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Making The World Look Better, One Sign at a Time!

12-Point SignWorks is a full-service sign and design company offering custom designed signs based on our customers' needs and ideas to help them market their brand and business.

Professional Services

12-Point SignWorks

(615) 595-6564

1120 Lakeview Dr #900, Franklin, TN 37067

Making The World Look Better, One Sign at a Time!

12-Point SignWorks is a full-service sign and design company offering custom designed signs based on our customers' needs and ideas to help them market their brand and business.

Professional Services

12-Point SignWorks

(615) 595-6564

1120 Lakeview Dr #900, Franklin, TN 37067



Stand Out Among the Crowd with a Sign from 12-Point SignWorks

The average person is exposed to hundreds and often thousands of advertisements per day. While that number may seem staggering, think about it: How many do you actually remember? The answer is probably very few. Our brains have become fine-tuned at intaking information and quickly tossing it away if it does not immediately grab our attention or stand out in some way as important. This is how someone can drive or walk by your business every single day, and never consciously know you are there or pay any real attention at all.

There are many ways you can expand your visibility as a business, but one of the key ways is to have an engaging, unique, and attention-commanding sign that lets everyone know you exist and makes them want to know who you are. A standard backlit sign or simple neon letters that say “OPEN” is no longer enough. That is why, at 12-Point SignWorks, we specialize in creating totally unique customized signs for your business that can be installed indoors, outdoors, or anywhere that you need to catch the eye of customers.

Our signs can be created out of any combination of a variety of different kinds of materials, including wide format printing, acrylics, metals, woods, stones, and almost anything else you can dream up! Our signs and graphics can be 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional and hung outside or inside—even applied to the walls or the floors! Use our signs to let people outside know you are there, or people inside where to go and what you do.

We want to help all of our clients stand out from the rest of their field with advertising and signage that starts the customer experience off right and enhances their brand. Our talented team of in-house graphic designers and sign artists can work with you no matter your space, your vision, or your budget to create a finished product that is unlike anything else out there and will be certain to get you noticed. At 12-Point SignWorks, nothing we do is “standard."

We also offer free consultations, so there is no reason not to get started! Give us a call today at (615) 595-6564 to schedule your free consultation, or visit our website at to see a sampling of the amazing signs and advertisements we have created over the years.

Creative and Effective Window Displays

A creative window display can change a passerby into a new customer in a matter of seconds. With the growing popularity of online shopping, brick and mortar stores need to do everything possible to draw customers through their doors. Storefront advertising can be an effective and affordable tool to get your business noticed, and the holidays are the perfect time to see how effective a window display can be.

At 12-Point SignWorks, we design and install vinyl window graphics for businesses all over Middle Tennessee. Some of the graphics are simple advertisements for products offered, and other displays are changed out for seasonal promotions. The opportunities to create just the right display are endless, and that’s where the fun begins!

If you are interested in creating a window display for your business, here are some suggestions to get you started:

- Brainstorm your ideas. Make a list of your ideas and see what stands out the most. Snoop around! Check out other window displays in the area, and search for samples online. (Pinterest is a great place to start.)

- Set your budget. It always helps to have a budget in mind to be able to decide what you can/can’t or should/shouldn’t do.

- Look around you. Where are your windows? Does the weather or sunlight pose any problems? Do you need to be able to see through the graphics? We can design and install graphics to work in any environment.

- Think about your customers. How will they view the display? If you are close to a major road, which windows can be easily viewed from a car driving by? You can incorporate more detail to the design if you primarily get foot traffic, but you will need to scale up the layout if most of your customers will see your display from the road.

- Decide on color. Bright colors are very attractive, but sometimes plain white does the trick just as well. Pops of bright colors are always appealing to the eye so don’t be afraid to use them.

- Incorporate a local message. People are proud of where they come from, and visitors love the charming feel of visiting a new place. Using local artwork or a hometown message will connect your customers to you.

- Change it up. Don’t be afraid to change your display with the seasons – or even more often. This will give your customers a refreshed reason to come by and see you. If you need assistance with new and updated designs, let us know how our team can help.

Take advantage of the advertising potential that exists on your shop windows. You’ll be surprised at the comments you receive…and the new customers that walk through your door! Visit our website to learn more about window displays and graphics.

Give us a call at (615) 595-6564, stop by our shop, or visit our website at for more information.

About the photos: All three photos in this article are displays we’ve installed for Embers Grill and Fireplace Store in Brentwood, TN.

Customized Commendations with 12-Point SignWorks

If you are a business owner or manager, you know that throughout the year and especially towards the end of it, there are many opportunities to celebrate and reward valued employees, business partners, vendors, investors, and more. You could get them a standard, run-of-the-mill plaque like the ones that have been sitting on desks and hung on walls for decades—or you could get them a completely customizable and totally unique commemorative award from 12-Point SignWorks !

The plaques and awards we make at 12-Point SignWorks are unlike any you have ever seen. With all of our multi-talented designers and unique abilities like printing on acrylic, acrylic laser cutting, metalworking, and more, there is nothing standard about our beautiful commemorative creations. We can work with you to create the vision and the finished product needed to let your recipients know exactly how special and valuable you think they are.

We can make 100% clear acrylic plaques, hardy plaques from galvanized steel, engraved wood, anodized aluminum, and even plaques using a combination of different designs and materials. And this is just the start! If you can dream it, we can build it! Allow us to help you let that special someone or group of people know just how appreciated they are all year round.

To celebrate years of partnership with a trusted business, to show employee appreciation, or even just to commemorate the anniversary of your business’s birth, 12-Point SignWorks is the place to go for all your signage, award, and plaque needs. Showing genuine and thoughtful appreciation can be one of the most effective ways to improve business relations and boost employee and partner morale, and awards from 12-Point SignWorks make great holiday or end-of-year gifts for those you want to applaud!

More information about all of the different types of plaques, signs, posters, and awards we can create for your employees and business partners can be found on our website at as well as on our blog.

Give us a call at (615) 595-6564 and speak to one of our staff members about how we can help you create custom, unique signs this year and in all the years to come!

Promote Your Special Holiday Events with 12-Point SignWorks

One of the best ways for churches, schools, and other organizations to promote their special events is through widespread and highly visible signage. And with the holidays coming up, there are plenty of special events that need advertising!

Whether it is a concert, a special class series, a Christmas or holiday play, a seasonal market, or even just a festive party, 12-Point SignWorks can help you advertise it to its maximum potential and get the word out to as many people as possible.

Traditionally, a cost-effective way to do this is through large banners and posters. We can print vinyl, long-lasting and weatherproof banners to hang outside of your establishment and let everyone know about your special event! Our durable vinyl banners are also easy to store for use again next year, saving you time and money! Dates and times of your event can be changed on the banner with a decade to cover over the previous year’s information.

We can also print hardy, semi-waterproof large paper posters and banners for display indoors, which will not easily tear if they become moist or wet and can even be used outdoors on a short-term basis.

Our state-of-the-art full-color printing ability allows us to print vibrant, detailed images as well as simple text and solid colors in whatever design you choose! We also have an in-house graphic design team to help you design the perfect poster or banner if you do not have one of your own or do not feel like doing it yourself amidst all the other things on your plate this holiday season.

Our banners and posters are ideal for promoting school or church plays, holiday charity events, community Christmas parties, and more. The big days will be here before you know it, so contact 12-Point SignWorks to speak to one of our signage and advertising experts today!

Give us a call at the shop at (615) 595-6564, or visit our website at to learn more.

Fleet Advertising for Businesses of All Shapes and Sizes

If you are a business owner, advertising your goods and services via company vehicles is often an aspect of advertising that goes largely overlooked. Many business owners simply do not know where to start, or think that any advertising applied to their vehicle would look too flashy or garish. But in reality, advertising with your existing fleet of vehicles – whether one or hundreds of vehicles—is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies in the advertising world, and the cost per impression is lower than any other medium, even online.

Fleet advertising can work for literally any type of business, from electricians and plumbers to restaurants and professional and personal services. If you generally drive around in the area in which you are marketing your goods and services, then fleet advertising will work for you. Study data shows that having branded vehicles increases the public’s perception of your legitimacy and helps to cement your brand name in their mind more effectively than other forms of advertising. In fact, according the Traffic Audit Bureau :

- 92% of people notice and read graphics on wrapped vehicles

- 75% of consumers develop impressions about a company based on a vehicle wrap

- 30% of consumers will make a buying decision based upon impressions gained from a wrapped vehicle.

Not only that, but the value of having consistency in your branding as a business owner is literally priceless. When incorporated as a part of your overall marketing strategy along with other branded items and a branded online presence, fleet advertising is the cherry on top that will absolutely set you apart from all of your competitors.

The variations in style and design are endless. 12-Point SignWorks installs everything from full-color head-turning comprehensive vehicle wraps to simple monochromatic logos and lettering. Whether you want to catch everybody’s attention wherever you go or just send a subtle signal with a tasteful spot graphic or two, we have got you covered. We will help you choose the design that best matches your preferences and work within your budget—and no matter what design you choose, you will end up with a beautifully branded fleet of vehicles that will work around the clock for you to promote and sustain your customer base. We will take the base design and adapt it to any variety of fleet vehicle types to ensure branding consistency across your entire fleet.

So if you are ready to take the next step in your advertising campaign and do something that will take your business to another level, call 12-Point SignWorks today and ask to speak to one of our experts.

Learn about fleet advertising and all of the many options we offer. Give us a call at (615) 595-6564, or visit our website at for more information.

Signage Tips for a Successful Move

Even some of the most established businesses have needed to relocate at some point in time. It can be a positive change, or it can be a difficult process. Regardless of the feelings behind the move, one thing needs to happen: customer awareness. At 12-Point SignWorks, we can help you notify your customers of your change at your old and new locations to make the transition a little easier… for everyone.

A move (typically) takes some time to plan and execute. This gives you the chance to make your current and potential customers aware of the upcoming change. Posting the information about your move at least one month before the actual date gives everyone the opportunity to prepare to relocate with you.

Just a simple “We’re Moving” sign isn’t enough to retain your current customers. Informative signage, including posters and banners , will prepare your customers (and notify potential customers) about your move. Protect yourself and preserve your clientele by creating informative signage that will get everyone excited and ready for your new location. The signage should include:

- A simple statement that you are moving. Signage should be designed with a bold message to grab the attention of folks passing by, in or around your business. This helps your employees relay the information and hopefully gets your customers excited about your move. Even if the relocation isn’t the happiest of occasions, you want to promote it as a wonderful, exciting, positive event.

- The actual moving date. Tell everyone when the move is happening. Don’t let uninformed customers arrive at a vacant location after you are gone. Foster positive feelings by informing them in advance. After you’ve left, leave a sign that says you’ve moved and where you’ve gone. We don’t want anyone to feel abandoned!

- Your new location. Let everyone know where you are going. If you don’t include your new address on your signs, you risk losing customers who won’t take the time to find you. They will move on to the next convenient business that provides the same products or service. Sadly, loyalty does not always win over convenience. Mention any famous landmarks or well-known places around your new location to help customers know how to find you when you move. Folks may want to check out your new site before your move so they can be ready to find you when the time comes.

- When you are opening. Loyal customers need to know when to make the move as well. Let them know at the old and new location! Planning a grand re-opening or special sale around you move-in date will celebrate your new beginnings, give your current customers something to look forward to, and draw in potential new customers.

Remember not to focus on just your current (or old) location - advertise at your new location as well! You may be limited on what you can hang or post, but take advantage of any space that is available. We fabricate yard signs, banners and posters that are perfect for announcing that you are “coming soon.” Let your new neighbors know when and if you are planning anything special. Spark some interest from potential customers so that they mark their calendars to visit you on opening day. Signage at the new address also makes it easier for your current customers to find you.

Make your move something positive with creative, visible and effective signage. Are you planning a move soon? Let us know how our 12-Point SignWorks team can help you get the word out.

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Create a Winning Trade Show Display at 12 Point Sign Works

Your next trade show is just around the corner, and you’re sweating at thought of the competition. Thousands of other businesses will line up their booths, knowing that they only have a couple of seconds to make a lasting impression. How will you stand out?

At 12 Point Sign Works , we’re experts at creating a display system that gives your business the ultimate visually competitive edge.

We believe in the necessity of a simple and to-the-point message- one that will grab your audience’s attention and hook them. The following three display systems are great choices for a business looking to create strong visual impact at a trade show:

1. Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are a wonderful type of display system for a relatively large impact area, but with added benefit of extreme portability. A standing banner- the graphics roll into the base as a window shade would roll into its rod, so you can carry it around without any hassle and minimize your booth’s setup time.

Retractable banners come equipped with several different styles of hardware, including silver and black finishes, and range from two to five feet in width. The overall height is typically about six to seven feet, helping to create a strong visual impact at the front of your booth. And you can even create a larger display system by creating a visual “wall” between two or three different retractable banners and lining them up side-by-side.

2. Pop-Up Display Systems

The pop-up display system is a larger and relatively inexpensive display system option for trade show booths spaces that feature at least ten feet of space. With an expanding aluminum structure, they fold down compactly for convenience, but expand to great widths and lengths to create a curved or straight wall.

We typically use a thin plastic material to create your business’s graphic, whether it be a giant version of your logo or an engaging picture with brief descriptions and calls to action to draw potential clients to your business. The graphic is then attached by magnetic strips to hold it against the frame: four to five vertical panels hung one by one make for an easy and organized set-up.

For an added pop, consider hooking clip on lights to the top of your display system to illuminate the graphic.

3. Tensioned Fabric Display Systems

Similar to the pop-up display systems with their aluminum frames, these display systems utilize fabric for the graphic that attaches to its frame with hook-and-loop attachment points. When it stretches, the graphic expands to ensure that you’re working with a smooth canvas free of finicky wrinkles.

Though many people use pop-up and tensioned fabric display systems to cover an entire back wall of their 10’ booth, smaller versions of these systems can also be used as a tabletop display.

For the most impact, consider mixing and matching these display systems to create a strong and alluring visual that successfully represents your business. For example, one of the larger display systems can create a visual wall at the back of your booth, while retractable banners posted near the front of the booth can help draw in potential customers. Give us a call today to start designing a display system for your next trade show!

Phone Number: (615) 595-6564


The Benefits of Purchasing Custom Car Wraps in Middle Tennessee

Residents of Middle Tennessee rely heavily on their cars for daily transportation. Whether commuting from downtown Nashville to home in Franklin , or simply to and from the grocery story, we spend a great deal of time driving down I-65 in the comfort of our vehicles. We take our cars seriously, and for the car enthusiast in particular, it is important to maintain the cars’ condition and to stand out – whether subtly or outrageously! Here at 12-Point SignWorks , we design and install custom car wraps for vehicles, allowing you to preserve the car’s original lines while enhancing its appearance with a new, custom look.


Often sought out for luxury and exotic cars, many customers will opt for a custom car wrap as a valuable alternative to a standard paint job. Whether you bought your car new or used, you might consider changing its color to something more befitting of your personality, transforming it into a unique expression of you. With over one hundred colors and finishes to choose from, 12-Point SignWorks can give your car a remarkable and rare appearance that makes it distinctly yours. Often, painting a car a different color from its original make will decrease the value of the car. With removable custom car wraps, you can choose to drive in a vehicle of any color, without compromising the car’s inherent value.


One of the greatest benefits to opting for a custom car wrap is the preservation factor that it lends a car. If you are looking to preserve the paint, preventing unsightly scratches and nicks from damaging the car’s surface, then custom car wraps are a sound way to protect its aesthetics. The sturdy material also creates a barrier between the car’s paint and the sun, helping to prevent the color from fading. When you’re ready to change the look or to sell the vehicle, the wrap can be removed, and the protected paint will look as good as when the wrap was first installed.


We offer a variety of finishes to help you achieve optimal aesthetics for your vehicle. Gloss, matte, or metallic coatings are popular choices for the luxury cars that we wrap, increasing the sleek, exotic look of your vehicle with a touch of your own personality. With maintenance, the thin vinyl material that we use to cover the car will last for at least three to five years. The more it is cared for, the longer it will last.

At 12-Point SignWorks, we offer extreme attention to detail in our vehicle wrap design work and in the wrap installation process. We use only premium wrap materials and protective laminates. Our wrap installers are also car enthusiasts, and they want you to be as excited about your new car wrap as they are! For more information on changing the color of your vehicle to create a custom look and to stand out from the crowd (and to receive the other paint protecting benefits as well), give us a call today!

Phone Number: 615.595.6564


Trade Show Display Options to Make You Stand Out in a Crowd

Vendors at trade shows are there to be noticed. They want past, present and future customers to be drawn to them and the products or services that they represent. The trade show display is the first thing that customers see. It’s what sets a vendor apart from the others. The trade show display is the visible advertising space that maximizes the exposure of the brand.

At 12-Point SignWorks, we offer a solution for just about any type of exhibit you need, including banner stands, pop up displays, table top displays, brochure holders and more. The products are designed with innovative features that make transportation, assembly and breakdown as simple as possible. The pieces provide exceptional durability and user-friendly features that allow you to focus on sharing your message with the audience instead of worrying about the set-up of your display.

There are a number of options available , and we are featuring the most popular pieces here.


The Roll Up Penta offers a lightweight and compact solution for all display needs. The base unit is half the size of most retractable stands on the market and features a telescoping pole that provides a range of available heights. The top portion of the telescoping pole allows the Roll Up Penta to be used as a table top unit if desired. The entire display breaks down and fits into a very attractive and durable bag.


This lightweight banner stand is described as quick, easy and perfect. It comes in a variety of different sizes to guarantee satisfaction for any type of display need. The Banner Stand S10 has a unique foot design that offers more advertising visibility without skimping on stability or quality. Like the Roll UpPenta, the Banner Stand S10 comes with a durable transport bag.


There is no comparison when it comes to Pop Up display systems! The Pop Up S10 design offers straight or curved options, and super magnets allow for quick and effortless assembly. Although the assembled piece can fill a great deal of space, the entire system easily fits in a sturdy transport case on wheels.


A table does not come with this system, but it is perfect for creating an effective display on an existing one. The display is available in two sizes. The smaller size fits onto a six foottable, and the larger display works well on an eight foot (or wider) table. The Table Top S10 is easy to assemble due to magnetic locks, and breaks down easily to fit into a small Podium Box S10.

There are more options available in the product line from 12-Point SignWorks that will successfully attract an audience and strengthen the message of any trade show display. If you’d like to see some of the products in person, we have many of them available in our shop. You can set them up, break them down and get a true sense of how durable, functional, lightweight and portable the products really are. Contact us today at to get started!

Phone Number: (615) 595-6564 or by email


Designing Signs With Raised Dimensional Letters In Middle Tennessee

Creating a sign for your business that features raised dimensional letters is a great way to make a strong visual impression. While 2D signs serve their purpose and are highly functional, letters with dimension add an interesting and more pronounced character to showcase your business in Middle Tennessee . What a great way to add a sense of permanence and professionalism to complement your work environment!

Clients use dimensional letters in a variety of ways, both on interior walls and on the exterior of their office buildings or storefronts. In either case, we mount the letters with either adhesives or stud-mounting, or we can attach them to panels before hanging them up.

There are a variety of materials available for use in shaping dimensional letters to publicize your business and branding. Common metals include aluminum, steel, copper, and bronze. By using either bronze or aluminum cast letters on your walls or the exterior of your building, you instantly add an element of sophistication and elegance to your space.

Stainless steel is a popular option to add a high-end design and air of professionalism for retail establishments or buildings that witness a heavy flow of traffic. We can create raised dimensional letters with an array of elegant finishes, including a brushed, polished, or painted appearance.

Plastic is another viable option for fabricating raised dimensional letters. Generally, the use of plastic letters offers either flat acrylic in a variety of colors cut with a laser process for crisp and detailed features or a molded plastic shaped to feature a third dimension, such as a domed face.

Not only can 12-Point SignWorks in Middle Tennessee customize these letters to fit your desired depth and size, we can fabricate them into whatever shape you like. The options for font choices are virtually endless when creating raised dimensional letters as signage for your business. Whether you prefer simple block text or a more ornate and intricate design, 12-Point SignWorks can fashion the font style you would like to associate with your company.

We can also custom paint the letters to the target colors featured on your logo or other branding material. We use precision and creativity to produce an element of distinction to your business with raised dimension letters.

For more information on how we can customize your sign needs in Middle Tennessee, give us a call today!

Phone Number: 615.595.6564


Colors and Textures and Shine…Oh My!

How many types of car wrap film are there?

If you want to change the color of your vehicle, 12-Point SignWorks can make that happen. We offer color change wraps that can refresh the look of any car and transform it into something special. We receive inquiries for quotes on custom car wraps on a daily basis. Before we can create a quote, we need the following information:

- The year, make and model of the vehicle

- The current color of the vehicle

- Any special packages or factory options

- What type of wrap the customer wants

Most of the information is quite standard; however, the last piece of information can be the most difficult for a customer to provide. Without coming into our shop, it’s impossible to grasp the choices that are available in car wrap film. The premium products that we use are ever evolving with new colors and textures that can make each car wrap unique to the person behind the wheel.

Here are the main categories for color change wraps.

Solid Color Wrap Film (including gloss, satin, matte and metallic)

Honestly, you have to see the color selection to believe it! (The photo above just gives you an idea of some of the choices from 3M.) There are so many vibrant colors, and the finishes make them even more unique. With some manufacturers, you can even narrow it down to a very specific shade.

Textured Wrap Film

The textured wrap film costs a bit more than the solid color material. This type of film also requires more time and labor to install on a vehicle. Our highly trained and experienced installers ensure that the patterns are perfectly aligned as each sheet of wrap is manipulated and applied. Textured wrap film includes carbon fiber, brushed metal, alligator, sequin patterns and more!

Chrome Wrap Film

Chrome is the crème de la crème when it comes to the cost of the wrap and the expense to have it installed. The chrome wrap material alone is the most expensive on the market, and it requires more labor hours than standard solid colors to install it properly. Although silver may be the color that comes to mind when you think of chrome, the wrap film is available in more vibrant colors like blue, gold and red.

Color change wraps are extremely popular, with matte black often being the color of choice; however, that doesn’t mean we don’t get really extravagant requests! (Tiffany blue, anyone? Or maybe Gloss Raspberry Fizz?) We only use vinyl wrap film made by premium manufacturers because quality is a top priority to us. Using the best materials also makes it easier for us to install the vinyl, and removal is much easier as well.

Contact us today to discuss the perfect color for your vehicle! You can call us at (615) 595-6564, stop by our shop, or send us an email . Let’s get started on your free estimate today!

Architectural Display Systems In Middle Tennessee

Adding design to the walls of your business is a great way to brand a company. At 12-Point SignWorks , we create architectural display systems for businesses across Middle Tennessee . Whether you are searching for an artistic representation of the work that you have accomplished, or simply desire aesthetically pleasing visuals to span your walls, we can create a variety of display options for you and your company.

Common materials for architectural display systems include natural anodized aluminum with a brushed or satin finish , chrome, gold or black coating, or brass. All of these options create a sophisticated and elegant look, underscoring a business’s sense of professionalism. Many people opt to hang acrylic panels as well, which is a great way to showcase a rotation of artwork and print advertisements.

The most frequent process for hanging architectural display systems is through the use of stand-offs, where we create a gap between the plaque, the sign, and the surface to which it is mounted. With this added dimension, these architectural display systems portray a unique visual.

For a more complex process and layered appearance, we can hang architectural display systems by using both cables and rods. By connecting two distinctive points on a wall with stainless steel braided cable, we are able to create a series of displays in either a vertical column or staggered fashion. This allows for a sophisticated appearance and the opportunity to display a wide range of art or advertising material. Often, businesses will choose to hang art in this way in order to create an appearance of a mosaic or mural, with each display tying together into one exquisite and whole design.

There are a limitless number of ways to brand your company through architectural display systems. At 12-Point SignWorks , we have worked with everyone from businesses that want to celebrate their veteran employees with custom-designed plaques, to lighting and sound companies whose displays we constructed using the aluminum trusses they use in their lighting systems. But the options aren’t limited solely to advertising—many customers opt to use the display systems to showcase a unique artistic expression. From abstract designs that spruce up an entryway, to educational illustrations for school cafeterias, architectural display systems provide an endless array of uses and options for businesses across Middle Tennessee.

Contact us today for a free consultation regarding how this type of functional and decorative signage hardware can be used in your business or organization!

Phone Number: 615.595.6564


Designing A Custom Metal Plaque With 12-Point Sign Works

Have you ever driven by a historical site and noticed a beautifully finished plaque commemorating the legacy of an important figure in time? Custom metal plaques are a staple artistic expression, used for a variety of purposes. At 12-Point Sign Works , our team of experts can bring your vision of a permanent metal plaque to fruition. We create plaques for businesses, schools and institutions, and residential homes. As a staple décor that is made to last forever, we use our ample experience and breadth of resources to customize the design you desire.

Our consultants can help you choose the right finish for your metal plaque. Among the most popular are the variety of bronze finishes that we offer, including several patina styles and different gradients of oxidization. Other finishes include a brass, aluminum, or raised and printed design. Each choice offers the benefit of a unique and timeless appearance for the interior or exterior of any space.

We are able to successfully engrave a variety of fonts into a plaque. Using several etching and engraving techniques, we can incorporate beautiful and intricate details. We of course provide plaques with the typical recessed letters, which features hollowed and paint-filled letters and graphics, or with raised lettering that usually has a brushed metal finish with a protective coating.

The texture of the background in cast metal plaques can typically offer different options, from a smooth to stippled appearance.

For photo-etched plaques, we use stainless steel, bronze, brass, or copper materials. These plaques are generally unique expressions of a person or item commemorated through the art of photography.

We can even create “line art” plaques, using meticulous and precise details to create exquisite pieces of artwork, including highly customized renditions of family or institutional crests.

Depending on your desires, the team at 12-Point Sign Works guides you through the process of picking the perfect finish, background, font, and border for your Metal Plaque in Middle Tennessee. With an understanding that different looks require different processes, we customize your metal plaque with extreme attention to detail, and hang it with permanent hardware so you can forever admire your timeless and personalized piece.

From small plaque designs to larger highly customized plaques, we have several options to consider for applications throughout Middle Tennessee . Contact us today for a free consultation!

Phone Number: 615.595.6564


How to Gauge the Cost of a New Office Sign

The right materials work with any budget.

As a full-service sign company, 12-Point SignWorks offers a variety of options when it comes to office signs. Custom signage can start around $350 but, on average, the cost for something unique will begin at $1,000. How can you determine the cost of a new custom office sign? The materials used in fabrication are a good start!

To offer a general idea, we’ve listed a selection of sign materials below, ranging from least expensive to most expensive.

Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl is the least expensive material that we use for office signs. For the most part, itrequires a minimal amount of labor to cut, prepare and install vinyl graphics. Although we sometimes cut vinyl by hand, we typically prepare cut graphics using a method called die-cutting. With die-cutting, the vinyl is fed through a plotting machine that precisely cuts out the design that has been created in the art file. After the plotter creates the cuts needed, we “weed” off the extra vinyl material by hand, creating the final product. Vinyl can be installed directly to a wall or used in conjunction with other sign materials, such as PVC, ACP or acrylic.

Flat PVC and ACP Signs

Signs made from thin plastic (PVC) or aluminum sheets (ACP) are the next step up in cost. For these signs, we take the sheets and apply vinyl elements to them to add logos, names, contact information, graphics or other information. Signs made from these materials are perfect as temporary signage or for signs that make a simple statement for a brand. Because they are flat and thin (and not as sturdy as other sign materials), they are easier to damage and could need to be replaced more often.

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic falls around the middle of our price range for office signs. This material is fantastic for signs because it’s versatile, low-maintenance and durable. Even better, acrylic comes in a variety of standard colors and finishes that can even give the appearance of more expensive materials like glass or metal. We often fabricate office signs out of acrylic backers and coordinating cut acrylic letters and graphics. For customers looking for an office sign with a nice 3-D look to it, acrylic is the perfect material.

Wood Signs

Although signs made out of wood give a rich and classic look, they are more expensive than signs fabricated from man-made materials. Overall, it just takes more skill, labor time and tools to sandblast letters and shapes into the wood. To complete the look of the sign, wood often needs to be primed, painted, stained or refinished. Signs made out of wood last a long time, which does support and help justify the added expense. Sometimes a business, such as a historic landmark or an outdoor sporting goods store, just needs a wood sign to enhance and support the look of their brand. For those wanting the appearance of wood without the higher cost, there are materials (of the man-made category) that can mimic wood while costing less and requiring less upkeep.

Glass Signs

Glass often becomes the material of interest for those wanting an office sign with a modern, sleek look; however, the cost is much higher than other sign materials. Glass is more expensive in general and also more fragile than other sign options. If shipping is required, glass adds quite a bit of weight to the packaging details. In most cases, we ask customers to consider clear acrylic as a substitute, which tends to be a better choice for budget and creative opportunities; however, we do fabricate signs out of glass when it is the only material that fits.

Metal Signs

We’ve reached the upper end of our material cost spectrum. Metals are at the top because they are heavy, cost more to acquire, and also require special tools to etch or route letters and shapes into them. From least to most expensive metals, they tend to follow this order: aluminum, brass, stainless steel, copper and bronze. Metal signs will last a very long time and often are used for universities, government buildings, law firms and other official institutions. Similar to glass, there are acrylic options that can provide the look of metal at a much lower price.

No matter what sign you have in mind, we can find the perfect materials to use. If you are concerned about your budget, we can suggest the materials that will fit your needs. At 12-Point SignWorks, we welcome the challenge to create exactly what our customers need.

Contact us today at (615) 595-6564 or email us to get started on your project.

Custom Wall Wraps In Nashville, TN

It only takes one idea and the right tools to liven up any living space with a well-crafted design. At 12-Point SignWorks , we provide the products and services necessary to create exquisite wall murals and wall wraps for your commercial or residential establishment, adding variety and individualization to your business or home.

We feature several different methods to create custom-designed wall murals and wall coverings for across Middle Tennessee:

Wall Decals:

Our wall decals and graphics are cut into a custom shape of your choice and printed out on a material that is both removable and repositionable. We can create any design, from life-size cut outs of your favorite superhero to decals of your company’s logo.

Repositionable Wall Wraps:

To cover an entire wall in a temporary design, we can use materials that are repositionable due to a low-tack adhesive backside. This process involves installing floor to ceiling, four feet wide vertical graphic panels in an overlapping pattern across the stretch of a wall space, in order to account for any shrinkage that may occur in the material. This type of wall mural material has the appearance and texture of a light fabric. These materials would be well suited for temporary events, including everything from weddings and bridal showers to corporate events, with no risk of surface damage involved.

Permanent Wall Coverings:

For a permanent wall covering, 12-Point SignWorks chooses from a variety of commercial grade vinyl or wall covering materials. The vinyl products are adhesive-backed and feature either a protective gloss or matte finish. Vinyl graphics require overlapped panel seams. Alternatively, we can use top of the line, upgraded materials that a professional wallpaper hanger installs, and that do not overlap in their placement. One of the greatest benefits of choosing this option for your wall mural is the breadth of textures available. Because of its commercial grade nature, you can opt for a smooth, canvas, suede, or plaster finish, just to name a few. It is an easy way to add a unique sense of character and style to any room.

At 12-Point SignWorks, we have worked on a large scope of wall mural projects for different establishments across the metro Nashville area. In conjunction with 1220 Exhibits in Nashville , we have crafted several large and outstanding murals for the Country Music Hall of Fame , one of the most renowned venues in the country for its sheer magnitude of décor and history. We have also wrapped columns in the Nashville Airport , featuring the logos and branding of various local businesses.

Because we print on large rolls of material, the size of a wall is never an obstacle for us to adorn it in the mural of your choice. With several designers on staff, 12-Point SignWorks listens to your desires and creates a comprehensive, professional design to bring your new wall graphics into fruition.

From small logo designs to large commercial estates, we are limitless in the scope of work we can perform to create exquisite wall coverings in Middle Tennessee. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Phone Number: 615.595.6564


Must-Have Signage to Cruise Through the New School Year

School has started in Middle Tennessee. Can you believe it? With school in session, there is a need for various types of signage to advertise fundraising events, class parties, clubs, organizations and more! Even though it seems like graduation is far away, it will creep up quickly on the calendar. Will you be prepared?

12-Point SignWorks offers signage solutions for all of your classroom and school event needs. From indoor banners to outdoor yard signs, we have the ability to create just what you need to share important information throughout the year.

The start of the year is the perfect time to kick-off fundraising events. Let kids and parents know about them with custom banners throughout the school. Banners offer full-color advertisements that are easy to hang on any wall, hallway or even entrance doors. Even better, banners can be rolled and stored to be used year after year.

Clubs & Organizations

Clubs and organizations are popular from elementary school through high school. Let the kids know their options with brightly colored posters . Once the clubs begin, continue using posters to showcase special events or activities to keep the kids (and the parents) informed and excited about everything going on.

Gym & Auditorium Signage

With all of the traffic the gyms and auditoriums get, they often need a little update. Elevate school spirit with new gym floor graphics. Adding the name and mascot to the floor unifies home teams and their loyal fans. For high schools, adding floor and wall graphics to the locker rooms also increases team pride.

For gym and auditorium walls, cut vinyl lettering can welcome visiting teams and guests. The lettering also can be used tolabel entrances into these meeting areas and direct students, parents and guests to the right spot.

Yearbook Sales

Although yearbooks aren’t out until the end of the school year, schools send home order forms early on. Inform kids and parents with posters, banners and yard signs. Yard signs offer an easy way for parents to stay informed while they are dropping off, picking up or visiting their kids during the school day. Plant the seed early, and they will be prepared to order yearbooks when the forms come home.

Senior/Class Gifts

Custom signage is a wonderful way to show appreciation! Whether it comes in the form of a wall mural , hanging sign , or custom lettering, 12-Point SignWorks can help create a gift that will live on for future generations. Does your school have a motto, theme or favorite catchphrase? We can create lettering to hang in the main hallway or cafeteria that the students and faculty will pass on a daily basis. It’s all about school spirit and leaving a legacy.

Graduation Signs

You know the signs. They stand proud in countless yards and proudly advertise the senior that lives at that home. Our designers can help create a year sign for each of the seniors in a graduating class. Available in quantities of ten and above, the signs showcase the seniors who have worked so hard and are counting the days until they complete high school.

More, More and More!

There are always other events going on throughout the school year. Homecoming, successful sports seasons and school recognition are just some of the other opportunities where custom signage is needed.

If you are looking for something extra special that will energize the students, we can help. Contact us today at (615) 595-6564 or send us an email to get started.

MUST-HAVE Signs for Your Small Business

Marketing Advice from 12-Point SignWorks

Your business deserves something special and 12-Point SignWorks knows just what that is. We can give you the marketing signage you need to set your business apart from the rest!

Exterior Signs:

- Electrical Signage: Imagine YOUR name plastered right on the side of your building, and it can light up at night, too! We can help you develop a design that perfectly embodies what your business represents. With help from our creative graphic design team, we’ll help make sure your sign can stand out from the rest! We will make sure to comply with your landlord’s and your city’s guidelines to see what is allowed to be displayed on your building. No stress for you!

- Non-Electrical Signage: If electrical signage is not allowed or isn’t in your original budget, we have many creative ways and materials to make attractive exterior signage for lettering and logos. These might be panel signs, individual letters made of plastic or metal, etc. Call us for a free consultation!

- Vehicle Wraps & Graphics: Vehicle wraps and graphics have the LOWEST cost per impression and are proven to be effective in helping potential customers make purchasing decisions. Whether it is parked or being driven around town, you are constantly advertising your business! Add images, logos, or text, whatever you like (our graphic designer can help you with this, too!).

Interior Signs:

Interior signs are pivotal to help brand your environment, and 12-Point SignWorks offers you many options:

- Logo Sign: Your office has four walls, and what you do with them can make an immense difference. A wall logo is a GREAT place to start! We can help you design a vinyl applique with your logo and slogan and apply it to your office walls! Or, for more “pop,” we’ll design a three-dimensional representation of your logo in attractive materials including acrylics, metals, wood, etc.

- Wall Murals: In addition to the wall logo, custom designed murals and wallcoverings can help customize your environment even further, and the possibilities are endless! We can design a watermark for your wall, write up your mission statement, use an image, or anything else that you may have dreamt up!

- Floor Graphics: Are your floors made of carpet, concrete, tile, or wood? If so, then we can help you develop your environment even further! Using non-slip materials, we can help you design an eye-catching floor graphic. These graphics have a limited life, but a huge impact!

Display Signs:

When you attend an event, expo or conference, it is extremely important to ensure that you are showing off your business in the best way possible. Here are some simpler eye-catching ideas for you to start with:

- Retractable Banner: A retractable banner is a MUST HAVE for your event shows. This banner stands up on its own, and can be easily broken down and carried in a bag. This vertical advertisement can be designed to your liking—and with our help, the possibilities are endless!

- Table Cover: Our remarkable woven, polyester table covers are full of color and digitally printed. Design this to your liking with your logo, image, or brief advertising message. Drape it across your display table to help attract more clients to YOU!

To bring your advertising to the next level, visit 12-Point SignWorks on the web at here or call us at 615-595-6564. We’ll look forward to talking with you!

4 Ways to Make Your Window Signs More Attractive

A storefront with windows provides the perfect canvas for affordable advertising. Vinyl window signs are a simple way to fill those windows and communicate anything that relates to your brand. Interesting window displays will attract new customers and keep old customer coming back.

When designing your next (or your very first!) window display, don’t forget to:

1. Incorporate Interesting Designs

Unique, interesting images are more memorable than basic, boring designs. Once you know the purpose of your window display, you can choose the graphics that will best illustrate your message. Are you designing for a holiday? Adapt your logo or product into a festive edition with holiday colors and sparkles (if applicable!). Are you promoting a sale? Make sure everyone is aware of the discounts by choosing colors and graphics that draw them to your storefront. Are you using the windows to strengthen your brand? Think of an item you sell or service you provide that can be illustrated in a way that will get noticed. Even if a potential customer passes by the first time, the colorful images leave an impression that will remind them to return.

2. Go Old School

Nothing looks more vintage than gold leaf on windows. This style, popular in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, was an art form of that era. When gold leaf was used to advertise for a business back then, it suggested elegance, stability and professionalism. Who says you can’t go old school as well! Gold metallic vinyl is an affordable option for window displays that want to express the durability and reliability of olden days.

3. Focus on the New

Unlike permanent signage that hangs above doors or on walls in offices, window graphics are temporary. This makes them very adaptable to change. Recent awards, new products, seasonal events and special promotions are just some reasons to change up the display every so often. Did your business get featured in a magazine or recognized by the community? Let everyone know! Windows are also a perfect location to periodically offer a public ‘thank you’ to the customers and suppliers that keep you in business.

4. Advertise the Reliable

Window graphics are an excellent way to promote the products or services that customers continuously rely on from a business. There is a sense of comfort in knowing that the same foods or items are always going to be available. Decorating with available options also can attract new customers who may be passing by. Do you make the best grilled cheese in town? Let the world know! Sometimes a name just doesn’t explain what a business has to offer, and window graphics can illustrate just enough to draw in curious folks.

Don’t miss out on the chance to maximize your exposure with window signs. Have fun with the designs! If you need some assistance, our design team is here to help. We can work with you from start to install.

To get started, visit us at 1120 Lakeview Dr. Ste 900 Franklin, TN 37067. You also can contact us at 615-595-6564 or send us an email to begin the process.

Fly A Banner in the Summer Breeze With 12 Point SignWorks

Summer is here and Fall is coming! Sunny skies, warm weather, and nice breezes mean that everyone is spending a lot more time outdoors. Whether taking a walk down a local trail, attending your favorite high school football game, or taking your children to club soccer matches, you can guarantee that you will be soaking up the sun until November comes.

For those of you who are local business owners, this weather can make a huge impact on your current marketing plans, if attempted wisely. 12-Point SignWorks can help you and your business get your name out there with incredible outdoor signage.

- Pole Banners: Pole banners are a great tool for municipalities, high schools, and neighborhoods to use during different events and seasons. These banners are attached to light poles, allowing you to brand the area of your business, city, or school.

- Banners: Banners are meant for outdoor use and typically last from several weeks up to several months. Made out of heavy-duty material with metal grommets around the edges, they allow you to hang them up in any fashion that you choose. If you have a lot to say, banners can be double-sided by using a special block out-layer built in to the banner material! These are great for outdoor athletic clubs or church events.

- Fence Banners: You can typically see companies advertising as sponsors on fence banners at your local high school football and baseball games. As an option to extend the life of your banner, 12-Point SignWorks offers a mesh material allowing wind to pass through the banner. These banners are generally 3 or 4 feet tall with a width starting at about 4 feet in width with no limit on the maximum width.

- Posters: Posters can be extremely helpful in promoting a local event or group around town. The posters from 12-Point SignWorks are printed on heavy-duty paper with waterproof ink. This paper remains strong even when wet and resists getting soggy in water unlike typical copy paper, allowing you to advertise even during the rainy seasons! These posters can be printed on paper in sizes ranging from a few inches to several feet and can be double-sided as well!

Which temporary promotional sign material is good for you and your purpose? All banners and posters can be easily designed to fit your style and artwork needs. Choose from any background color, font, text, and photos that you would like.

If you are struggling to design your own banner, 12-Point SignWorks has a graphic design team that can help you. Just bring in your logo or an idea and they will help you design the perfect banner for your business! They are happy to help and can hold your hand throughout the entire process.

The banners can be produced within a couple of days once you have decided on the artwork and designs to use. If your mind expands farther than small banners, 12-Point SignWorks can help you design banners the size of the side of your building!

To get started on your customized banner, visit 12-Point SignWorks at 1120 Lakeview Dr. Suite 900, Franklin, TN 37067, or visit their website here.

How much will my custom wrap cost?

For anyone looking for a custom wrap for their car, truck, trailer or any other mode of transportation, this is the first question they usually ask. How much will it cost? Our answer: Well, it depends. That’s not really the answer many folks initially want to hear, but there are many factors that go into the estimate process.

To give you an idea of how we figure out the cost of a custom wrap, here are some questions that we always consider:

- What is the coverage area for the wrap? Will it be full coverage, partial coverage, or include spot graphics?

- Are there any special features that will require extra attention and labor, such as rivets, screws, pockets, seams, etc.?

- How complex are the contours of the vehicle? Consider the difference between a flat surface and a bumper. The angles and curves require different application techniques and potentially more time.

- How long will the wrap remain on the vehicle?

- Will the wrap cover any windows? If so, will the design require the use of perforated window film ?

- Is this a color change wrap ? If so, will the vinyl be matte, satin, gloss, textured, carbon fiber or chrome? Specialized wrap films do cost more than standard colors in matte, satin or gloss finishes.

- Are there custom design elements involved? If so, how much design time will be required? Does the client already have the artwork created, or are we starting with a black canvas? (If there is a custom design involved with the wrap, we do consider that a separate entity from the actual wrap cost.)

If you want an advertising wrap, the coverage area is a crucial part of the estimating process. Sometimes a full wrap (= more coverage area) isn’t necessary to accomplish your marketing needs.

Partial wraps and spot graphics are very personalized alternatives that can work within a variety of budget requirements. Large or small, we guarantee that your graphics will get noticed!

As for solid color change wraps, not all wraps are installed equally. Although advertising wraps and custom graphics can require a larger design budget, the color change wraps tend to require more labor costs. Why? Imagine that you have a red vehicle, and you want to have it wrapped in (the very popular) matte black. Every nook and cranny that is not completely covered will show that red paint color. That’s unacceptable! To make sure that your eye isn’t drawn to little slivers of red paint color, we remove hardware and install deep into the cracks and seams of the vehicle to make sure everything gets covered. This extra attention to detail increases the cost of the vehicle wrap when compared to the labor for a standard advertising wrap.

We always work with our customers to make sure that they understand all of the costs involved before the wrap design or installation process begins. We welcome you to bring your vehicle by our shop so that we can take a look at it with you! We can make the entire process as easy as possible for everyone involved.

If you are ready to get started on your wrap project, contact us today at 615-595-6564 or send us an email to begin the estimate process.

12-Point SignWorks Offers Cost-Effective Commercial Advertising Wraps

Advertising is crucial to the success of any business, and deciding what type of advertising deserves your financial investment is an important, and often overwhelming, decision. 12-Point SignWorks is here to help. They offer one of the most cost effective advertisement avenues available, with their Commercial Advertising Vehicle Wraps.

When compared to other traditional forms of advertising, such as radio, TV, print, or billboards, vehicle wraps offer you lower cost per impression made. Commercial advertising wraps are mobile billboards. They reach more potential customers than traditional stationary advertisements. A recent study by The Traffic Audit Bureau shows that 92% of people see and actually read the advertising on a vehicle wrap, and 30% will make a buying decision based on a vehicle wrap. This ranks them among the most effective and memorable forms of advertising.

Another plus to this investment is the longevity of the advertisement. Commercial Advertising Wraps last up to three years or more depending on how the wraps are cared for. After you get your wrap, 12-Point SignWorks will guide you through the best up-keep process, with ideas such as hand washing your vehicle, rather than choosing a more forceful contact wash. Cleaning a wrap is important because the graphics have a thin protective layer (a laminate) that can actually be stained by dirt, oil, or acid rain. A weekly washing will keep your wrap looking new. Keeping your vehicle in the shade, or in a garage, will also help protect the graphics longer. A well-kept vehicle wrap can reach many thousands of potential customers over its three year lifespan!

Another exciting element to Commercial Advertising Wraps is their ability to keep working when you are not. Hop in your company car and head to the grocery, it might be your day off, but the advertisement is still working. Head to the park with your dog, leave the car on a busy sidewalk… still advertising. Head to the kids’ soccer games… still advertising. Take a road trip, enjoy the adventure, and all the while… still advertising. Vehicle wraps are never off the clock, even when you are.

What type of vehicles make good candidates for wraps? Really, any vehicle has useful advertising “real estate”. You might decide, however, not to invest in graphics on the roof of your vehicle if it’s not easily visible. Sedans, SUVs, pick-up trucks, utility vans, box trucks, etc. are some of the vehicles we have wrapped (don’t forget to wrap your trailers too – those make great billboards!). We’ll consult with you on the best way to use your budget to create a memorable and unique wrap layout that will drive new leads and sales.

Come visit 12-Point SignWorks today to learn about this highly effective advertisement investment. Whether you want simple lettering on the side of a service vehicle, or an elaborate full coverage, full color photograph, 12-Point SignWorks is here to help. The team will help you design your graphic from scratch. They can also collaborate with your in-house design team if you prefer to take the lead. They will help you make sure your designs are well featured and that no important information lands on a gas cap or a door handle. Together, we will take a two dimensional idea and bring it to life on a three dimensional vehicle. Whatever your familiarity with graphics, 12-Point SignWorks will guide you through the process to insure your Commercial Advertising Wrap reaches its maximum potential. Call us today, we are ready to help 615-595-6564!

What determines the cost of a custom logo sign?

When you set out to shop for a particular item, you tend to find a range in prices, right? For example, you can find a really inexpensive pair of summer flip flops at Old Navy for $5 - a ʻHot Dealʼ on their website right now. On the other hand, Nordstrom has a pair of simple Gucci ʻGGʼ flip flops for a mere $395. Why are the prices so different for such simple shoes?

The same concept holds true for custom logo signs. We work with clients who all want the same thing: to be noticed. Some have a few hundred dollars to invest in their commercial signage, and others have thousands of dollars. No matter the amount, we design and fabricate custom signage that satisfies each of our client’s individual needs.

So what factors influence the cost of the custom logo sign?

- Size of the sign layout

- Dimensionality desired (how thick the components are)

- Materials used (acrylics, metals, wood, vinyl, etc.)

- Installation requirements (wall type, location, height, electrical components, etc.)

- Design needs (existing logo, proper image files, logo creation, etc.)

- Color requirements (standard color choices vs. custom color needs)

- Complexity of shapes within the logo design

All of these items impact the cost of a custom logo sign, so how do you know what the best combination is for you? We ask our clients to research other logo signs and to send us examples of what they like. A visual idea, combined with a general budget, helps us get a real feel for what the client wants.

Yes, I said the ʻbʼ word just now: budget. This isn’t always an easy topic, but it is helpful to have an idea of the budget from the beginning. That way we can avoid the ʻsticker shockʼ of an elaborate design when the client really just wanted something simple and basic - or vice versa. The budget helps us narrow down and determine some of the items above, such as the dimensionality, materials and complexity.

Our website offers many examples of signage that we’ve created for our clients around the country. (Check out our Project of the Week posts too!) We enjoy working with people and watching their logo come to life in a custom made sign.

Are you ready to get started on your new custom logo sign? We are here to help! Contact us today by email or at 615-595-6564.

12-Point SignWorks Offers Custom 3D Logos that bring Environmental Graphics to Life

A logo may be the most important image a company creates. It will be seen on everything from the website to the business cards to the signatures on emails. A company logo tells a story, it communicates the mission and the culture of the company. That is asking a lot of a logo, and that is why 12-Point SignWorks offers dimensional logos. The dimensional logo is a fundamental and exciting part of environmental graphics; it takes a logo most often seen as a 2D image and brings it to life with 3D depth and nuance. Whether you use it to decorate your lobby or reception area or even a conference room, a logo sign can be an attractive and artistic addition to your organization’s environment.

An excellent dimensional logo has countless benefits including these:

Creative Materials. Dimensional logos are not limited to ink and paper or even to the graphics on a computer screen. When a logo is turned into a three dimensional piece your company can think beyond ink and screens. 12-Point SignWorks will help you pick materials that reflect your company’s mission. If your company is environmentally conscious, why not engrave your logo into refurbished wood? Or if your company is sleek and futuristic with its cutting-edge products, why not a recreate the logo with sharp, monochromatic up-cycled metals? Or how about a more rustic logo? 12-Point SignWorks can even create your dimensional logo out of rusted metals and stone.

Customized Ideas. 12-Point SignWorks welcomes a challenge. You and your logo will not be stuck to a template or a common aesthetic. Bring your ideas to 12-Point SignWorks and the team of experienced creatives will help you bring them to life. You will have numerous options for materials: acrylics, metals (including aluminum, steel, copper, and bronze), woods and a variety of attractive attachment hardware options. There are flat shapes, outlined letters, and custom castings for unusual shapes. The materials come in a variety of colors and can even be painted for your color-matching needs. The team at 12-Point SignWorks will also discuss wall attachment options with you. How your dimensional logo is attached in the space can add interesting visual components and nuanced depth. 12-Point SignWorks will guide you through the process and help you create a one-of-a-kind, eye-catching logo.

First Impressions. Dimensional logos make the perfect lobby center-piece. Dimensional logos give clients and employees a hint of the company’s culture and greater story. To see a logo brought to life enhances visual interaction with the logo and results in a more memorable lasting experience. 12-Point SignWorks will help you create a dimensional logo that as the power to solidify a positive and unforgettable first impression.

The options are countless. 12-Point SignWorks is here to help you push the limits of creativity and then design a way to reach them. The team will respect your budgetary expectations - they know how to make a little go a long way. Also, if you are outside the state of Tennessee, but would like to work with 12-Points SignWorks, you can! They ship nationally and will even help you find someone in your area who specializes in installation. Or, they will guide you to do if yourself. Whatever your needs, call 12-Point SignWorks to bring your logo to life. Call us today at 615-595-6564!

5 Ways to Make Your Advertising Vehicle Wrap More Memorable and Effective

Getting your brand out there is a priority for any small or medium business owner. If your company vehicles aren’t doing some of the advertising work, you are missing out on a valuable and effective marketing tool. Advertising vehicle wraps transform your ordinary business into something extraordinary. As you drive around town with your billboard on wheels, the wrap does all of the work for you. So convenient! If you haven’t taken advantage of mobile marketing benefits, you…and your brand…are missing out.

If you are considering an advertising vehicle wrap…or two…or three…for your business, here are five ways you can make it more memorable and effective:

-Brand – The design for your advertising vehicle wrap must strengthen and complement your brand. Take some time to really think about your target market (services, products, etc.), and make sure that your wrap speaks to the right audience. Colors, logos, fonts and graphics should all come together to give a very clear and concise message.

-Accuracy – Although you may have a logo sign or custom display that you really love for your business, it may not translate well onto the three-dimensional shape of your vehicle. An experienced and qualified wrap design professional will take into account door handles, window trim, body molding and other surface features that can interfere with the message that you want to convey. Your logo and critical contact information must remain intact and be easy to read once the design is installed on your vehicle. Your wrap’s visual impact is extremely important, and a superior wrap design and detailed wrap installation are essential.

-Limited Text – As a mobile billboard, your vehicle only provides about 2-3 seconds of visibility as it passes by potential customers. Your message must be relayed in a few simple words and must strategically be placed in the limited space of your vehicle’s body. Be sure to choose fonts and sizes that are easily readable. Although you need to keep your design simple, don’t be too boring! Photographic images and illustrations can be included into your design to provide a visual clue of who you are and what your business offers.

-Impact – A flashy advertising vehicle wrap can get noticed, but it may not garner attention for the right reasons. Make sure that your target audience, including current and potential clients, will remember the message communicated by your wrap so that they will think of you when they need your products or services. As an added bonus, hopefully they will be inclined to recommend you to others! There are some very informative statistics that show the value of a quality advertising wrap.

-Design Simplicity – Our owner, Murray Johns, once stated that you should “keep your design sophisticated enough to appeal but not so much so as to distract from your message.” You can still incorporate bold colors and striking graphics, but focus on the clarity of your design. A cluttered design with too much information will distract the audience you wish to target. Proper placement of your most important information will ensure that people are remembering you for the right reasons.

If you would like more information about advertising vehicle wraps, contact our wrap experts today to begin the process. We offer everything from logo development to custom wrap designs and installation. We look forward to working with you!

Avoid These Mistakes At Trade Shows In Nashville

12-Point SignWorks Helps You Close The Deal At Tradeshows

Businesses of any kind need to have a solid plan when heading into a trade show. You need to have eye-catching signage, logo visibility, and a friendly vibe so people will want to come over and have a conversation with you. Just think about when you are walking around trade shows and what stands out to you. We tend to flock to simple but compelling designs where we have a clear knowledge of what the represented business has to offer. If we are unsure of the intention of the marketed business we are less likely towalk to the booth and join in a discussion. 12-Point SignWorks offers you effective advice when participating in a trade show, so read on.

1. Do not over complicate your message on your signage. Instead, try keeping the images and language simple, so the crowd can grasp the idea at a one single glance. Normally, there is a new vendor every 10 feet along the aisles of the tradeshow floor, and you want to make sure and grab the attention of any good prospective client that walks by.

2. Stay away from looking like everybody else, and do not use plain stock standard signage. Customize your display and graphics to fit your marketing message and your audience's wants. Poorly designed signs can make your company look unprofessional. Tip: Use bright colors, such as yellow, that stand out and grab attention.Make it a priority to engage with your potential clients, and do not just sit at your booth looking at your laptop or mobile device. Put a smile on your face and stand up to look warm and welcoming! By using “open” body language to invite conversation, prospective clients will more likely stop by to learn more about what your company is about and has to offer.

3. Do not let good leads die on the vine. We would advise gathering information, then following up to close the deal. Have a good pitch in mind when talking with clients to really build that rapport and to reinforce the value that your company offers to them

4. Avoid letting them leave confused about what you offer. Your goal is to inform them to the point that they leave with clarity about your company’s products and/or services and how those can help them solve challenges they have in their work.

5. CAUTION: You must stay until the end of the show for many reasons, but primarily, you want to be professional. Be patient and remain there waiting for any potential customers who may find you in the closing few minutes of the tradeshow.

Make your company stand out by using customized displays and graphics. 12-Point SignWorks will work with you to give your company the reputation you desire! We manufacture and print your custom trade show displays per your design requests. Call us today at 615-595-6564 to get your design started. You can see other examples of our work in commercial signage and graphics at .

Architectural Display Systems Refresh Williamson County School Cafeterias

Over the last few years, some middle school and (just recently) high school cafeterias in Williamson County have been getting a new look. As part of a project to update and brighten the local school cafeterias, architectural display systems are being installed to update the food preparation and serving areas. Along with freshly painted walls and new fixtures, the displays eventually will fill the walls in elementary, middle and high schools throughout the county.

The project began in the middle schools with a focus on active student life and healthy living. The original two designs were created by one of our talented 12-Point SignWorks graphic designers. The graphics were made to look as if they were drawn by hand and include bright, lively colors. The first design depicts student life for younger students entering middle school, while the other design shows student life for the children as they approach their high school years.

The designs are divided into sections and digitally printed on the back side (or second surface) of clear acrylic panels. The original layout included only nine panels, but we adjusted the design to fit onto 21 individual panels for the last installation at Page Middle School . The original nine panel layout was installed using attachment hardware and stainless steel support rods. Now that the switch was made to the twenty-one panel design, a cable suspension system is used to display the panels. The cables are attached to aluminum C-channels that hold them in place. Side grip hardware clamps onto the cable and to the acrylic panel to secure the display. Both display styles demonstrate how unique and customizable the architectural display systems can be!

For the high schools, the design takes a completely different approach and moves away from the stainless steel suspension rods and cable suspension systems being installed in the middle schools. By using mixed medias, including abstract art and metal, the high school design offers a more industrial (yet really cool) look. The backbone of the architectural display system involves stainless steel pans that are custom bent into geometric shapes and attached to the cafeteria wall. Similar to the middle school displays, the graphics are digitally printed onto acrylic pieces. These pieces are then router cut into geometric shapes that complement the corresponding steel pans. The acrylic pieces are attached to the steel with aluminum standoffs, and the mixed medias combine to make amazing works of art. Page High School is the first of the schools to features this display, and we actually have a sample of this system on display in our shop!

Our projects for the Williamson County School System show just a glimpse of the possibilities that are available with architectural display systems. By changing the graphics, the layout and the support systems, we can create displays that can fit any space or style. The system also can be used for recognition and praise or temporary displays. The possibilities are endless!

If you would like more information on architectural display systems, contact us today at 615-595-6564for a free consultation. To learn more about the projects we mentioned above, you can read our blog articles by clicking HERE and HERE .

How To Design A Custom Logo For Nashville Businesses

12- Point SignWorks Works Hand In Hand With You To Design A Logo

Working with the right company while designing your company's logo is imperative. At 12- Point SignWorks we employ professional designers with years of experience in this field. We’re sincerely interested in seeing your business succeed, and we want to help you create a distinctive “look” and brand through the development of a unique company logo. Starting out with a logo that makes you look as capable and as interesting as your competitors will be a key to jump starting your business. You want consumers to look at your logo and be impressed. Here is what you can expect when you come to 12-Point for your designing needs.

A face-to-face consultation (but we work well over the phone too!): Whether your company is new or interested in a fresh, new look, we’ll be happy to talk with you about your ideas, what you want to convey, etc. We usually see a lot of new companies come to us for signage. Our first question inquires about their logo, and if they haven’t already created their logo, we’ll apply our design expertise, our quality approach to design, and our own energy regarding custom design work. Our first meeting will be getting to know all about your company. We want to get a great feel for your business because your logo should reflect the company and something of its character.

A preliminary review of your preferences: Send us logo examples that you like. We like to have a design experience where we get to know what types of logos stand out to you. We will review these with you to further fit your wishes. Our design team really caters to the personality of the company.

An education regarding logo types: There are two main types of logos. One is called a word mark, and the other is called the icon. We recommend that businesses starting out should get both. You can read more about this topic in a recent blog article we wrote .

Options to consider: After the initial consultation and the designer’s preliminary efforts, we’ll get together with you again to look at the different styles we came up with. Typically, we have 5 to 6 logo options for you to look over. You may want to combine one part of two different designs. This meeting is crucial to discuss any revisions you see fit. This is an opportunity for us to go over color themes as well.

Formal documentation: Approval of the logo is the last stage of our process. The designer puts the logo designs into what is called a “brand standards guide.” This document provides the standardized usage for your new logo for various media, whether print, digital, or mobile. We also provide your logo in a variety of high resolution and lower resolution formats for you to use as needed.

12- Point SignWorks makes the effort to get to know your business on a detailed level, which helps us to create a more clear development path for your company’s logo art. You can read more about an example of this approach in an article we wrote about the development of a logo for a Nashville-based construction company .

Contact us today at (615) 595-6564 to start the design process of your new logo! Or, we invite you to go online and learn more about our products and services. Visit us at our website .

How To Keep Your Vehicle Wrap Looking Sharp This Summer

It doesn’t matter if you’ve wrapped your 2010 Honda or your 2015 Bentley – a vehicle wrap is an investment. Just like automotive paint, vehicle wrap film will fade and lose its pizazz if exposed to dirt, grime or other contaminants for too long. In the summer, you also need to be aware of the amount of UV exposure and excessive heat that your vehicle endures. Obviously, we can’t avoid the hot, humid summer months in Tennessee, but you can take some steps to prolong the life and look of your wrap. Washing your wrap regularly and spot cleaning when dirty areas pop up will do wonders for your wrap and the overall condition of your vehicle. Here are some suggestions for pampering your vehicle and, in return, your investment.

Hand Wash Your Vehicle

You may not think you have the time for this, but hand washing is truly the best way to keep your vehicle wrap clean and in tip-top condition. Take the time to treat your car right by following these guidelines:

- Rinse your vehicle with clean water. Even the water from your garden hose will work. TIP: Avoid using a high pressure washer that can be a bit too abrasive for the vinyl.

- Mix a solution of clean water and mild detergent in a clean bucket. If you have any concerns, test the solution in an inconspicuous area of your vehicle before washing the entire area.

- Using a soft cloth or sponge, gently wash your vehicle from the top down. Try not to scrub aggressively. If you have a spot that just won’t get clean, contact us for advice.

- Rinse your vehicle thoroughly with clean water.

- Let your vehicle air dry. If you are concerned about water spots, you can dry your vehicle wrap gently with a microfiber cloth.

- Inspect your vehicle! If you see anything unusual, let us know.

Waxing Your Vehicle…Maybe.

You can wax your vehicle…maybe. Read below before you wax!

- Do not wax your vehicle if you have vinyl with a matte, satin, carbon fiber, textured or other unique finish. If you do, you can use a 2:1 ratio of isopropyl alcohol and water with a clean, microfiber cloth to maintain the finish on your wrap.

- For all other vinyl wraps, waxing is okay. Hand wax your vehicle every three months with a product that does not contain petroleum distillates or abrasive component. Please avoid using a buffer to wax your vehicle.

Automatic Car Washes

We know sometimes there just isn’t any time to wash your vehicle on your own. If that’s the case, we only recommend touchless or brushless automatic car washes. Exposing your vinyl wrap to automated brushes is not recommended because they can scratch the surface, catch and lift edges and corners, and dull the finish of the wrap. Don’t take the chance of ruining your wrap to save a few minutes! If you do use a touchless/brushless car wash, skip the wax option. Let your vehicle naturally air dry your vehicle or gently use a microfiber cloth.

Environmental Factors

It doesn’t just help to keep your vehicle clean. You also can protect your wrap by watching where you park and how you drive.

- Try to park in shade, in a garage or under cover when possible.

- Avoid parking close to overhanging trees or shrubs that can scratch and damage the wrap.

- Spot clean any areas hit by passing birds and kamikaze bugs with a microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol. If you have questions or concerns, call us.

Taking proper care of your vehicle will allow you to enjoy your wrap (and your vehicle) for much longer. If you have any additional questions, or if you just want to learn more about care and maintenance techniques, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts. We are here to make you look sharp on the road!

6 Tips for Designing Lobby Signs

Lobby signs are like first impressions, and you want your sign to send the right message to your staff, customers and visitors. Your lobby sign is a reflection of the environment within your office and can also suggest the level of quality of your product or service. If you want to give a positive first impression, make sure that the design of your lobby sign fits your business model.

Here are six tips we suggest when designing your lobby sign:

Keep it bright and light.

Bright, light colors attract the eye; however, you need to consider the entire area where your sign will hang. Many materials that we use for lobby signs are available in bright and vibrant colors, which can add a lively contrast to the neutral paint colors that you typically find on office walls. Often times, dark colors can be hard to read or do not capture the eye as quickly as bright colors. If bright or light colors don’t work for you, you may want to consider bright metal finishes. Brushed and (sometimes) shiny metal finishes can offer a clean and crisp contrast against a light background.

Use the K.I.S.S. principle.

You know what we mean: Keep It Simple (in your) Sign. No need to call anyone stupid so we changed it up a bit! Lobby signs do not need to be fussy or cluttered. Keep your design as simple as possible while still maintaining the unique qualities of your company.

Look it over – quickly.

Give your lobby sign, or your potential design, a quick glance. Better yet, ask your friends and even some strangers to take a fast look at it. Is your sign clear and easy to understand? Can they read your company’s name? If they look at it for a second and turn away, can they tell you about it? If the answer to the last questions tends to be ‘no’, then you probably need to reconsider your design.

Is everything spelled write?

Sometimes we just naturally type a word the wrong way. Other times we blame it on auto-correct. No matter what, check the details of your sign. A simple word that is misspelled can ruin that positive first impression.

Less is more. Really.

Legibility reigns supreme for lobby signs. Too many colors and fussy backgrounds take away from your message. Effective design elements use complimentary colors and variations in thickness to create visual “interest” and to make the lobby sign easier to read and to remember.

Keep the best on top.

If your sign will offer more than one piece of information, keep the most important item on the top. Make sure the most significant part of your message is not overlooked.

Lobby signs tell so much about your business so make sure that your sign will keep your customers coming back. If you need a new sign, contact our team at 12-Point SignWorks to get started on a free estimate. If you have a sign that gives the wrong impression, we can help too! We are here to help with all of your signage needs. We are proud to serve small and large businesses in the Franklin, Brentwood and Nashville areas and also work with clients nationwide. You can reach our team at (615) 595-6564.

Nashville Sign Company Tells You How To Use Custom Printed Wall Coverings

12-Point SignWorks Impresses You With Custom Brilliant Wall Coverings

When you first stride into a business for the first time, whether it is a doctor's office or bank, your perceptions are based on what you visualize. Walking in and seeing a spectacular scene on the wall behind the receptionist's desk might just change your thoughts on the facility tremendously. Take a blank canvas and transform it into something magical by applying a commercial grade wallcovering custom-printed with images, patterns, or your logo. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers or potential clients – they do not want to see outdated decor or depressing blank walls when they come to your office. They want to see fresh and colorful designs that make your business stand out and that help convey an impression of professionalism and detail that will carry over into what they perceive of your product and service offerings.

Some of the Environments That Can Benefit from Custom Wall Coverings:

- Church – lobby, sanctuary, classrooms

- School – hallways, gym, cafeteria

- Hospital – waiting rooms, break rooms

- Professional Service Provider’s Office (doctor, lawyer, CPA, dentist, etc.)

- Company Lobby and Conference Room

- Hotel – lobby, hallways, guest rooms

- Your Own Home (think play room, theater room, and even the “man cave”!)

Ideas Of Wall Coverings:

- Maps

- Subtle Patterns

- Artwork

- Backdrop For Dimensional Pieces

- Logo

- Timeline Of PhotosAnd Events

- Children's Themes

- Theater Room décor

- Outdoor scenery (recreate that beach vacation or that favorite hunting spot)

Why Use Wall Coverings:

- Makes great first impressions, which is critical for attracting new clients, patrons and business partners

- Creates a warm environment versus sterile, which will make people feel welcome

- Supports the environment “feel” that you want to create for your business

Materials Used To Create Wall Coverings:

- Vinyl with either a Glossy or Matte protective finish

- Type II, Class A Commercial Grade Wall Coverings: finishes include smooth as well as textured (canvas, wrinkled map parchment, plaster, suede, and more)

12-Point SignWorks will consult with you to identify which product and finish are best suited for your unique application. In order to protect the wall covering graphics against abrasion and scuffs, we apply a protective topcoat layer that also makes the finish more matte or more gloss. Working with the right wallcovering printing company will simplify your project and will ensure the quality and customer service you expect.

Using wall coverings will transform your business and create an unique environment to brand yourself specifically for your organization. The atmosphere will morph into whatever you customize using environmental graphics including unique wall coverings. 12-Point SignWorks in Franklin, TN specializes in large format decor printing to create custom commercial grade wallcoverings with custom designs and unique textures. Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent wall art, we can do it for you. Contact us at (615) 595-6564 for a free consultation.

Top Ways Signage Can Make Your Business Stand Out In Nashville

12-Point SignWorks Shines Through In Commercial Signage Around Town

Of course you want your business to be known to every single person in town. That is why you spend resources and time to brand yourself and make your company well known. There are several ways you can make your company flourish and stand out in a crowd. And one of those is good signage.

Outdoor And Indoor Signs

When placing a sign outdoors, you need to keep in mind the materials you are using and what material you are placing it on. For example, if placing on brick or other types of masonry, you need to mount with sturdy fasteners such as aluminum stand- offs. Mesh banners or high strength poster paper banners are good to use in temporary situations like grand openings and store sales. Logos and lettering can be made from a variety of long-lasting materials including metals and acrylics. Go the extra mile and use a graphic designer to help you create even temporary signage with real “pop” instead of settling for just plain text or clip art cartoon graphics.

On the inside of your business, you can jazz it up by placing dimensional letters in strategic areas. Or use an attractive, 3-dimensional version of your logo in visible and key spots. Different budget-friendly materials can be used to look like brushed metal and more! Also, wall murals and window graphics can transform the inside of your space to create branded environments.

What are some types of signs that stand out?

Vehicle Wrap: Driving branded company vehicles around town can expose your company to hundreds of new customers that may have never even heard of your company. Using car wrap graphics, which becomes a “mobile billboard,” you can accomplish your marketing goals in a cost-effective way.

Environmental Graphics: Your space can become your brand, telling your story to all who enter your front doors. Use your windows, walls, floors and just about any surface to help communicate your brand and message. Environmental graphics consist of graphics applied to flat surfaces, and they also include dimensional signage to represent your organization’s logo, projects, and even art.

Store Sign: This is where you need to grab the attention of both current clients and potential customers. People need to identify your company and key message with just a glance at your sign. Work with the right design professionals when creating your sign to make sure you are placing your logo and contact information in the most eye catching presentation.

Glass Doors: Embellish your glass doors (indoors and out) with cut vinyl lettering and custom-printed, custom-cut logos that simulate the professional and upscale look of etched glass or of the full color version of your logo. It is all about first impressions!

Window Graphics: Whether it is to keep up year round or use temporarily, using a window wrap or more simple window graphics will steal the attention from other companies around you. Choosing a bold color would help as well. Or give it a frosted or etched glass look!

Banner and Poster Signs: Using mesh banner material will allow wind to breeze right through it. This is a form of temporary signage frequently used outdoors, and vibrant colors will help make sure drivers, pedestrians and ball field fans will notice your advertising message. We also use our large format printing capabilities to create oversized, water-resistant paper posters.

Wayfinding and Directional: Guide your customers to your store or to areas within your building using wayfinding and directional signs that complement the building’s décor and your brand.

Things to keep in mind when marketing with your signage:

Place them in key areas

Use contrasting colors for better visibility. Use clean and simple graphic design

Ask yourself “Who is my audience?”

Communicate clearly

Make sure the quality of the sign matches your marketing message

Use -positive messages

Think about what you’ll need to do to maintain your sign

What about a sign ordinance?

Check your local zoning ordinance to see what is required for commercial signage in your area. Although the ordinance can seem restrictive at times, it’s also helpful for reasons related to both safety and the overall appearance of the municipality. For example, window signs are required to be on the inside surface of the windows in certain areas, and outdoor digital signage is not permitted in others. In addition, a sign ordinance can place limitations on sizes and construction materials.

12-Point SignWorks is a business based in Franklin, TN, and we believe in making the world look better, one sign at a time! Our in-house graphic design and custom fabrication capabilities will help you create effective signage to retain and drive new business. Call 615-595-6564 today for more information and a free consultation!

About Us

12-Point SignWorks helps business, organizations, and individuals create and promote their personal brand and marketing message through great graphic design and effective commercial signage. We like to think of our work as the marriage between “Functional Design” and “Structural Branding” (we like to make the stuff that we design for our clients!).

Our interests and strengths include logo design, dimensional logo signage, interior and exterior business signs, graphics for effective vehicle advertising, and branding signage for temporary applications including tradeshow displays. Much of our work could be classified as “environmental graphics” – signage that helps to create a branded environment on walls, windows, floors, etc.

We particularly enjoy graphic design and signage projects related to ...

- Dimensional signs to highlight a client's logo as an artistic enhancement to their lobby, reception or conference area

- Vehicle and fleet graphics, car wraps (for both advertising and personalization)

- Wall wraps and murals for customized, branded commercial spaces

Looking for custom commercial signs? We're located in Franklin TN, but we ship signs across the country and coordinate installations to service our clients' needs. Call us today at 615-595-6564! You might ask, "What does '12-Point' refer to?" In summary, it refers to a personal set of guiding principles learned by the company’s owner long ago as a Boy Scout, and it describes the type of people we strive to be and the corporate characteristics that we hope will always set 12-Point SignWorks apart from the rest of the field.

You can read about these guiding principles on our website .

Specialties: Commercial signage—car wraps and vehicle graphics, car advertising and fleet advertising, custom indoor signs and outdoor business signs, lobby signs, tradeshow displays and graphics, large format printing, and office, business and retail signs.

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"Excellent folks to work with. 12-Point was glad to meet with us, give us paint samples, etc., whenever we needed, and their installation crew was friendly and respectful. We've used them for dimensional logo signage, acrylic signs, and vehicle wraps. I highly recommend this company."

Mark Johnson Tennessee Wildlife Federation (TWF)

"Several months ago, we began the seemingly daunting task of finding a company to get our first vehicle wrapped. From the first time we inquired information from 12-Point, we knew they were the right company for us. They were the quickest to return our emails. Murray and Rich were really easy to work with and our van turned out wonderfully! And it was affordable for our small business! We're excited to get it out onto the road this week!"

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"The trailer wrap you guys did for us last year has seen about 50,000 miles of North America and still looks like new.Thanks for the great job."

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"I am so delighted with 12-Point SignWorks! After 8 years of driving around with a wrap on my Janet's Planet car, I was hesitant to trade in my car and get a new wrap. You see I had come to love the visibility with my car, but after 235,000 miles, it was time for a new car and a new wrap. The previous vendor who wrapped my first car is no longer in business, so I began the search. I thankfully found 12-Point SignWorks. Rich totally got jazzed about the concept and took the design process to an entirely new level. There was never a time when he wasn't attuned and open to my minor changes and always responded with respect my subtle changes to the design. To say I was nervous when I finally brought my new car to them to get the wrap put on is an understatement. Would it be as good as the old one? Would it really be my 'brand?' When I arrived on NEW YEAR'S DAY, (yes, Murray the owner was willing for me to pick it up on a major holiday as I had to drive to a gig on January 2nd,) I was OVERJOYED! I was just blown away by the attention to detail, by the overall design and by the commitment to customer satisfaction. In a world that rarely listens, it was a pleasure and a privilege to employ 12 Point SignWorks and have them want to make sure the wrap represented my brand and my mission.A++++ and to infinity and beyond! 12 Point Sign Works really did do something OUT OF THIS WORLD for Janet's Planet!"

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