Soul Mate. Comfort. Safety. Familiarity.

By looking at them they all look very simple. These three fundamental elements create a soul mate, one to satisfy your heart, body, soul and mind. You will fill all three of them at one time as they do not fade, they are not off and on. They're always there, sometimes stronger then others, but always there.

1. Comfort: Comfort that is so intense and strong that two people can sit inside a room and say absolutely nothing to each other and they are perfectly comfortable and content by just being in their presence.

2. Safety: Safety no matter where you are, or the circumstances. In your environment you always feel safe with your soul mate. You are never frightened, scared or confused you always feel safe no matter what is going on.

3. Familiar: Familiar, this one may be most common to all of us, to feel as if you've known someone your entire life. Even though you first meet, but familiar in a way as if you know what your partner will say before they say it. How they will react and respond to a familiar situation in a sense where you truly understand what they want even before comes out of their mouth.

Everyone has problems this is normal. No one lives in a perfect world with rainbows and sunshine's all the time. I help people by giving them advice to make better, healthier decisions with better outcomes. Transform negatives into positives. You have to love yourself before you can truly love another completely.

You may feel all these things with someone, but something seems to be wrong and you can't put your finger on what it. I specialize in helping people. I can help you find a solution to whatever is blocking this relationship from growing. Give you the confirmation that you need to either fix or end the relationship. If there is no love in your life, I can help you find your true Love

These Elements make a soul mate. They're all combined they're all connected they equal true love. They never fade, they're always there no matter what situation. Although they seem very simple you'll be surprised how they are very difficult to have with one person. Find inner peace. Maybe even forgive yourself, or another. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. All sessions are private and confidential

By Jennifer Green: Professional Psychic

9 Texts To Send Your Guy, So He'll Be More In To You!

Written By: Matthew West Hussey

Treat the following texts as a stock of arrows in your quiver.

When fired off, each text elicits a different response from a guy. Some are flirty, some show certainty and independence, others make you seem fun and intriguing, others create sexual desire. These below aren't all designed for the same situation. Some work better with guys you just met whilst others work best with guys you've been dating for a little bit.

Whatever emotion each individual text is designed to trigger, all of them communicate that you are High Value. Here are your weapons. Enjoy!

1. “It’s a good thing we’re colleagues, because we would be so much trouble for each other”

Guys are excited by the idea of trouble. The emotions associated with the word ‘trouble’ when it comes to attraction and desire are overwhelmingly positive, despite the literal meaning of the word.

It implies fun, excitement, danger, and unpredictability, edginess – plus it makes him the one who wants to take a step forward to see what might happen.

2. When he asks you what you’re up to:

“Just taking a bath...going to head out later”

Most people’s response to the “what are you up to” question (a particularly uninspired text question, I might add) is to answer it with some similarly listless text.

So when you send this to him – you’re implanting an exciting image in his head without being overtly sexual, which is ideal for sparking his interest. It’s said with a casual air but makes him think about you in a way that creates desire.

3. “Just bought this, thoughts?” (picture message)

You take a picture in the mirror of you in the outfit (nothing sexual, just you looking cute) and send it to him with the above message. It’s a fun flirty message, and men are visual creatures.

The advantage of this message is that you've also given him a chance to respond with something flirtatious, which makes it a great message if your relationship with him is a little on the platonic side right now. It gives him the opportunity to compliment the way you look in a way that doesn't seem out of the blue for him.

4. “You should be here right now!”

Statements are powerful. This text is great because you aren't even asking the guy to join you. You've left the ball in his court.

I love the ambiguity mixed with this message along with the inbuilt compliment. You haven’t actually said anything about where you are or what you are doing, which instantly builds intrigue and curiosity, but you've told him you want him to be there. This shows certainty whilst also making him feel desired, which is the ideal combination.

5. “I just had the most life changing burger. Almost sexual.”

Men like food. If you've ever met one you probably know that already. So referencing something you are eating or have eaten is always a fun way to go.

There’s also something primal about food, dare I say it even erotic at times. This text shows a guy that you don’t take yourself too seriously and makes you seem like someone he can hang out and relax with. Who is also sexy. Which makes you a dream woman.

6. “This jacket would look hot on you” (picture message)

Take a picture of a jacket or a piece of clothing that you think would look attractive on him. Send it to him with the above message. It’s a cute way to show you are thinking about him, and using the word ‘hot’ instead of ‘nice’ shows him that you are sexually attracted to him, something that is important if you want to make sure you don’t get ‘friend-zoned’.

Once again, you’re not actually asking anything. He’ll want to respond regardless. Trust me. Also, you are telling him the jacket is hot, rather than him specifically, so it doesn't seem too forward.

7. “As hot as you are, I don’t move that fast ; ). But I’d be happy to see your pretty face if you want to take me on a date sometime this week”

Some guys try to get overly sexual too quickly. This is an excellent way to put the brakes on sexually, but also shows desire for him at the same time, thus not destroying his ego. You’re not rejecting him, you’re telling him “not yet”.

8. “I’m not sure we can be friends anymore...”

You can send this text as is, with no explanation, which of course makes him want to text back to find out why you can’t be friends anymore. Of course it is also a subtle, playful way of telling him that at the moment he is just a friend, with the embedded challenge for him to try to become more than that. This text is best sent in early stages, before you’ve hooked up.

9. “You, Me, pizza, lord of the rings, tonight. Be there.”

This one is NOT for a first date scenario. It’s for somebody you are in the early stages of dating with, perhaps with whom you have already been intimate.

5th Generation Celebrity Psychic

What if I tell you , you can have every thing you every wanted …. Would you listen …Do you want to know a secret ? The Secret, The Law of attraction , The Universal Law of attraction is effecting all of us right now and always has from the beginning of time. Have anything and everything you ever wanted, Health , wealth, love, money ,success . anything ! There is no limit to what you can have. We would not have a universe , if we did not have a mind. My ancestors has practiced and followed the law forever . I am a Master of the secret , LIfe coach ,licensed therapist , as well as 5th Generation Professional Psychic. I can advise you teach you special techniques in all area's of your life that you want or need to change. We all need change,use the laws of attraction, Have it now... Palm readings Tarot card Readings Zodiac Charts and more. Cleanse your mind as well as your soul . Do you want to make changes in your life ? Needing answers. Gain insight now! Be on the most productive path of your life! Find your answers the same way we found our ,Saviour Jesus Christ…Through the stars . Receive Insight and knowledge for life's most challenging obstacles . Fear is the strongest thought and energy in the mind and yes stronger then Love, Is fear preventing you to make a choice or decision ? Remove it now completely.


TEXT-615-944-9707 Spiritual Detox available. Heal broken heart . Find your true love with spiritual ancient ritualsPeace of mind guaranteed

The worst mistake in life is not to try .

Top Ways "The Secret" Can Benefit and Change Your Life

Image from:

(1) Perspective

We all have negative thoughts whether we realize it, or not. The Secret allows you to understand how negative thoughts affect your life. Even though we do not act, or speak of the negative thoughts we carry, The Secret makes us understand how powerful are frame of mind is, and how changing our frequency of thoughts, we can have whatever we desire!

(2) It Exists Whether You Know or Not

"The Secret" is a way of living that has been adopted by people throughout history like Albert Einstein, Oprah Winfrey and the Babylonians. This way of thinking and the effects of it exist and affect your life regardless of if you know about it or live by it.

(3) Change What Happens in Your Life

Want better health, more happiness, abundance? "The Secret" can provide you with a groundwork and understanding of what needs to be done. You may not have the tools to actually initiate the change, which is why we recommend you get a reading done to facilitate the change in thought patterns, perspective, etc. Frequency is powerful; we all feel the energy change when a different, more sad song comes on in the room. A frequency reading can provide feedback from your body on where you are and how you get to the next level of understanding.

(4) The Secret is the Law of Attraction

Everything that's coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And it's attracted to you by virtue of the images that you're holding in your mind. It's what you're thinking. Whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting to you. "Every thought of yours is a real thing - a force." - Prentice Mulford - 1834 - 1891

5th Generation Celebrity Psychic

Palm readings, Tarot card Readings, Zodiac Charts, Spiritual Rehab always available and more.

Cleanse your mind as well as your soul. Making changes in your life? Needing answers. Gain insight now! Be on the most productive path of your life! Find your answers the same way we found our, Savior Jesus Christ…Through the stars. Receive Insight and knowledge for life’s most challenging obstacles. Fear is the strongest emotion and energy in the universe and yes stronger then Love, Is fear preventing you to make a choice or decision? Remove it now completely. The Stars in the sky are not there for looks. Besides the fact that they are beautiful they have great important messages for the world. Find out what your stars are trying to tell you.



Spiritual Detox available. Heal broken heart. Find your true love with spiritual ancient rituals
Peace of mind guaranteed. The worst mistake in life is not to try.

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Full Life Crystal Healing Reading

V.I.P. Intuitive Session.

This Psychic Session is filed with, Beauty, Grace, Love & Light!

I will Lightly Massage essential Oil into your Palms, Then a light massage with the crystals, to give you a reading that ‘not only’ tells you all there is to about Your Life & Future, I will also channel Great Healing Energy to your past, present & Future. This is a HD Quality Psychic Session. Not only will you be Healed & pampered with a light massage of oils & Crystals, You will also Receive Great insight into what you can do now, to Experience a Fabulous Future! Also a personal Crystal for you to take home .


Intuitive Energy READING

The "Psychic" Session

Working in Harmony with your unique energy, This Reading will help you identify the key connections of your Past life.

This helps you better understand your present circumstances and allows you to see in the Future. To help you open up your third eye so you can make confident decisions.

Whether you’re concerned about a Love Relationship, your Career, or Finances, I will provide you with Amazing Insights. And confidents


Rose Quarts "Love Stone" Reading

Love & Relationship Session

By Working with Love Stones, It will Focus on Love and Relationships, you will find out who is “Soul~Mate” & who is your True” Twin~Flame”

Where is the Relationship going?

What is His or Her, True intentions for the relationship?

Can we get Back Together Soon?

(I will also look into what type of Energy Work I can Provide you with for a Happy & Committed Relationship.


Tarot Reading

The Full Life Tarot Card Session

Our Full Life Tarot Card Reading gives Guidance in many areas of life including,

Career changes and Relationships. Tarot cards tell you if you need to do more of something or less . What should you be focusing on how to handle it and how to make the best of it. How others around you are Affecting you in your present time, and into your future.

How to avoid the problems others are creating for you.

They give you valuable insights from your present time and into your Future.

Find Comfort and Confirmation.


One Subject Tarot Card Reading

One specific Matter of your Life Session

With Our One Subject Tarot Card Reading,

You will Receive all the Fabulous Insight of the Full Life Tarot Reading.

But We will focus on only One Subject. This way you will get the answers you Really need, but at a Discounted price..


Hand Reading

The Art Of Palm Reading Session

One of the most ancient familiar form of fortunetelling reading of the palms, if you've never had a reading and always been curious this is a reading for you.

To better understand yourself, and the world around you.

This reading will reveal things from your past that have shaped your character and circumstances.

With a better understanding of yourself, you are empowered to positively shape your present and future..


Walk-ins are welcome. Always better if you have an appointment. I work at several locations. 615-944-9707

About Jennifer

I am Jennifer, a fifth generation psychic. I'm from the Mediterranean, born and raised in the US and have been a psychic my entire life. My readings are done from reading peoples spirit, name, date of birth, energy levels also from spiritual tools, such as tarot cards. I have several celebrity clients in the US. During readings, people ask simple questions to the most life changing questions.

***All readings are private and confidential.

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Look Down for Your 2014 Horoscope and Love & Sex Astrology!

Psychic's have been around for century's. People have been seeking answers from the beginning of time. Find out what the stars are waiting to tell you.

Your Astrology Sign

What sign were you born under? Don't know? Start by looking up your birthday below.

Date of Birth Astrological Sign

Dec. 22 - Jan. 20 Capricorn

Jan. 21 - Feb. 19 Aquarius

Feb. 20 - Mar. 20 Pisces

Mar. 21 - Apr. 20 Aries

Apr. 21 - May 21 Taurus

May 22 - June 21 Gemini

June 22 - July 23 Cancer

July 24 - Aug. 23 Leo

Aug. 24 - Sept. 23 Virgo

Sept. 24 - Oct. 23 Libra

Oct. 24 - Nov. 22 Scorpio

Nov. 23 - Dec. 21 Sagittarius

Aries horoscope for 2015

Like the sure-footed Ram that is the symbol of your sign, you will start the year feeling bold and strong. Your confidence is well deserved, as you have worked hard over the past year, and you have earned kudos from the universe. Your energy is high, much as it was at the beginning of last year, and if you channel it wisely you can check many things off your to-do list in 2015. Your strong personality inspires envy in some, because you do what others are afraid to do. You have a fiery nature, and it propels you forward where others fear to tread. In the year ahead, this trait will serve you well as you expand your boundaries and make some of your dreams come true. And you can count on at least a few of those dreams coming true in 2015!


You might have spent a lot of time focusing on personal growth and material gain over the last year. In other words, Aries, you were all business most of the time. You have mostly put your passions aside to create a more secure and stable life for yourself. Love was not necessarily on your agenda - at least not in a focused way. This year you are ready for much more. You have hopefully feathered your nest and you are feeling more secure, which will allow you to pursue your love life with greater intention. You are a bit more humble and open and vulnerable now, and that will enhance your love life incredibly. You must continue to be this way, and you will ensure a happy year where your love life is concerned. This year, Aries people in a committed union will find their relationships to be deeper and richer and more satisfying. You will have joint opportunities to shine, and to discover new things about each other. An event in late spring or early summer will draw you closer together, and there's a good chance you will feel again the passion and intrigue you felt when you first met. For single Aries people, you may choose to make a permanent commitment to someone you met in 2014. You will recognize that this person has the qualities you have been searching for, and a commitment will seem like a natural next step. Or, if you are still looking for "the one," you will have a stronger sense of what to look for. You are likely to meet that special person through friends or in some kind of social setting, and there will be an immediate sense of recognition and the feeling that you have finally found your soulmate.


If you had the chance to establish more solid and loving relationship with family members over the last year, you might have grown closer to certain people who are important to you, and you have enjoyed the rewards of closer bonds. Now that you are even more secure in your family relationships, you should be feeling more open to them, and you should find it easier to confide and to seek comfort. You could develop a special and long-awaited closeness with a sibling or sibling-like relative. You may get thrown together by a family disagreement, and you will find yourselves enjoying a wonderful new bond. The wisdom you have gained over the last year extends beyond just family, Aries. In 2015, you will experience richer and stronger relationships with friends as well. In general, you should be feeling more well-rounded and at ease even among people who once would have frustrated you. A long-standing conflict with someone in your world could be healed in the early months of 2015, and your relationship will grow increasingly strong and enriching. Throughout the whole 2015 you will continue to enjoy the bonds you have forged, and to benefit in myriad ways from your family relationships.


In 2015 you should start reaping the rewards of all the hard work and focused intensity you invested over the last year. As a result, you may be doing much better financially, But even if you haven't yet arrived at a more comfortable income, you shall soon experience greater financial security resulting from all of your dedicated efforts. There could be a special opportunity to improve your financial standing around March, or you may come into a surprise windfall connected to your work in some other way. The ways in which you strengthened your family and friendship relationships have extended over into your business connections as well. You are now relating much better to work and business acquaintances, and this inspires greater comfort and trust between you. This might have enabled you to build your career/business and to make new connections that will prove very lucrative over the coming year. In fact, in 2015 you may well realize some of the success you have been hoping for and striving to over a long period of time. By mid summer, you will be riding high and going stronger than ever, and a new opportunity could bring rewards you hadn't even dreamt of. --

Taurus horoscope for 2015

On the outside, like the Bull that represents your sign, you are strong and steady and perhaps even imposing. On the inside, though, you are far more vulnerable. Those who don't know you well, might assume that you are tougher than you actually are, based on your countenance. However, Taurus, you feel deeply. You are sensitive and thoughtful and kind, even if you don't always show your softer side. This past year the patience you are known for may have been tested many times. And, like the Bull who might paw at the ground, you paced and worried and generally existed in a state of anxiety from time to time. However, you are also resilient and powerful, and your travails should have helped you to cultivate a greater sense of inner harmony. The coming year promises to be much kinder to you, so that you can maintain your regal posture. A series of small blessings will usher you into the New Year in January, and will set the tone for a sweeter year. In the spring and summer of 2015, several opportunities that will require you to present a harmonious persona may come up. With your newly found serenity you have all the chances to easily rise to success. Some of these opportunities will prove to be potentially lucrative, and could pave the way to a more prosperous status by the end of the year. If you are assertive about these opportunities and will charge them with persistence and merit, by the end of the year you could be enjoying a markedly better lifestyle.


During 2014, you were trying to become a more rounded person so you might have put a lot of energy into it. Beyond other things, you worked on becoming more balanced, more relaxed, and more focused on inner peace. This should have resulted in a better relationship with yourself - increased confidence, better acceptance of yourself, forgiveness for yourself, and therefore you could have established a more harmonious presence overall. You are greeting 2015 as the better and improved "you"! The balanced state should have made it easier to make new connections and also led to improvement in existing relationships, including in the area of love. While this may not have been a year of wild romance, it has hopefully been quite satisfying nonetheless. You should feel that your emotions are better balanced, and so your romantic relationships can flourish. If you have a significant other, your union has grown closer and stronger over the last year, and will continue to provide comfort and support into 2015 and beyond. A possible conflict or a challenge of some kind in early spring will draw you closer together, and you will truly see each other as best friends and lovers. If you are single, you have hopefully had the chance to cultivate new romantic possibilities. Someone you meet in the coming year could be the one you've been looking for. This person will demonstrate a talent that you deeply admire, and that may be what draws you to this individual. A lot of romance lies ahead. Whether you're in a committed relationship or not, 2015 will offer you many chances to build beautiful moments and memories.


Just as your new level of inner harmony has enhanced your love life, it has also helped you to relate better to your family members. Relationships that were possibly once fraught with tension can now become more peaceful and rewarding. You have either recently rekindled a fractured relationship with a family member, or you will soon, and that bond will grow stronger and stronger as the year progresses. This person could introduce you to someone in 2015 who will in turn, also become very prominent and important in your life, and you two will share a relationship that will be very unique and fulfilling. Children or one special child can also become a big part of your life in the year ahead, whether this is your own or a relative's child who turns to you for mentoring. Remember to maintain this new and better closeness you're experiencing and you will always have the warm and loving support of family. Important and exciting news about a family member could come to you in May, and it may be a good cause for celebration.


The opportunities you reached for and the hard work you did in 2014 should bring you the expected rewards in 2015. You are dedicated, assertive, and determined to succeed, and those are qualities you should bring with you into 2015. If you had an unexpected career advancement last year, you may be tempted to attribute it to luck, but any luck you might have benefited from was maximized by your preparedness and positive thinking. The success in your career , is more secure because you are someone who is careful and thoughtful about what you get yourself into. Those traits will come in handy in 2015 as some, possibly very big opportunities come your way. In the first quarter of the year, you might be handed one such opportunity on a silver platter. If everything goes well with it, it may allow you to make some long-held dream come true. One thing you do need to be wary of is an opportunity that may seem to have a larger-than-life, once-in-a-lifetime kind of vibe to it. You may fall for this too easily as it may prove very hard to be realistic about it, so don't jump right in until you know everything there is to know and you have weighed the benefits against the risks. You could experience success in an area related to publishing or the arts. If you remain wise and steady again this year, you will continue to build momentum toward a most successful future.

Gemini horoscope for 2015

To those who don't know you well, you may seem mercurial and somewhat distant. To those who know you well, you are an intelligent, quick-thinking person with many aspects to your personality. That makes sense because, after all, your sign is represented by the Twins. You have many moods and many facets, and you are an ever-changing example of constant metamorphosis. You have already reinvented yourself many times, Gemini, and you are bound to do so again and in a big way in 2015. This could mean the realization of a dream connected to a cause or a passion that is close to your heart. You had many memorable moments over the past year, and you should enter 2015 with a positive feeling and a lot of anticipation and hopefulness. Don't lose that spark of enthusiasm, and you can make the coming year even better than the last.


You may have had chances last year to rekindle an old romance, to start a new one, or to strengthen a relationship you already have. You allowed yourself to be more open to those who love you, and you have hopefully gained a greater sensitivity to others by learning to tune in better through increased empathy. Over the last year, you also had the chance to learn to be more decisive when it comes to your romantic relationships, and this should have helped you to build a better foundation for your love life. Those Gemini people who are in a committed relationship may experience power struggles with their mates, but ultimately it will only make your partnership stronger and more vibrant. A bond you forge with your mate will be a crowning achievement for both of you. This person will seem more like your ally than ever before. For single Geminis, you will find that you've become pickier and more difficult to please in terms of choosing the people you want to spend time with. That's a good thing, because it means you will be more selective in getting to know people who are a good fit for you. Someone that you might meet at an event connected to a charitable cause or a commemoration of some kind will offer an immediate sense of recognition. It may seem like you've known this person all of your life, and this could be the one that lasts forever.


You may have found yourself in the position of having to be the family mediator this year. You may have experienced some conflict between yourself and other family members, or you may have been placed in the middle between warring parties. In your efforts to disentangle these conflicts, you could have made someone angry or resentful, and this may have caused some friction in your family life. If you stay strong and you remain compassionate and tolerant in 2015, you can recapture any joy that was lost as you struggled with quarrels and disagreements. A chance to strengthen family bonds will come early in the year, and it will be up to you to lead the way. Your position of strength in your family in the coming year may cause you some awkward moments, but ultimately you will come to be seen as mature, responsible, and approachable. You should notice a significant increase in the respect you receive from everyone. Keep the lines of communication open, and you will continue to progress in your family relationships.


Your quick thinking, grace under pressure, and your driven determination to succeed contributed a lot toward your success in the last year. You probably had a series of small opportunities that didn't seem like much individually, but over time you began to see a pattern. Each of your small successes in 2014 has given you a strong foundation on which to build much bigger success. Success that you will carry into 2015. You have showed off your ingenuity, your inventiveness, and your extraordinary uniqueness and people in power were paying attention. If you work for someone, you have been noticed by your superiors. Your boss or some other authority figure has noticed your talent, and you may be primed for a raise and/or a promotion. If you work for yourself, you have made contacts in the last year that could bring you big chances for increased income and chances to network, possibly on a bigger playing field. Someone you met may become a prominent and significant figure in your career, and you should start to see this person's impact on your work life quite clearly by the end of the summer. Keep going as you have been, and you can make 2015 a record-breaking year.

Cancer horoscope for 2015

You are usually the one that others turn to for generous affection, support, encouragement, and understanding. You are extremely insightful, and you are usually the go-to person when friends and loved ones have sorrows to unburden themselves of, or when they need good advice from a trusted source. You are the nurturer of the zodiac, and it is evident in your caring ways, your tender heart, your empathy, and your need to ensure that those you love are doing well. Over the last year, a string of disappointments or difficulties you might have experienced has left you somewhat depleted. In addition, you may have found that loved ones have overburdened you with their own needs. As 2014 ends, you may even feel that you couldn't bear even one more challenge. However, Moonchild, you are strong and flexible, and you have so much to look forward to. As difficult as the last year may have been at times, the coming year will offer you incredible gifts that will serve to inspire and motivate you throughout the whole 2015. You should notice a huge positive change in your fortunes at the very beginning of the year - perhaps even as the clock strikes midnight on January 1 and as the year progresses you shall start seeing that it is more joyful and gratifying.


You might have been a bit cynical about love lately. You had higher hopes for this year where romance was concerned, but it may not have wound up fulfilling your hopes and dreams. Even so, you are still nurturing a spark of hope that things will be better in 2015 (or at least you should be), and they will be much better despite any skepticism you may feel. If you are single Moonchild, you may have built a wall up around yourself to keep hurt away, but that wall will have to come down. You may be wondering how to improve your sense of trust and faith in people and especially in romantic partners. Someone new to your life could help you to learn how. You will be lucky to have this person of high integrity and good character enter your life, and if things progress between you two, you are bound to be a wonderful match. This person will knock down your walls of fear, and inspire hope and desire in you like never before. Perhaps this will lead to a committed relationship, and eventually marriage. If you are married or involved in a committed relationship, you will have many opportunities in 2015 to take your relationship to a new level by mending any hurts, to reclaiming any trust that might have been lost, and to rebuilding any bridges that might have been burned. Sometime during the winter, an unexpected event connected to your neighborhood will throw you together and force you to be on the same team. This experience may further create a stronger foundation on which to continue building a better union.


There has been healing over the past year with many of your family relationships. Even so, that doesn't mean there isn't still some room for improvement. You may not feel that you are completely and fully back within a circle of trust and joy, but you have the power and hope to make that happen in the year ahead. You have made great strides - even with a relationship (or two) that was rather difficult in the past, and you should now feel much closer to this person or these people if there's more than one such person.. Continue to nurture that bond, Moonchild, and it will bring you many rewards. If someone must make the first step toward reconciliation, then let it be you. A chance to extend the olive branch should happen by April. One family member who may not have been doing very well has improved considerably, and that may be due to your care and love. Continue to work, healing and enjoying your family relationships in 2015, and you will grow closer and more secure, and you will have an even warmer sense of being fully loved.


You probably started out 2014 feeling more secure and grounded in your career or your business. Things seemed to grow increasingly good at the start of the year, but a few negative experiences may have altered your perception of things. Being a worrier, you may have allowed this state of mind to cause you stress and anxiety, which could also have affected your work. This year, though, a few significant events - either a good word or a promotion from your boss, or a new contract or improvement of some kind in your personal business - could help to rebuild your sense of accomplishment and security. You can expect this to happen by the end of winter. You need to work at feeling more hopeful and more positive in 2015, and that will in turn significantly improve your attitude, and will help to draw some wonderful new opportunities to your life. You can make great strides in the coming year, further paving the way to a much more financially sound future. In fact, a windfall of some kind will have you feeling a sense of abundance and extravagance by year's end and in a year when you look back - you will be filled with the sense of fulfillment and accomplishment from the way you have handled 2015

Leo horoscope for 2015

You have always been known as gregarious, charming, and even the life of the party. This past year, though, you may have been quieter and more withdrawn than you usually are, Leo. The Lion that represents your sign is a regal beast, and although you have certainly retained your regal bearing, you might have been less sociable and more introspective recently. The good news is that the old you is reemerging as we enter 2015. You will slowly begin to feel more like yourself as you navigate into a year that puts you back in the spotlight with more responsibilities and more opportunities. A chance to shine in a very big way will come in July, and it could put you on the map in a significant area of your life. You may not immediately feel like your old self as the clock strikes midnight on December 31, but gradually you will regain your confidence, your sex-appeal, your way with words, your dramatic flair, and yes - your swagger!


Where love and romance are concerned, the past year may have seen you taking more of a back seat than usual. In other words, Leo, you weren't calling all the shots. Whether you were just dating and getting to know people, or whether you were in a committed relationship, you frequently allowed the other person to shine. This change of style hopefully gave you a new perspective on your relationships, and helped you to develop more empathy and tolerance along the way. Having grown in such a way, you are now ready for a more mature and complete relationship than you have ever had before. This is a really good thing, since stability and warmth and complete acceptance are what you are craving in a relationship now, and that's exactly what you are prepared to offer in the coming year. An especially romantic event will come out of the blue in the early winter days of the New Year, warming your heart and setting your soul on fire. In 2015 you may play a role that is more typical for you, with your strong personality coming forth again, and charm to spare. If you are single, you could finally meet the person you are meant to be with. This person will likely be someone larger-than-life and as fiery as you are. If you're romantically involved, this year will mark a new beginning with special closeness and increased passion.


Whether male or female, the Leo is usually the head of the family. That's certainly not to say that you don't consider the needs and feelings of others - you are always very caring, loving, and protective. This year, though, you may have endured some emotional challenges or difficult moments, and family members hopefully stepped up to nurture and protect you for a change. You may have actually begun to enjoy being the recipient of all that care, and this also gave you a new outlook on being able to receive as well as to give. Having been the recipient of your wisdom for so long, you have probably noticed that family members who were once floundering now seem stronger and more sure of themselves. This is in great part due to you. You may find that your loved ones begin to turn to you again for advice, and you are ready to provide it. You will have a good chance to witness the strength of your family this year. As you face some minor adversity, you will be thrilled to see a family member step up to defend or assist you. Around mid-year, a younger relative might seek you out as a mentor. Make sure you are open to the opportunity as the rewards of this relationship will be very positive for this person and also very gratifying for yourself. Overall, throughout 2015 you will enjoy a much warmer and more joy-filled bond with many members of your family.


Your career should be going well now, Leo. You are always a dynamic and resourceful person, and these qualities are the backbone of your success. People generally like you, which in turn makes you a more valued and treasured employee, co-worker, or boss. You may have taken on a new role or a new kind of work in the last year, and it is hopefully paying off. That will depend a lot on how careful you have been, and on how positive and optimistic you have felt despite any challenges this new venture might have thrown at you along the road. And even though this role may still seem brand new, you will evolve to take on yet another, bigger role by March, and it will come in the form of a promotion or even a partnership. Even if things didn't go as planned, though, 2015 will bring you many new opportunities to excel and succeed. Don't take any single chance for granted, and you can ensure greater financial security and abundance for yourself throughout the year. A very special offer or investment opportunity may come to you in late spring. By year's end, you shall find yourself enjoying a whole new echelon of success.

Virgo horoscope for 2015

You maintained your diligent work efforts and your driven focus throughout 2014, and it has already paid off or it is in the process of happening now. You are by nature very humble, and so you may not have given yourself enough credit or done enough boasting about your abilities and accomplishments over the last year. In 2015, Virgo, you need to work at being less modest so that you can bring your life to the next level. Throughout 2015, you will have several chances to stand in the spotlight and shine, and you are advised not to be too modest. No matter how hard you work and how well you do, it won't serve you as well if no one knows about it. That doesn't mean you can't be humble. There are ways to showcase your skills and talents without bragging or doing anything that doesn't fit into your belief system. Hopefully you have acknowledged all that you have gained over the last year, and you have allowed yourself to feel proud and confident. In the year ahead, you can continue this streak of success simply by doing what you have always done best - working hard and with great integrity. And don't be afraid to boast a bit too! Depending on your profession and your current projects, you may want to look into a public relationships expert who can help you get your name out there. People will be watching you, and you need to be ready to strut your stuff.


Hopefully, Virgo, you have softened or reduced your list of restrictions when it comes to your choice of potential romantic partners if you're single; or if you have a significant other you have been more laid-back with your expectations and requirements. The last year has been one of learning, and hopefully you have studied your lessons well. If you have learned to be more flexible and open-minded and ready to compromise, then your love life should have seen considerable improvement and should be thriving by now. You will have the chance to find a deeper commitment this year; one that brings you greater emotional security and more happiness too. If you are looking for a lifetime relationship, you may find that someone you met last year still causes butterflies when you think of that person. Or, it may be that someone from your past suddenly arrives in your life, and confesses deep feelings for you. Some significant event of your love life is bound to occur in the early days of spring. If you are committed, then you should be feeling more bonded and connected spiritually. There could be a romantic trip in store that will take you to a historic or otherwise significant location.


There may have been some major changes in your family life and among your family members over the past year, Virgo. The people you love are evolving, thanks to more spiritual quests taken on by many in the world in general. This has opened your relationships to a more comfortable level, and it has allowed you to see the people you love in new ways. At some point in the summer, you might learn something about a family member that will come to you in a very unexpected way. This news will be both thrilling and inspiring. Now that you are better able to appreciate the many facets your family members possess due to your more open mind and increased ability to be unconditionally accepting, you will more fully appreciate the people you love, and you will find greater meaning in the bonds that you share. You may have experienced a conflict with one person who has always been difficult to deal with. However, you probably already resolved the matter - but if you didn't, you will soon. And once you do, you shall never have to deal with that kind of conflict with this person again because you understand each other better. In fact, this person may help you to make a connection in mid-year that will benefit you in the long run.


Being more assertive about your own talents, skills, and interests will help you considerably in your career in 2015. You have so much to offer, and it would be a shame to hide your light. You don't have to be boastful (that isn't your style), but you should let the right people see you shine. If an opportunity comes your way, and you feel that you are right for it, then be your own cheering gallery. Step up to the plate and show that you are confident and ambitious. There will be many opportunities in 2015 for you at work or in your business if you work for yourself. If you are selective, and you choose only those that feel like a good fit and that can help you to get ahead, then you can have a very successful year. You could make a very important business connection in early spring at a social function, or through a neighborhood gathering. Be open to any chance to network, and you can tap into many resources this year. --

Libra horoscope for 2015

Your sign is represented by the Scales, because you are the embodiment of fairness, balance, and justice. You are definitely a "people person," and you are almost always surrounded by friends who inspire complete trust because you are drawn to people of high integrity. In 2014, though, you may have encountered at least one individual that wasn't quite so honest. However, you took the high road as you always do, demonstrating for the world to see that you believe the honest path is the best path. In the year ahead, you will have the opportunity to stand up for something you believe in, and in a very public way. This chance may even bring you some notoriety, which will help you to further your cause. You will probably see this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it may influence your future in a big way. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you are carefully considering and thinking it through. After you make the decision though, stride forward without hesitation because hesitation can delay your plans and even make you look weak.


It should have been a very romantic year for people of your sign, Libra. You must have thought a lot about love and partnership, and you have hopefully filled your longing for the perfect bond with someone special. This trend will continue into 2015 as your relationships flourish and romance remains dazzling and vibrant. Although there will be many opportunities to keep the passion alive in 2015, it will be up to you to keep the flame burning. If you do, your relationship with a significant other or a future partner will have an excellent foundation, and will thrive in years to come. A new home or an enhanced living situation that is possible by the fall will further ignite the warm feelings you have for a special person. If you are single, you have probably met someone who seems to be almost like your muse - this person truly understands you at your deepest level. This person will lead you to bring your creativity to a new and exciting level. If you are involved in a committed relationship, you have reached a state of communion that is rich and deep, and this will continue throughout 2015. A special weekend getaway at some point during the colder months will bring about a long-awaited conversation about your future.


For most Libra people, your family life has been far more harmonious than it has been in a very long time. Even if you had some issues with family members, overall, your personal view of your family life was more harmonious. That's mostly because you took the time to be more sensitive and receptive to the needs of your loved ones, and they have noticed. This has drawn you closer together, and made your connection quite rewarding. A relationship that has recently begun in your life or will soon begin, will start to feel more like a family relationship, whether you share blood ties or not. This person will become increasingly important to you, throughout 2015 and will be able to provide all of the love, support, and encouragement that you might seek from a family member. This person may offer you advice about a challenging family matter in the summertime, and you are advised to listen and dedicate to this person's opinion the deserved attention. You need to remain always-aware of keeping tabs on this relationship. If you devote the proper time and attention to it, it may become one of the greatest treasures of your life.


When it comes to business, Libra, you are one of the most well-rounded signs of the zodiac. You tend to have an almost innate knowledge of every aspect of the field in which you work, and a knack for quickly learning what you don't know. If you aren't at the top of the ladder, you are well-thought-of by both by your peers and the higher-ups, and this coming year you are primed for a significant increase in title and/or responsibility. This change, which is likely to be complete by end of summer, will bring a greater sense of abundance into your life. You are thought of as the "go-to" person for problem-solving and interpersonal relationships. You are moving up and quickly. If you run your own business, you have made or will soon make many wonderful and useful new contacts. One person you meet may become a key player in one of your enterprises and will be instrumental in ensuring your success in that venture. Your intelligence, integrity, fairness, and intellectual grasp of your work will impress anyone who is a decision-maker. The year ahead looks quite good. New opportunities will be abundant, and as usual you will make the most of any and all connections that come to you.

Scorpio horoscope for 2015

It is safe to say that you have evolved quite a bit in the past year, Scorpio. In the beginning of 2014, you were almost in hibernation and closely guarding your privacy. Over time though, you became more open and more revealing of your true nature. You learned that the risk of being more vulnerable could also bring big emotional rewards. Due to your nature, you might have often been thought of as hard to get to know, and in the year ahead you may meet someone who is very much like you in that regard. In fact, this person - who may be a Scorpio like you - will offer you a good glimpse of how other people see you. This will sure be very enlightening and will open you up to even more beautiful evolution in 2015.You can expect many discoveries and many changes in yourself and in your life - as the year progresses, you will begin to think of it more of as a transformation, because you will start a bold transformative process this year towards your best self.


Throughout 2014 your love life may have been on your mind quite a lot, Scorpio. Romance has always come easy to most people of your sign because you are naturally sexy and intriguing, and romantic partners tend to gravitate to you often and easily. However, this year the aspect of love that you were most concerned with was the deeper part of it - the long-lasting kind of love that most people yearn for. If you already have a life partner, then you may be at a turning point in the relationship. It could be that you are about to make a pivotal decision about whether to walk away from a long-standing commitment; or whether to take steps to make it last forever. Either way, if you give yourself the proper time to consider all facets of your relationship, you will know precisely what to do. In 2015, your relationship will suddenly become crystal clear to you. You will have an innate understanding of what you need to make your life complete. A special opportunity to travel with the one you love may become available in the summer months. Take advantage of this chance, for it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you are looking for love, you are in the frame of mind to take a more serious approach, putting more weight on compatibility and other logical factors, rather than being so easily moved by just physical attraction. Someone you meet in spring will draw you in from the moment your eyes meet. This person could open your eyes to many things in life that you didn't appreciate in the past. If you did not tie the knot yet, a wedding is very possible by the end of the year if both of you are inclined toward a permanent commitment.


Your secretive nature has, at times, created a chasm between you and the people who care for you. You are hard to get to know, Scorpio, and no one knows that better than the people who know you the best. No matter how loving your relationships may be, some people wind up feeling like they only know a fraction of the real you. In the year ahead, make it your goal to be more generous in letting others see and experience your true spirit. You are very discerning and you know who to trust, so you have no reason not to rely on your instincts to tell you who to reveal your deepest feelings and secrets to. You may have attempted to be more vulnerable in the past, but this is something that could take a while to feel natural to you. If you make the attempt though, the stars will enhance and support your efforts in 2015. If you wish to learn more about your lineage and your family history, you will have the chance to do so in the year ahead. You will discover some interesting and thrilling surprises about your ancestry if you look deep enough, and if you reach out to long-lost relatives you've been wondering about. One family member in particular may have a pretty exciting announcement in the summer.


Your work life and the acquisition of prestige and financial security are extremely important to you. In fact, they are all tied in together. In 2014 you worked hard and possibly almost to the exclusion of your personal life. You put many things on hold to devote as much time as you could to the pursuit of success and financial independence. This has paid off for you in the connections you have made, and the opportunities that have been and will be handed to you. You should get to a point in 2015 where your work or business can be self-sufficient to some degree. In other words, you will be able to take more time for yourself, and that's precisely what you should do. If you can relax and you can be more self-indulgent, you will continuously restore your energy and your stamina, which will in effect give you the impetus to succeed. Someone you meet through your social circle or at a social gathering/event in January or February may be very instrumental in connecting you to a higher level of financial success through your career.

Sagittarius horoscope for 2015

You are a traveler, Sagittarius, both literally and figuratively. Even if you haven't had the chance to travel to foreign countries, you have probably always been someone who loved to explore and discover local history. You know how to make a day-trip just as exciting as a lavish cruise to an exotic place because you find so much in this life to be interesting and compelling. Sagittarians are also often spiritual seekers. You are someone who loves to explore new ideas and old mysteries. The moment you figure out one of life's mysteries, you are on to the next one. In 2014, the stars encouraged you to work at creating greater harmony with the world around you. You may have found yourself being more accepting and tolerant, and more aware of the feelings of others. This is insight that will serve you well for a lifetime. And in the year ahead, your newfound sense of sophistication will serve you well as you navigate all kinds of new and unusual opportunities. Love

You are a gregarious and fun-loving person, You are naturally very sociable and you tend to gravitate to people who are the same way. This past year, though, you may have been quieter and more introspective. You had a lot to think about, and your pensiveness kept you from being as socially connected as you usually are. That may have turned out in your favor, though, Sagittarius. The "deeper" and more thoughtful side of you is also quite appealing, and hopefully you drew in people who were able to see you in a new dimension. Recognizing that you have a "softer" side was probably quite good for you, because it opened up your heart to people you might not have even noticed in the past. If you are single, you were probably more receptive to meeting people that aren't necessarily your "type," and you may have met someone who changed your ideas about what is right for you. In 2015 a newly established relationship may take on a deeper connection and could become much more serious. Someone from your past, though, could resurface out of the blue. This could leave you with a real dilemma as you try to figure out which person is best for you. By autumn, though, a dramatic event will make your choice obvious. If you are in a committed relationship, you will discover new aspects of your partner and your relationship will become deeper and surprisingly new in some ways. You may also learn something quite surprising about the one you love or are currently involved with, and it will be a thrilling discovery. It could very well impact the path you two take forward in 2015. Overall, 2015 shall be very exciting as this is a year of great discoveries for you, Sagittarius.


The past year was one of growth and change for you and your family members, Sagittarius. You learned to see them and yourself in a new light, and it has enriched your relationships. You are ordinarily quite protective, sometimes to the point of intrusiveness; but this year you worked hard at "letting go" and allowing others to be more independent. You sometimes take on the role of "parent" figure, even with siblings and family members who are older than yourself, but in 2014 you found a way to let go and be less restrictive, accepting others more for what they are, and allowing them to spread their wings. This has opened up a new line of communication so subtle that you may not even have noticed it, but in general your relationships should have seen non trivial improvement because of it. You will see proof of this in 2015 when an authoritative family member comes to you for advice or places you in charge of a big and important family matter. If you continue to be more accepting of your loved ones without pressuring anyone into changing, you will find that your interactions and your relationships in general begin to bloom in a new and fulfilling way.


The past year brought a change in your career status, Sagittarius. Either you branched out into a new area, trying something completely new; or you are working in a different capacity in an existing role at work. Many people born under your sign may have started a business this year, and although you are well-suited for entrepreneurial work it may have been a tough start. In 2015, though, you will gain momentum and your success will increase dramatically. You may have felt like you were "held back" or restricted in your career in some way last year, but in the year ahead your creativity will soar and you will discover new strengths in yourself. This, of course, will serve you well as you discover new interests and talents that can be put to good use in your work life. Watch out for a project that starts out as a creative novelty, mostly for fun. It could actually turn into a business venture before the end of the year. This work will allow you to use your imagination and express yourself in very rewarding ways which together with some luck may lead to a very lucrative business down the road.

Capricorn horoscope for 2015

You are a forward-thinking person who believes in planning and strategizing. You like to have a game plan in everything you do, and in many ways this has made you more successful. At times, though, your rigid approach to planning ahead may have limited you in some ways because you have a fixed idea of how things should be, and so you overlook opportunities that are different from what you expect. In the year ahead, you need to be more fluid and open to ideas that can challenge and inspire you. If you remain open-minded, you may discover new opportunities in 2015 that could change your life in wonderful ways. A very big and important opportunity should come to you around July. At first it may not seem so important, but the deeper you look into it, the more you will see how it could benefit you in a myriad of ways. You are a quick study, so anything new you become engaged in, will quickly become easy for you, so you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor very quickly. In other words, serious monetary success is possible in 2015. Likewise, if you open yourself up to meeting people that you wouldn't ordinarily be drawn to, you will learn some new things about yourself that could permanently change your trajectory toward the future.


In years past, your career has dominated your thoughts and your ambitions, Capricorn. You have often allowed love to take a back seat to your work-related goals, and your love life may have suffered because of it. Over the last year, though, your romantic life has become far more important to you, and this has allowed you to reflect and possibly see all of your life in a new and different way. You've achieved a greater state of balance between work and your personal life, and this has added great dimension and fulfillment to your world. You have a new recognition of the importance of love in your life, and this balance has made you feel more whole. If you have a significant other, this relationship has benefited greatly from your new sense of purpose, and the bond between the two of you should be stronger than ever. There could be an addition to the family this year too. If you are single, Capricorn, you have been more dedicated to recognizing what is special about the people you meet in a more individual way, which has in turn enhanced your ability to choose someone who is more "right" for you. A new person may approach you in early spring. At first, you may not feel that you have enough in common, but if you give this person a chance you will see that a very special relationship is possible. If you continue to make your love life more of a priority, you will find that every aspect of your life is enhanced and enriched.


Just as you have tended to put your work before your love life, you have often done the same thing with your family life. Even though family and friends are extremely important to you, you haven't always offered the attention and affection that reflects those feelings. In 2014, you may have achieved greater closeness and harmony with those you love, and the rewards of this provided an awakening for you. You are better able to show the important people in your life how much they mean to you, and likewise you have begun to recognize just how important and loved you are too. In 2015, you may break through a barrier that has existed for a long time between you and a central figure in your family, and this will further enhance this important part of your life. Additionally, a relative with whom you suffered a conflict could come around and want to make amends. This will be very pleasing to you.


When it comes to your work life, Capricorn, you are usually like a "one-man band." You make a point of learning and understanding everything about whatever you are involved with - even those things that aren't necessarily part of your responsibility. You believe that knowledge is power, and having such a complete command over your work life has benefited you in myriad ways. You are hard-working and incredibly resourceful, and this has probably been recognized this past year in a big way. You have increased your prestige at work, which may have resulted in increased income and a promotion. If you work for yourself, your dedication and enthusiasm have helped you to begin to bring a big dream to life. In 2015, you can look forward to reaping the rewards of all of your effort, and enjoying a higher echelon of success. In June, you could land a new account or a big piece of business that could also catapult you to a new level in your professional life.

Aquarius horoscope for 2015

It is almost as if the people of your sign came from the future to usher us into it. You offer a rare blend of qualities, Aquarius - you are deeply intellectual, and yet you are also extremely spiritual. To say that you are ahead of your time would be an understatement, because it is almost as if you have a deep knowing that is otherworldly at times. You can be very practical, but at the same time you are very open-minded and some of your beliefs can be rather eccentric. You seem to be equally balanced between the physical world and the metaphysical world. Many Aquarians received amazing opportunities to shine in 2014, when you were able to call into play your intellect and your creative genius. It may have been so good you'd think it would be hard to repeat. However, you will find that in 2015 the opportunities keep coming. It is important to maintain your belief in your own power, even when things seem dire. Just remember that you will always triumph if you believe you will. Great things are in store for you. In 2015, you could even finally see one of your biggest dreams come true. LoveLove had the tendency to take a front-row seat in your life in 2014, Aquarius. At first it could have been much to your chagrin. Then you eased into it, and allowed yourself to see the great value and importance of the well-being of your love life. That's not to say that work didn't interfere with your plans from time to time, because it did. Whenever you were at a critical point in your romantic relationship, though, you tended to choose love over work. You may start 2015 more focused on your work, and that may continue into the first few months of the year. However, if you enjoyed the progress you made last year, you will continue to make love a priority whenever you can. If you are single, your newly minted devotion to romance has paid off, and you have met some wonderful people - perhaps even someone very special. Continue to nurture this relationship, and by the end of the year it could turn quite serious. This person may have something to do with your work life, or could possibly open a new door for you where your career is concerned. If you have not met that special person last year. Don't worry. Just keep in touch with the many new friends and acquaintances you have made last year and surely enough one of them will lead you to that special someone. If you are in a committed union, your partner has noticed the change in you, and loves it - and you must admit that you do too! A change of residence could be in the offing for you, and if so this move may serve to ground you and bring new fulfillment to your life.


Many Aquarians are workaholics, and even if you are not one, you tend to put your family life on the back burner at times, much in the same way you didn't make your love life a priority in the past. In 2014, though, just like you started to devote more of your time to romance, you also hopefully came to place a greater value on your family life, and you are now reaping the rewards of improved connection with your family members. It isn't that you didn't value family - you did. You just always found a reason to tend to business and sometimes your family life and relatives suffered. Now you have learned how to keep better balance of it, and the rewards keep coming in for you. As you enter into 2015, you will need to keep reminding yourself to continue nurturing your family ties so that you can maintain the synergy you have developed with certain family members. Some family member may face a difficult challenge. You will have the perfect advice for this person, and you will become a pillar of support of sorts. Your help and support will prove to be invaluable in the end, and your contribution and support will be treasured for years to come.


Even though you are driven by your ambition, you took a more laid-back approach to your work or business in 2014. And despite any fears you may have had, you still thrived. This showed you that if you remain confident and consistent, you can still achieve success even if you live primarily for your career. This is a very positive change, Aquarius, and it has given you a new lease on life in general. You will find that if you continue this trend, your career will actually benefit from it. In 2015, you may find some very potent business connections through family relationships or through your social circle. People in power who observe you in your more relaxed state will be very impressed. You will see that you are exactly the kind of centered, intelligent, dedicated person that the people you meet want to work with. Aim high in the year ahead, but remember to retain the work/life balance you have come to enjoy. Sometime in the middle of summer, you may reconnect with an old classmate from long ago, and this person will have evolved into a very ambitious and hardworking individual. If that happens, you may even consider partnering up with this person to start your own business together.

Pisces horoscope for 2015

There were many lessons for you to learn in 2014, Pisces, and hopefully you learned them well. For someone as sensitive and deeply feeling as you, it may have been tough to keep going from time to time. Your experiences of the last year hopefully served to make you tougher and better able to protect yourself, without sacrificing the kind, sweet nature that comes naturally to you. You have a charitable heart and a generous spirit, Pisces, and your many kindnesses were noticed this year, which may have led to new friendships. One friendship in particular will prove to be a great source of strength and comfort as spring begins. You may have endured more than your fair share of stress and strife in the last year, but this is a New Year and a new beginning. Don't bring low expectations forward - you need to expect the best and be confident in yourself. At the very beginning of 2015, you will see that your continued faith and your optimism will get rewarded. In the new year you will be stunned by the number of friends and loved ones who rally around you and contribute to your happiness in many ways. Love

You may have faced some disappointments in your love life in 2014, Pisces, but keep in mind that anything you experienced happened for a reason. You are very likely to experience a pure, joyful, and fulfilling relationship in 2015, and the lessons you learned in love over the past year were designed to bring you what you seek. If you are single, you have finally figured out exactly what kind of person is right for you. You may even have met that person already - but if you haven't, you shall cross paths at some point before the end of summer. This relationship may start out as a friendship, which would be ideal, but it will quickly evolve to something much bigger and more important. You could even be talking about marriage by the end of the year. If you are in a committed relationship, you likely experienced a few ups and downs with quite a bit of turbulence thrown in. Through it all, though, you learned some priceless lessons about love and about having faith in yourself and in your significant other. You are well on your way to happy beginnings. Your significant other may experience a major positive change that will beautifully improve your relationship.


In 2014, you dealt with a lot of challenges and you became more independent and even tougher because of it. This will be good for you as you enter 2015, because there will be several opportunities that will require you to keep a tough outer shell and to fend for yourself at times. Your increased independence has allowed you to become closer to certain family members, because you are now more capable of more evolved and involved relationships. Despite what you have been through, you are still as sweet, compassionate, and loving as ever. And because of your sweet nature, you often willingly or not become the mediator in family squabbles, and that may have taken a big toll on you this year - particularly with one family member who could be nursing a grudge. Just understand that this person has some things to work through too, and your relationship will become good again in time. An accomplishment you achieve in the first half of 2015 will be very impressive to your family, and they will begin to see you in a new light. A relationship you had almost written off will come back to you in 2015, and this will bring great joy and relief to your life.


Many Pisces people take a long time to figure out what they want to do in life career-wise. In fact, many of people born under the sign of Pisces change careers many times before they discover their true calling. You gravitate to creative fields, but even if you aren't in a creative field you tend to put your own stamp of creativity into whatever you do. You also are likely to indulge in some kind of creative pastime when you aren't working, with the hope of one day turning your hobby into a paying profession. That could actually happen for you toward the end of 2015 if you are careful in how you move forward. Don't try to indulge every creative whim; just stick to those ideas that look reasonably solid. You will also need to stay on top of your finances, as that may have been something of a challenge for you in the past. Money will flow into your life easier this year, which will make all of your efforts relatively carefree. Despite your own feeling that budget-balancing isn't something you're very good at, you could also be quite competent of a business person if you really put your mind to it, Pisces.


The ram tends to take the direct approach, utilize their survival skills well and tends toward the daring. It is often "me first" with Aries. They are impulsive, aggressive, competitive and intuitive. Aries are thought to be assertive, pioneering, enthusiastic, adventurous, humorous, fast-paced, energetic and passionate, sociable, good communicator, brave, action-oriented, individualistic, independent, impulsive, competitive, eager, straightforward, forceful, headstrong, a leader, focused on the present.Greatest Gift: Motivation, SuccessBirthstone: Diamond, AquamarineGemstone: AmethystColors: Red, White, PinkMetal: Gold, BronzeZodiac Symbol: RamZodiac Element: FireZodiac Quality: CardinalPlanet: MarsHouse: 1 st HouseChinese equivalent is the Dragon


Bulls are very practical, consistent, stubborn and habitual. They have a possessive nature, can be indulgent, extremely devoted, and enjoy earthy pleasures. They can be laid back only after their control issues are in check and are often dogmatic by nature. Taurus are resourceful, thorough, dependable, responsible, placid, stable, comfortable, solid, earthy, strong, money-oriented, practical, productive, cautious, musical, and artistic.Greatest Gift: Contentment, ComfortBirthstone: EmeraldGemstone: Diamond, EmeraldColors: Mauve, Green, Pale BlueMetal: Silver, Gold, CopperZodiac Symbol: BullZodiac Element: EarthZodiac Quality: FixedPlanet: VenusHouse: 2 nd HouseChinese equivalent is the Snake


The Twins are curious, communicative, dual-natured and extremely versatile. They can juggle many things at once and do them all well. They are open minded, tolerant, superficial and often easily bored. They need constant intellectual stimulation or can be completely the opposite; laid back and care free, given their chameleon-like nature. Geminis are logical, smart, inquisitive, honest, clever, whimsical, nimble, quick witted, articulate, lively, active, curious, capable of multi-tasking, talkative, sociable, and mercurial. Gemini was thought of as a fortunate sign, and its subjects were considered to possess the qualities of intense devotion, genius, largeness of mind, goodness, and liberality.Greatest Gift: Clarity, PeaceBirthstone: Agate, Alexandrite, Moonstone, PearlGemstone: Emerald, Alexandrite, BerylColors: Yellow, Red, WhiteMetal: Gold, SilverFlower: Lily of the Valley, RoseZodiac Symbol: TwinsZodiac Element: AirZodiac Quality: MutablePlanet: MercuryHouse: 3 rd HouseChinese equivalent is the Horse


The Crab is emotionally sensitive, often domestic and can be defensive. They are naturally protective, seem to be late-bloomers and exhibit a very brave persona. Cancer is the most vain sign of the zodiac. Cancers are protective, sensitive, tenacious, retentive, resourceful, self-contained, family and home oriented, maternal, security oriented, warm, and patriotic.Greatest Gift: Certainty, StabilityBirthstone: Alexandrite pearl, ruby, moonstone, agate, chalcedony, and emerald.Gemstone: MoonstoneColors: Orange, Silver, WhiteMetal: Silver, MagnesiumZodiac Symbol: CrabZodiac Element: WaterZodiac Quality: CardinalPlanet: MoonHouse: 4 th HouseChinese equivalent is the Sheep CancerLeo The Lion is the most dominating, opinionated and flamboyant celestial sign. They are natural born leaders who need and give great recognition. They are very proud, arrogant, ardent creatures.Most of all, they are extremely loyal to those they have put to the test and trust. Leo is a "fix it" sign and are able to move mountains. Leos have a fiery determination and the desire to be important often rules their lives. They usually pursue their goals and use their charisma to sway others to their cause. Open and honest, Leos tend towards the philosophical and tend to hold great idealisms about how things should be. They are often lovers of the finer things in life.Greatest Gift: Confidence, PassionBirthstone: Peridot, RubyGemstone: PeridotColors: Gold, Orange, YellowMetal: GoldFlower: GladiolusZodiac Symbol: LionZodiac Element: FireZodiac Quality: FixedPlanet: SunHouse: 5 th HouseChinese equivalent is the Monkey


The Virgo is very detail oriented and therefore a worrier. They are critical and skeptical, as they draw boundaries and categorize others. At the same time they are most helpful as well as modest. The Virgo is practical, industrious, efficient, intelligent, spirited, thorough, methodical, exacting, precise, detail-oriented, observant, work and service oriented, painstaking, pragmatic, discreet, health and cleanliness conscious, mentally active, and flexible.Greatest Gift: Understanding, ObjectiveBirthstone: Peridot, SapphireGemstone: Pink Jasper, Sapphire, RhodochrositeColors: Blue, GrayMetal: GoldZodiac Symbol: The VirginZodiac Element: EarthZodiac Quality: MutablePlanet: MercuryHouse: 6 th HouseChinese equivalent is the Rooster


The Scales can be cooperative, charming and diplomatic as they avoid conflict. They tend towards being indecisive, insincere and extravagant. They seek fairness in other people. Libra is always seeking balance as it often happens to elude them. Libra is said to see both sides, open-minded, just, urbane, partnership oriented, avoids conflict, graceful, idealistic and seek balance.Greatest Gift: Acceptance, HappinessBirthstone: Opal, SapphireGemstone: Lapis, Tourmaline, AventurineColors: Pink, Pale Green, Blue, LavenderMetal: Steel, Gold, PlatinumZodiac Symbol: The ScalesZodiac Element: AirZodiac Quality: CardinalPlanet: VenusHouse: 7 th HouseChinese equivalent is the DogYour Daily Horoscope: Libra


The Scorpion is the most sexual sign of the zodiac, they are charismatic, powerful, magnetic and intense. They tend to be secretive, manipulative and regenerative. Their personalities are penetrating and very vindictive with a "do or die" attitude. Scorpios are the most intense, profound, powerful characters in the zodiac. Even when they appear self-controlled and calm there is a seething intensity of emotional energy under the placid exterior. They are like the volcano not far under the surface of a calm sea; it may burst into eruption at any moment.Greatest Gift: Appreciation, Self EsteemBirthstone: TopazGemstone: OpalColors: Red, BlackMetal: Iron, SteelZodiac Symbol: ScorpionZodiac Element: WaterZodiac Quality: FixedPlanet: Pluto (modern), Mars (traditional)House: 8 th HouseChinese equivalent is the Pig


The Archer is brilliant at public relations. They tend toward the excessive, expressing it as carefree, adventurous and searching. With their expansive nature, they are freedom loving and fortunate because of this attitude, yet very judgmental of others. They enjoy traveling and exploration, because their minds are constantly open to new dimensions of thought. They are basically ambitious and optimistic, and continue to be so even when their hopes are dashed. Their strongly idealistic natures can also suffer many disappointments without being affected.Greatest Gift: Compassion, FreedomBirthstone: Blue Topaz, TurquoiseGemstone: Lapis LazuliColors: Blue, Purple, WhiteMetal: Aluminum, Tin, SilverZodiac Symbol: The ArcherZodiac Element: FireZodiac Quality: MutablePlanet: JupiterHouse: 9 th HouseChinese equivalent is the RatYour Daily Horoscope: Sagittarius


The Seagoat is duty bound, ambitious, serious with single minded focus. Their drive makes them efficient, faithful, even sensual, yet they tend toward showing the conservative/traditional side. Capricorn are prudent, realistic, formal, methodical, disciplined, traditional, cautious, conventional, hardworking, persevering, self-reliant, businesslike, career oriented, authoritative, conscientious, and competent.Greatest Gift: Flexibility, CooperationBirthstone: Turquoise, GarnetGemstone: Onyx, Quartz, Beryl, Garnet, ObsidianColors: Dark Green, Burnt Orange, BrownMetal: Gold, SilverZodiac Symbol: SeagoatZodiac Element: EarthZodiac Quality: CardinalPlanet: SaturnHouse: 10 th HouseChinese equivalent is the Ox


The Water Bearer stands for independent, friendly, inventive and ingenious. This unique nature makes them progressive, a "know it all" and therefore, unpredictable. They can be detached, logical and considered "the rebel". Aquarius is unconventional, detached, intellectual, objective, individualistic, tolerant, rebellious, sophisticated, future oriented, friendship oriented, humanitarian, cause oriented and believes in groups and society. The Aquarius individual is often perverse, seeking to do things their own way even if that happens to be more difficult than the normal way of doing things.Greatest Gift: Gratitude, JoyBirthstone: Garnet, AmethystGemstone: Aquamarine, Lapis, Amazonite, CarnelianColors: Light Blue, Yellow, Orange, PurpleMetal: BrassZodiac Symbol: Water BearerZodiac Element: AirZodiac Quality: FixedPlanet: Saturn (or Uranus)House: 11 th HouseChinese equivalent is the Tiger


The Fish is known as being an escapist, self sacrificing, highly idealistic and very often dealing with addictions. They often avoid reality and are masters of illusion/deception. They are therefore imaginative, compassionate and can get caught up in fantasy. Pisces are compassionate, charming, empathetic, imaginative, sensitive, mystical, spiritual, passive, easy-going, funny, idealistic, visionary, inspirational, accepting, undiscriminating, charitable, believes in growth of the soul, self-sacrificing and artistic. Pisceans are said to like mystery and solitude to dream in. Pisces is said to possess the qualities of all the previous eleven Signs of the Zodiac.Greatest Gift: Patience, ImaginationBirthstone: Aquamarine and BloodstoneGemstone: Amethyst, Emerald, AquamarineColors: Pale Green, Silver, PinkMetal: PlatinumZodiac Symbol: FishZodiac Element: WaterZodiac Quality: MutablePlanet: Jupiter, NeptuneHouse: 12 th HouseChinese equivalent is the Rabbit

Horoscope - Love and Sex in astrology

Are you an astrology enthusiast with a heavy interest in the zodiac signs? Do you have a daily ritual of reading your horoscope? While there are some skeptics, many agree that horoscopes can be extremely accurate and reveal some interesting information about our daily lives.Astrology guides offer advice on relationship compatibility between signs,I have decided to provide a list of the zodiac signs that are the best in bed.


Aries has a powerful and magnetic personality and because they love to take control, they make great kissers. Aries is enormously sexual for a very short period of time—you might say they’re flash-in-the-pan lovers.They’re impatient, sometimes selfish lovemaking can cause relationship problems. However, if you catch them when flames of desire are burning high, no other lover will provide such fiery passion for those few moments.To seduce Aries, don’t be shy. Show that you have a brain. Always be spontaneous, too, since nothing excites an Aries like unpredictability, and don’t hold back on compliments.


This is the most masculine of signs, which fuels its enormous sex drive. Which zodiac sign is the best lover? It might just be this one. Their appetite for intimacy seems insatiable and they need lots of physical touch; no rushing with this sign. To them, good love is like good food—worth taking some time to enjoy. They also have beautiful voices.To seduce Taurus, give lots of presents and take advantage of their sensuality by always smelling good and having soft skin and a fresh minty mouth.


Which zodiac sign is the best lover? If you like smart people, try Gemini. To get anywhere with Gemini, you need to be intelligent and witty. They are flirtation masters and can sweep you off your feet with a single touch.Gemini’s mental capacity makes for a creative lover, so you’ll never get bored. Make sure your Gemini doesn’t get bored with you either, because they need constant change and excitement. Without it they can become tactless toward you.To seduce Gemini, flatter them and focus on their mind. Subtly compliment their smarts, ask their advice, and don’t forget to play up your own intelligence.


This is the most emotional and sensitive of signs. They need soft, loving touch, a deep emotional bond, and a partner who is caring and committed to doing good deeds. They make sweet and nurturing lovers, but if you break their trust they stop at nothing to get revenge.To seduce Cancer, focus on romantic atmosphere and sentimentality. They enjoy being taken care of, so feeding and protecting them works wonders.


For most people, this is which zodiac sign which is the best lover. They constantly burn with a fiery passion and are sexually confident and powerful. They take charge in bed and explore sexual pleasures with dramatic, large-scale flair.They constantly shower their lovers with gifts and attention. Seducing a Leo is fairly simple; they need continuous personal attention. To get on their soft side, try playing with their luxurious hair.


If you are ready to be someone’s entire world, no other lover will give you such personal attention. They seem cool and calm on the surface but they are enormously sensual underneath.However, they are not everyone’s ideal of the zodiac sign which is the best lover. Virgo becomes obsessed with one person and although their perfectionism means that life will not always be pleasant, you can be sure they fall in love for life.To seduce Virgo, be as clean and neat and perfect as possible. They are extremely picky.


As a people pleaser, Libra makes a very attentive and affectionate lover. They are full of sentimental romantic notions, so be patient with them and try to fulfill their fantasies. Since Libra is a natural flirt, they like to try fun experiments in bed.To seduce Libra, give them good old-fashioned high class romance. You need to be sophisticated, suave, and smooth. Since Libra is naturally attractive, it shouldn’t be hard to show them a good time with style.


Scorpio is the most sexual of all the signs. For many people this makes them the zodiac sign which is the best lover. Others may feel manipulated or used for sex, as Scorpio sometimes will do.They have magnetic, irresistible personalities and make fantastic lovers in the physical sense, but sometimes they come off as emotionally distant.Seducing Scorpio is notoriously difficult, because with their animal charm and manipulative powers they are the ones that usually do the seducing.


This sign is playful and childlike, and as a lover they will always be creative. They stay young at heart, so they are very open-minded when it comes to experiments in bed. Their split personality means that they can be wildly passionate about someone for a while, then all of a sudden get the urge to move on to other adventures.They do not have much staying power in a relationship. If all you are looking for is a fun fling, this could be the zodiac sign which is the best lover for you.To seduce Sagittarius, focus on the waist, hip and upper leg area, where they love to be touched. Also show a light hearted approach to life and a great sense of humor, both of which they love.


The Capricorn is more reserved and needs to be deeply in love to consider physical intimacy. They do not tend to be open to adventurous experiments but on the plus side, they are steady and constant with their life partner.To seduce a Capricorn, work hard and move slow. Focus on small touches and lingering looks and don’t give them everything right away. The gradual buildup will give you an extraordinary explosion.


This sign loves you for your body and doesn’t really care if a relationship exists before they have sex with you. They are all about wild physical passion and unpredictable romance. Their rebellious nature means that the more quirks you have, the better they’ll love you.For a warm body and a fiery passion, this zodiac sign is the best lover. To seduce Aquarius, play hard to get.


Pisces offers a loving physical relationship full of pleasure and satisfaction. They are extremely laid back and easygoing and just want a steady, happy partner. Once they find that kind of love, they will gladly solve every problem with make-up sex.To seduce a Pisces, be aggressive. They are naturally lazy and don’t like much of a chase, so you’ll have to bring the chase to them.

TO FIND OUT how to enjoy your partner sexually on a whole other level by using astrology. Take these tips and advice to get the most out of your love life with your partner. Look up their sign and read what part of the body connects to there astrology sign. Theses zone's are called the Erogenous zones guaranteed to please your partner, and make them wanting even more...


THE SENSITIVE AREA IS THE CALVES AND ANKLES. Touching, rubbing, kissing, or fondling this part of the anatomy will significantly arouse the Aquarius sexual desire. Absentmindedly caress the ankle, moving up the calf, to see how quickly Aquarius responds. Sponge these areas while they lie in the bath. Before lovemaking use your fingertips ever so gently stroking, starting at the ankles, and slowly make circles around the anklebone. Make long strokes up the calves to the knees, the area in the back of the calves is particularly sensitive. Even while making love, any position that allows contact with the calf and ankle will increase Aquarius’s sexual satisfaction.


THE FEET ARE THE SENSITIVE EROGENOUS ZONE. Grasp all five toes and bend them toward and then away from the ankle…ten times. Using the thumb and fingers, knead and rub the soles of the feet…then the top of the foot using lighter pressure. Gently kneed and pinch the Achilles tendon. Grasp the foot with both hands and gently wring, starting near the toes and working your way up the ankle. To prepare for an erotic prelude …soak the feet in scented water, and use a lotion to caress the ankles lightly and all over the feet and toes. Pisces love their toes rubbed between the pads of your fingers, this will send very definite sexual messages. Pisces women are prone to enjoying using their feet to masturbate their lover and enjoy the same act when they to climax.


THE FACE AND HEAD ARE ESPECIALLY SENSITIVE, AS WELL AS THE HAIR AND SCALP. The Aries woman loves to have her hair and scalp brushed and played with. The man enjoys a nibble on the ear for a strong sexual message. Both sexes enjoy feather light strokes of the lips with the fingertips, and gentle kisses to their closed eyelids. For preparing for love, start at the base of the neck with your fingers and work your way up the head to the top of the scalp. Use a light but firm pressure vibrating and rotating gently in its travels.


THE THROAT AND THE NECK. Light touching and kissing to this area and fondling of this zone will raise a Tureen’s temperature. When tying a Taurus mans tie touch his neck gently. Brushes the back of a Taurus womanizes neck in an affectionate gesture, as well as gentle kisses and bites to the back of the neck and throat. While Taurus lies on the back gently rub the back of the neck and earlobes using circular motions down to the collarbone. Repeat until the entire front of neck is massaged. Taurus likes to also lay on their stomach while you trace vertical paths from the hairline to the top of the spine using your fingertips to vibrate the flesh and muscles.


THE ARMS AND HANDS ARE VERY RECEPTIVE TO EROTIC STIMULI. Light touches and kisses and fingertip brushes to this area will send shivers of delight down a Gemini’s spine. The woman is partial to hand kissers and the man to stroking of their hands. As a prelude to love making, try gently kissing the inside of your Gemini’s arms, starting with his or her fingertips and moving up to the armpits. Grip the wrists gently with both signs and in a gentle wringing motion rotate each in the opposite direction, working your way up to the armpits vibrating the flesh and muscles using a circular motion on the skin with your fingertips.


BREASTS ARE MORE SENSITIVE TO A CANCER THAN MOST. All women and men respond of this sign especially enjoy oral and manual manipulation of the nipples. Soft caresses, gentle bites, and kisses on this area, rubbing your hands over the area ever so slight will ignite passions in either sex. To massage the breast and chest area erotically, begin by placing two fingers on Cancers clavicle. Using feather light pressure, gently vibrate the flesh of each breast. Then stroke each nipple with the tip of one finger. Gently stroke the areola around the nipple. Finally stroke each breast with your fingernails, just barely making contact with the flesh. This process will create urgent sexual desire in anyone with Cancer influence.


SWEEPING CARESSES OVER THE BACK AND SPINE. Sponge Leo’s back with a loofah sponge. Work gently along the spine, pausing in the small of the back, and then circle out to the ribs. Afterwards put talcum powder on Leo’s back rubbing it in and around softly. A back massage of any type concentrating on the spine and small of the back will immensely pleasure these souls. If they fall asleep lightly draw long lines with your fingertips or fingernails from shoulder to buttocks just barely touching flesh. Stroke down into the cleft between the buttocks. Leo will wake up fast.


THE ENTIRE STOMACH AREA IS RESPONSIVE TO EROTIC TOUCHING AND KISSING. While they are in the bath sponge this area with soap or a shower sprayer. Begin by gently stroking the abdomen, starting gently under the chest and going down to the top of the legs. Using a featherweight touch, Stroke long lines from the navel to the genitals with your fingertips, making smaller and smaller circles until you are at the rim of the navel. By this time Virgo is your slave.


THE SMALL OF THE BACK AND THE LOWER BACK AND THE BUTTOCKS. Sponge this area and focus on it in many ways similar to the above. Dancing or strolling together with Libra touching the erogenous zones greatly pleases them. Both sexes are extremely partial to having this area fondled, pinched, caressed, bit, patted, and pinched. Clutch one buttock in each hand and move them in a circular motion. With feather touches stroke each buttock lightly up and down, with fingernails too. Position hand so that fingers will land in the cleft between the buttocks, then Libra will be sexually aroused.


THE GENITALS ARE WHERE SEXUAL ENERGY IS EXCLUSIVELY FOCUSED AND CONCENTRATED light fingering of Scorpio’s genital area will turn him or her into a volcano of passion. The massage technique should focus on creating anticipation by starting further away and working your way in to the genital extremities, now and again lightly touching them as your touch passes by TEASING, slowly.


THE HIPS AND THIGHS ALL OVER IN ANY WAY. They enjoy caressing finger touching lightly, and kissing all around and along side of the thighs and around the hips. Give your Sagittarius a massage on the upper thighs with warm body oil. Use circular motions on the hips, and vertical strokes on the thighs. Begin stroking the outside of the thighs with four fingers, while exploring the inside of the thighs with your thumbs. Stroke upward towards the genitals. Then stroke the inside of the thighs with the palm of your hand. Use fingertips or fingernails to barely touch the skin, upward along the inner thigh so that your fingertips touch the thighs and your knuckles brush against the genitals. By this time erotic sensations are shooting up the spine of your Sagittarius.


THE KNEES AND ALL AROUND THAT AREA. Their slumbering passions lie in the fondling and kissing and stroking of the knees. Start your sensual massage in the small of the lower part of the back. Use your fingertips or fingernails, and stroke lightly, just touching the skin. Make long strokes from the lower back, down along the thighs, and onto the backs of the thighs, and onto the backs of the knees. Return the same way but this time shorten the stroke. Keep shortening the strokes until they are feather light and concentrated around the back of the knees. Another variation would be to use the tongue and lips in slow short circles on the skin around the knees. Capricorn is now Volcanic.